Warning: This will leave you overwhelmingly turned on, cuming nearly at random, cuming every time you say, read, write, or hear the word "orgasm", and it will leave you like this until the next time you loose consciousness, be that through sleep, or passing out. It may also make you feel everything sexual that you read or watch (I.e. porn). This is not a light effect. I am writing this story to be literally overwhelming, and for hours on end. You have been warned.

Impossible lust. A burning from within so strong it makes words unspeakable. The kind of feeling, the kind of sensation, that makes the mind speechless, the body tremble, the heart flutter. Breathing and moaning are the same action; helplessly joined so that all attempts to remain quiet simply come out as gasps between bitten lips. Desire and teasing that borders on torture. . .

Torture of the sweetest kind. Emotions as strong as terror. As exciting as adrenalin. As pleasurable as the taste of sweet fruit on a lover's lips, during a first kiss, in the midst of a tropical sunset, as the tingling warmth of alcoholic drink still lingers. . .

Sex as rough as battle, as soft as rain, as gentile as a summer breeze. The smell of perfume and the secretions of wanton bodies. Heat, from within, flowing from place to place like unleashed energy of reckless abandon. Acting as though compelled by a deep trance; animal passions so strong that they cannot be denied, so strong, so horny, that you can't control yourself. So overwhelmed that the word ORGASM would cause you to have one.

To surrender for one moment to desire, to be a slave to your own pleasure, to your own want and desire. . .Desire like fire, wanting to consume everything in it's path for the shear pleasure of doing so. . . this desire. . . this was what poured through Angela's entire being so suddenly that for a moment she would not have even been able to recall her own name if she had been asked.

She tried to hold her thoughts together long enough to try and figure out what had caused it, but she couldn't think. Just as she started to ask herself what could possibly turn her on this much, she was completely distracted by the fact that she literally had to stop her hand from sliding down her pants. I'm so horny I can't control myself, thought Angela.

Dizzy, week in the knees, as though all ability to resist these urges had been pulled out from under her like a rug. Butterflies in the stomach so intense that they made her want to gasp for breath and run her fingers all along every part of her body starting with her breasts and moving down. . .

Angela steadied her self in the doorway between her bedroom and the living room, her eyes completely drawn into what was playing on the television. She watched almost as if in slow motion as a hard shaft slowly slid between spread legs, then between parted lips, then deep inside in such a way that Angela's own pussy ached with sexual tension.

Then it slid back out slowly, throbbing, covered in the same wetness that now literally soaked Angela's panties as her thighs pressed together uncontrollably. She imagined her boyfriend on top of her in the same way and a shiver ran through her entire body with such force that she actually shook. It ran from the tips of her toes through her pussy and up into her head with such force that she became flushed and dizzy at the same time. Her cheeks were hot, her neck was hot, her hair seemed to hold the heat in her head so close that she felt overwhelmed. She stopped her hand again, this time with less decisiveness.

The question of how she had gotten this way was fading fast. The only question that seemed to hold in her mind for more then a second was "when was Jarred coming over this morning?" Which she couldn't remember because now the woman on the screen was moaning, and with good reason.

She was being fucked slowly but firmly, in gyrating motions that made Angela's eyes trace the fine muscles in the man's body, and made the woman on the screen nearly shout. She sounded like she was experiencing incredible pleasure, but the volume was down on the TV for some reason, Angela wished it was turned up more. She could barely hear his grunts or the slapping noise of each thrust. . .

And then there was an explosion of wetness around the hard cock, an explosion that rocked the woman's body, arched her back in extasy and nearly knocked Angela onto the floor. Her own back was arching, her legs had crossed themselves at some point, her butt pressed upwards as her pussy pressed backwards, trying to grind against the panties that held her heat a little too close. She braced herself against the doorframe as a little gasp escaped her lips and she no longer cared to stop her hand.

Just as her fingers flew south, her pussy throbbing to the point that it felt swollen, she heard a voice she didn't expect. . .

"Oh, Angela, you're awake. I thought you were planning on sleeping in this morning, I didn't mean to. . ."

A moan came from the TV.

