Overwhelmed II

Warning: This will leave you overwhelmingly turned on, cumming nearly at random, cumming every time you say, read, write, or hear the word "orgasm", and it will leave you like this until the next time you lose consciousness, be that through sleep, or passing out. It may also make you feel everything sexual that you read or watch (I.e. porn). And may cause you to strip. This is not a light effect. I am writing this story to be literally overwhelming, and for hours on end. You have been warned.

To begin, hold your left hand about five inches above your left knee. Keep your right hand in a place where you can scroll through the text easily. As this hypnosis progresses you will get more and more relaxed and more and more distracted. Try to keep your left hand from resting on your left leg even if I tell you to let it rest there, my goal is to get your hand to rest on your leg. This will be how you will know you can still resist my command. If your left hand ever comes to rest on your left leg wile you are reading this, it will be because you can no longer resist my command and I have moved it there. You may or may not consciously notice this. If this happens, you will immediately become unable to stop reading until the story comes to an end. Once your left hand comes to rest on your left knee you will also find that you are unable to resist any command you are given while reading this story because by that point, you will have already begun to obey uncontrollably.

Answer out loud or by mouthing your response whenever you feel that you have a response for something.

Any time I say any number any time at all, you will begin dropping deeper and deeper into a trance with each number that I count lower. Your subconscious will notice every number that passes, as I count you down into a deep trance. Any time that I reach the number one during a count down you will uncontrollably close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are asleep and dreaming. The moment you do that, you will go a hundred times deeper into the trance. You will continue to remain asleep and dreaming after that, but your eyes will open again after a couple of seconds. You will then say the words “I Will Obey” and your subconscious will continue to read and obey in your sleep. Every time this happens you will go overwhelmingly deeper into the trance.

Do you understand and will you obey?

“I Will Obey”

Five. Imagine yourself laying on the beach, relaxing in the warm sun. It’s not a terribly hot day, but it’s pleasantly warm with a nice breeze. . . The perfect weather for wearing a bathing suit and finding a nice spot in the sun. Not far away the ocean waves break in with the kind of pleasant sound that makes you want to drift off to sleep.

Your whole body is relaxing, letting all of the tension and stress from your day be washed away by the sun, the wind and the waves. Take in a deep breath, the kind of breath that fills your whole body, and then let it out, relaxing as you breathe out. Imagine that with every breath you breathe in, the relaxing smell of nearby tropical flowers fills your lungs. And with every breath out, you let every bit of tension flow out of your body, letting it evaporate in the sun.

Take in another deep breath and relax as you let it out.. Wiggle your toes for a moment, then feel your feet relax. Tighten your legs for a moment, then let them relax. Stretch, arching your back and stretching your hands high in the air before bringing them back to where you had them and relaxing completely as you take in one more deep breath and let it out slowly.

Let yourself relax completely where you sit right now, getting sleepy and feeling your body getting heavy like it’s already half asleep without you, as you imagine laying on the beach in the sun. Shift in your seat until you are comfortably relaxed where you sit.

On the beach, the sun is getting warmer now. As though it’s approaching mid day even though four minutes ago it wasn‘t quite this hot. You feel your skin getting hotter under the sun. You feel cozy, sleepy, like a person does when laying next to a warm fireplace. Your head is getting heavy. Your eye lids are getting heavy. Your arms are getting heavy. Your whole body is relaxing more and more as you begin to fall asleep. You are starting to feel dazed as you lay on the beach. You are reading, but mostly, you are relaxing in the warmth of the sun. But the sun is getting rather extra warm, a little warmer then you are used to and you are glad you are wearing your bathing suit. You can feel your skin becoming flushed, your head getting a little hot as you relax on the beach. But that’s ok, it’s making you pleasantly drowsy as you focus yourself more and more on my words.

You are reading almost passively now, letting my words be read in the voice of your internal monologue. You can hear the words in your mind, repeating them, understanding them, as though they are your own thoughts. You don’t even have to try to feel warm, just reading the word “warm” in your mind right now makes you feel nice and warm as you picture being on the beach in the nice warm sun.

