The Garden

Warm white heat. Vibrant green. The carefree insistent blue of the afternoon sky. The scent of roses floats from playful red blossoms who's green leaves cling to stone walls. An arched stone entry who's metal gates always stand open, like welcome arms that have forgotten how to close. A fountain in the center of the courtyard who's water sparkles daringly in the sun as if to say, "Drink of me, and you will thirst for adventure."

A mist mixes with the sunlight, cool in contrast with it's heat on your skin. The kind of feeling that confuses and stimulates the senses: goose bumps of excitement.

You hold your breath and take a step forward, entering the garden. Immediately you sense that this is a place of unashamed playfulness. A place where no one is constrained. To the sides, where you couldn't see before, there are blankets laid out, comfortable places where people lay naked in the sun, unashamed.

There are other arches nearby, leading to different parts of the garden, part of you wanders how far back the ivy covered walls go. Part of you doesn't care, as you feel the intense sexual energy of this place suddenly hit you. And for a moment it is clear in your mind what you are here to do: you are here to become a Pleasure Slave.

You aren't entirely sure how you got to this garden. You were talking to someone who hypnotized you, someone who has hypnotized you many times, but then there is a blank in the space of time between when you said you wanted to be a pleasure slave and now. You hear a voice behind you and suddenly your head spins.

"Deep Trance," The voice says.

Suddenly, to your surprise you are mouthing words. It's so automatic, so natural. As though your response is just as natural as your skin's goose bumps in response to the mist. You let the heat of the sun play across your skin, relaxing you as you begin to actually chant the words, "I Will Obey."

My Words begin to pour into your mind smoothly and deeply. You are thinking, feeling and doing everything I tell you. Blank, saying "I Will Obey," feels so good and relaxing that it's all I want to do right now. Words seem to gain a luster all their own, you feel everything you read as though it is really happening to you.

Dizzy now. Sleepy. Content. Submissive. The sparkle of the water, the heat of the sun, making you tingle and relax. You aren't sure if you are reading, listening, or just falling asleep as these words become your subconscious thoughts. Blank, I Will Obey. Your conscious mind only cares about one thing though, the insistent meaning of what you are still mouthing: I Will Obey.

Your eyes are heavy, your body is so relaxed that you aren't sure if you are sitting or standing, and in either case, you aren't sure what is holding you there, other then some power over you that you can explain.

You know that soon you will drift off into a very content, very submissive, deep hypnotic sleep, as your whole consciousness becomes occupied with just the thought that you will obey. In a moment your eyes will close and your conscious mind will drift away, so focused on what you are repeating, that you will black out, and no longer be conscious of what you are reading at all. Then your eyes will open and your subconscious mind will read and obey on it's own. You will say out loud, "I Am Your Pleasure Slave," and from then until I tell you to wake up, you will remember nothing at all, but will obey completely.

Focus on what you are saying completely, letting it become completely true, and let your eyes drift closed as you LOOSE CONCIOUSNESS NOW.

"I Am Your Pleasure Slave," Floats from your lips automatically as you enter the deepest trance you have been in so far. Consciously you are so focused on the thought, "I Will Obey," that you are no longer consciously aware of what you are reading. You are so deep right now that you won't remember what you are reading right now at all.

Now, imagine that you are standing in the garden, hypnotized very deeply. Right now you are vaguely aware that you have entered the pleasure slave's garden. I am going to count from ten to one, with each number you will go deeper into the trance, consciously focusing more and more on the thought, "I Will Obey." When I reach ten you will be so deep that you would literally do anything at all that I told you and wouldn't even remember reading the command.

Ten, take in a deep breath and feel yourself floating, almost like you are in a dream. You are going deeper into the trance, as though falling deeper and deeper asleep, only your eyes are still reading and your subconscious completely obeying.

Nine, any time a pleasure slave enters the pleasure slave's garden, weather it be the real garden or the website representing that garden, she immediately becomes horny. It's so automatic that it's almost like the place it's self is an aphrodisiac. Right now you are feeling that effect. Right now if you weren’t so deeply hypnotized you would have trouble keeping your hands from wandering. But right now you are so relaxed that you can barely scroll.