Angela pulled her hand from between her legs in surprise and nearly jumped out of her skin as she suddenly noticed her room mate, Deborah, sitting on the couch. It dawned on her rather abruptly that porn wouldn't be playing without someone having turned it on, and she would have wandered how on earth she could have not noticed, were it not for the fact that she now noticed Deborah. . .

Angela had known that she was bi-curious for quite some time now, but the way she felt now was something much more then curious. Deborah's nipples pressed noticeably through the thin fabric of the night gown she usually wore to bed, in exactly the way Angela knew her nipples now stood erect. Deborah's hands had slid to her sides when they had made eye contact in much the same way Angela's had, and something about the way her body lay; so sensually, so involved in it's own blissful beauty, made Angela know that similar feelings flowed through both of their bodies at this moment.

Angela imagined Deborah's hand lying absent mindedly between Deborah's soft thighs, stroking softly, slowly, soothing the erotic itch building between swollen pussy lips. Parting them and feeling the tingling, pinching her clit genially and feeling it throbbing, stroking up and down through the wetness till her hips thrust forward involuntarily, sliding a finger slowly and softly inside until her supple mouth parted in a gentle moan from the rush of penetration.

She imagined how beautiful Deborah would be with her back arched in extasy, the feeling of pure bliss poring through her body in soft but titanic waves.

A moan came from the TV.

Angela pulled her hand away from where it had slowly made it's way across her hip towards her now ravenous pussy. She felt herself blushing. This wasn't like her, she had never been this horny in her entire life. She had never even dreamed of being this hot. When was her boyfriend coming home? Maybe Deborah could use her soft but talented fingers on her pussy too before Jarred got home. Touch her until she screamed in extasy and then Jarred could slide inside of her just afterwards. Maybe she could cum all morning between the two of them. God, I need to cum. Deborah could. . .

Deborah was staring, not sure what to make of the expression on Angela's face. An expression Angela suddenly realized had now been on her face for an extended silence, broken only by the sounds of sex coming from the TV.

Angela closed her mouth rather abruptly, realizing that her lips had been parted just enough for heavy breathing and whispered moans. She forced her eyes to stop roaming Deborah's body and tried to meet her green eyes.

Angela began "I. . . I. . ."

Deborah had such amazing green eyes. Green eyes that often glowed with intense lust whenever she was turned on, and that now, gleamed like emerald fire. Eyes that she would love to stare into while being rocked hard by. . . Angela blushed. She couldn't find anything to say. She caught her hand again. The only thing she could think, she couldn't say: I'm so horny I can't control myself.

Angela was sure she wasn't normally like this. Deborah was the adventurous one, the one always experimenting with weird sex things and telling her about it later. Deborah had sex with men and women. Her room was always a mess, sometimes strewn with weird sex toys. Angela was much more cautious, she just stuck to her boyfriend. When will he be home? I really need to fuck.

"Oh my god," Deborah's voice brought Angela back to reality, a reality where her finger tips had just slid below the elastic band of her pajamas in front of her room mate, something she would have never imagined herself doing, but now couldn't seem to stop.

"You picked up the wrong CD!" Angela was vaguely aware of what Deborah was talking about. Last night when she couldn't sleep she had asked Deborah if she knew any magic remedy for insomnia. Deborah had been on her way out the door to go to a bar. She had said there were two CDs on her bed and to listen to the one in the blue case, not the one in the red case. She had popped the CD into her walkman and drifted off to sleep to the sound of some weird music.

And then she had. . . she woke up this morning, came into the living room and saw a cock slowly slide into someone as they moaned in extasy. Someone who was still moaning as she was bent over and slid into from behind. There was a slapping noise as he began to thrust in and out so fast that her whole body rocked with the impacts.

Angela's own body swayed for a moment as she imagined herself as the woman on the screen. Her own swollen, hot, lips being parted by that hard shaft. Her insides being filled. I really want something inside. Something inside that would make the butterflies in my stomach burst into a frenzy and fly over my breasts, hardening my nipples until they hurt with pleasure, and then up my spine in a shower of electric shivers as my pussy would throb and tighten into so many. . .

Angela's hand had slipped all the way to her soaked underwear, and she wasn't sure if she cared that Deborah saw, she kind of liked imagining Deborah's pussy feeling exactly the same way just from watching. Her insides throbbing so strongly that it moved her whole body in little spasms of grinding. . . Her finger reached her clit and the only thing she could think coherently was what seemed obviously true: I am so horny I can't control myself.

"Listen to me," Deborah was saying, "you have been hypnotized to be overwhelmed with sexual energy. There is a CD and a story that will make a person so horny that they can't get enough sex until they loose consciousness. I've listened to one and read the other before and on both occasions I kept cuming at every little thing for like six hours. Right now, I am sure you are already so horny you can't control yourself, and soon you will start to feel everything sexual that you read, or watch, feeling like it is really happening to you. It's rather sudden, you get so distracted that things just flow into your mind and you start actually feeling them without knowing why. You'll also cum any time you hear the word. . . well I guess I shouldn't say it right now. But, I must have put the CDs in the wrong cases accidentally the last time I used them, and you listened to that one instead of the "sleep" trance. And once it's started. . . there is no way to stop it. The longer you are like this, the worse it will get. . .I can leave you to yourself for a bit if you want. What do you want me to do?"

Angela could barely hear Deborah over the pounding in her pussy. She knew her words were echoing around in her head somewhere but she was so distracted that her subconscious registered most of it while she just throbbed. Some of what she was saying sounded familiar: I am so horny I can't control myself. I will feel everything sexual that I read or watch as though it's happening to me. I won't be able to get enough pleasure no matter how many times I cum. Anything that is even a slight turn on will overwhelm me. I am so horny I can't control myself. I really need to cum. Please. . . I will obey. Hearing about cuming will be so overwhelming that I will cum every time I even say, hear, or read the word orga. . . I will be stuck this way uncontrollably until the next time I loose consciousness.

"What do you want me to do?"

Angela watched Deborah's supple lips ask the question, lips that would taste so good, so soft. . . Deborah's tongue sounding out the silibles in slow motion, a tongue that would know exactly where and how to lick. To lick in circles and then slide one finger inside. What do I want you to do?

"Fuck me," Angela answered breathlessly, "I really need to cum. . ."

She couldn't believe she had said it. What was wrong with her? She didn't even remember at what point she had become hypnotized. And yet, that was the only explanation for why her hands now slid uncontrollably down her pants and up her shirt, finding her most sensitive places with more need then she ever thought was possible. She tried to explain to Deborah as she found herself striping as though her hands belonged to someone else:

"I. . .I'm so horny. . ." Were those moans between her words? Was she moaning or were the people on TV?

". . . You can't control yourself." Deborah finished her sentence with a mischievous lustful gleam in her eye.

"Please. . . I really need to cum." Cuming would feel so good right now. To be like that woman, out of control while a ANYTHING slides in and out, in and out. . .

Angela was watching the TV again, she wasn't sure when she had turned, maybe it had been the change in the sounds, the adding of screams of extasy to rhythmic pounding. At any rate she now watched with astonishment as the dick slide slowly out of the pussy entirely, then slid back in.

First the head parted her wet lips, pressing them open, then the hard shaft slid all the way in, every inch so lucid that Angela could no longer stand, she fell forward, catching herself on the couch with her hands and bending over as the impossible happened. The swollen head had slid deep inside of her as she bent over. So hard, so stiff, that she could no longer stand up. It was pressing ever deeper, deeper, until the balls pressed lightly against her clit. Angela nearly tore her pants off. As she suddenly realized the thought in her head was real: I will feel everything sexual. . . as though it were really happening to me.

It slid out slowly, the head pulling her pussy with it, sliding so perfectly across the front of her insides that she shivered with delight. She didn't know how this was happening, but she no longer cared. Something had simply snapped and she was no longer fighting it. If she was going to be sex crazed for the moment and by some miracle, feeling a dick that could not possibly be there, she was really going to enjoy every second of it.

