Sweet Revenge 3

As soon as her husband left the building I get in and go straight up. Using the key that she handed me the last time I entered the apartment and went straight to her bedroom.

I enter the room and as she seat in front of her mirror she looks at me and brushes her hair back I notice that her breathing becomes deeper. I look at her, she is wearing a tight white blouse, black skirt, nylons and heels. As I watch her and move closer she whispers "god..i can't believe how horny you make me...".

Reaching her I pass my hands around her waist pulling her close and kissing her neck. She moans and arches her neck to me as my hand moves on her body and above her breasts I find her nipples hard. I feel her slender hands reaching down and gently rubbing against and through my pants, her long nails scratching my thigh sending shivers though my body. My breathing becomes harder as a moan escapes my mouth. She turns around and kneeling in front of me she opens my shirt and starts kissing my stomach and my thighs above my trouser as I stroke her long hair. I feel her fingers fumbling with my zip pulling it down and the trousers following suit leaving me with my shorts only as she kisses my cock above them hungrily. I moan as she does feeling my desire for her getting even bigger as I pull her blouse off. She lowers her hands and pulls my shorts down freeing my cock and letting it spring against her soft cheek. As she feels it she looks in my eyes and let out a soft moan as she starts to lick the shaft slowly starting from the base and working her way to the tip. "i want....to...so badly" she whispers as she starts to lick the tip as I reply to her that I am all hers. With her soft hand she circles my cock as her warm mouth moves over it and starts sucking as pumps lightly with her hand.

I moan loud as she does it feeling my cock getting harder watching her cheeks sinking in and out as she sucks me standing on her knees in front of me. Her free hand moves under her skirt and pulls her thong off and starts fingering herself as I whisper to her that I want her. She looks in my eyes as she sucks, her blonde hair bobbing up and down as my hands move to her breasts and start rubbing her nipples above her bra.

She groans and arches, as her nipples get hard, sucking wantonly as she writhes in arousal before me. She pulls her mouth off my hard cock and licks her lips and starts moving to the bed. Reaching the bed she kneels on the floor next to the bed with her chest on the mattress, her firm tight ass on the air, her cheek on the mattress as she turns and looks at me approaching, her breathing hard.

Coming behind her I take off her bra releasing her nice firm breasts as her short black satin skirt is raised exposing her thigh high black silk stockings. I stroke her firm buttocks whispering that I missed her as she spreads her legs for me moaning with pleasure. "i want...your..cum..." she whispers with a throaty voice begging as I feel her wet shaved pussy with my hands.

She grips the sheets with her tiny fists in anticipation as I enter her as I feel her body moving rubbing her nipples along the sheets. As I enter she grunts and arches her head back with mouth open "ughhhhhhhhhhh". I push deeper taking her as she moans ''yesssssssssssss'' as she takes her lovers cock deep in her pussy, a married woman submitting to her man. "fuck me...oh god yessssss" she moans as I pull a little back teasing her before I push all my cock in and fill her tight pussy which grips my cock making me moan with pleasure.

As I start moving faster and sideways making my cock stroke her walls she lays her head to the bed and pushes back wanting all of my cock inside her as she moans loudly starting to lose control of her emotions. I start thrusting her hard making her moan louder "yessssssssss" "fuck me..oh god...fuck ". I pass my hands around her waist and pull her towards me as she begins to thrash under me, her eyes glazed as she whispers, "going to..."

Not yet I tell her as I keep thrusting her as her pussy grips my cock and releases it Feeling her orgasm like a volcano ready to explode "can't...stop....it" she moans as she spreads her legs wider, the nylon rustling against her thighs as I pound her, her arms flailing on the bed. Let it all out baby as I feel my veins starting to pulsate, my climax drawing nearer.

As she beings to cum she lets out a loud moan "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and plunges back taking my cock deep in her pussy moaning even louder ''fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'' as I feel her juices starting to run all over my shaft as I move my cock in small circles in her pussy which drips from her juices making her moan again. "fuck me...missionary style... I want to be..under you..." she whispers with her erotic voice as I pull slowly off her.

She gets up taking off her skirt but leaving her garter belt and thigh high stocking and heels on lays on the bed and spread her legs wide apart. She looks at my hard cock and after in my eyes, "fuck me...oh god....please..." she begs as I come over her and place my cock on her pussy. Her full breasts arching as she tries to spread her legs wider for me as I look in her eyes and push hard all the cock in making her let out a loud groan as I impale her with my manhood. Feeling her tight pussy gripping my cock I moan as she wraps her slender hands around my waist and placing her heels on my ass, my hairy chest pressing her breast and hard nipples rubbing them as I move. "you know... how I want it....fuck me...hard" she whispers as I start thrusting her hard making her body shake with every thrust as I tell her that I want her that I want her to cum again for me.

She arches under me pumping up with her hips matching my thrusts taking my cock so very deep into my tight wet pussy. As she takes me inside her "I belong. To you." she moans to which I reply ''i love you''.

I thrust her harder making her breasts bounce as she yield to my power and my cock. I bend over and start sucking her hard nipples making her moan and say "i love you..." as we fuck each other on her bed and move my cock applying pressure to her pussy walls. Her small body arching as my cock which I driven deep hits home and explodes as I moan loudly feeling my body trembling as she reaches her second climax and begins to cum on my spurting cock moaning "yessssssssssssssssssssssssss" as she feels my hot seed entering her deep and filling her.

Her nails dig into my ass as she pulls me even deeper thrusting her pussy against me making me moan even louder in ecstasy as she want all my hot seed inside her as my hot fluids slash inside her in waves. Keeping my cock inside her I feel her pussy gripping it hard like a glove milking every last drop.

As the last drops enter her I feel relax under me. She looks in my eyes saying "wow" as I kiss her cheeks and lips. I look in her eyes, ''I hope it was as good for you as it was for me'' I whisper making her blush as she kisses me demurely on my cheek. After she looks in my eyes and whispers ''thank you kind sir''.

Smiles and pulls slowly as out time is up and kissing each other with passion I rush out of the building just in time as he husband returns from the video club.

I laugh silently and lighting a cigarette I get on my car and drive away whistling happy.

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