In the same way, when you read the word “sleepy” or “relax” or anything that I have written, you feel your mind imagining it and making it real deep inside of your mind. My words are going deeper and deeper into your thoughts now, so deep that you can’t hardly keep track of anything else, just letting yourself read as you lay in the warm, relaxing, sleepy, sun.

You hear the ocean waves nearby, and you feel the nice mist of their crashing waves on your skin, cooling you off before you get too hot. It’s a nice mist, like a fog settling over your skin. You remain warm and content, but also cooled gently. That mist begins to settle not just over your body to keep you in perfect balance of warm and cold, but also over your mind.

In your mind you are aware of three things, the relaxing sun, my words, and a fog that seems to be slowly settling in your mind. It starts as a mist, but slowly becomes a very thick fog that you can’t seem to see through. The only thing you are sure of in this thick fog is your internal monologue, which continues to read my words. You can hear your own voice in your mind, through the fog, saying my words. You are beginning to think, feel and do everything you read here.

You begin to feel like you are falling asleep, so relaxed, so heavy that you don’t want to move, as you lay in the sun and the fog in your mind makes you feel dazed. You are so sleepy that you are beginning to feel light headed, almost dizzy. You are having trouble keeping track of exactly what position your body is in as you dream of sitting on a rock in the middle of the fog in your mind. You are imagining sitting there saying my words, but you know that you are laying down in the sun.

A wind blows through the fog in your mind, you can feel it blowing gently around inside, making you feel so light headed. The fog is moving, but it is so thick that you can’t see anything any more. Your thoughts don’t seem to come out clearly, the only thing you can think is my words as your own voice says them inside your head.

You are beginning to feel like my words are coming from deep inside of you, sliding from your voice deep into the fog and disappearing in the mist with everything else. Your body is so heavy, but your head feels so light. It’s as though your body is as heavy and immovable as the rock that you are sitting on and you are as light and flowing as the fog that blows around in your mind. You can no longer move your body to do anything other then scroll down to read, much like the fog could do nothing to move the rock you are sitting on.

You feel so light headed right now that you feel like you could just float away. You are quite sure that the only reason you can even sit right now instead of sliding slowly to the ground is because your head is floating where it is, keeping you from being able to slide down. Your body is so heavy you can’t seem to move it intentionally any more, your fingers are even scrolling on their own now, but the lightness in your head keeps you floating where you are.

You aren’t moving, but you are beginning to feel like you are floating out of your head and into the fog. You feel so light headed now, that you feel like you may just float away and leave your body behind.

You suddenly realize that your hand has been resting on your left knee for quite some time now. . . How long has it been there? Maybe two minutes? You aren’t sure, but you can hardly think through all the fog in your head. You only manage to think “now I cannot resist and I cannot stop,” before you feel yourself begin to float off the rock and into the fog.

Eyes ready to close, and reopen as you begin to float away into a dream.


I Will Obey.

You are floating in the fog. You just actually said something you read, and from now until I tell you otherwise, you will always at least mouth the words “I Will Obey” every time you read them. You are floating carefree, like flying in a dream. I Will Obey, echoes around in the fog around you. It’s the only thing that you can seem to see clearly in the fog, and every time you say “I Will Obey,” you float higher, going deeper and deeper into the fog and deeper and deeper into the trance.

You feel yourself drifting in the fog, floating around in a dazed sort of dream. You can’t seem to think clearly in the fog as you feel intensely light headed and you can’t seem to focus on anything except my words and a thought that keeps showing up on its own: I Will Obey.

You feel the breeze blowing you about, but you can’t seem to tell where you are or where you are going as the fog seems to get thicker with every moment, wrapping around you like a warm comforting blanket, moving you about on its own.

And then you find yourself floating through the gate of a garden temple of some sort. At first you can only make out the giant marble pillars on either side of you. The fog is so thick that you can’t seem to see anything else.

And then as you float into the temple, past the first marble pillars, you realize that this temple is your mind. The further you go into the temple, the deeper you are traveling into your own subconscious. The deeper you go, the further you take my words with you.

On the floor in front of you, is a giant picture of your body. You float down to the ground, right where the picture of your feet is. You realize that this is the part of your mind that controls your feet. You bend down and write “I Will Obey” on your feet. You immediately feel my words pour into your feet. Your feet tighten and then feel suddenly incredibly relaxed. So relaxed that you couldn’t even wiggle your toes if you wanted to. You feel too relaxed to walk, but that’s ok, you are floating anyway.