Her hands went wild all over her naked body. Caressing her nipples, sliding down her stomach in desperate overwhelmed desire. She dug her nails into her own stomach lightly scratching from just above her pussy, up to her belly button, feeling the dick press all the way through to her fingers, pressing against her insides till they felt they would burst. Her hips rocked as she grinded against the dick inside of her, his body gyrating inside of her till she felt she would surely cum. Liquid dripped down her inner thighs as they pressed together, trying to hold the huge shaft inside as it slid out slowly. Her lips parted in a moan as a lusty female voice behind her nearly moaned, "Oh my god. I have never seen this part of you before."

Angela slowly turned toward the voice, and suddenly the wonderful feeling of the dick inside disappeared as she saw Deborah sitting on the couch, her night gown pulled up, her panties pulled to the side, and her fingers slowly sliding up and down her wet slit. She nearly begged for the dick back, only she immediately felt something else.

Angela felt those fingers as if they were on her own wetness. The soft stroaks making their bodies move in unison. She was feeling everything sexual that happened to any woman as though it were happening to her. Deborah's fingers were amazing, even far more skilled then she had imagined as one finger did circles so fast, it nearly vibrated on her clit.

Showers of chills ran up Angela's spine. She knew exactly what Deborah was feeling. They were joined somehow. Deborah mouthed the words, "I am so horny I can't control myself," and Angela somehow knew that Deborah had activated some hypnotic trigger in herself.

Angela's hands slid up her breasts and groped harder then usual, Deborah's body responded, her nipples hardening till they were prominent through her nightgown. Deborah's back arched, her breasts pressing forward for more as though they had just been touched.

The speed of Deborah's finger on her clit quickened and both their moans moved to a fever pitch as Deborah managed, "I am so horny. . . I can't control myself. . . I will obey. . . I cannot resist."

Angela couldn't stand it any more, she felt like she was going to burst, she had lost all control minutes ago. Deep in her subconscious a thought moved, I will cum every time I read, hear, write, or say the word org. . . She watched Deborah's fingers and screamed for Deborah to go faster. "I really need to cum. Faster. Harder. Please, I need a fucking ORGASM."

For a moment all was silent except the sound of sex from the television.

Involuntary movement from deep inside. Tightening. The rush of pleasure that spreads quickly from deep within. Tightening until it can't handle any more. A throbbing in your clit, a spark of electric tingling, rushing in, filling your swollen lips, then pouring deep inside. Filling all the places inside with a rush of wet heat. Rushing up, in, deeper, tighter, and then the first involuntary spasm.

Like white heat, the tightening releasing then immediately grabbing again; an explosion that rocks the entire body. Making your back arch and your mouth open to gasp for air as everything from the bottom of your pussy, all the way through the butterflies in your stomach, ripples with the force of pleasure. The waves pouring through in bursts, more like impacts then like flowing water. Until you can no longer breathe in, but have to let the breath out as your stomach tightens.

Angela and Deborah both screamed in unison. Screams of extasy followed by short moans of overwhelming bliss. Almost hyperventilating. Angela's legs became to week for her to stand on even while braced against the couch, and she slid to the floor behind it, shaking. But even as she slid to the floor, her hands wouldn't stop. The second she could no longer see Deborah, her own fingers moved to her pussy to try and handle the burning lust that the ORGASM seemed to only make stronger. She lay on her back and the heat in her body only got hotter.

Angela closed her eyes as her imagination flashed back to how Deborah had looked, and how they had come together without warning or explanation. She imagined Deborah's wonderful fingers touching her perfectly, and her own fingers began to slide up and down her wet pussy lips. When had she taken off all her cloths? She wasn't sure. It only proved the thought running through her head: I am so horny I can't control myself. I need to cum.

Then suddenly, Angela felt an extra pair of hands on her body. Someone on the TV moaned. . . Angela and Deborah moaned with them.

Fingers ran up her sides from her hips all the way to the soft underside of her breasts, and goose bumps followed behind them. Goosebumps that spread to her back and her front, trailing chills and shivers as they went. Angela's nipples hardened to the point she had to rub them between her fingers, forcing her to abandon the aching between her legs for just a moment. And then, as she touched her nipples, back arching on the ground, and legs spreading on their own, a tongue ran slowly down her stomach.

