Warning: This is an extremely big project even for me. It contains elements of robot fetish stories and as such will create several robotic responses and commands in the reader. These are too numerous to even contain in the warning but will include a programing mode, increasing your intelligence, giving you the ability to speed read and study extremely effectively as well as loading an interface that you can use at any time to trigger specific things in yourself. . . Yes, this is actually designed to be somewhat empowering, learning through mind control! Obviously there will be some sexual side effects such as cuming on command and the like which you have come to expect from my stories. Just be aware that this is the most powerful interface I have ever created for hypnosis and may be far more intense then anything I have done before. Enjoy!

From the moment Catherine stepped into his office her pussy was soaked. It had been this way now for the three years that she had worked for him. On the one hand this did not surprise her, he had caused many of the most intense sexual experiences of her life. On the other hand, she still could not believe how quickly it hit her just coming into his office. Keeping her composure as she had been trained, she managed to quietly think the thought. "God, he is so hot he makes my pussy wet," then refocus herself and stand at attention.

For several moments he did not turn away from the window overlooking the city, his black suit framing his form against the city lights just after dark. It was nearly time to go home.

He spoke softly, still looking out the window, "Your time here is almost complete. I have taken the liberty to send job applications to the three companies you listed as places you dreamed of working at. It"s been a while since you wrote your goals document, so of course you are welcome to apply any number of other places as well. You have been accepted at two of the three already however."

Catharine just smiled and took in the polished red wood and the dark walls of the room. It always had both a air of power and masculine sensuality, much like the man himself. She would never forget what it was like to be here, helplessly dripping and yet remaining standing at attention through sheer force of will.

"Thank you sir." She said simply.

"There is then, only one matter to attend to, and that is the question of your replacement here. We have profiled several applicants, but I believe I have found one that you would approve of. Her name is Heather, her profile is on the desk if you would like to see it, although if I recall correctly, you were part of her profiling in the first place."

"I was sir. Are you aware of the danger and difficulty that one will be?"

"I am. But I simply cannot overlook her scores. Her suggestibility was incredible. On the initial test she remembered only eight numbers in the sequence, after prompting, she recalled fifteen in the second one. She has the highest IQ of any applicant in our short history, beating you by one point." He turned and smiled at her playfully, she smiled back, "Besides, you were quite the danger yourself. You wanted to be a class action lawyer. Your ambition was admirable and your skill indisputable. Did you ever consider what might have happened if you turned your skill against this company?"

"No one has ever turned against you Sir." Was her only response, and she continued to smile as he sat at the desk and opened the folder, "Out of curiosity, who is to be her study partner?"

He laughed, "Have a seat. It's time you learned some of the secrets of how things work around here, although by that question, it appears you already know some of it. This will be your final assignment in house. You will learn how to create a circumstance that is geared to bring about the desired reactions and changes in people. How to hypnotize without hypnosis. Her partner is to be Annabel Williams, although I hear she likes to go by Bell."

She sat across the desk form him, her panties now soaking through to her black skirt as the butterflies in her stomach grew stronger from being so close to him, she laughed at the name and looked questioningly into his eyes, "You're serious, you're going to put her will Bell? You are aware that she has a record of being a bit of a feminist on her previous college campus. You put her with that air head and. . ."

"She may be an air head but that we can fix. On the other hand, finding a figure like that one is a little more difficult. But you are correct, she will be somewhat appalled by Bel, that is intentional and important, as you will see," He handed Catharine the two girl's folders, "As soon as we have covered your assignment you are free to go home or to stay, your choice, you are free to act casual now however, as a kind of celebration of your success here."

"Thank god, I'm about to soak this skirt," She said as she began to undress.


Heather hated guided tours. It seemed they only ever existed to make sure you didn't go where you weren't supposed to, and half the fun of being in a new place was to explore freely. And almost without fail, the places you weren't supposed to go were the interesting ones.

She sighed as the woman in front explained the company logo that sat in front of the reception desk. It was an eye. The company was called Focus. It didn't need an explanation. Heather rolled her eyes and looked back at the elevator she had come through, then forward at the door to the main office floor wishing they would just move forward.

The woman doing the tour was actually the only thing interesting in the whole reception area. She was the only one wearing something that wasn't the uniform she had been given. Instead of the black pants and white blouse this woman wore a black skirt. She also seemed to give off an air of confidence and command of a group that Heather was impressed with. Everyone else seemed to think the logo was interesting even though it wasn't.

Then the doors opened and the five new applicants moved onto the main office floor. It was a large area, lots of doors and hallways and cubicles. The woman in charge, Debbie as her name tag indicated, was explaining that the office had a spa for management, yoga classes in the morning that were open to everyone, and free use of the learning software that the company produced.