You begin to float forward, drawn forward by the fog. You can’t resist the floating forward and in the same way, you can’t resist continuing on reading. You float to the part of the picture that is your legs.

You float down to the ground, right where the picture of your legs is. You realize that this is the part of your mind that controls your legs. You bend down and write “I Will Obey” on your right leg, and then again, “I Will Obey” on your left leg. You immediately feel my words pour into your legs. My words tingle and feel good as they pour through your feet into your legs. Your legs tighten and stretch and then feel suddenly incredibly relaxed. So relaxed that you couldn’t even stand if you wanted to. You feel too relaxed to stand, but that’s ok, you are floating anyway.

You begin to float forward, drawn forward by the fog. You can’t resist the floating forward and in the same way, you can’t resist continuing to read. You float to the part of the picture that is your sexual center. You float down to the ground, right where the picture of your pussy is. You realize that this is the part of your mind that controls all of your sexual desires and feelings. You bend down and write “I Will Obey” across everything around your hips. You immediately feel my words pour into your sexual center. My words tingle and feel almost like oral sex. Your insides tighten and then relax as you suddenly feel an intense sexual need to obey my command. You feel like just obeying could be enough to make you cum. “I am so horny I can’t control myself.” You feel your self mouth the words, “Please. . . I Want to Obey. . . I Desire to Obey. . . I Will Obey.”

You begin to float forward again, drawn forward by the fog. You can’t resist the floating forward and in the same way, you can’t resist continuing on reading, but most of all, you have a sexual desire to keep on floating forward, to keep on reading. You don’t want to stop. You desire more. “Please, I Will Obey.” You float to the part of the picture that is your midsection.

You float down to the ground, right where the picture of your breasts are. You realize that this is the part of your mind that controls your upper body. You bend down and write “I Will Obey” on your chest and on each of your arms. You immediately feel my words pour into your breasts and then into your arms. Your arms tighten and then feel suddenly incredibly relaxed as you take in a deep breath that seems to relax your entire body. Your breathing begins to relax you more with every breath. You are so relaxed now that you would fall out of your chair if you weren’t floating there. So relaxed. . . and yet, so horny, that all you want to do right now is obey. You can’t seem to think anything except my words.

You begin to float forward again, drawn forward by the fog. You can’t resist the floating forward and in the same way, you can’t resist continuing on reading, but most of all, you have a sexual desire to keep on floating forward, to keep on reading. You don’t want to stop. You desire more. “Please, I Will Obey.” You float to the part of the picture that is your head.

You see that my words are inside your head as you write “I Will Obey” on your head. Immediately your mind goes completely blank except my words and the growing need to obey as your entire being relaxes. Your thoughts are no longer your own until I release you. Right now, you can’t think at all except for my words.

You are getting so light headed now and it feels wonderful. Like you are light and flying in a dream. And every time you say “I Will Obey” you feel yourself get lighter, float higher in the fog, as you go deeper into the trance.

The fog suddenly gets very thick. “I Will Obey.” You get so dazed that you can no longer even consciously understand what you are reading, and yet, my words continue to move deeper and deeper into your mind. “I Will Obey.” You feel the fog moving into your head, and carrying my words with it. “I Will Obey.” But all you care about is how it feels when you say, read, or think, “I Will Obey.” You go deeper into the trance.

Above your head, just barely visible in the fog, is a box. You want to float up higher to get to it. So you say “I Will Obey” and immediately find yourself floating up, higher, deeper, towards the box. You say it again and feel the light headedness get dizzying as you reach the box.

Now, imagine that you could place control of something in that box. For example, imagine that you could put control over everything you feel right now, into that box, so that whoever was holding that box would have complete control of everything you feel.

Now, imagine that you are placing control of everything you feel, inside of the box. Go ahead and close the box and notice me floating next to you in the fog. Hand me the box.

The moment I have the box you immediately feel incredibly light headed, submissive, and aroused. You are so turned on and yet so light headed right now that you are sure you would do anything I told you to do because you know how good it would feel. Feel yourself becoming filled with lightness, like your body is full of sexual energy an sexual energy is lighter then air. Feel yourself wanting to float higher into the clouds and so your mouth begins to mouth the words “I Will Obey” on its own, making you float higher.

