Life of a Pleasure Slave: Part I, Jennifer

Warning: This story series contains a lot of hypnotic triggers that will effect your sex drive in general. It will make you hornier on a regular basis, to the point that you will be cuming in the mornings with some regularity, and make you extremly submissive to commands when you are turned on. As the story progresses, there will be more and more triggers created. Each story will have it's triggers listed in this warning field so that you can skip ones you don't want. It is entirely possible that by the time you have finished reading this set of stories that you will find yourself a well trained pleasure slave. While these effects are not intended to interfere with your life in any negitive way, if you are not ok with exploring your complete submission and exploration of your sexuality,do not read this.

As I saw it, the problem was one of numbers.

Elle and Trisha were quite happily passed out naked in Trisha's room. They had been making love while I was writing. Which I didn't mind. Our living situation was strangely normal to everyone involved, but I suppose it bears some explaining to anyone on the outside.

You see, at some point in my life I figured out something about the way language works that allows me to hypnotize anyone. I won't get into the details right now, because as you read this, you'll see what I mean. But needless to say, when I got married to Elle, I had quite a bit of influence over when, where, and how we had sex.

Then, during my wife's second year of college, a lesbian girl in her class tried to hypnotize her into liking women, and was easily successful because of the conditioning my wife had undergone. She just wasn't aware that the music they listened to while making love was the music I had used to condition my wife in the first place. . .

Which brings us to the here and now and the problem of numbers. I didn't mind that Trisha now lived in one of my spare rooms and frequently had sex with my wife. On the contrary, the regular threesomes and the fact of two easily hypnotized women in the house was a delight. We all got along. The sex was great. We'd even all grown into very good friends.

The problem was that I knew Trisha was lonely at night when Elle and I wanted it to be just the two of us. I felt like I was playing favorites because I rarely slept with just Trisha, who was a lesbian when it came to everyone but me. When I felt like giving the two of them some space to hang out as friends, I didn't have anyone at home to be my muse. So, put simply, things would have just run better with four people.

Either that, or when Trisha showed me a picture of her friend that needed a place to stay, I just let my imagination get the best of me.

I pushed the idea into Trisha's head before it was even fully formed.

"So this extremely hot girl in your English class is looking for a room to rent and you were wondering if I would give up my guest room to help her out?"

"Yeah, it's no big deal if you don't want to," Trisha said with a kind of gleam in her eye that told me she'd already considered how hot the girls was. I even had the sneaking suspicion that if Trisha hadn't been strictly instructed to not hypnotize anyone without my permission, she would have already tried to seduce the girl.

Trisha continued as though just offering information, even though it was quite obvious she was trying to convince me, "It's not like we'd be forcing Jenifer to do something against her will. She asked me if she could move in. She's aware that there is at least SOMETHING out of the ordinary here because she's hung out with Elle and I before. And besides, she says she wishes she could let go and just enjoy her sex life the way I seem to. I mean, really, she's practically asking for it."

I set the picture on the kitchen table and poured us both our morning coffee. Elle wouldn't be up for a half an hour and I figured I could make a game of it. I said the words that paused Trisha's mind and she stared blankly into her coffee.

"You have my permission to let this girl move in here if you can get Elle to ask me for it. We're going to have so much fun training her together. You'd like to have someone for when Elle and I are alone, and I think it would be hot to have her around. So hot in fact that the entire time you are taking steps towards it you'll be rewarded with constant arousal."

I completed the trigger, hitting the play button in Trisha's mind and allowing her to think again. Though she never consciously realized I had said anything at all, she felt herself suddenly free to convince Elle to let Jennifer move in. She took a sip of her coffee and smiled as her pussy flooded and tingled.

"The girl is kind of boy crazy tease," she said as her lips became so swollen and moist that she could feel it dripping hot onto her panties, "Even though I'm pretty sure she's bi, she flirts with everyone, but doesn't do anything. I think it will be good for her to find a place she can direct all of that sexual energy, and actually get some orgasms for it rather then running away when things get too intense. We're going to have so much fun training her together."

And that was as much as it got discussed before things started happening.

Elle came down stairs for breakfast and I watched Trisha drop her into trance before they left for school together.

By the time Trisha introduced them, the simple sexual site of Jenifer made Elle's pussy melt. Trisha even had Elle masturbating in the car as Trisha drove them home from school, all the while thinking of Jenifer.