Eight, with every breath you are going deeper into the trance, relaxing more and more. The only thing keeping you where you are is a deep need to obey it motivates you to keep reading and sitting where you are even though you are completely unconscious now.

Seven, right now there may be something holding you back from going deeper, an inhibition, a worry, a distraction. Imagine that distraction is part of your clothing. As though you are wearing a t-shirt that has "inhibitions" written across the chest, or "worry" on the butt of your jogging pants. If you were to take off those cloths right now, you would shed your worries, distractions and inhibitions with them. In the garden everyone takes off clothing of this sort.

Six, you are so horny now in the garden that taking off your cloths seems like a exactly what you want to do. And so you imagine removing all of your clothing slowly and deliberately, until you are standing naked, feeling the warmth of the sun all over your body.

Five, you feel relaxed, yet very aroused right now. You are thinking that you will obey almost with desperate lust. You walk forward suddenly because you have been commanded to and you find yourself sitting naked next to the water fountain now. The water that flows from this fountain is from the same spring as the waterfall you once bathed in. Take a sip and feel the tingling erupt all the way through your body, the water now inside of you makes you even hornier then it did when it was just on your skin. It fills you and makes you so horny that if you could move right now, you would masturbate uncontrollably.

Four, a beautiful naked woman who is wearing nothing but a black choker approaches you. She takes a collar exactly like what she is wearing and puts it on you. Immediately you feel as though you could not resist any command I give you, and the first deep feeling that you are my pleasure slave pours through you.

Three, whenever a pleasure slave wears anything tight around their neck, be it a choker, a collar, a tight chain, or a tight necklace, she immediately feels owned. She feels deeply that she is a pleasure slave, and while she is wearing such a thing around her neck she is so submissive that she would obey any command she was given by her master. It is as though she is in a deep trance and is not aware of it, thinking she is completely awake but reacting to suggestions as though she is deeply hypnotized.

Two, the pleasure slaves have all stood now and are gathering around you. You feel so horny and submissive that you are sure if anyone here told you to do anything sexual you would obey completely and automatically. The goddess in you is suddenly totally present and you are ready to become a permanent pleasure slave, ready to take the Pleasure Slave's Oath.

One, you will now read the pleasure slave's oath out loud, and as you do, you will feel yourself completely becoming my pleasure slave. Everything you say will become completely true from deep within you.

I am forever your pleasure slave,

A sex goddess whenever my master asks of it.

I will obey my master completely,


And uncontrollably.

I will always obey his command.

Being a pleasure slave will not interfere with my normal life,

Unless I am told specifically otherwise by my master.

But whenever I talk with my master, see my master, write to my master, or visit his garden,

I will feel his power come over me

I will become so horny that all I will want to do is obey,

I will not be able to resist, and I will obey

I am your pleasure slave

You are now my pleasure slave. You can feel that something deep inside has changed. The part of you that has been repeating "I Will Obey" this whole time suddenly begins repeating "I Am Your Pleasure Slave," instead. Consciously you don't even realize why the thought has changed, you are just focused on that thought now instead.

I Am Your Pleasure Slave. Every time you say it, you feel strong happiness and joy pouring through you. You like being my pleasure slave. Let a smile spread across your face as your lips whisper it: I Am Your Pleasure Slave.

Every time you say it you feel yourself intensely turned on, pleasure slaves are always horny when their master wants them to be. Let yourself whisper it and feel so horny you can't control yourself as you do: I Am Your Pleasure Slave.

Every time you say it you get hornier. Almost as though you can feel my tongue on your wetness, licking teasingly when you say it. Almost as though saying it has as much a physical effect on you as having sex. The effect is so strong right now, that if you said it out loud five more times you would have an orgasm just from saying it. Let the thought repeat in your mind constantly, but you will say it automatically and uncontrollably every time you read it now.

