The Secret To Happiness III

What do you mean "hot sex who?" If hot sex knocks, open the door!

The interesting thing about all emotions is that they are contagious. Ever tried to frown in a room full of smiling people? But if emotions can be considered contagious, then overwhelming emotion is down right viral.

The secret then, to happiness, is infecting people around you with it, before they can infect you with a less enjoyable emotional state. And the stronger the emotion, the more infectious it can be. Take Brianna's room mate for instance:

"What the hell?" Alaina's head turned away from the computer screen, following a purse as it rolled across the floor seemingly of it's own volition. Shortly thereafter Brianna came around the corner and stopped dead in her tracks, blushing and giddy, dragging me by the hand behind her.

"Oh, you're home, I thought you went to the party. I. . . uh. . . This is Julian," She said, her emotions visibly bouncing back and forth between an intense aroused happiness and a disappointment that she wouldn't be able to tear her cloths off on the spot. I didn't miss a beat; "Hi, I take it you go to school here too. . ."

I held out my hand and looked at her as if expecting something, "Alaina," she said as she realized what I was waiting for and held out her hand to shake mine, I moved quickly from a hand shake to an overly dramatic kiss on the hand.

"Ahh, Alaina, nice to meet you. I went to college too, just not this one. Where I went our school colors were clear. We used to say, 'I'm not naked, I'm in the band.'"

It took a moment for it to set in, but then Brianna's laugh started a chain reaction and Aliana was chuckling right along with her. I didn't drop her hand immediately though, I flipped it over and looked at it intently, palm up.

"Hummm," I mumbled, as their laughter died down, giving Alaina a very disappointed look before dropping her hand.

"What on earth. . . can you read palms or something?"

I picked her hand back up and pointed to two lines running from one side to another. "You see this one here?" She nodded, and I very seriously said, "This one means you won't be getting any more homework done tonight. But I'm afraid this one here, means you're retarded."

I dropped her hand and smiled mischievously. She tried unsuccessfully not to laugh, playfully punching my shoulder in mock reprisal for my rudeness. Behind me, Brianna had to sit down because her laughter was making her light headed and tingly as she started to realize that what she had felt in the hallway was an orgasm.

I took a step back as if shocked that Alaina had hit me, "Don't be mean to me, I'm in mourning. I spilled spot remover on my dog. He's gone now."

I let her laughter stop before I moved back towards her, "But seriously, let me see your hand again,"

I smiled at her hesitation at giving me her hand, almost as if she expected me to bite her. I held her wrist, again palm up, "Spread your fingers out as open as you can, stretching them as much as possible, and hold them like that. Now, I'm going to take some invisible string and tie it to each of your fingers."

I went through the imaginary motion, "All right, now, relax your hand and feel me pull your fingers together with the invisible string." I made a mock grab at the center of her palm and her fingers slowly moved towards my fingers on their own.

"Woa," She said, with wild eyes.

"And as I pull upward on the string, you'll feel your whole hand being pulled upward," And sure enough, her hand floated up out of my grasp, pulled by invisible thread.

"And as your hand starts to feel heavy, it will slowly drop back down. The farther down this hand goes, the more relaxed and happy you will feel. Is this the first time you've ever been hypnotized?" I asked her, slowly moving my hand downward, letting the invisible string go slack.

"Is that what's happening?" She looked at me, not sure why her hand was beginning to slowly move downward on it's own.

"It is," I turned my head to Brianna who was watching, quite fascinated from her bed, "Describe to your friend what it's like to be in a deep trance."

Brianna's eyes glossed over, as if she was somewhere else all of the sudden, her body went almost limp as she smiled broadly, "It's like being on a sea of happy. Empty of everything but this wonderful feeling of complete relaxation. When I see happy, I will be happy. . ." Her voice trailed off as Alaina watched, her own hand now drifting below her waist.

"I want you two to look at each other, look into each other's eyes and you'll start to notice something. You'll notice how emotions are contagious. You'll notice that as you see the other person relax, you relax too. You'll notice that as the other person smiles, you smile too. Let yourselves feel connected, your facial expressions in sync, like best friends, sharing the same expressions.

