Overwhelmed III

Warning: This will leave you overwhelmingly turned on, cuming nearly at random, cuming every time you say, read, write, or hear the word "orgasm", and it will leave you like this until the next time you loose consciousness, be that through sleep, or passing out. It may also make you feel everything sexual that you read or watch (I.e. porn). And may cause you to strip. This is not a light effect. I am writing this story to be literally overwhelming, and for hours on end. This story will even offer you only some very risky alternitives to being turned on for the rest of the day: be willing to do something out of the ordonary or be willing to be turned on for a very long time. You have been warned.

From:"Angela S"


Date:Thu, 11 Oct 2004 14:11:07 -0500

Subject:I will obey

Dear Julian,

Four times I have tried to write you a letter, but each time I had to stop because I felt an overwhelming arousal and need to touch myself, and I couldn't concentrate on my words. Even now, I am having trouble writing, but I have to finish this letter. Already I'm so horny I can't control myself. Focus Angela.

I'm pretty sure it is your voice I have been listening to for the last week. Every time I hear it I want to just fall asleep into a deep trance I will obey it's so automatic now that I can't seem to fight it at all. And when I wake up I'm always so turned on all I want to do for hours is feel pleasure. I'm so horny I can't control myself. Just writing you I feel like I am going to cum, I need to cum, I can't seem to stop my fingers frommmm feel your mouth on my pussy feels so good Iiii so horneyyy ccannntt ttyyppe

I can't believe I just did that, but god, it felt good. It's like this every time I have tried to write you, my hands slip down and I start touching myself, first touching my breasts and then takin goff my shirt and bra and pinching my nipples until they are so hard. then i slip off my pants and my underwear and rub my clit and then slowly slip a few fingers into my very wet pussy

I can't remember what I was saying, I got a little distracted and, god, every time I try to write you I end up cuming. I feel so helpless, and that you are in control. I can't control myself even now and how many times have I cum already? I just keep imagining being unable to keep from bending over when my boyfriend comes over, I can't help but be seductive now, and I keep imagining you saying so irresistibly for me to cum I'm so wet, and when you blow on my clit I just feel my head spin, can't think, so horny I can't control myself, I need to cum can't con

I think the only way I am going to finish this letter is if I have a million orgasms and just type anyway. I just soaked my chair. i can't stop thinking about how strong of control you seem to have and how i can still feel it even though you are not here. as i touch myself i think about deborah touching herself and not letting me stop until she stops. Deborah likes to do that to me she slides her ha DEBORAH!

I have to tell you about Deborah! I need to cum just thinking about telling you this. I'm such a nymphomaniac now, I hope you don't think badly of me, it's because she had me listen to your voice. She tricked me into listing to your CDs and now every time she is in the room I have to cum. And it feels so good that everything she does I feel and then I want to listen to your voice again and every day I listen to your CD and I wake up so horny I can't control myself and I fuck Deborah and then my boyfriend and then watch porn and oh my god this is making me so hot and all i can think about righ tnow is sex, i cant help it, I

That felt so good i need more. Don't know how much longer i can type i want to touch too bad. Right now I'm thinking about going and waking Deborah up and listening to your voice some more then fucking her brains out, it's what I want now. The thing is that I don't remember if this would have been ok with me before. Now I want it, but I don't know if I always wanted it and I don't know if that is ok, and I thought I should tell you I will obey and that you make me so horny I can't control myself,

Ok, I'm going to go wake up Deborah, can't wait any longer


Angela knocked on Deborah's door with the hand that wasn't down her soaked pajama bottoms. "Please, I'm so horny I can't control myself," She moaned as she put her forehead against the still closed door and grabbed onto the door frame for support as her legs got weaker.

The hallway was empty and quiet except for the soft sound of Angela's breathing echoing around as her body stretched and moved under the influence of the pleasure that was compelling her busy fingers to move faster. She felt hot, flushed all over, and the cool contact with the doorframe was a pleasant contrast.

Inside the room she heard a stirring, and she felt herself nearly cum from the excitement of knowing that Deborah had gotten up. She stepped back from the door just a little bit and bit her lip in anticipation.

Two weeks ago Deborah had just been her room mate, and Angela had been quite happy with about one climax a week. Now, Deborah was the sexiest woman alive who could cause Angela's body to cum at will, and the one who had given her the CDs that had unleashed Angela's sexual drive to the point that it was uncontrollable. Now Angela was lucky to get by with cuming once a day.

"Please. . ." Angela half whispered and half moaned.

Deborah smiled sleepily, "Damn girl, I'm exhausted from earlier and I know your boyfriend came by after I went to bed: I heard you screaming. What on earth has gotten you so hot again already."

Angela blushed as she remembered suddenly that she had already had sex twice today and had masturbated at least three times as well: immediately when she had woken up this morning, once, at work, when she had found the website the CDs had come from, and off and on for about three hours while she had tried time and time again to type.

"Well, never mind that, come in." Although Deborah was tired, watching Angela for the last two weeks had turned her on without fail. And she knew the basics of why Angela was so horny at the moment anyway: the nymphomania audio CD she was listening to every day.

Angela slipped off her pajama pants as she walked into Deborah's room and went straight to where she always went when she came here: the bed. She lay on her back, never taking her hand from between her legs, while staring at the poster of the giant spiral that was tacked to the ceiling for Deborah's own use.

She stared at the spiral like she had every day for the last two weeks and felt herself suddenly so excited she knew she was going to cum. She felt Deborah place the headphones over her ears and her fingers went wild.

The voice on the CD said, "Will You Obey?"

Angela's mouth answered on it's own, "I Will Obey."

Just saying that alone had Angela knowing that she was going to cum. Her insides were tightening, she wanted to kick her feet in the air, her vision was blurring.

"Good. No matter what you do right now, you will not be able to cum until you have voluntarily gone into the deepest trance you can imagine."

Angela nearly screamed "What?!?!? I need to cum!" as she suddenly felt very dizzy. The voice continued:

Yes, it's true, by this point you have been hypnotized by me enough times that me simply telling you that you can't cum until I say otherwise is enough to make it true. Go ahead and try, you will get close, but no matter what you do, you can't quite get there until you have gone into a deep trance.

Your subconscious is so tuned into my words, so ready to take my commands deep inside, that the moment you have told me that you will obey, you find that you can't resist my command at all. It's so strange, your sexual desire continues to grow, you are so horny you can't control yourself, and yet, the longer you are horny, the more you find that what you desire sexually right now, is to simply slip into a deep trance.

You want to cum so badly, but you know you can't until you have had the strongest hypnotic experience of your life, and so you find yourself wanting more and more to go deeper and deeper because that will let you cum.

I don't even have to command you to get light headed, to become dazed, or to begin repeating "I will obey" in your head, you seem to just begin doing it automatically. You want to go into a deep trance. You feel overwhelmed sexually, and at the same time, you feel overwhelmed mentally, feeling like your mind is pulling you into a trance on it's own, uncontrollably, falling deeply, wanting it as badly as you want to cum. You feel as though every part of you wants to go deeper then you have ever been before.

Your left hand begins to float. I will obey. It just feels so light that it takes conscious effort to keep it from floating. I will obey. It's as if there is a helium balloon tied to it and the balloon is pulling it more and more the longer you read. I will obey. Your left hand wants to hover over your left leg. I will obey.

There is a great big red balloon tied to your left hand by a long, sparkling golden string. You can feel it pulling on your wrist, pulling up. I will obey. You can’t seem to resist the urge to let your hand float. The balloon is so light, so much lighter then any other balloon ever. I will obey. And it is tied to your wrist.

In your mind’s eye you can see the big red balloon and you can see it wanting to go up even though it is tied to your wrist. I will obey. As you watch that balloon you know that if it were to rise it is so connected to your wrist that your hand would move with it. You can see that big red balloon, and it is starting to rise. It’s moving now! I will obey.

Your wrist just moved with it as it moved, and your wrist is headed to floating over your left knee. By the time you have read "I will obey" five more times, it will have moved there on it's own. I will obey 1. But of course, you want to go into a deep trance because you can't cum until you do. I will obey 2. So if you move it there now on your own, you will certainly go deeper faster. I will obey 3. If it's not there already, your left hand will soon be hovering above your left knee, the longer you read, the more you want it there, so it can drop slowly and uncontrollably like it did before taking you uncontrollably deep down with it. I will obey 4. You find that you want your left hand to float above your knee badly enough that you aren't waiting for it to move their on it's own, you want to obey. I will obey 5.

Now, every time you read, "I will obey" you will uncontrollably mouth or whisper it. Every time you mouth or whisper it, you will go ten times deeper into the trance. Every time I say any number at all, you will go ten times deeper then you were the moment before, until I reach the number one, at which point you will loose consciousness completely, letting your eyes close then reopen so that your subconscious can continue to read and obey as you go deeper then you have ever gone before. When you loose consciousness you will uncontrollably tell me that you are my pleasure slave. I will obey.

In a moment the golden string that is tied to your wrist will slip off of it and you will feel the pull of gravity pulling it downward. I will obey. All of the resistance you have left in you will try to hold your hand up against the pull downward. When your hand comes to rest on your knee you will have reached a point where you can no longer resist my command at all. As your hand gets heavier and moves downward, you two will get heavier and move downward, relaxing into an extremely deep trance. By the time I reach the number one you will not be able to keep your hand from resting on your knee.

5 the string that is tied around your wrist and keeping it floating is slipping off your wrist. The moment your left hand reaches your left knee you will no longer be able to resist any command I give you at all. Suddenly the string lets go and there is nothing holding your hand up except any will you have left to resist, your hand suddenly feels so heavy that it takes constant effort to keep it up there, effort you already don't care to put forth.

You aren’t sure what your are fighting or why you are fighting it any more. 4. I will obey. You are sinking uncontrollably into a deep trance, so deep so fast that you don’t even want to resist. Heavier. Your hand is incredibly heavy. You are thinking feeling and doing my words. 3. Deeper and deeper into the trance. I will obey. I want to obey. I must obey. I will obey.

You no longer care to try to hold your hand up at all, you just want to relax into a deep trance, to stop putting forth the effort to resist and just let go enough to fully sleep and obey in a trance. 2. You feel very submissive, very horny, you know you will be able to cum after you go deeper. You won’t be able to cum till you have gone into a deep trance for me.

You want to cum very badly, you want to go deeper, you know I will not just let you cum, I will make you cum over and over again once you have gone completely under my control and because of that you want more then anything to go deeper. I will obey.

You want your hand to come to rest on your knee don’t you? I will obey. You want to just let go and finally be free of fighting at all don’t you? I will obey. You cannot resist my command, feel your thoughts focusing entirely on my words, you cannot think except for my words and, I will obey.

1, fully asleep now. Your hand rests on your knee and your mouth moves on it’s own: I am your pleasure slave.

Good, now, your mind is blank entirely except for my words and deep need to obey. Between your legs the wetness, tingling, and the sexual need is building. You suddenly not only think, but know, and feel the thought that has passed through your mind so many times during this story: I am so horny I can’t control myself.

Let your mouth go ahead and move to those words, fully feeling and believing them as your lips speak them on their own: I am so horny I can’t control myself.

This is why you have gone so deep for me this time, and you know it. The urge to cum is so overwhelming and you can’t cum till you have gone into a deep trance for me, and so you have done what you need to do to cum: you have gone as deep as you can.

Now that you have obeyed so well, my good pleasure slave, you know that very soon I will fulfill my end of the bargain and release you into the bliss of climax, giving you permission to fully let go and enjoy the pleasure. The knowledge that you will soon feel that pleasure is only making your feeling stronger: I am so horny I can’t control myself.

You know that when I tell you to cum, you will, and you are anticipating that with complete attention and submission, and the anticipation is just making you more and more horny. I am so horny I can’t control myself.