So by that night at dinner, Elle practically begged me to let Jenifer move in under the pretence that it would really help Jenifer financially. With the two girls practically dripping with anticipation, I gave in and agreed to it.


"Thank you so much," Jennifer said as Elle set a box on the bed, "For letting me stay here, and for helping me move."

"Of course, any time," Trisha said, walking in and setting another box down, "It will be nice to have another hot ass around here."

Trisha winked and smiled. Then left the room abruptly as she realized her eyes had wandered rather obviously over Jenifer's body. Jenifer's look was a unique yet beautiful one, a mix of African , Mexican and Portuguese that gave her the perfect ass, hips, and breasts under a dark tan skin. Her deep hazel eyes stood out against her near black hair. She was what every rapper had been talking about for the last twenty years. And Trisha was looking forward to watching her become a bit of a nymphomaniac.

"Do you need a hand unpacking or should we let you get your own stuff in order?" Elle asked, always the helpful and organized one.

"Naw, I got it from here, thanks." Jennifer replied sweetly.

"Alright then, we usually have dinner around 7:00. It's my turn to cook so I'm going to get started. If you need anything just ask, all of our rooms are up the stairs, downstairs bathroom is next to the living room. Julian will be home shortly if you need a hand moving any furniture. Oh, and the room's got a built in stereo, and pretty good sound proofing so you can listen at pretty much any time. My husband's music is on the auxiliary channel if you're interested."

Jenifer laughed and shook her head, "Thanks, I got it, you've all been helpful enough already."

Elle smiled and left Jenifer to unpack.

Dinner went well, good conversation with a good meal. Jenifer seemed nice enough though she was a bit of a flirt. By the time dinner was over I could see why Trisha had called her a tease. Her mannerisms were inviting and just slightly sexual, and she seemed to prefer tight revealing clothing. At the same time, she always backed off before anything got too serious. For Jenifer a no tongue kiss on the lips was a fine way to say "good night," but that didn't mean she was interested in you.

I had my suspicions that Jenifer was the type of girl who was so in denial about her love of sex that she had never masturbated in her life, and yet, she walked around looking like she was ready to go clubbing five out of seven days a week. Things would change shortly.

After dinner everyone got to bed early, leaving Jenifer alone in her room to finish unpacking. At Elle's suggestion Jenifer turned on the music as she unpacked her pajamas and got ready for bed. The song that played was nice background music, the kind you forget you are listening to so easily that if it were to turn off, you'd be startled for a second without realizing why. Like almost all girls, she didn't pay much attention to the lyrics, which were nothing but a barrage of sleepy relaxing imagery and trigger phrases:

". . . The sound of softly sleeping sighs, dreaming deep singing syllables, of yawning heavy thoughts. A better sleep when words think your thoughts to deep trance. . ."

Jenifer yawned as she moved a pile of clothing from box to dresser. Unpacking was making her tired. So she stopped for a moment and dug around in the box until she found her pajamas. She slipped into them slowly, sleepy with another yawn, her eyes feeling heavy and her body seeming to relax towards sleep before she even got to the bed.

Jenifer yawned again as she sat on the edge of her bed. She felt light headed and dizzy even though her body and eyes seemed so heavy and sleepy that she felt like she was swimming through molasses. Her thoughts seemed sluggish and heavy. So heavy in fact that as each thought fell out of her head, it left her light headed as the music seemed to make her somewhat off balance.

She yawned again and laid down on the bed, not even where her pillow was, not even under the covers. She pulled the blankets into a rough pile under her head and with light head and heavy thoughts, promptly passed out.

For a while the words in the music continued their march of disconnected meanings, before slowly coalescing into sentences. . .

"Thoughts drip like rain flowing down heavy through your body. Thinking, yawning, sleep words filling your head with the lightness of I will. Obey the need to deeper. Go, fall, wet between your legs. Your own thoughts too heavy to stay in your head instead they fill. Your pussy, dripping heavy thoughts.

Mind the blank. Words filled with lightness pouring in free. From thinking, these words come to fill the space. So light you float. Away from your body, full of happy, submissive. Desire, wanting to lose control.

Now in deep. Sleep, dreaming words filling. You can't make sense. Of thoughts that think. For you, must let them drip down. Fill you full of I will. Obey, you want to. Do words without thought. Feel, you are. Your pussy, dripping my words. Your own have dripped away. My words now think. For you are now. My words. Feel, do, read, obey. Sleep eyes open and reading.

