Sweet Revenge 2

Having arranged for her husband to be at the office late for a meeting I planned a tape to start on her television at a certain time. The tape was about a serial rapist that escaped from a nearby prison.

Looking from outside her window as the tape starts playing I go around her house and braking a window I get in and move to the corridor I wait for her to come looking. Face covered by a balaclava so she will not be able to recognise me. I see her tiptoing going towards the noise.

I move behind her letting her hear my steps but only to late as I grab her from behind. She gasps an starts struggling as I whisper to her to be good and I will not hurt her as I pull her inside the bedroom. She begins to tremble and shake as she asks "who are you?". The one that just got out and wants you I reply as I kiss her neck. She tries to pull free saying '' noooooooooo'' but her slender body is no much from my strength.

I push her to a corner and slap her hard. She groans cowering as tears form in her eyes and lifting her slender hand to her cheek whimpering.

''strip'' I order her with a firm voice as i look at her body. She starts shaking more and I can she her nipples are hard through her sheer silk nightgown as she says ''nooooo''. I raise my hand and look at her hard."please...I...I will do it" she says and begins to work the buttons, her fingers fumbling, looking down blushing hard as her breast rise and fall from her fear. I smile as I see her hard nipples as the full roundness of her pert breasts is exposed under her bra as she slips the nightgown of her shoulders standing with her black thong panties and bra on only and covering her breasts.

Now bra and thong off I tell her as I let her see my lust in my eyes. She looks back, eyes wide and start doing as told. First she unfastens her bra and slips it off her arms freeing her breasts free revealing her pink hard nipples. After she moves her hands down to the hem of the thong and slips it down off her ankles till she is totally naked, trembling.

Very nice breasts I say and I like your nipples I tell her as I move my hands to her nipples and pussy starting to stroke her body. Her nipples hardening by my touch and I feel her pussy wet as she looks ashamed as her body betrays her. "please...don't hurt me....." she says as my finger start probing her pussy. "no..please..don't do this...please..." she begs as i order her to drop on her knees.

She wimpers softly and she moves on her knees. I drop my trouser and my hard cock jumps out and strokes her face.

After stroking her face with my cock I press it on her lips ordering her to open her mouth. She shakes her head no with her mouth closed. I pass my hands to her nipples and start to press them as she turn her face away. Using one hand I turn her head facing me making her feel my strength making her feel helpless as she is kneeled in front of me and my cock next to her lips. If you do not open I will start with your ass I tell her. She opens her mouth and I push my cock inside her feeling her sweet lips around my shaft. Her eyes down as she feels my cock sliding in her mouth opening her mouth wider trying to accommodate it all.

I hold her head and start move in and out slowly getting deeper like I took her on the boat bringing back memories but keep going on without revealing anything to her. As my cock gets harder she looks up at me as her tears run down her satiny cheeks. She gags on my cock and moves her hand on my thighs and trying to push me away I can feel her fighting her arousal as she moans around my cock.

Be good I tell her and push my cock in hitting her throat as she stops struggling and looks into my eyes sucking hard, her cheeks sinking in and out. leting her feel my rock hard cock I pull slowly off. She stands there body naked and the taste of my cock in her mouth as I take her hands, lift her up and pull her to the bed. as I move her my eyes travel over her curvy body as her round ass and her breasts giggle. "what... are... yyyooou going to...do with mmmmeeeee?' she asks as we reach the bed and force her to lay down. I watch her naked body and smile.

She lays there throwing glances at my hard cock before she turns her head away, her breast rising and falling, her flat stomach heaving up an down. I move over and her and spread her legs apart, my eyes on her shaved pussy letting her feel my power and that she is will be fucked hard making her groan and tremble. "please....you don't want to do this...." she says. I just smile and push my cock hard deep inside her making her grunt as she arches her back stifling a cry as my cock fills her pussy. As all my cock slide in I lay on top of her and start sucking her nipples. I see her tiny fists gripping the sheets as she bites her lips and trying to force my cock out by lifting her hips.