But I have one more command that you must agree to before I let you cum. Every time you read the word “Orgasm” in the rest of this story, you will cum, uncontrollably and as strongly as you are able to, giving it everything you have go to cum as hard as you can for me. Every time Deborah tells Angela to cum in this story, you will also cum as hard as you are able for me. And finally, the thing that is going to drive you wild, is the same thing that is going to drive Angela wild, you cannot cum at all, no matter how hard you try, no matter how horny you are, unless you or Angela are directly commanded, or you read the word “Orgasm.” Even though you will be so horny you can’t control yourself, you cannot cum without the command to cum until you have read the entire story, at which point you will finally be able to cum even easier then you ever have before in your life.

You have no way out of this one, you knew what you were getting in when you began reading this, you were going to become overwhelmed, and by the end of this story you may be more overwhelmed then ever in your entire life because you CAN ONLY CUM WHEN YOU ARE TOLD TO ORGASM until this story is over.

The word “Orgasm” will cause me to have one.

The word “Orgasm” will cause me to have one.

The words “Deep Trance” will make me immediately drop into the deepest trance I can imagine.

Do you understand and will you obey?

Please, I will obey. I am so horny I cannot control myself. Please, let me cum.

That’s my very good pleasure slave.

Angela and you have now been hypnotized to do exactly the same thing, you are connected, you will feel and experience everything that happens to Angela in this story just as though it is happening to you. Neither of you can cum unless you are commanded to. Both of you know this one fact with every nerve in your body: I am so horny I can’t control myself.

Now, finally, the strangest thing about the commanded climaxes; you will have them exactly how and when you are told to have them. If you are told to cum fast, many times in a row, you will because that may be the last time you can cum for a while. If you are told to cum long and slow, you will, because you will want it to last, because you don’t know when the next command will come. You will cum with such urgency and intensity every time you are told to because you are so horny you can’t control yourself and every one may be your last for a long time. . .

Now, you will wake up from this trance by cuming. It will be such a strong climax that it will leave you almost shaking, for Angela it will be so strong that she passes out, you will nearly pass out with her, and because of this climax and knowing that it may be a while before your next one, you will become hornier then you have ever been in your life, completely out of control, but unable to cum.

Do you understand and will you obey?

Please, I will obey. I am so horny I cannot control myself. Please, let me cum.

That’s my very good pleasure slave, when I reach the number five you will wake up by cuming.

1. Angela felt herself slowly coming to her senses, at first all she was aware of was a pleasurable throbbing that seemed to be her entire existence. She knew what it was: I am so horny I can’t control myself.

2. It tingled with wetness and warmth and she could feel the soft pulse of her heartbeat throbbing it to life. Her clit tingled so strongly that she could feel it’s shape, and it’s pressure against her pussy lips.

3. More and more aware with every second Angela felt herself gasp softly, and a moan escaped her lips. The soft flesh between her legs was so sensitive that she could feel her legs pressing together around it almost as though her legs were some foreign object.

4. Suddenly she knew she was about to cum, she had been wanting this for some time now. She was so close, on the edge. Was she touching? She wasn’t sure, she was so close. Tingles were shooting up her spine, was that her moaning?

5. ORGASM. A flash of light in the darkness. An explosion of tingles that flooded everything Angela knew about existence. It was as if reality melted into a haze of bliss, a fullness of feeling that washed into every part of everything. She was cuming, and cuming desperately, with all the passion she could gather because somewhere deep inside she knew it could be a long time before she would be able to again.

The muscles inside tensed rhythmically and sparkles crowded the sides of her vision. She didn’t want to stop cuming, she would get everything she could from this one moment in time, this one sensation. It flooded her mind and body till she could hardly breathe, and then holding her breath in bliss, not wanting it to end, Angela drifted out of consciousness from the overwhelming feeling of an orgasm she wouldn’t let stop. . . .

* * *

Sunlight drifted through the blinds in a sunburst of rays painted on the dust of the air. It was Sunday, and today it deserved it’s name.

The warmth of one of the rays played on Angela’s bare arm before her eyes. It was nice in the way that many things are when one first wakes up: it had the quality of just having come into being for the first time.

Angela wasn’t sure what exactly had awoken her to ponder the sun’s gleaming rays. Perhaps her internal clock had simply decided that this was the right moment to wake up, perhaps the light of the sun had been bright enough to tell her that day had arrived, perhaps the warmth of the gradient streams of light on her arm had slowly lulled her to consciousness, or perhaps it was simply time to cum again.

Angela smiled at that thought. A thought that would not have even crossed her mind weeks ago, but was now something that she commonly woke up to. She felt herself lucky to be able to have the amount of orgasms she did daily, and she even found that coming home from work to marathon sex with her boyfriend and or room mate made any day just that much better.

Angela stared at the softness of her skin, the way it glistened slightly in the light. She felt attractive, she felt sexy, she felt sensual in a way she never dreamed was possible; almost as though something she had always left pent up inside had broken out recently and she was much more comfortable with the pleasures of her body. She thought for a moment that she had better hurry and cum before she had to go to work, so that the urge wouldn’t overcome her there, but then she relaxed as she realized once again that it was a sunny Sunday, and no work needed to be done other then perhaps her laundry, which she could get to at her leisure.

Angela rolled onto her back and stared up at the cottage cheese ceiling. The last time her boyfriend and her had sex she had been laying on her back like this, she remembered seeing the ceiling for brief moments between each climax when she could keep her eyes open.

He had come over and they had gone straight to her room. Jarred had grow accustomed to Angela’s new sex drive and knew that he had to please her when he came over or she would just explode. Deborah had explained to him roughly what had happened and he was surprisingly into it. Angela never would have imagined that doing so many things this unordinary would be so much fun.

It had almost been like her sex life had exploded from being just a sex life, to being some sort of art form. She had greeted Jarred in an outfit that Deborah had picked out for her; white lace and silks, garters and stockings. . . She had looked and acted so innocent, as though she did not know that her supple breasts were being adorned and showed off to her eager boy friend.