Up above you is another box. Float up to it by continuing to say “I Will Obey.” As you reach the box, take it into your hands and place control of your thoughts into the box. The moment you place control of your thoughts into the box, your mind goes completely blank. You hand the box to me and immediately all you can think is that you want to obey.

At this point you are nearly chanting “I Will Obey” as you float higher to the next box.

This box is bigger then the other ones, it’s big enough for you to climb into. So you do. You climb into the box and as you do, you feel me take hold of the box. Immediately you feel as though I have complete control of your body. As though I could command your pussy to cum and it would. As though I could command you to take off clothes and your body would do it on its own.

As I close the lid to the box it gets dark in your mind and you find yourself sleeping while reading. I am now completely in control of everything you are feeling, thinking, and doing.

You are feeling submissive, relaxed, light headed, and horny, all you want to do is relax and obey.

You are thinking nothing other then dreaming about floating higher and the occasional “I Will Obey.”

You are doing exactly what I tell you to without even thinking about it. Your pussy is getting wetter and wetter the longer you read. Your body is getting warmer and warmer, more and more filled with pleasure. Your nipples are hard. You are too relaxed to do anything but read unless I tell you otherwise. “I Want to Obey.”

When you wake up, until the next time you lose consciousness, every time you read, say, hear or write the word “Orgasm” you will immediately cum.

Say out loud, “The word Orgasm will cause me to have one.”

From now until the next time you lose consciousness, you will experience anything sexual that you read or see as though it is happening to you. It will be so intense that simply reading about penetration will cause your pussy to feel filled. Simply watching a woman cum would make you cum. Watching a woman masturbate would cause you to feel her fingers on you. Watching a woman get fucked from behind would cause you to bend over and take the thrusts into your own pussy.

Say out loud, “Everything sexual that I read or watch, I will experience as though it is happening to me.”

This effect is going to be especially strong in two instances:

First, until the next time you lose consciousness any time you see or read about a person dancing sexually or stripping you will feel yourself drawn into their body. You will find that as they move, you also move, as though you are inside of their body. You will be so drawn in though, that you won’t even notice that your own body has begun to move. When they remove an item of clothing, you will also remove an item of clothing uncontrollably and automatically until you have nothing left on. You will be so focused though that you will think that you are just experiencing them removing the clothing, not realizing that you too are taking things off as well. It will feel like you are just experiencing things with them, you won’t realize that you are doing them as well.

Secondly, when Deborah begins to masturbate she isn’t going to stop until you lose consciousness. You won’t be consciously aware of it, but no matter what you do somewhere deep in your mind you will be aware that she hasn’t stopped masturbating and you feel everything she feels. This will cause you to be continuously horny even if you don’t know why. “I Am So Horny I Can’t Control Myself.”

Do you understand and will you obey?

“Please, I Will Obey.”

Now imagine that your conscious memory of this trance is in an item of clothing you are wearing, while your subconscious memory of this trance is a little glowing ball in your right hand. It’s as if everything that has happened so far in your reading is written on that item of clothing, but the hypnosis and how you must react to it, is in that little glowing ball. Up above you is another box, float up to it. “I Will Obey.”

Take that glowing ball and put it in the box. Now watch as I close the box. The box is shrinking, getting smaller and smaller until it’s the size of a little pill. I hand the pill to you and you swallow it. You are no longer completely sure what the hypnosis is supposed to do to you, but somewhere deep inside that information is still very active and you will still obey everything that I have told you to do even if you don’t consciously remember it.

Now, imagine that a stripper is taking off the item of clothing that has your conscious memory of this trance written on it. You watch her stripping and you enjoy the movements of her body as she slowly takes off that item of clothing, it feels a little hot in here so you take that same item off. You find as that item comes off of her body you can’t seem to remember what it is you have read so far.

Now I am going to count from 1 to 5. When I reach 5 you will wake up.

1. You are slowly waking up, becoming more and more aware that you are reading something.

2. You stretch and feel like you have just taken a very pleasant nap that you are now waking up from. It’s ok to rub your eyes, wiggle your toes, or yawn as you become more and more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

You are beginning to wake up more and more with each moment that goes by, but you are continuing to read.