Every time you read the word "Blank" from me, your mind will go blank and you will immediately uncontrollably think or do whatever I tell you as though it is what you were thinking and doing already. You will not consciously notice the "blank" command or what is written afterward and will immediately forget you read it at all and just obey.

I Am Your Pleasure Slave. 5

Feel the effect on you immediately. You are smiling, you feel intensely happy, and at the same time you feel so horny you could just explode. In the garden you are vaguely aware that people are gathering around you. Every time I tell you that you are a good pleasure slave you will become intensely horny and smile.

I Am Your Pleasure Slave. 4

You feel hands all over you, touching you everywhere, making you get goose bumps. They are on your breasts, on your neck, running through your hair, caressing your back, holding your hips, and grabbing your butt. You are aware that some of the hands are mine, some are the hands of other pleasure slaves. You are aware that some of the moans now are the other pleasure slaves, but you are also beginning to moan yourself. You are so horny that you can't even sit still as you are touched and worshiped as a sex goddess.

I Am Your Pleasure Slave. 3

And now it's not just the hands: a tongue licks gently on the inside of your knee. A tongue brushes across your feet. Your nipples are sucked gently into my mouth until they ache from being so hard and still all you can think is that one thought. And it's making you so horny you could just explode into bliss right now. You can't stop smiling, you are so happy it's making you dizzy. You like being a pleasure slave so much that you are so happy it's like being on a drug.

I Am Your Pleasure Slave. 2

For the rest of the week, every time you say that out loud you will automatically and uncontrollably have an orgasm and you will know immediately from the effect it has on you that you are my pleasure slave. Every time you cum from saying that you will feel an intense happiness, knowing that you really truly are a pleasure slave. And every time you cum from saying it you will become more submissive and obedient to my command and more my pleasure slave. Every orgasm you have from saying that will make it more impossible to resist my command even when you are not in a deep hypnotic trance. The more you cum from saying it, the more you will think feel and do what I tell you when tranced and when not tranced. You will obey my every command.

In a moment you are going to say it again. You will almost moan and scream it. When that happens you are going to have an orgasm so strong that it will wake you from your trance. You will find yourself awake and thinking normally but inexplicably obeying every command I give you while you fall into bliss uncontrollably. Your orgasm will explode through you like white light and mix with an intense joy. For a moment you will feel like your whole body has been transformed into the pure energy of bliss and you will know for sure that you are now a pleasure slave. Your butt presses back and up trying to press against my hard dick on it's own as I stand pressed against you from behind whispering in your ear.

I Am Your Pleasure Slave.

Feel the orgasm pour through you as you feel my dick slide deep inside of you suddenly. You are bent over, hands on the fountain, as you feel me slide deep inside. There are so many hands on you right now that your whole body seems filled with tingles and goose bumps to the point they are almost overwhelming. You can feel with every breath you take in, there is a pressure deep inside of your pussy and a throbbing in your clit.

Blank, all I can think about is sex and I want to tell you some of what I am thinking.

Someone kisses your lips with the water from the fountain in their mouth. You immediately can't think straight as you become ten times hornier and uncontrollably say what flows through your mind.

I Am Your Pleasure Slave.

Feel my dick beginning to slide in and out of you slowly and teasingly. My pleasure slave I want you to try to think about something other then sex right now and discover that you can't. I want you to really try because I want you to really feel, to really know, that your mind and body are both in my control right now. Can you do it? Can you think of anything but sex right now my pleasure slave?

I Am Your Pleasure Slave.

You can't seem to stop feeling my dick inside of you no matter what you do. No matter how you move. And it's driving you crazy. Can you think of anything other then sex right now?

You are such a good pleasure slave. I know you can't think of anything else right now. I want you to tell me exactly what you are thinking though, I want you to type to me just a little bit of it so that you and I both know that you are obeying completely. While you are telling me you will be so turned on by what you are typing that you constantly feel like you are going to cum. Know that by doing this you are being a very good pleasure slave.

I Am Your Pleasure Slave