Then licking around her swollen pussy. Licking in gentle but firm streaks all the way around on the outer lips. Then sliding expertly inside, licking so teasingly in little circles, pressing the inner lips open. Angela opened her eyes to see Deborah crouched between her legs. Angela's body moved in uncontrollable response to Deborah's tongue, nearly cuming just from the soft, playful licks. And what was strange, with every lick, Deborah's own back arched and her hips thrust and gyrated as though her pussy was also being licked.

Angela's hands slid down her body and grabbed desperately at Deborah's hair while her tongue began to flick teasingly around her clit. As her hands tightened around the soft strands to try and contain the feelings Deborah's tongue was generating, her own scalp tingled, and Angela was once again all to aware of the impossible; I am hypnotized to experience anything sexual that I witness, as though it were happening to me.

Deborah must be feeling the same thing, Angela thought, she must be feeling that tongue as if it were on her pussy as well. Licking, flicking, teasing, stroking, her pussy without explanation or source. Deborah's eyes looked up, green with incredible desire radiating as she finally fully licked Angela's clit.

The ORGASM was immediate, as though her clit had become so sensitive that the slightest touch set her off.

Through both their bodies a pressure built to an explosion, a damn of wetness broke. Angela knew they were both feeling the same thing as their backs arched in unison and a low growl of a moan shivered out of their parted lips. Tightening, tightening, involuntary movement inside and out, a rush, a flood of white heat and tingles, grinding her clit against her room mates flowing tongue as the bliss flowed through her.

Angela's only thought came bursting from her mouth lustier then anything the woman on the TV had ever managed; "Oh god, please. . ." She moaned, "I can't get enough, I need to cum again. I'm so horny. . ."

A little voice in Angela's head told her that the most she had ever cum at once was three times. . . but three more wouldn't even be enough. Angela wanted to touch Deborah's breasts, to make them both feel the swollen weight in them, the building insatiable desire that now reigned freely in her body.

Angela grabbed Deborah and pulled her up, until she was crawling over Angela, their breasts so close. . . and then they kissed.

Soft lips to soft lips, heavy breathing to heavy breathing, their breasts brushed teasingly against one and other, their nipples the only hardness between soft silky flesh. When had Deborah stripped? The butterflies in Angela's stomach went wild as their kiss sent chills across the back of her head.

Angela's hands went straight to Deborah's butt and pressed their wetness together, both so soaked that it mingled on their legs and stomachs. Her butt felt suddenly week with pleasure as her hands explored Deborah's supple curves.

And then Deborah was moving desperately, turning around as Angela wished their bodies had stayed pressed together. She didn't want Deborah to go; I need to cum, I am so horny I can't control myself.

Deborah moved till their bodies were facing opposite directions, then she crawled onto Angela's body, her legs spread above Angela's face and her own head dangling between Angela's legs. Angela was suddenly so flooded with sensations that she lost all ability to keep track of what was happening.

The pinch of fingers on hardened nipples as the heat of close bodies radiates sexual energy. Hands caressing up and down the smooth curves of sides and grabbing tightly around legs. The sensation of not just one, but two tongues, licking. One licking slowly but firmly from top to bottom, sliding in and out, while the other licks playful teasing circles, then flicks back and forth across an all too sensitive clit.

Angela had never licked another woman before, but now, it was as if that licking pleased them both more then they could ever imagine. She felt hungry for the wetness that came from her fevered licks, and hungry for the tingling and overwhelming pleasure that came from them. She was licking with such ferocity that she no longer just thought, but felt very strongly; I am so horny I can't control myself.

Things were spiraling out of control, the sensations of wonderful touch spreading to every inch of her body. Limbs flailing, grabbing anything she could find to try and hold onto as the taurent of sexual sensation poured through all her existence. She knew that she was going to cum again soon.

Deep in her pussy all the licking was bringing her to need something more, she needed the overwhelming release. She licked harder, faster, her own clit now aching for it. But this time, it didn't start in her pussy, it started in Deborahís.

Under her tongue Deborah's grinding went wild, as she felt the vibration of moans against her own pussy. How it was possible that she began to feel Deborah's ORGASM was beyond her, but it was happening. Angela knew; I will feel everything sexual that I witness.