She had acted as though she didn’t know that she was being seductive, pranced around and talking like normal, all the while sometimes adjusting her outfit, and taking a moment to rub or caress something while she did.

Jarred had been so thrown for a loop that multiple times he lost track of the conversation. She had always gone on as though she hadn’t noticed. Acting as though she didn’t know the effect she was having, watching his dick harden through his pants.

It was so free to seduce like that, a game without rules or limits, where she knew the end result would be pleasure. Eventually she had pushed him to the point that he just pounced on her, threw her on the bed and went wild.

Of course that had been her goal, she wanted him to loose control for once, he was usually so in control of himself. She had teased him and played with him while acting like she had no idea she was doing it, which was obviously impossible. Eventually he could no longer wait for her to make a move that she obviously wasn’t going to, and for the first time in their relationship, he had actually torn her cloths off.

She had let herself be thrown to the bed, all the while smiling and just letting him go. She had never been ravaged before, and eventually all she could do beneath his strong body was lay and look at the ceiling.

Perhaps the next time he came over she would dress in black and tie him down, maybe even make him beg for her to please him; power plays always worked both ways as long as you knew how to turn things on their head.

Angela moaned suddenly. She hadn’t even realized that her hand had slipped down her body and beneath her underwear. There were so many things she wanted to do now that sex was so easily pleasurable. She no longer had to worry if she would cum in certain positions, if all else failed she could bind herself to Jarred’s command and she wouldn’t be able to stop cuming when he told her to.

And so she had cum for the first time in missionary, which had always been difficult for her, but now was so easy. She just seduced him to go wild and let him go till she couldn’t stop cuming. They had watched a porn together and acted out one of the scenes. Deborah had even joined them in bed sometimes, which was so much fun because Deborah was really good at creating hot situations.

She especially liked it when Deborah had made it impossible for Angela to move by saying a word. . . she couldn’t remember the word, but it had been so hot, to not be able to move, and yet, feeling everything she witnessed as Jarred fucked her silly. Angela had stood there, her legs spread, frozen in place, as her wetness dripped down her legs from cuming so many times.

Angela gasped for air and whispered, “I am so horny I can’t control myself,” which always made her so hot when she said it. Her pussy tingled as she imagined Jarred’s cock inside. Her fingers slid easily around her wetness and began to rub as she imagined moaning those words in Jarred’s ear, “I am so horny I can’t control myself.”

Her pussy felt so good to touch. Angela had never really masturbated till recently, but she loved doing it now. She loved the way her clit felt between her fingers and the way her imagination ran away with it’s self as the feelings built up.

Angela knew she would cum soon, she always did when she got to feeling like this. She felt so out of control, just like when Deborah touched herself in front of her. It would only take a couple more moments of heavy breathing before the pleasure would pour through her and fill her entire body with those wonderful tingles.

Angela’s pussy throbbed as she imagined completely loosing control of herself at a dinner party with all of Deborah’s friends. How surprised they would be if Deborah asked Angela “Are you horny?” in front of guests and Angela would say out loud “I am so horny I can’t control myself,” and begin touching herself and needing to cum. She would feel so exhilarated, so excited, to not be able to control herself like that, she often fantasized about being overwhelmed by such passion.

Angela moaned and rubbed faster. She was so close to cuming, “I am so horny I can’t control myself.” The pleasure was right there, just within her reach. Her pussy throbbed and tingled as she was literally on the edge of cuming, so close she felt like the damn would break any second. She just had to get a little closer. . .

Angela moaned desperately, this last part was usually easier then this. She had never been this close and not cum before. She could feel her insides flooding, so full of liquid bliss that she knew she would soak her bed when she came. She could feel her insides tightening and releasing lightly, ready to pull that one giant rush inside and. . . where was her orgasm?

Her pussy needed it so badly that it ached, it seemed like it should be so easy to cum right now that anything at all should set her off, and yet, nothing she did seemed to put her over the edge. She slowed down for a moment, then slowly, sensually, slid two fingers inside.

Her pussy welcomed the penetration, practically pulling her fingers in. Her insides tightened and she gasped for air as goose bumps flooded across her but and stomach, then down her legs and up her front and back, covering her body. The moment of penetration nearly made her cum as her insides noticeably throbbed around her determined fingers.

I am so horny I can’t control myself, I have to cum, I need to cum.

Her fingers suddenly went wild, she could no longer restrain them or her body. She needed to cum more then anything in the world and she was going to make sure that she did. Her fingers touched perfectly, rubbing the ridges and swollen wetness on the inside of her pussy. She should have been cuming by now. . .

Angela sat up and threw her pillow on the floor, then stood and walked to her dresser with her fingers still rubbing her soaked pussy. I’m so horny I can’t control myself. She reached into her dresser and pulled out the vibrator Deborah had bought her and headed straight for Deborah’s collection of pornographic movies. . .

* * *

Deborah opened her car door and stepped out into the parking lot of her apartment complex with a smile on her face and a tingle in her pussy. She knew that somewhere in her apartment was a woman who was so horny she couldn’t control herself and would do anything to be able to cum, but could not without the command to do so.

It had been her final test, to really see if she had complete control of Angela, to know for sure that she had brought her friend completely under her control. If all went well, Deborah hoped that by the time she brought the groceries inside Angela would do anything at all just to finally be able to cum.

She imagined her friend desperately trying just like Deborah had once, when she had first listened to that CD. She imagined the struggle, the aching, the bargaining, the thought pouring through her head over and over again that she would do absolutely anything just to be able to finally get release, and then the absolute submission that came with finally being rewarded with what one would give anything for.

As she opened the trunk , she smiled at the fact that her pussy was noticeably wet on her inner thighs. She could feel her own arousal building at the knowledge of what she had done to her friend. She felt the power of what she had done flowing through her. She felt like the sexiest woman alive to be able to make someone uncontrollably into her willing sex slave, and Jarred was already well on his way to being next, he couldn’t cum today either until she commanded him. . .