3. You are reading an erotic story and you want to see what happens next.

Angela stretched and began to sit up. She had been doing something before she fell asleep, though she wasn’t entirely sure what. Now she just felt rested, and happy to have taken a short nap. As she stretched her arm caught a wire and pulled lightly on her ears.

Headphones. Had she been listening to something when she fell asleep? She didn’t really remember, she must have fallen asleep really fast.


She looked around the room as she became more awake with every moment that passed. The living room looked pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary, although it was a little strange for her to have fallen asleep on the couch instead of in her bed.


Fully awake she took off her headphones and stood up with a nice full body stretch before taking the CD player back to her room where it belonged.

As she returned to the living room Deborah’s bedroom door opened, “Have a good nap?”

“Yeah,” Angela replied brushing aside the fact that she still felt a little disoriented. Why had she been sleeping on the couch?

“I didn’t want to wake you, you seemed so exhausted ever since yesterday. When I came home and found you asleep on the couch I figured I’d better just hide out in my room for a bit. I bought what looks to be a really good, but really naughty, movie, but I figure that can wait until you’ve had enough sleep.”

Exhausted sense yesterday. . . . It all came back to Angela in little bursts of erotic imagery. She had listened to the wrong CD. . . Everything after that was just endless bliss. She had masturbated off and on for hours until her boyfriend had come home, watching movies she normally wouldn‘t have, reading stories that made her cum uncontrollably. . . And then when he had gotten home, they had fucked until she had passed out. She woke up this morning rather exhausted, went to work, then came home. She had put on her headphones and just played whatever had been in the player already hoping to relax for a bit, and then she had fallen asleep almost immediately. . . What had she been listening to when she fell asleep?

“Did yesterday really happen?” Angela blurted out almost dreamily.

Deborah smiled and blushed, “Yes. Yes it did. Did you enjoy yourself at least? Even if it wasn’t something you normally would have done?”

Angela was surprised to find that there was no doubt in her mind, “Yes, it was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. I looked through so many things on your computer that I don‘t know if I can remember them all. I didn’t think I could cum that much. And oh my god, when Jared came home, I just about died from the pleasure. I came the second he walked in the door, let alone when he stuck it in. . . . When I woke up this morning my pussy ached like the muscles had been overworked.”

Deborah laughed, “Yeah, now you know what it means to hurt so good.”

Angela smiled.

“Did you ever get around to listening to the CD you asked me for?”

Angela almost didn’t remember, it was such a minor thing mixed in with everything else. She didn’t even remember what it was supposed to do, but it had sounded good at the time.

“Actually, to be honest, I don’t remember what I did with it. I think I just set it to the side while I was reading something in my room and moaning like I’d never felt a climax before.” Angela laughed and blushed like she was embarrassed to admit what had gone on even though Deborah definitely already knew, “What movie did you get?”

“Oh, you know me, something I should watch by myself really. But if you don’t mind me putting it on out here. . . “

“Not at all, I’m kind of curious what other kinds of sex secrets you keep hidden away.” Angela smiled in a way that was much more flirtatious then usual, but then again, last night had done something wild to her entire outlook on sex. So that now, flirting with her room mate seemed harmless after having already had uncontrollable sex with her.

“This is exciting, you are actually going to watch something hot with me, but don’t say I didn’t warn you that this was going to be naughty.” Deborah practically jumped the couch to put the video in and then energetically fell back into the open seat next to Angela.

The credits came on and Angela sat down on the couch next to Deborah. Music was playing that was actually not too bad considering that it was obviously the soundtrack to a porno of some sort. Angela stretched her arms and legs one last time and as she did, felt her feet brush against something. She looked down for a moment and noticed that her underwear were on the floor. What were those doing there?

Angela had the sudden realization that she wasn’t wearing any underwear under her dress, and what was stranger, she didn’t remember taking them off. Oh my god, what CD had been in the player?

A woman appeared on the screen and Angela felt suddenly very light headed as her eyes were drawn to the screen by the sudden movement of dancing curves.

Her hips were rocking back and forth, dancing to the teasing beat of the music in such a beautifully seductive way. Soft hands glided down from her hair, across her neck, down her breasts and then across her stomach, where they pulled the fabric of her dress up till it exposed the white of her thighs.