So as you see happy in Brianna's face, you will be happy too." "Be happy," Brianna said with a nearly erotic smile. Alaina smiled with her, her lips pulled into the shape by the same invisible thread that had now let her hand hang limp at her side.

"As you see complete relaxation, you will feel it too. As she goes deeper into the trance, you go deeper too.

This is how empathy works. We share our feelings through our facial expressions, and the more open to sharing our feelings we are, the more we feel things together. Imagine for a moment that this ability to feel things together can be made stronger by just being more open to it.

Every time I say the words "be open" I want you to do your best to let your feelings open up to what the other person is feeling. Each time I say the words "be open" you will feel twice as connected to your friend, like your friendship is deepening. Within a couple of moments, you will feel like you are two people, experiencing one set of emotions. Completely connected to each other. Be open, feel everything together. See happy."

"Be happy," Brianna said with an intoxicating smile and Alaina suddenly echoed her, "Be happy," her own smile so wide she was beginning to blush.

"Be open, feel happy and relaxed and empty and wonderful together. Going deeper into the trance together, be open to the feeling that you are both free of all concerns, filled with a complete happiness that tingles through your entire body.

Be open to her. Feel just as happy as she feels. Be open, see her mind empty of all thoughts with you. Be open to her feeling of complete freedom from thought. Be open to her bliss, her happiness. Be open and share the feeling of my words moving through the deep water of the ocean of your minds, now one ocean. Deeper and deeper into the trance until there is nothing but my words and the shared feeling of happiness.

Be open with her, two minds, one feeling. Bliss. Deep, complete bliss. For the rest of the night, you two will share every emotion. Whatever you see the other feel, you will feel too, because it's your emotion too. There is no separation between your feelings. Be open.

So when I tell Brianna to go so deep into the trance that it's like she is dreaming, you go that deep too. When I tell Alaina to lose consciousness, dreaming my words, you do too. Share the experience of a deep trance together.

Share everything together. If she feels happy, you feel happy. If she feels attracted to me, you will feel just as attracted to me. If she feels turned on, you feel turned on too. If she feels pleasure, you feel pleasure too.

In fact, you two have something very specific in common. Go to the place deep within your mind where the feeling of being tickled is. Find the feeling of the funniest thing you have ever heard. Find the uncontrollable laughter of the funniest word in the world deep within yourself. You both think that the same word is the funniest word in the world.

From now on, gigglegasm is the funniest word you have ever heard or seen. It's so funny in fact that it not only makes you laugh hysterically, it makes your pussy laugh hysterically. Whenever you see, hear, or read the word "gigglegasm" it's like your clit is being tickled and your pussy starts contracting with your laughter just like it does when you are cuming. And so, when you find yourself laughing hysterically at that word, you will find yourself uncontrollably laughing yourself all the way to an orgasm.

As Brianna already knows, a gigglegasm will feel different then any orgasm you've ever felt because is an orgasm of happiness. You feel it in your breasts as they bounce with laughter. You feel it in your pussy as your legs press together around your laughing pussy. You feel it in your cheeks as you laugh and cum simultaneously. You feel it in the intense emotion of orgasmic happiness, and every time that word makes you laugh uncontrollably you will feel like you are being fucked with laughter.

Now, imagine the sea of happy calm again, you standing on top of it. Blank this trance, only remembering how happy and good you feel to be in such a deep trance, and when you wake from this trance you will continue to be in this very good mood together, sharing your emotions completely.

1 Waking up, slowly but surely, still smiling, feeling calm and refreshed, content and happy.

2 Waking up, remembering how good it felt to be empty, but glad to be waking up to being so happy.

3 More awake, your mind returning to normal as you smile, stretch and become aware of your body.

4 More awake, like waking from a dream

5, Wide awake."

"Woa," Alaina repeated and Brianna got an astounded look on her face as well, "I feel really good all of the sudden. What did you do to us?"

"It's called Voodoo Acupuncture. You don't have to go. You'll just be walking down the street, and. . . Ooooohhhhhh, that's much better. . ."

The laughter rolled through the room with reckless abandon, "But no seriously, I just let you both see happy together.

"Be happy," They said in unison, looked at each other, and began to giggle. Then Brianna turned and looked at me with the same kind of giddy lust I had seen in the stairwell. Her attraction had continued to grow with every time I said the words, and now, as I looked over to Alaina, I could see her face echoing the same erotic smile, as if somehow, just Brianna's expression had given her the same feeling of intense attraction.