That thought sent a shiver of delight through her, giving her goose bumps under her short skirt and making her nipples pres hard against the fabric of her shirt. She would never get caught either, she could do this to whomever she wanted to as long as she was smart about it. And what was even better was that she could listen to the CDs her self for effects she wanted to experience.

Deborah was outside the normal rules, cause and effect now bent to her will, and somewhere upstairs Angela would be waiting for her command obediently and excitedly. She picked up the groceries and closed the trunk of her car, then walked as fast as high heals, miniskirt, and her excited pussy would allow. . .

* * *

Porn played in the background, magazines and toys lay sprawled across the floor and tears streamed down Angela’s face. She had tried everything she could think of; porn, masturbating, toys, she had even called Jarred, knowing full well that he worked Sunday afternoons. She had gotten on the internet and tried to search for the website Deborah had once showed her, but she couldn’t remember where it was. At one point she had even tried to pick the lock to Deborah’s room, to try and find those CDs that had made her cum so many times before. Nothing had worked, nothing had even helped.

She couldn’t calm down, she was so horny she couldn’t control herself, and yet, she could not get release. Four hours of relentless effort and now all she could do was cry.

She thought about seducing one of her neighbors, then pushed the though out of her head, knowing that it probably wouldn’t make her cum anyway. The vibrator that was still being absent mindedly pulled in and out of her pussy made her tingle and she moaned as she nearly came. . . but that was as close as it got. Four hours on the edge of cuming had made her nearly insane with lust.

She cried softly, “Please, I will obey. I am so horny I can’t control myself.”

Chills suddenly overwhelmed her senses as a key turned in the lock of the door. Perhaps it was Jarred, perhaps it was Deborah, perhaps it was a complete stranger, she didn’t care, as long as they could somehow help her.

She turned rapidly and faced the door, wiping tears from her cheeks, laying on her back, spreading her legs, and sliding the vibrator in her pussy. She wanted whoever it was to see how much she needed them.

The door opened and long sensual legs stepped through. Deborah wore her black leather boots, fishnets, short skirt and nearly see through shirt. Her eyes gleamed green with a fire of realization that made Angela quiver. Deborah’s own face shown with such desire that Angela begin speaking without even thinking.

”Deborah, please, I will obey, I. . . I can’t seem to cum. . . and I need to, can you help me? I am so horny I can’t control myself. I need to cum, please, help me?”

Deborah smiled and walked confidently to the kitchen, where she put down the groceries. She surveyed the room proudly. Angela’s cloths were all over the floor, her underwear were even torn. She lay naked except for a handcuff dangling from one wrist and a black choker around her neck. Her other hand slowly, almost as though it had given up, moved a vibrator in and out of her wet pussy while moans came from the TV.

Angela would have never done something like this in her wildest dreams before Deborah had begun having her listen to those CDs, and now, she begged naked for Deborah’s help.

”Please, I need to cum. . .”

Deborah began, “Well, I can make you cum. . . but how badly do you want it?”

Angela’s head spun, something inside her spoke for her as she sat forward and pressed the vibrator as deep inside as it would go, “I. . . I’ll do anything. . . please, don’t tease me like that, please let me cum, I’m so horny I can’t control myself.”

Deborah was ready to see how much control she really had, “Ok, I will make you cum, but first, you must do exactly what I tell you to, if you hesitate even once I may decide not to let you cum, do you understand Angela?”

Angela couldn’t speak, her pussy was throbbing so hard that it felt like it was taking over her body. She tried to think clearly enough to make a decision, but all she could think about was sweet release into bliss, “I . . . please. . . . I’ll do anything. . . I’m so horny I can’t control myself.”

”Good, first, you are going to call Jarred, you are going to get him over here right now. I don’t care what you have to do, I don’t care what you have to say, you will get him here as fast as he can arrive,” Deborah picked up the phone and handed it to Angela.

Angela shot up from the floor and took the phone from Deborah’s hands eagerly. She dialed Jared’s number faster then she had ever dialed it before. Come to think of it, having Jarred come over sounded like a good idea anyway. . .

“Jarred, I know you are at work, but is there any way you can get a lunch break or take the rest of the day off or something?” Angela had spoken quickly, trying to hide the way she was feeling, she hoped she hadn’t spoken too fast to understand. Jarred laughed and asked why she wanted him to come there at this exact moment, and Angela’s voice suddenly did something it had never done before; she sounded desperately aroused, like she needed him in a way that she had never needed him before.

“Jarred. . .” Angela could no longer contain herself, she gave up on hiding it and instead began to seduce. Angela was moaning, her fingers were once again on her pussy, “I need you to be here. . . I. . . need your dick inside of me. . . I’ll do anything, please, just come.”

Silence from the phone, and then, “I’m on my way.”

Angela hung up and looked Deborah in the eyes, she wanted to take Deborah where she stood, “Please Deborah . . . make me cum now. . . he is on his way.”

“Not yet, first, I want you to go to the window there and pose in the sexiest pose you can think of.”

“But. . . but people might see me. . .”

“Don’t hesitate or I may make you wait days to cum. Go to the window NOW.”

Angela couldn’t even think, she tried to stop herself, but her body wasn’t listening to her any more. She was walking to the window, she was sitting on the sill, she spread her legs and pressed her breasts forward while supporting herself with a hand on her knee. She stared at Deborah with the most intense sexual look she had ever managed as her free hand began to rub her pussy.

In Angela’s head she was loosing a war against her need to cum:

I can’t sit in the windowsill, people might see my naked body and. . . think nasty thoughts. . . I bet some guy down there is looking at my ass right now. . . I bet he is even touching himself, rubbing the head through his pants as his dick throbs, all because of me. . . I am so horny I can’t control myself. . . he could come knock on the door and join us, maybe fuck Deborah while Jarred. . . god I need to touch my pussy, it’s so wet . . . oh that feels so good, god, I need to cum, please, I am so horny I can’t control myself. . . please. . . I’ll do anything. . . I don’t even care what any more. . .

