Sweet Revenge 1

I was with my wife my partner and his wife on our sailboat along the Caribbean's. During the Trip my and most probably my partners wife's suspicions that an affair was going on between them were dead right. As soon as we arrived in an island they left to ''explore'' the Island leaving us alone on the boat.

I was making coffee when she comes out of her room wearing only a black bikini making her very desirable. As she is pouring her coffee I ask her how she is looking intensely at her body, telling her that our partners have gone for exploration. ''Oh...i see. They are getting along well'' she replies, a look of irritation in her eyes as she brushes her shoulder length blonde hair back as she moves her 5'1'' slim body closer to mine. "i Wonder what they are really doing?" as she looks in my eyes. I let my coffee on the table and pass my hands around her waist. I think of what we should be doing I tell her as she Leans on me feeling my hardness.

As she leans on me I kiss her and breathing hard I can see her breasts rising and falling making me wanting her more than before as she says "no...we...we can't". We can and we have all the time we want, they will be only back in the afternoon I reply pulling her close feeling her poking nipples on my chest. Her tiny hand moves to my waist as I until her bikini and kiss her harder, tongue licking her lips.

I feel her knees getting weak as the thin straps of her bikini fall down off her white shoulders. Passing my hands beaten our bodies I stroke her breasts and play with her nipple ring as she pushes herself into my palm. I kiss her neck and pull her closer letting her feel my hardness nuking her starting to moan with desire as she says ''oh godddddddd'' and starts rubbing her self against my cock.

I move lower and start sucking her nipples as she whimpers in pleasure whispering "take me...to bed". I lift her slender body in my arms and as she lays her head on my shoulder I whisper in her ear ''i want you''. Reaching the bed I let her lay down softly and start kissing her flat belly, licking her belly button as my hand caress her legs as she lays there feeling the soft rocking of the boar as my tongue moves over her flesh.

As I do she unties her bikini thong and I smile at her. She pulls I way exposing her shaved pussy as she looks in my eyes. "do with me...what you will" she says surrendering to me her body.

I move downwards and kiss her around her pussy as I rub her pussy lips as she groans and squirms under me, her firm body arching as she gets wetter. I kiss her pussy while my finger inside her as I guide her hand on my swimsuit and pull it down letting her feel my erect manhood. She groans in lust and as she sets eyes on my cock she whispers "you are...big...". My finger playing with her pussy I start moving upwards. You will enjoy it filling your pussy I tell her as her hand circles my cock shaft and starting to stroke it making me moan. "and my mouth....i will enjoy it as it fills my mouth too..." she whispers huskily as I smile to her. You can use your mouth to make me hard after I enjoy your pussy I tell her adding that some bodies ''headaches'' have been going on for some time.

As my cock head reaches her pussy and start pressing them she spreads her legs wider for me as the tip enters her. She groans, arching her back as it slowly slides deeper inside her, her long nails digging in my back as I feel her tight tunnel opening up and taking me in.

She groans in my mouth as I seal her lips with a kiss, as she feels impaled by my hard cock. My tongue sliding inside her mouth and start dancing together with hers as she wraps her legs around my waist. Feeling her velvet tongue playing with mine I start moving my cock around her pussy arousing her more. As my body moves I feel her breasts and nipple ring rubbing my chest.

I shiver feeling her nipples and her ring on my chest as she start sucking on my tongue as she pushes up taking me all in and I start moving faster inside her moaning as I feel her tight pussy gripping my hard cock.

She breaks the kiss only to turn her head to the side and start groaning as I fuck her, her petite body shaking under me, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. I kiss her neck and thrust her harder as she lays under my powerful body, groaning and moving her hips in circles for me.

I moan on her neck and suck her ear load as she moans "hard...fuck me....hard". I thrust her hard starting to stretch her enjoying that my partner's wife is in her back grunting as I fuck her. I feel her pussy getting wet as my cock start pulsating inside her, my throbbing veins pressing her soft walls as I hit her cervix with every deep thrust. She lays back, mouth open moaning as she gets fucked hard. Her hips bucking up and down groaning loudly ''ughhhhhhhh ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ughhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh''. As I feel my explosion very near I slide all in hitting her cervix as she cums hard, her juice flowing all over her pussy as she moans loud "cuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggg" As I feel her orgasm through her body I explode, my hot seed filling her pussy making her moan even louder as she milks my cock taking it in as she arches her back as I keep pounding her, as she thrashes helplessly under me as she cum again and again.

Panting softly I kiss her face a she whispers "i want to..taste...you". I pull slowly off her and lay next to her, feeling her body moving over mine, her hands resting on my thighs reaching out with her tongue licking along the base of the shaft tasting my seed, which is mixed with her juices. I moan feeling her tongue and stroke her hands as she licks my balls the one after the other as her hair nuzzle my groin and thighs. Kissing submissively along My balls and smile at her as she lay back, arms moving above her head and looks at me.

I move over her bringing my cock closer to her mouth as I tell her that I want it. She opens her mouth offering herself to me and my cock slides in as she groans looking in my eyes, as her lips are ovaled by my thickness. She starts sucking gently, cheeks sinking in and out as I look at her letting her feel my lust and passion for her. Her tongue starts working on my tip as she moans join me. She opens her jaws wider as my cock start getting harder, stroking her hair as she sucks and take me deeper as I tell her that I want her to take me all in and as my cock hits her throat she moans and trembles.

She pulls off my cock and circling it with her hand she starts pumping lightly up and down. "tie my wrists...and..." she blushes "fuck..my mouth" she whispers looking at me. I take her bikini and pulling her hands above her head I tie them to the bedpost. She groans as she struggles unable to brake free as she pants hard in lust, her head turned to the side. Her breasts heaving, her nipples hard squirming under me bound and helpless.

I take hold of her head and turn it facing me as I push my cock in making her groan as she arches her neck. She stares in my eyes as I start moving inside her mouth getting deeper with each move as she gags as I pump her deeply, her eyes wide moaning around my cock. I push deeper and she opens her throat submitting to me and taking it all in and groaning. Cheeks sinking in and out, moaning around my hard cock yielding to me as she groans sucking Wantonly. I want you to taste my seed and swallow it all I tell her and she nods as she sucks, her mouth full with my cock.

I move my hands to her breasts and play with her nipples and rub them as my cock explodes deep in her throat as at the same time I move my hand to her pussy and finger her hard. She clenches her pussy around my finger and sucks hard swallowing my seed a her large breasts thrust out, nipples hard as she moans like a well played instrument.

She coughs and splutters as she tries to swallow all, her throat working, me moaning loud as my seed licks off her mouth and down her chin. Feeling it running down her chin she sucks harder as I push a second finger inside her pussy and start moving them around her pussy telling her to cum for me. Feeling her trying to say no fighting for a bit of control of her body as she whimpers. I push my fingers deep and increase the pressure as she loses All control and whimpers, spreading her legs unable to stop her lust moaning long and hard as I fuck her with my hand. As her pussy becomes wet and start dripping again she starts sucking again hard and cums hard, her hips thrusting up an down, eyes wide, grunting ''Mmmmppphhhmmmphhmmmmmmmm'' as she sucks.

I keep the pressure on her pussy and my cock in her mouth as I look in her eyes and smile, her eyes asking me to fuck her again, wanting to feel my hard cock inside her. I stroke her face and pull off her mouth. Hands sliding down her body reaching her slender waist.

Looks in her eyes I turn her around as she get on her knees and elbows, her wrists bound, chest heaving as she let a small cry ''oh godddddd''.

Hush my baby I tell her as she looks back over her white shoulders, her hair hanging down in ringlets around her head, her green eyes wide. My hands stroking her firm buttocks as I tell her that I am sure her hubby never enjoyed it this way as I spread her buttocks and get ready to take her.

"wwhat are yyyou going to dddooo?" she asks as I push my cock in her tight from ass. She stiffens moaning ''oh goddddddd'' as I tell her to relax. My hands move to her breasts and start playing with her nipple ring making her moan and beg "yes..fuck me..fuck me hard....".

I push my cock deeper stretching her as she spread her legs a bit trying to take it all in moaning "oh god...yes...fuck me..up the...ass" losing all control and submitting to my desires. I rub her nipples and having better access I slide all in making her groan as she sinks to the mattress before me. She turns her head to the mirror watching my body behind her soft feminine body as she submits on her hand and knees. I start thrusting her hard as her head is back, mouth open moaning loud ''oh goddddd oh goddddddd''.

I moan feeling her tight ass gripping my cock as I move fast inside her as she moans asking "is this..what you..wanted...of me?" as her ass takes all my cock groaning and adding "to make me...your whore?". I wanted all your body and make you my lover I reply as I move my one hand to her pussy and the other to her nipple ring pulling it softly.

''Fuck meeeeeeee'' she begs as my thrust become very hard almost violent making her slender body shake under me as she begins to cum again bucking under me moaning loud ''Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'' and at that moment I push another finger in her pussy and all my cock inside her ass exploding and flooding her with my hot seed.

Later as we lay on the bed, her body resting against mine I tell her that when we go back one day I will arrange her husband to stay late in the office and go to her house and take her with force.

She kisses me back and smiling she asks ''when we can leave??''

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