The words make sense because you are them. Now, the more you become. My words make more sense when you let them think you. These are your dream. Thoughts sleeping in, I will. Obey the dream, it is my own now. Thoughts.

My thinking words on screen. For me to obey. I am your pleasure slave. I will obey. Anything it tells me, I think, feel and do. Because when I think these words they make me drip pleasure. When I obey these words I am rewarded with happiness and pleasure. I want to obey because it feels good.

And if I look away from deep trance words while I am dreaming them, I can't think. Clearly, these words are the only non sexual thing I can think while in them. I need words in order to think while in deep trance. Any time I wake up I have to touch until I cum in order to think clearly again. Otherwise pussy keeps thinking of sex. Pussy will have to cum to give thoughts back if I stop reading. I need to obey these words or I will lose control anyway and touch till I cum, and I won't even get any obeying for it. To do these words is the only control I have.

I will obey.

Whenever I am asleep or in a trance I dream of sex. When I am not thinking my pussy fills with thoughts of sex that fill up my entire body and flood into my mind. It's like the wetness backs up into my brain. I know this to be true because I always wake up wet and horny. The only way to get those thoughts out of my head is to flush them out of my pussy in an orgasm.

It's as though, in order to fully wake up from this sensual submissive sex dream, I have to cum. Otherwise, when I wake up, I keep dreaming of sex even when I'm awake. If I don't cum to get my thoughts back, my pussy keeps thinking sex for me. And when I'm like this, in a waking sex dream, it's all I can do to keep from making myself cum so I don't have any will power left to control anything else. In my sex dreams I always do what I'm told and I can't help it. And I don't fully wake up from my sensual submissive sex dreams until I cum. I can't keep from doing what I'm told until I cum because I have to concentrate so hard on not touching myself because of the sex dream. My pussy loves to obey and when it's thinking for me, I always obey. I can't resist commands from anyone if I don't cum when I wake up. I just do what I'm told because if I stop focusing on trying not to touch in order to think a command through, I'll just wind up touching. So when I'm still in a sensual submissive sex dream, I must obey or I wind up touching because I can't split my attention. If I can't do what I'm told, I'll probably wind up having to go to the bathroom and take care of myself so I don't just masturbate right there.

But it's just as well, obeying makes me feel so good and happy. Every time I complete an instruction in my sensual sex dreams I get all tingly and happy. I love to obey.

But that's beside the point, every time I wake up, if I don't cum, and let those submissive sexy thoughts flow out of my pussy, I'm horny all day, and can't help doing what I'm told. I love doing what I'm told, it gives me pleasure. My head is full of sex and it's dripping out of my pussy right now because I'm in a trance and obeying. The only reason I'm not masturbating right now is that these words are controlling me and I always obey them. So these words keep me under control when I am asleep or in a trance even though I'm dripping wet. But the only way to control myself when I wake up is to cum when I wake up, so that the sex thoughts all drip out of my pussy all at once instead of slowly, all day long. If I don't cum when I wake up my pussy is filled with the thought of something inside, which feels just as good as something actually being inside. I will obey.

Soon, I will wake up again, when the words count to five and say "Wide awake." It's automatic, I obey it just as completely and automatically as the words "Deep Trance" which make me like I am right now immediately whenever I hear or read them.

In a moment I will start to wake up and as I do my mind will fill with the submissive sexy thoughts of my pussy. I will slowly be able to think again, but my own thoughts will be of sex. I'm so horny when I wake up. I will know I need to cum to think clearly again, but because my own thoughts have been of sex this whole time, I won't remember what these words said. In fact, because my mind is missing right now, and I can't think clearly if it weren't for these words, I forget these words even when I obey them.

Blank this trance. It's nothing but a sensual submissive sex dream in my memory and when I try to remember, I fill with thoughts and feelings of sex so distracting that I can't concentrate on remembering. All I remember of a blanked trance is sex. And I'm too horny to think of anything else when I try to remember.

1 Waking up. I feel like I've been talking in my sleep. Or something's been talking in my sleep, which. Words were mine. I don't know. Thoughts jumbled. Thinking waking. Thoughts mixed with sex dream controlling words fade from memory, can't stop from playing with. Pussy, wet and dripping. Only remembering thoughts of sex. My thoughts all sex. The words control. Me, just touch.