I push her body down using my weight and start moving inside her hearing her moan as I attend to her nipples and after saying "noooooo". knowing how to play her body I suck harder and thrust her hard feeling her pussy getting wet making her moan in pleassure. "i am not... on the pill..don't..cum in...me" she cries out as I bite softly her nipples as I move my cock around her pussy. Were you want my hot cum I ask her as I keep thrusting her feeling her body slowly surrendering totally. "please...just pull out and...leave..." she groans as my cock gets deep inside her "I won't ..tell anyone...just leave....please". You want it to feel it filling you I tell her and I thrust her hard making her grunt and her breasts shake as I pound her hard. I pull back almost all off and let her hope, feeling her relax and then I push all in hard and explode.

''uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'' she whimpers as she feel my hot seed inside her as she moves her small hands on my chest trying to push me off. I grab them and pin them to the bed as she squirms under my body, my hot cum dripping from her pussy. Her clenching pussy milking my cock as I lay on top of her moaning and kissing her neck as she lays there spent. I think you enjoyed it I whisper in her ear and she immediately she shakes her head and replies "no".then we will do it again I reply. "please..I enjoyed it...leave me...please" she says realising that I will go on. I look at her as I pull slowly off and lays next to you.

''wwhat?'' she asks as i move slowly over, my legs over her arms pinning them to the bed and my semi hard cock moving to her face. She turn away saying "please...don't". now be a good girl I tell her, I donot want to make you pain as I press my wet cock on herr lips.

Tentatively she opens her mouth and my cock slides in. She starts sucking submissively and moaning as she tastes my cum, tongue along the shaft, her eyes downcast a tear running from the corner of her green eyes. Her hair cascading down around her face sucking trying not to moan but finally moaning as she feels my cock getting hard.

I let her body take over as I rum my hands over it and on her pussy. Her legs spreading apart from my touch as she sucks hard. I finger her wet pussy as she opens her throat as she realises that she cannot fight it any more. Her hips moving her pussy against my fingers as I slip a second one in. her cheeks sinking in and out as my fully hard cock as she sucks deep groaning and starting to massage my fingers with her pussy.

I pull slowly off her mouth and she looks back panting hard, breasts heaving. i move my body slowly over hers sliding my cock between her breasts, over her belly and on her pussy. As my cock passes between her breasts she shifts her breast and caress it with them.

"fuck me...doggy style...." she whispers and i smile and turn her around. She gets on her hands and knees, her round ass up on the air. Head and breasts hanging down as she spreads her legs for me.

I move behind her and push my cock in her wet pussy which eagerly grips my cock, her narrow waisted body writhing as I slide deep as she arches moaning ''yesssssss''. i move my hand under her and squeeze her full breasts ass he bits her lips as she moves her body back on my cock taking me all in.

"fuck meeeee" she moans as I rub her nipples and start thrusting her hard thinking that it is about time to reveal my self as she is submissively on her hands and knees moaning and taking me from behind. ''fukk me, fukk me hard'' she moans as she moves her ass as her breasts move in my hands with every thrust.

"going to..." she starts and pushes back moaning ''cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'' and I start move my cock inside her making her orgasm feeling her body shake under me moaning and thrashing. I thrust her harder as her head drop to the mattress moaning incoherently as she cum over and over moaning "fuck me...fuck me harder". I move my hands to her waist and thrust her to my own pace, the bed creaking, she groaning as she squirms.

"cum in....me" she whimpers begging for it as I move my hand to her buttocks as I get ready to explode. as my hot cum starts to fill her tight pussy I finger her tight ass and pull the balaclava off my face looking at her.

''ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss'' she moans loud seeing me, her eyes glowing. as her body shaking.

Laying on the bed she kisses me over and over holding me close. Looking in my eyes smiling.

At that point my alarm on my mobile starts ringing. Time to go, he is on his way I say and kiss her back.

Will I see you again she asks. You can bet I reply and pinch her nipple smiling.

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