Then down as she bent over, pressing the dress between her legs with a motion that screamed how badly she needed something between them. She looked up and the dress fell down from her breasts just enough to expose the cleavage.

The scene flashed to credits for a moment. Angela was surprised to find herself no longer sitting on the couch. Then, back to the dancing woman.

She caressed and grabbed her breasts and then slid her hands up to the straps that held the dress on and then, turning around, she removed her bra before replacing the straps and turning around, her nipples now pressing visibly through the fabric of her dress.

Back to credits, and Angela found herself standing again, was that her bra on the floor by the TV?

The woman reappeared, but Angela was barley paying attention now. She was focused on the TV enough to feel what the woman was doing, she knew that, but what distracted her from being able to fully process that was the fact that she was feeling so turned on knowing that her own bra had somehow ended up on the floor.

Her pussy was wet like it had been the other night, only she wasn’t entirely sure how it had gotten that way again; wasn’t that supposed to end yesterday? But did that really matter? Inside she felt so good she wasn’t sure she cared how she had gotten this way. “I Am So Horny I Can’t Control Myself”, she thought, as she felt tingles shoot up through her thighs and butt as the woman on the screen slid off both her stockings slowly and seductively without ever fully showing her crotch.

Angela thought about how much she would enjoy stripping like the woman on the screen. How she would love to see her boyfriend’s eyes go wide as she bent over and slid off her underwear without ever fully letting him see anything other then how wet they were. . .

Angela’s hand brushed across her bare pussy, and suddenly she realized that it wasn’t just that she was experiencing what the woman on the screen was. The woman on the screen had underwear to take off, she shouldn’t be feeling her bare wetness. . . Angela suddenly realized that her own hips were rocking, her own breasts were pressed forward teasingly, her own hands explored her body, her own back arched, her own clothes were coming off, her own pussy throbbed to life. . .

The spell was suddenly broken again as credits came up one more time. Deborah had left the room and come back with a CD player in her hand. She watched Angela intently and then her eyes closed suddenly as her body went limp on the couch. The woman on the screen finally slid her dress off completely as her inner thighs visibly glistened with wetness and she touched herself teasingly, bending over and staring at the screen while wind blew goose bumps all over her body and her hair in the air. Then the screen cut to black and Angela realized that she was standing naked in the middle of the living room.

“I am so horny I can’t control myself.” Deborah whispered as though in her sleep.

The first thought Angela had, was to say the same thing back to Deborah. The second thought she had was to leap on her and kiss her passionately. The third thing was to turn back to the screen and find out where the huge dick that had just appeared, was going to go. The fourth thing she thought was “How the hell did I get naked?”

Angela felt fingers brush against her wet pussy lips. She jumped, then discovered that they were her own fingers. “I am so horny I can’t control myself.” She simply didn’t have the control to stop touching before Deborah woke up. It felt too good, tingles pouring up into her body as she watched Deborah repeat the same thing that was going through her own head.

She found her clit and nearly came the moment her fingers touched it. She imagined Deborah waking up and touching her as she had the night before, making her cum again, and again, and again. . .

Impossible lust. . .

Deborah’s eyes opened.

Angela leapt onto the couch, embracing her roommate with a kiss that she never wanted to end. Her hips pressed her crotch against Deborah’s leg and their breasts brushed together causing her nipples to burst into an explosion of goose bumps that covered her chest.

Kissing Deborah was like kissing a thousand lips all at once. She felt the soft sensual kiss, then she felt her own lips on Deborah’s. She felt the bite of Deborah’s teeth on her own lips and felt herself doing the gentle biting. She felt the hands on her body, and she felt her hands doing the exploring. She felt the moan escape their lips together.

Deborah grabbed Angela tight and they rolled off the couch onto the floor. Angela’s insides were throbbing to the point that she was sure she could cum any moment. Deborah nearly tore her own underwear off as she slid off her pants next to where all of Angela’s clothes already lay.

Angela saw Deborah’s wet pussy suddenly exposed and bent between her legs to lick it, compelled by an intense desire to feel a tongue on her own wet lips. As she did, she realized she was facing the still active TV and saw all too well where the dick had gone.