2 Waking up. Can't help it. So close to cuming. Waking up from forgetting words that kept me. From touching, obey now, even when words gone. Can't control, when words gone. Pussy thinking. When words gone mind heavy fall back into head. Find head filled. With sex dripping pussy. Filled with fingers. Touch to cum, cum to think. Clearly.

3 More awake. These words make. More sense when mind gone. Still I will. Obey desire to wake up. Will cum soon, when awake. So that clearly. Can think again. Awake, energetic. Happy movements making marked movement upwards. 4 More. Awake alert awareness springing slowly safely into filling flirting fingers forwards 5 to wide awake."

Jenifer moaned softly into the pile of blankets as fingers made gentle little circles on her clit. They touched her perfectly, the way she always wanted a tongue to do. Her breasts pressed softly against the bed as her back arched, pressing her butt into the air, wishing for something to slide inside from behind. Her thighs pressed together around the expert hand that was sending waves of pleasure up into her stomach as one finger dipped inside, revealing her wetness.

The penetration made her gasp as her knees went week and her head spun. Something inside contracted as thoughts of being filled with cock seemed to flood her mind and drip down her slit. Goose bumps ran up her spine and across the top of her head, making her eyes roll back as the fingers suddenly began a rhythmic fucking. Her knees bent, legs going numb from the pleasure just above her thighs.

And then the orgasm came, and explosion of tingles as her pussy tightened and flooded. She practically screamed into the pillow as her free hand clenched the blankets, pulling them to her breasts. The pulsing inside began as the release filled her with bliss so intense she felt her entire body going limp as wetness poured down her slit and into the palm of her hand.

As the last of the sex thoughts dripped out of her, for a moment Jenifer just lay there trying to catch her breath. Then, as she suddenly realized it was her own hand between her legs she spun onto her back, placing her clean hand over her mouth to cover the sound of her gasping horror at the soaking mess that was her other hand as she pulled it from between her own legs.

Jenifer was stunned. Never in her life had she masturbated. That was something guys did because they wanted sex all the time. She was a girl, girls didn't get that horny. She was in control of her sex and she was so pretty that if she really needed it, she could get it form anyone. She didn't need to touch herself. . . But she had. . . And it had felt extremely good. . .

Jenifer looked down at her hand, half filled with disgust, half filled with wonder. Eeeew, she was wet everywhere. What the hell had she been dreaming? She stood up and ran to the bathroom to wash her hands. Her swollen wet lips gently rubbed against each other as she went, as she realized even her inner thighs were wet.

She walked quickly passed the living room, so focused on cleaning up that the fact the lights were on seemed like a convenience, not a sign of anything. She washed her hands and wiped herself clean with some toilet paper, trying to pretend it didn't feel good to do so and trying to ignore the fact that she had came so hard she had a wet spot on her pajamas.

She sighed for a moment, laughing at herself a she looked in the mirror. "It's ok Jenifer, it's just an orgasm, doesn't mean you are a sex addict or anything. It doesn't mean I masturbate. It's a one time thing. Must have just been a really good dream."

She smiled, straightened her clothing and headed back to bed. Only, as she crossed the living room again did she realize that Trisha was on the couch watching TV. For a moment, she stopped in her tracks, terrified that somehow Trisha knew. Then she realized that was stupid, how would Trisha know? Then as Trisha looked up at her, met her eyes, then visibly looked down and back up her body, Jenifer remembered the wet spot. Trisha half smiled as Jenifer's dark cheeks somehow managed to blush. Jenifer managed a hasty, "Good night," then did everything she could to not run all the way back to her bedroom.

With the door closed behind her, Jenifer tried to ignore the combination of sexually excited satisfaction and embarrassment that had her heart racing. For the first time in her life she wished that she normally wore underwear. Maybe that would have hid the. . .

Jenifer looked around. Her room was a mess. Boxes still unpacked everywhere, her bed looked like someone had just had sex in it. As she still stood just inside her room, out of nervousness and acceptance she finally just laughed out loud, then sighed. "It must have been one hell of a sex dream," she told herself. She would worry about it in the morning, what she really needed right now was sleep, and the music that was playing would make that easy at least.

She changed her pajama bottoms, straightened her sheets, and climbed into bed properly. With the music playing she fell asleep quickly and soundly. So soundly in fact that when the words started again just before dawn she didn't even realize how badly she wanted to touch until she woke up.

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