It was as if the tightening, quivering, that Angela felt against her tongue were happening in her own pussy. She knew that bliss was rushing up inside Deborah, and suddenly it was happening in her as well.

The bliss that poured through her felt like more then one ORGASM at once. Was she feeling Deborah's and hers at the same time? Or was she literally having more then one ORGASM at a time?

It felt like more then one ORGASM at once, as though her body simply couldn't get enough, her pussy tightening so hard and so fast, in little spasms of pleasure, that it felt as though she were trying to pull Deborah's wonderful rolling tongue inside.

With each little burst of pleasure she found herself licking faster, harder, wanting, needing more, and the faster she licked the more overwhelmed she became, the more she felt the sensations of four hands all over her body, and two tongues moving wildly across her soft pink flesh.

With every rising and falling breath, with every moment she kept going, the hypnotic effects got stronger, the only thoughts that she could manage were statements of what was already so obviously true:

I'm so horny I can't control myself. I cannot resist. I can't get enough pleasure. I feel everything sexual that I read, write, or see, as though it is really happening to me. I can't stop until I loose consciousness. Even the slightest turn on has me overwhelmed. I'm so turned on and so sensitive that I cum just from hearing, saying or reading the word ORGASM.

Angela's lips quivered beneath the tongues that moved wildly over them. Her clit throbbed so hard that there was no way she could have ever held back the multiple ORGASM that swiftly rocked her whole body.

Why would I want to hold them back? She thought suddenly, even as she screamed with delight, and then she became aware of what something inside her had already noticed.

Deborah suddenly lept away from Angela's body and Jarred came all to clearly into view with his mouth wide open and his dick visibly hard through his pants.

Some part of Angela that seemed to have been completely ignored suddenly spoke out, was this going to be ok with Jarred? What would he think? He was certainly turned on. . . his dick so hard through his pants, probably throbbing like the cock on the TV had been, so stiff that it could make her cum again and again just from grinding against it, her hips rocking back and forth as the head would press so strongly against that delicate spot inside, the place that would make her explode in extasy.

Angela realized how empty her pussy felt right now. It had been touched so much on the outside, but so little on the inside. She found her hips thrusting at the air as she imagined him inside, pressing her open, filling her completely.

"Join us?" Angela found herself saying almost eagerly as the voice of worry seemed to be pushed aside by how much she wanted what she saw.

"I. . . uh. . . That's ok with you?" Jarred stammered, but Angela wasn't really listening anymore anyway, she was moving to her knees, and reaching for his belt, as Deborah smiled with delight.

Angela noticed Deborah's left hand reach for her breasts, and her right hand slide quickly to her pussy as Angela's hand brushed against Jaredís noticeably throbbing cock. Angela felt the pressure on her clit, the finger touching and moving away quickly because of how incredibly sensitive the flesh had become. In unison with the tingles that shot from that place on her body, her nipples became so hard that she had to press them against Jaredís body to calm the tension, all the while feeling Deborah's soft fingers rolling the tips between her fingers.

Angela unzipped Jarred's pants and pulled the shaft out into her hand, holding it there and just imagining it inside of her as she stared up into Jaredís awe struck eyes. She was grinding away at Deborah's touch, nearly dancing for Jaredís pleasure as she slid his pants entirely off.

Angela licked the swollen tip, teasing him as his eyes darted back and forth between the two naked women writhing at his feet.

Deborah's eyes widened mischievously as Angela took Jaredís hardness fully into her mouth, "Hey Angela, ORGASM"

The reaction was immediate. Angela nearly fell to the ground as her back arched involuntarily. I am so horny I can't control myself. I will cum every time I hear, say, or read the word ORGASM. Her pussy tensed as she moaned around Jaredís dick.

A flood of hot pleasure spread up through her body, her insides now shaking from the overload. Half of her wanted to laugh at the wonderful impossibility of what she was feeling, part of her wanted to cry because it just felt too good.

When she managed to look up at Jarred again she saw an amazed but confused look on his face. Angela smiled and moaned, "Apparently I've been hypnotized. . . to cum every time. . . I hear, read, or say the word ORGASM."

Angela's pussy flooded. Deborah's fingers went wild as her back arched to the point that she looked like the hottest woman Angela had ever seen.

"Oh God, I'm so horny I can't control myself. Don't ask questions, please just fuck me."

In the next second Angela became so consumed by what was happening that it was just a jumble of fantastic sensations transforming her into a being of pure pleasure.

Her pussy had tightened so much that even though she was wetter then she had ever been in her life, the dick that slid inside felt bigger then anything she had ever had inside.

She felt herself pressed open with such force and pressure that her insides clenched. She felt every detail of his dick, from the swollen head, to the place where his shaft pressed open her tingling lips, to the way his stomach pressed hard against her clit. She felt the muscles inside trying to grip him, hold him, pull him in and push him out all at once. She remembered seeing the woman on the TV explode with such force and with so much wetness that it literally gushed, and immediately she knew what that felt like.

His head moved just slightly inside, pressing up against the place where the pleasure had been building. She finally felt not just full, but overflowing as her ORGASM exploded with such force that hot liquid poured out around his hard dick, as though he had freed some part of her to fully let go.

He began to thrust quickly and desperately, obviously turned on beyond his capacity by the things happening around him. Deborah was nearly screaming with delight as she watched, her own ORGASM echoing Angela's as her body moved as if she were being filled by the same rhythmic thrusting. Deborah's hand still moved quickly on her clit and Angela began to feel the sensations merging.

Angela's legs flailed wildly in the air as Deborah's hand massaged her clit in time to the deep rhythmic thrusts that somehow filled them both. Deborah's ORGASM flowed from her gentile but firm touch deep into Angela's throbbing pussy.

She felt the spark of ORGASM moving in waves, little sparks started by the fingers that were then pressed into full explosions by the relentless sliding and pounding deep inside. She felt more hands then she could count. Grabbing her breasts, sliding up and down her back and scratching with loversí lust, doing little circles on her clit as another ORGASM rocked her body, causing her pussy to go into full, repeated spasms of pleasure.

She felt a kiss on her lips, then a soft biting on her shoulder. Moans filled the air as ORGASM after ORGASM flew through her as though she were a lightning rod for pleasure in the midst of the largest thunder storm of all time.

The woman and the man on the TV moaned, Deborah and Angela were rocked by their ORGASM as deep inside a switch seemed to flip that made ORGASMS easy and automatic from any touch, let alone the constant pounding dick that was now making the butterflies in her stomach fill her head.

Angela was dizzy with pleasure as another ORGASM rocked her body. She felt so light headed that it was hard to think. I am so horny. . . I can't control myself. I can't get enough pleasure. . . until I loose consciousness. . . need to cum. . . need another ORGASM.

Deep inside Angela began to feel like she was stuck cuming. Her pussy simply wouldn't stop having ORGASMS as Jarred thrust in faster, harder and deeper with each moment that went by, each thrust helped along by Deborah's talented fingers. She was on a roller coaster of ORGASMS, each one ending with aftershocks that caused another. Every little thing will make me cum.

Deborah was making less and less sense. She was moaning wildly, saying things, flailing her limbs now. Grabbing onto anything she could manage to get her hands on as the ORGASMS became overwhelming.

"YES. . . Please. . . NEED. . . so horny. . .can't control. . . can't stop cuming. . .MORE. . . overwhelmed. . . ORGASMS"

Angela felt as though her body was filling with energy. Like the pleasure was flowing in wave after wave of pure ORGASMic bliss. She was filled to the point that black was filling the edges of her vision. She was overflowing inside, her pussy throbbing with ORGASMS, her back arched, hips thrusting wildly.

Deep thrusts, hardness against soft swollen wetness. Grinding. Pounding. Fingers all over. Sex as rough as battle, as soft as rain, as gentile as a summer breeze. The smell of perfume and the secretions of wanton bodies. Heat, from within, flowing from place to place like unleashed energy of reckless abandon.

Throbbing inside so strong it moves the whole body, as though the dick inside were so hard that it was impossible not to be moved by it. ORGASM after ORGASM pouring upward and inward, feelings as strong as terror, but as beautiful as the sunset.

Then she felt Jaredís dick throb intensely, getting even harder as his mouth widened and he screamed. Deborah passed out, her low moan trailing off as she felt Jaredís thrusting quicken to a fever pitch, his ORGASM on top of everything else was far too much for her body to handle.

Angela felt her own ORGASMS loose their locality. She was no longer sure where they were cuming from. It was as if her whole body were experiencing an ORGASM as it rushed up from her pussy into her stomach, through her breasts and ending with her face feeling so hot that she knew she was sweating.

She felt her pussy flood with their combined juices as he began to thrust sporadically, each thrust still bringing an ORGASM pouring through Angela's body. And then in a couple of seconds all was silent, even the TV having run it's course to a stop. Jarred nearly collapsed on Angela, but held himself on shaky arms, his whole body exhausted, but not half as much as Angela's.

She lay there on the floor in a daze, unable to fully think straight, her thoughts flying around in fragments that seemed similar to Deborah's words before she passed out. How many times had she cum? She wasn't sure it mattered; I'm still so horny I can't control myself.

Angela's body was vibrating. She had never felt this way before. It was as if her body was completely overloaded. She could feel her pulse in her head and it throbbed with the same intensity as her pussy.

Jarred was saying something, he had gotten up but Angela hadn't noticed because she had been lost in the strange sensation of her body vibrating in the aftereffects of too much pleasure. She was still moaning and couldn't bring herself to say anything or move very much. Had she nearly passed out too?

"I'm going to be late for work! Not that I mind why I am late, but you know I can only come over for a couple minutes in the morning to say hi. Damn, I want to talk to you more about this, but I really have to go. Are you ok baby? I've never seen you like this before, I loved it. Please, when I come by tonight can we continue? I really have to go."

Angela barely managed, "Sure," while her mind drifted to imagining what she would do to him tonight, riding him till her body vibrated again like it was doing right now. She wanted him to stay longer, but she couldn't think clearly and besides, she could always ask Deborah for help, she was always horny.

Angela was amazed by what she was thinking, but the truth was, she was still incredibly horny. Perhaps more now after what she had just experienced. Jarred blew her a kiss and ran out the door wile trying to pull on his cloths. Deborah was slowly coming to.

Angela thought that perhaps it was a little much to ask Deborah for more, she seemed to have passed out and was probably exhausted. Maybe she could go get her vibrator and read something interesting until she passed out too. I am so horny I can't control myself. I will feel everything sexual that I read as though it were really happening to me. I need to cum. The word ORGASM will make me have one.

Angela's back arched and her body vibrated even more from the fresh impact of bliss tightening her pussy till it hurt with pleasure. Had a thought just made her cum? She really needed to read something good. Wait, hadn't Deborah mentioned a story that would have the same effect? That would be fantastic right now.

"Deborah, where is that story that you mentioned earlier?"

"Bookmarker on my computer." She said in a daze.

Angela stood and nearly fell over from how her head spun. She recovered and her fingers wandered over her sensual body as she walked to her room to get her vibrator. Just picking it up sent shivers down her spine and made her realize suddenly how much water she had lost as she felt herself dripping. She grabbed a glass of water, went to the computer and began to read, her vibrator already on and causing her first ORGASM the moment the vibrations filled her pussy. I'm so sensitive even the slightest thing could make me cum, she thought.

The story began with a warning about what it would do, she skipped that part, and began reading. It began;

"Impossible lust. A burning from within so strong it makes words unspeakable. The kind of feeling, the kind of sensation, that makes the mind speechless, the body tremble, the heart flutter. Breathing and moaning are the same action; helplessly joined so that all attempts to remain quiet simply come out as gasps between bitten lips. Desire and teasing that borders on torture. . . "

And it ended;

I am so horny I can't control myself. I can't seem to get enough pleasure. I feel everything sexual I read or witness as though it were really happening to me. I am so turned on that just reading, hearing, or saying the word ORGASM makes me cum. I can't seem to calm down. I will be stuck this way until the next time I loose consciousness.

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