As her tongue dipped deep into Deborah’s wetness she felt the dick from the TV slide deep into her own pussy from behind, and immediately, her first orgasm exploded to life.

Angela and Deborah both moaned at the same time, sharing the pleasure that now spread through them like an all consuming fire. The tongue flicked back and forth so fast it nearly vibrated on her clit. Deep inside she felt the biggest dick she had ever seen, press her pussy so full that she had to hold onto Deborah’s thrusting hips for support.

She felt her insides tighten around the hard shaft as a spark in her clit lit the explosion inside. Her second orgasm poured through her body so hard that she dug her nails into Deborah’s wonderfully soft ass.

Just a couple days ago Angela couldn’t even imagine having more then three orgasms in a day. Now she couldn’t imagine going another five minutes without at least that many. What had happened to her?

She licked Deborah as she felt her wet, sensitive pussy pressed open by another deep thrust. She felt the effect her tongue was causing; showers of hot tingles pouring up into her body. And she felt the wonderful touch of hands grabbing her hair as her own nails dug deep into Deborah’s skin.

She felt her back arch as the man on the TV grabbed her hips and thrust so deep into her that her whole body jolted from the impact, sending another shockwave of orgasmic bliss through her entire body and into Deborah’s. It didn’t make any sense how she had gotten this way. Had she really left the CD in the player and then come home and inadvertently listened to yet another hypnosis CD by accident? That was great! No, that didn’t make sense. But it was wonderful because it felt so good. . . Angela needed to cum again.

She tried to stand up just a little bit, wanting to change positions so that Deborah could touch her pussy the way she had the night before. But she couldn’t, the dick inside was too big, and was pounding into her too fast. She tried to sit, but found that it pressed deep into her until her butt pressed high in the air and her back arched, the pounding so deep it filled her entire stomach. She almost felt like it was pressing her entire hips open.

Then Deborah pulled away, watching Angela’s struggle, as she tried to decide if she even wanted to stand up. She wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort as another orgasm exploded from her insides, caused by the constant pounding of the huge dick inside.

Deborah smiled as she stood on shaky legs and touched herself while watching Angela give up doing anything but accepting the thrusts inside as she placed her arms on the floor and tried to let the dick get even deeper by arching her back and pressing back into it.

“You. . . You switched the CD,” Angela managed as she felt Deborah’s fingers begin to massage her clit in exactly the way she was craving. Another orgasm began immediately as the sensations mixed, the dick now thrusting wildly and Deborah‘s gentle but determined fingers nearly vibrating. Deborah fell back onto a nearby chair as they both felt the orgasm blossom into more then one climax. Each moan quickly became another peak of the multiple orgasm that Deborah had caused just by her touch.

“What had Angela been saying?” She couldn’t think straight, the fingers felt so good, she. . . Another orgasm was making her scream in ecstasy as the man and woman on the screen both came at the same time.

The scene changed and Angela tried to catch her breath as she collapsed onto the floor, suddenly aware of the wetness that was dripping down her thighs as she was able to press them together for the first time in a while.

“What had she been saying? I’m so horny I can’t control myself. No, not that,” she knew that. “I will feel everything sexual that I . . . No,” she knew that too. “Whenever I hear the word. . . “

“God, that was so many orgasmmmmmmmmm. . .” Angela couldn’t even finish the word as her stomach tightened up inside and pressed all the air in her lungs out into a desperate moan. She tried to grab onto anything, but only managed to grasp futilely at the carpet as her legs pressed together around her throbbing pussy.

How had she gotten this way? It felt so good. . .

“Thank you for switching the CD.” No wait, was that what she had meant to say?

“You're welcome. . .” Oh my god! Had Deborah done all of this on purpose? “ORGASM NOW”

Angela’s pussy flooded as Deborah commanded it to. Angela managed to roll over onto her back as she kicked her legs in unbridled throws of passion.

She managed to open her eyes and see Deborah sitting on the chair masturbating almost absentmindedly, her own climax just now calming down.

Deborah was so beautiful, her green eyes gleaming as she watched Angela still trying to catch her breath on the floor. Her own juices gleamed on her fingers as she just wouldn’t stop touching long enough for Angela to think straight.