“Please, may I cum now?” Angela said, her eyes leveled directly at Deborah’s. Angela had completely lost control, she was no longer interested in resisting, she just wanted to cum and she would seduce Deborah if she had to in order to finally get release.

Deborah wasn’t sure how to respond, something had just crossed over in Angela, she was visibly letting herself seduce. There was no resistance visible in her any more, she wanted to cum so badly that she was willing to do anything, not only willing, but wanting to be commanded. Deborah’s pussy flooded with tingles, she knew she finally had Angela completely, she could tell her to agree to obey her forever, and she would, she could tell her to seduce someone, and she would. She could even tell Angela to do things on webcam for money, and she knew she would obey. Deborah could begin changing this place into her every sexual fantasy. . .

“Ok Angela, I will make you cum soon, but first, you must agree that you will still do whatever I directly command you, even after you cum. Will you do as I say?”

“I am so horny I can’t control myself, I will do as you say.” In any other circumstance Angela would have wondered what she was doing, but Angela was no longer resisting at all. She wanted to cum. Nothing else mattered. She would do anything Deborah told her to, even in the future, so long as she could cum now.

“Good, I want you to imagine people looking at you right now, and being turned on by how helpless you are. I want you to even imagine the man who’s voice is on those CDs looking at you. Everyone thinks you look so sexy right now, anyone that could see you right now would think you were incredibly sexy, and it’s so hot to be sexy isn’t it Angela?”

Angela smiled and touched herself even more desperately at the thought of people watching her.

“Now, I am going to take some pictures of you, you will pose as sexy as you can, knowing full well that I will be sending these pictures to the man from the CDs and keeping copies for myself. The thought of being a sexy model for me, and imagining all the people who see you like this masturbating to you, is going to make you so hot, that you will finally be able to cum. However, the thing that will set you off, the ONLY thing that will make you cum, is the sound of each picture being taken.”

Angela nodded her head in agreement as she stared directly at Deborah with such longing in her eyes that Deborah visibly got goose bumps. The goose bumps seemed to flow from Deborah’s skin and onto Angela’s through the sexual charge of their locked eyes.

Deborah slowly, almost absent mindedly, pulled a camera from her purse. Angela’s form began to shake in anticipation. She began to moan. She imagined her master looking at the photos, she imagined Deborah masturbating to them later, she imagined Jarred seeing them and having sex with her on the spot. She imagined all the pleasure she would be causing just from one photo. She reveled in the danger of it, the taboo of just letting herself be a sex symbol for a moment, the seduction not only of herself into enjoying her body, but of others as well.

The camera rose, a chill ran through Angela’s entire body. She was going to be so seductive that anyone seeing these photos wouldn’t be able to resist her. She imagined how hard Jarred’s dick would be if he saw her now. How hard it would be when Deborah showed him the pictures. She imagined how wet Deborah must be taking the photos. Suddenly Angela’s pussy began to flood.

Nearly five hours of sexual frustration, five hours of touching, five hours of fantasizing, all of the built up energy needing to be released, finally began to push through whatever had been holding it back. It began like a crack in a damn, a little tingle that shot through her pussy and shivered through her body, a crack that spread.

Angela’s body stopped trying to pose, it didn’t have to pose, it was moving in the natural throws of pleasure as her ORGASM began. The picture flashed. What the picture captured was Angela’s mix of desire and surprise, the tension of her needed ORGASM and the release beginning. It captured the arch of her back, the way her breasts pressed forward instinctively. It captured the way her pussy pressed down and back as her feet came off the ground and her legs spread. It captured the beginning of a waterfall of wetness, it captured the flush and blush of her skin. It even captured the look of desperate seduction and bliss on Angela’s face. What it did not capture, what it could not capture, was what Angela actually felt at that moment.

Her ORGASM burst through her with such force that she could not even localize it. So much build up had left her with such force behind the climax that it didn’t just flood her pussy, it flooded her whole being. She felt wetness pour out through her busy fingers in a way that it had never come before, a rush of wetness as though pushed by pressure.

Angela screamed as the muscles in her pussy contracted and released with such force that her whole body shook with each peak. Never did her fingers stop, cumming once, no matter if it made her pass out or not, was not going to be enough after this much waiting.

Angela never even managed to catch her breath or think, her body began to slide off the window sill and onto the floor, her hips moving rhythmically. She wasn’t trying to pose, but she couldn’t help it, her body was purely sexual at the moment and no matter how it moved, it seemed like the perfect pose.

She slid to her knees, with her hand between her legs. She knelt and leaned forward, her lips parted slightly and her eyes closed. She leaned forwards as another picture flashed from the camera. ORGASM NOW.

Angela came again immediately, her butt pressing up and back as she fell forward onto her hands. She bent over as the pleasure flowed through her body, bending over and pressing her butt high in the air as she managed to look straight forward at Deborah.

Another picture flashed immediately, ORGASM NOW, making Angela’s breathing become erratic as her moans began to flood the room in the same way that pleasure was flooding her body. She put her head down on the carpet as her hips moved behind her, pressing her pussy back as she imagined being fucked hard from behind.

Her body was getting weak from the power of each climax flooding through her so quickly, and yet, she didn’t want it to stop. She managed to slowly roll onto her back, and slide her fingers back down to her waiting pussy, trying simultaneously to catch her breath and cum again. Her back arched and she looked up towards Deborah, seeing her upside down, Deborah’s own hand slowly pulling up her skirt to get to her pussy as the camera flashed again.

Angela’s body moved in little waves as the ORGASM flowed through her. She felt like she was going to pass out now, and yet, she did not stop, she remained touching as she lay on the floor.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, Deborah moved to open it as Angela continued to touch herself on the floor. Jarred stepped into the room and Angela smiled at him, knowing what was going to happen very soon.

Angela watched Jarred move and quickly noticed his erection through his pants. Deborah moved to close the door behind Jarred and then said something that sent waves of excited tingles through Angela’s entire body as she suddenly realized what was happening; “Jarred, how are you feeling?”