They both reached to play with their hair together as they tried to pretend they hadn't been staring at me. They licked their lips together. They both adjusted their bras at the same time. I knew that Brianna's mood had become fully contagious. I sat on the bed across from Brianna and motioned for them to both sit down on either side of me, "Come here for a second, I want to show you something."

The girls moved to either side of me and sat close enough for skin to touch, but far enough away that they could claim it was just because the bed was small. I turned and whispered in Alaina's ear, "Tell Brianna to see happy and pay attention to how she responds."

"See happy," Alaina said playfully, looking past me to Brianna.

"Be happy," Brianna replied instantly, then smiled and turned to look at me as she bit her bottom lip. Her body wiggled with playfulness as she leaned in just a little closer to me, her legs rubbing together around her dripping need. I leaned in to whisper to Brianna and she giggled before looking past me and telling Alaina:

"See happy," She said.

"Be happy," Alaina responded, turning to look at me with a blushing glance as her lips smiled quite beyond her control. She looked away quickly, her hands going down to the bottom of her shirt and adjusting it as her cheeks continued to grow rosier by the moment. She looked to Brianna and made a fanning motion with her hand, "Where did you find this one. It's getting hot in here."

"So take off all your cloths." I sang in mocking response. The girls laughed and I got a playful hit on both shoulders at the same time, "Ow, you two are both violent, you need to learn to control yourselves," I teased.

And then, without warning, I leaned in and kissed Brianna. She melted as our lips met, my hand caressing her face as she leaned her body towards mine. She moaned softly as if the kiss were on a distinctly different set of lips.

As I pulled back from the kiss, her eyes stayed closed for a moment, her mouth hanging open as a little shiver visibly went through her entire body. I turned to Alaina, who's hand was covering her lips to try and hide the stunned but wanting laughter that was coming from her own mouth. I reached for her hand, pulled it to behind my neck and leaned in, bringing our lips so close they nearly touched. I stopped, and looked into her eyes, inviting her to finish the movement.

As her lips met mine I felt her tongue slide into my mouth with such passion that after a couple of seconds I had to physically pull away for fear that she might never stop otherwise.

"Now hold on girls," I said, my dick now fully hard as the taste of their lips mingled on my own, "I'm just here to tell jokes. I don't know about all of this."

Both girls smiled and blushed, looking away from each other and away from me for a moment even though their hips remained softly pressed against my own.

After a sufficient moment of silence, "You know what the funniest word in the world is?" I asked, playfully picking up their hands in each of mine, "you have to try not to laugh though, I want to see your best serious faces."

Both of them turned to face me with playful, uncertain smiles. Brianna tried first, pressing her lips together and taking in a deep breath before looking at Alaina with an, "ok. . ." But immediately Alaina began laughing at her, and they both began to giggle.

Then Alaina tried, tightening her lips only to have them pried apart with Brianna's laughter.

"The funniest word in the world is. . ." I said with dramatic pause as the girls held their breaths in unison.


It started with hysterical laughter, the girls both falling back onto the bed, legs kicking, hands over mouth, squirming. But then waves of laughter became waves of pleasure.

Brianna's back arched and a squeal escaped her lips that was clearly a sound of bliss. Alaina's hand shot between her legs, holding her jeans tightly against her pussy as she laughed, squirming like she was being tickled. Her other hand slid up to cup her breast as she laughed, "Oh god, oh my god, oh fuck."

Brianna's hips rocked back and forth in spasms of giddy pleasure as she grabbed the sheets tightly with her hands. Her skirt slid up as her legs spread and on her back the orgasm flooded through her body in visible waves. Alaina lay on her side, burring her face in the bed as she moaned incoherently.

Together they slowly came to a stop, their breathing erratic and breathy as they did little more then tremble as they tried to figure out what wonderful thing had just happened.

"Well, I guess my job is done here. Besides, I'm out of good jokes" I said, moving to stand. But as I stood, their eyes met behind me, and in giggling unison the girls grabbed my arms and pulled me back to the bed.

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Jokes quoted from my two favorite comedians: Stephen Wright and Mitch Hedrom.