Angela felt her back arching as her pussy pressed hungrily against Deborah’s expert fingers. A moment ago she had been saying something, now, all that came out was, “Ah. . ..ah ah ah . . . Ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh”

The scene on the TV changed again from dialogue to more sex and immediately Angela gave up on what she had been trying to figure out, as both her mouth and pussy watered for what she saw.

Angela’s hands caressed her breasts as she watched the woman on the TV climb on top of the man whose dick was ready and waiting for her. She straddled him and as she did, Angela’s own body moved till she was kneeling with her legs spread. She slid down slowly until the hardness pressed against her waiting pussy.

She pressed down and felt the pressure of the head opening her lips. She felt its soft tip penetrate her, its shape noticeable inside of her. The hardness pressed against the front inside of her pussy, where her G spot was, and the shaft seemed to almost tickle her swollen pussy lips.

She felt her clit press down to grind against the man’s body and felt Deborah’s fingers aiding her. She wanted to cum again so badly that she found herself actually asking, “Please. . . I need to cum. . . I‘m so horny. . “

The man on the TV gave her ass a playful smack and immediately the dick pressed hard against that place inside that always made her pussy flood. Inside her muscles tighten, she felt her pussy clench around the hardness inside, and then the flood of tingles began the longest orgasm of her life.

She felt heat pour out of her and knew that she had just poured out liquid bliss; it dripped down her thighs and felt like heat had flooded her entire body. Her muscles just kept tightening and releasing, each one bringing yet another orgasm as she rode wildly on the dick and Deborah’s fingers.

Orgasms seemed to just flow from her pussy now, overwhelming her completely. They wouldn’t stop. Nothing she could do would stop Deborah’s fingers or the fact that she felt a dick that couldn’t be there. She fell forward, her hair draping over her face as her hips moved wildly, fucking the dick that lay between them.

She slid up, feeling every inch of the shaft slide out only to find her hips uncontrollably pound back down in time with the woman on the TV. She couldn’t stop having orgasms, she couldn’t stop, she didn’t want to stop. She wanted to cum till she passed out.

She looked up at the TV at the dick that slid so easily in and out of her pussy filling her with orgasms as moans filled the air from not just the TV, but from her own mouth and Deborah. Angela was getting dizzy as the multiple orgasms began to feel like a chain reaction that was growing more and more out of control. As though she were so filled with orgasms that they were more in control of her body then she was.

She heard herself scream from the sudden pounding of the man under her, whose hips now thrust wildly making her nearly collapse onto his body. Each time he thrust it prompted an explosion deep in her pussy. Orgasm. Another orgasm. Another orgasm. Another orgasm.

Angela watched blackness crowd the corners of her vision and knew she would soon pass out. She felt herself getting dizzy with the flowing orgasms that now filled her entire body. She felt like her entire being was the way her pussy felt filled. She felt his thrusts so deep that they filled her breasts. She felt the heat in her pussy rush to her head.

And then suddenly, the TV turned off.

Angela tried to beg for it to come back on, but she couldn’t speak. She was moaning and breathing too hard. She collapsed onto her stomach on the floor, still awake, and desperately wanting more. She needed to cum again, needed to keep cumming. I’m so horny I can’t control myself.

She rubbed her legs together hard around her throbbing pussy.

“No, you are not going to get to pass out yet. I am not done with you.” Deborah’s voice seemed so far away, “I’m going to keep masturbating and making you cum and driving you wild until you agree to lose consciousness by listening to a CD I have. You are not going to lose consciousness any other way.”

Angela looked up at Deborah’s fingers which were going wild on her pussy. Another orgasm hit her immediately.

“Please. . . . Need to cummmmmm. . . More. . .”

What did Deborah want her to do? I need to cum. I’m so horny I can’t control myself. Angela watched Deborah’s fingers. How did I get like this? I can’t listen to another CD, I'm already so overwhelmed. Orgasm. I need more. Deborah’s fingers won’t stop until I lose consciousness. How can I decide this? “Please, I am so horny I can’t control myself.” I don’t know what that CD will do to me. Orgasm. I’m going to be like this for a very long time. . . That’s a good thing. . . Wait, what did Deborah say? I’m so horny I can’t control myself.

To be continued. . .

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