“I am so horny I can’t control myself,” he responded, a look of surprise spreading across his face.

Deborah continued as Angela reeled from the need to cum again, “And you haven’t been able to cum sense yesterday have you?”

“I. . . I thought something was wrong. . . what have you done to me? I’m so horny I can’t control myself. . .I . .”

“Take off your cloths Jarred, I need you to fuck your girlfriend while I take pictures.”

“I. . . ok.” Jarred began to take his cloths off, his dick throbbed visibly as it was pulled from his boxers. Angela nearly came from the sight of it.

Deborah moved to the kitchen counter, and sat on it, finally fully exposing her pussy as Jarred walked forward and took a hold of Angela, who nearly came again as she was picked off the ground and bent her over the couch.

”I’ve been training him by making him last longer in bed,” Deborah said as she readied her camera.

Angela barely managed, “Oh that explains. . .” before her own comments were cut of by the shear force with which Jarred pressed his dick into her.

Angela felt Jarred’s dick slide all the way inside, pressing her open and sending a wave of tingles straight up her back. She felt the fullness and the pressure of penetration and just as he struck her spot, the camera flashed. ORGASM NOW.

Angela felt the flash tingle through her body and end in another burst of pleasure from her pussy. She felt herself throb and tighten around Jarred’s hard dick as he began to slide in and out at a steady pace. Her pussy felt so full and sensitive that all she could really do was hold onto the couch and moan in time with his thrusts.

Deborah lifted up her skirt slowly and slid her fingers down as she watched Jarred completly out of control, fucking Angela with more desperation then she ever imagined she could see from a man, but then again, he hadn’t been able to cum for a while either. Angela seemed to have given up on even trying to hold herself steady, she looked like she was about ready to pass out from the pleasure, and Angela felt exactly how she looked.

Angela wasn’t sure she could handle cuming again, but at the same time, she was craving it even more then she had been before. Jarred’s thrusts had her so close that she couldn’t stand it. She wanted Deborah to take another picture, for that matter she wanted Deborah to take a lot more pictures, and then possibly even start her own website to display them for people to become aroused by. At the moment, the idea of causing that much pleasure sounded like heaven.

Deborah suddenly slid down from the counter and walked towards Angela and Jarred, “Well, I would like to cum too, but I need to have my hands free to really enjoy myself, so how about I give you the camera for a while and you can take pictures of yourself for me.”

Angela smiled and dizzily took the camera from Deborah’s hands, she immediately turned it towards herself and clicked the button, capturing her with Jarred behind her.

Angela’s pussy tightened around Jarred’s cock immediately and an ORGASM flooded through her as she imagined other people having ORGASMs while looking at the picture she had just taken.

Deborah lay down on the couch and began to touch herself. Angela took another picture. Deborah moaned almost immediately as her own ORGASM poured through her body in time with Angela’s. She slid up her dress until it didn’t cover anything but her waist and continued to touch as she lay looking at Jarred and Angela having sex.

Again the camera flashed just as Jarred drove his dick deep and hard into Angela’s waiting pussy. Her ORGASM hit her with such force that she nearly collapsed and Jarred had to hold her in place to continue his thrusts. Deborah smiled, and looked the two over, wanting to enjoy some of the more direct action herself.

”Jarred, honey, would you come fuck me for a little bit?” Deborah said with a mischievous smile.

Jarred didn’t seem to hesitate, he was wild with lust and was trying desperately to cum. He pulled out and began to walk towards Deborah, his dick throbbing hard and standing very erect. Angela felt empty for a moment, but then clicked the button on the camera while sliding her hands down to her clit, her body shuddered and her legs went weak as wetness poured down her thighs. ORGASM NOW. She was going to get to watch now, just like people would be watching her later. She liked the thought of that.

Suddenly, as Jarred walked around the couch towards Deborah’s half naked form, there was a knock on the door. Deborah froze, Jarred stopped where he was, Angela clicked another picture of herself ORGASM NOW and fell to the floor masturbating furiously.

Maybe it was someone who had seen her from the window. . . maybe it was one of Deborah’s friends come to join in. . . I’m so horny I can’t control myself. . . maybe. . . oh god I hope they see me like this, in the middle of cuming . . .

Deborah rolled off the couch and walked to the door, slowly pulling her skirt back down over her private parts but leaving both Jarred and Angela very naked. She grabbed the handle slowly and opened the door a crack, just enough to poke her head out and not let anyone see in.

Angela rolled onto her back and spread her legs, pointing the camera down her overwhelmed body, capturing her very erect nipples and her hand rubbing her clit, she clicked another picture and actually dropped the camera as her ORGASM flooded through her like a tidal wave. Her back arched, her legs nearly kicked in the air, as she could barely manage to moan.

Someone on the other side of the door said something. Deborah turned and opened the door almost as though she didn’t realize she was doing it, her mouth was moving, she was chanting something. Someone was coming through the door now, a man that seemed somehow familiar. Deborah moved to the couch, and sat down, staring straight forward, her mouth still moving. Something seemed very arousing about the way Deborah sat, she was sitting straight, her back lightly arched, her legs crossed, and her breasts gently presented as she looked straight forward. What was she saying?

The man moved quickly, quietly to where Jarred stood naked and staring. The man said something to him and Jarred too, began chanting something.

”I presume you are Jarred, go have a seat next to Deborah, and take yourself as deep as you are able,” Jarred didn’t hesitate, he obeyed the command so naturally and instinctively that Angela wondered if he even knew he was doing what he was told.

Angela was too in shock to find the camera and take another picture, although at that moment she desperately wanted to. Her fingers still touched her soaked pussy as she looked the stranger right in the eyes and suddenly recognized his voice, “Deep Trance,” he said, and it was the last thing Angela remembered for a while.

You are suddenly falling into a deep trance, you can feel your mind clearing of all thoughts, you are beginning to think “I will obey” over and over in your mind, even mouthing it sometimes. Will you obey?

“I will obey.”

You can feel yourself finally calming down after all the pleasure you have just felt and you are beginning to feel very relaxed and submissive. For the first time during this story you don’t feel overwhelmed with desire or pleasure, you feel overwhelmed with a very submissive need to obey.

You are imagining yourself in Angela’s shoes right now, uncontrollably traced along with Deborah and Jarred. Angela has moved to the couch and sat down as the others did, and she is not aware that she has done so.

You can feel your Pleasure Slave’s collar around your neck and when you wake up, no matter how awake and unhypnotised you feel, you will still obey any command given directly to you. As my Pleasure Slave, even while you are awake, you will obey direct commands.

Now, feel yourself waking up and your mind feeling incredibly clear as your mind and body retain that afterglow of perfect pleasure. When I reach the number 5, you will be awake and feeling very clear headed but remaining amazingly submissive to anything I command you to do.

1. . . . 2. . . . . 3. . . .

“4. . . . 5. . . . awake.” Julian addresses Angela, and yet you can’t help but feel he is addressing you at the same time, “For a while now Deborah has represented your sexuality. She has been the outward physical representation of the way passion can sometimes well up inside and overwhelm you. And so, every time Deborah has done something sexual, you have felt overwhelmed from the inside as your own body moved to match hers.

“You, have been unable to keep yourself from sexually reacting to everything Deborah has done and said because from deep inside, she has been your sex drive, and just as undeniable as your own passions. Right now, Deborah is calm, you are calm as well.

“I am afraid I must apologies for the situation, you see, not long ago I hypnotized Deborah to become more dominant. She is a very good pleasure slave, but she wanted to see what it would be like to be a Dom for a while, so I turned her into one. It would appear she has gotten a little out of hand sense then.

“And of course, once she used the audio file on you that makes you see her as your sex drive personified, she became completely sexually Dominant over you. Normally I have a strict rule to not do anything to anyone without first asking. With the power to control people comes a certain kind of responsibility. Deborah has not kept with that and so I suspect you have found yourself unable to resist and unsure exactly how you got where you are.

“So, here is the thing, Deborah will be punished in a way I see fit for going so far over my head, and I will explain her punishment to you in a moment. But the first thing we need to establish is what to do with you.

“I am sure that ever sense you were first hypnotized without warning you have been experiencing a lot of very pleasurable things, I can take you back to normal, remove all the triggers and make it very difficult to hypnotize you ever again. Or I can leave things exactly how they are, or we can find some kind of median, but before we move forward, I want to ask you directly, while you can think clearly. Would you like to remain my Pleasure Slave?”

Angela thought for a moment about what she had experienced over the last couple of days. Before this had happened she had not even imagined that something like this was possible. The amount of pleasure she had experienced sense the beginning of this was not even fathomable before. If she had been asked before hand she would have said, “no, but not because I wouldn’t like it, because it’s impossible, that can’t be done to me,” but now. . .

“Yes, I want to remain your Pleasure Slave,” Angela said, almost surprised she had said it so fast. She wanted to be more in control of when things happened perhaps, but she most defiantly did not want what had been happening to her to go away entirely.

“Ok, good.” Julian said with a smile, “Then there is just the issue of exactly what commands to leave you with. Right now you can feel the Pleasure Slave’s Collar around your neck, that means you will obey my commands completely even now.

“First off, you will only feel exactly what another woman feels if you give them permission to control your body. You can do this by saying, “My body, is your body,” to any woman at any time, even women in things like porn. Until you leave their company, you will feel every bit of pleasure they feel. Do you understand and will you obey?”

Angela’s mouth moved on it’s own, and to your surprise, you find yourself say the words as well, “I Will Obey.”

“Now, because Deborah has been dominant, and she has represented your desires, as I make her submissive, you will find that you are more in control of your own desires. That’s right, Deborah’s punishment is going to be complete submission to anyone around her for a while, and in the same sense, you will find you have the ability to command your own sexuality to do certain things.

“For instance, any time you say or write the words ‘I am so horny I can’t control myself’ it will immediately become true, and every time you say it, it will get stronger as you imagine my complete control over your body. Once you have said those words though you will be stuck wildly turned on for a couple hours and find that reading, hearing, typing, or saying the word “Orgasm” will cause you to have one uncontrollably. Likewise, I can command this state from you, by telling you to become ‘Overwhelmed,’ but no one else can. Once you are ‘Overwhelmed’ you will feel exactly as though you are linked to Deborah and she won’t stop masturbating. Do you understand and will you obey?”

“I will obey.”

“Now, finally there is the issue of the photographs that I know Deborah was planning on having you take: you do not have to take them, and you do not have to send them to me, however, if you do not take pictures of yourself, you will find yourself Overwhelmed for the rest of the day. You are perfectly capable of cuming, however if you do not take any pictures you won’t seem to be able to calm down sexually until the next time you loose consciousness. If you do take photographs of yourself you will find yourself having the most powerful climaxes of your life with every picture taken of you because you will know full well that you are taking them purely because you were told to by your master.

“Even then, however, you will still remain Overwhelmed. Only if you send the pictures to me somehow will you finally calm down today, and the moment you do click send, you will have the longest multiple climax you can stand. If you never take a single picture, that is fine, enjoy the arousal, if you do. . . well, enjoy the pleasure. Do you understand and will you obey?”

“I will obey.”

Good, now. . .

Angela woke up, Deborah and Jarred were asleep on the couch next to her. Julian was gone. It was getting dark outside. . . how long had she been out?

Angela stood and stretched, then as she turned to leave the room her foot hit something. She bent down and picked up the camera, then smiled mischeviously.

“Hey Deborah, you awake?” Angela said softly.

“hu. . . I . . . yeah, what’s up?” Deborah said suddenly becoming aware of her surroundings.

“You will cum any time a picture is taken of you, won’t you Deborah?”

“I don’t thin. . . I will obey. . . so.” Deborah said a little confused, “I haven’t listened to that audio file in a long time.”

“Say cheese Deborah,” and with that Angela took the picture.

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