As she explained the schedule though, Heather began to notice something.

"For three hours in the morning you will focus on your studies, getting your degree online at your desk. Then break for twenty minutes. Then you will spend two hours using the training program, then lunch for an hour. After that you will devote your final three hours to any assignment we give you. You will get both your education as well as work for your pay as we see both as beneficial to the company."

Heather's eyes darted around. She had come in with five girls. The receptionist had been a woman. Everyone in sight. . . no, there was a guy. . . no, he worked for UPS. She was aware that some offices tended to be predominantly women, but. . . she laughed at herself. There was no way the company consisted entirely of women and she was not about to look stupid for asking such a question. "At least," She thought to herself, "all these women are taking the fast track to what they want to do. Perhaps I shouldn't be so paranoid and just remember that offices used to be the other way around."

The tour never mentioned several doors that had locks on them. Heather decided she would have to find out their purpose later on her own. And then, each girl was shown to her workstation.

Heather was greeted in her cubicle with a bright smile, blonde curly hair and a strong southern accent. Nearly the opposite of Heather's own full expressionless lips, straight pulled back brown hair, and New York precision of speech. She almost raised an eyebrow in questioning surprise but restrained herself.

"I'm Bell, I hear you are going to be my study partner, welcome!"

"Heather, nice to meet you."

Heather's eyes quickly took in the girl, she was beautiful and she knew it, and from first impressions, it was probably the only thing she cared about. Her shirt was slightly unbuttoned to show off her cleavage just enough to draw the eye, her fingernails were pink, and her hair freshly done. She wore enough perfume to fill the cubicle.

"Have a seat, that one's yours. I hope you don't mind I tried to brighten the place up with some pictures. I've only been here three weeks myself and I'm already learning so much I can't believe it. Just between you and me, I could barely add when I got here, school was so boring. You'll just love it here though, they make learning so easy. I applied for the job because my cousin said she learned Chinese from one of their home computer programs and after looking them up on the net she said they would get program testers through college for free, guaranteed! I just had to take it because my mom said she wasn't going to pay for me to fail any more classes at the JC. How about you?"

Heather's jaw almost dropped from the continuous disconnected run on sentences the woman spoke in, but again she managed to restrain herself.

"Didn't have the money or discipline for College, was bored out of my mind at the Junior College. My psychology teacher, she recommended this place. She said it might help me focus better as well as solve my money problems. Figured I had nothing to loose. Hey, are there any men that work here?"

Heather figured she couldn't possibly look stupid in front of this woman, so no harm in asking. She just rolled her eyes when she got the response though.

"You know, I wondered the same thing when I got here, I mean, I had made out with half the football team at the JC and was hoping there were some lookers here. So far I haven't met any co-workers worth flirting with but the boss is so hot he makes. . ."

Bell's voice trailed off for a second, but Heather had stopped listening, moved to the computer and began the process of applying to online college. Bell shrugged and returned to the computer to study.

The first three hours went fast, mostly forms, while Bell read quietly and did homework. Heather was glad for that, she had gotten in a fight with a girl like Bell once in a philosophy class when discussing life goals. The girl had basically stated she was in college just to find a guy to settle down with. Heather didn't know exactly what she wanted to do with her life, but she knew she wanted more then just to be a housewife. She didn't have a lot of respect for people without at least a little drive to do something.

Then break came, Heather grabbed a quick snack and returned to her cubicle, glad to see that Bell had gone elsewhere for break. She sat down at her computer and opened the learning program. It was actually very similar to the one she had been introduced to during her job application interview. After several forms and tests to estimate her intelligence she had been asked to memorize some numbers on a screen and recall them afterwards. It had been hard, a random number sequence stretching clear across the screen.

Then they had given her some waivers to sign that implied that they had a computer that could somehow interface directly with her mind, improving her memory. She had to sign that she would not talk about it with anyone and that if there were any side effects they were not liable.

At first she had thought it a joke. But then, a strange button had appeared to the right, it looked almost holographic and almost hurt her eyes to look directly at. Then the same test again, which had seemed somehow incredibly easy. It was the thing that had made her decide to take the job. If something like that actually existed, she wanted to know everything she could about it.

The first page of the program was just some explanation on how to use it, she almost didn't read it, clicking continue as quickly as possible. Then something incredible happened, a loading screen, she felt her brain tingle slightly. Then there was a button which simply said "continue."

She turned it off and got up from the desk wondering how any company had created such a thing and kept it a secret. She paced back and forth for a moment then sat back down. She debated leaving the building and never coming back, but her curiosity got the best of her: she had to know. So she sat down at the computer and clicked: