Life of a Pleasure Slave: Part II, Jennifer

Warning: This story series contains a lot of hypnotic triggers that will effect your sex drive in general. It will make you hornier on a regular basis, to the point that you will be cuming in the mornings with some regularity, and make you extremly submissive to commands when you are turned on. As the story progresses, there will be more and more triggers created. Each story will have it's triggers listed in this warning field so that you can skip ones you don't want. It is entirely possible that by the time you have finished reading this set of stories that you will find yourself a well trained pleasure slave. While these effects are not intended to interfere with your life in any negitive way, if you are not ok with exploring your complete submission and exploration of your sexuality,do not read this.

. . . The sound of sensual submissive sex dreams, dreaming deep, of heavy dripping thoughts. A better sleep when waking wet, words think your thoughts to deep trance. Submissive, seeing words as dreaming clearly. I am your pleasure slave. Drawn in, thinking, feeling, doing. . .

Jenifer pulled her hand from between her legs with a jolt that almost pushed her over the edge. She was in her bed touching again as sunlight filtered through the blinds. And she had barely managed to catch herself just before cuming.

She frowned and pouted, though she wasn't sure why. Part of her thought it was because it was too early to be awake. Part of her was sure it was because she was disappointed in herself for liking last night so much that she was doing it again. But part of her knew that it was because she really wanted to finish.

Her pussy, filled with the thought of something inside, ached. But she willed herself up and out of bed, determined to get her mind on something else before she really did become a sex addict by finishing. After all, if she let herself do it this morning, what would prevent her from doing it every morning? If she let herself enjoy touching why wouldn't she do it all the time? She didn't want to have to admit that she masturbated if someone asked. She knew she wasn't that kind of a girl.

As she stood, she felt a rush of tingles from clit to head and for a moment she was light headed from standing up too quick. She placed her hands on her dresser and leaned forward to get her balance. She imagined how good it would feel to just bend over and spread her lips with her fingers. She stopped her hand from heading south as she shook her head at herself.

"My head is so full of sex it's dripping out of my pussy. My thighs are actually wet and I haven't even came yet. What's wrong with me? I'm just not all the way awake yet from that sensual submissive sex dream. I need to change, then shower, then I'll be ok." She told herself resolutely.

Once in the shower, she discovered exactly how wrong she was. Her mind kept drifting back to sex and washing her body felt a little too good. "What the hell did I dream last night? If I don't cum and let these thoughts flow out of my pussy, I'm going to be horny all day. I'm so horny I can't even think clearly. What am I saying? God, if this is how the sluts feel every day then I can't blame them for how they act. C'mon Jenny, get a hold of yourself, you're just turned on, it will go away if you ignore it. I must be dreaming." . . . A sensual submissive sex dream. . .

The words echoed in her head even though she had stopped talking out loud to herself. She reached down to clean her thighs and pussy with the luffa but had to stop because of the moan that escaped her lips.

Jenifer turned the water off, making it the shortest shower she'd ever taken as the submissive sex thoughts continued to drip out of her pussy, slowly.

She dried off and looked in the mirror. Her nipples were hard, and it wasn't just the cold air. She put on a skirt without underwear, like she usually wore. Underwear tended to just slide up her all too round ass and they made panty lines anyway. At least there wouldn't be a visible wet spot on the skirt the same way there was on her pajamas.

Suddenly she remembered that Trisha had seen her the night before. She tried to push away the combined embarrassment and arousal and focus on getting dressed. If Trisha had seen, it didn't mean she knew. If she knew, well, Trisha was a horny lesbian anyway, she didn't have room to judge. If anything, Trisha probably though it was hot anyway. She probably had to finger herself afterwards till she came to think clearly.

Jenifer stopped her hand again as it went for the edge of her skirt. She looked in the mirror, "You're hot Jenifer, other people want you, you are in control. So hot in fact that you make other people touch themselves, not the other way around." But deep inside, after she stopped her little pep talk the thoughts continued. She kept picturing other people touching themselves as they watched her masturbate and it was making her heart beat hard and fast between her legs.

By the time she made her appearance for breakfast there were cracks in her certainty that she would be able to control herself, but she was determined to never admit that she had been so horny she had gotten herself off. And that internal refusal to admit arousal was why she went to breakfast with her new room mates so turned on that she couldn't think clearly.

The moment she saw them she knew it had been a mistake. Apparently Trisha didn't wear a bra to bed because her hard nipples were clearly visible through her silky shirt, which was pretty distracting considering how huge Trisha's tits were. Elle was actually in her underwear and T-shirt and Julian was wearing a wife beater with his pajamas and his muscular arms made Jenifer almost wonder if he could pick her up and fuck her right there on the kitchen table.

And what was worse, was the twinkle in Trisha's eyes. She knew. Jenifer just about turned around and walked back out of the room, but Elle said something before she could, "Hey Jen, can you hand me the milk real quick."

For a second Jenifer wasn't sure where she was, it was like she was still in bed and her fingers were trying to go south. She managed to stop them by focusing on the task at hand. She realized that she had walked into the room right next to the fridge, so she turned around and opened it. She retrieved the milk and walked it over to Elle with a smile. A shiver of delight shot down her spine as Elle thanked her and went about eating breakfast.

But the moment it was done Jenifer's mind was back to her pussy and how much she had enjoyed doing what Elle had asked. It took her a couple of seconds to realize she was actually standing there hoping Elle would ask for something else so that she could focus on doing anything to keep her hands from lifting up her skirt.

"Jenifer, pour us both 1 cup of coffee." Julian said with a smile and Jenifer was moving before she even realized that Julian had asked. As she carried the coffee to the kitchen table Julian set a bowl and spoon there for her and told her to sit down. Which she did, happy to focus on obeying anything at all.

But the moment she had sat down her focus drifted back to what she was really hungry for. She didn't want breakfast, she wanted something to fill her still dripping slit. Jenifer slowly admitted to herself, "If I don't cum, and let these thoughts flow out of my pussy, I'm going to be horny all day."

Just then, she realized Trisha was staring at her. She turned and met Trisha's smiling eyes with a kind of excited nervousness, almost wondering if Trisha somehow knew how badly she wanted to cum. But the moment she looked at Trisha she remembered why she had always liked flirting with her. Jenifer had always been bi curious, but she tended to only like certain kinds of women, and Trisha was her type.

Her blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and athletic build were what Jenifer had always pictured as the perfect woman. And Trisha's breasts dwarfed her own, which somehow made her feel young and submissive by comparison. She tried her hardest to not stare at Trisha's visible nipples, but with the way her clit was throbbing it was surprisingly difficult.

And then Trisha was talking and Jenifer was on her way before the entire command was even spoken, "Get me a glass of juice Jen. But when you get the juice out of the fridge, take your time finding it."

Jen opened the door to the fridge and bent over to look through the selection of juices, which were all on the lower shelf. There were several different flavors. She wasn't sure which one Trisha had wanted. Still bent over, she asked, "What kind did you want Trish?"

" Damn girl, you really do have the nicest ass I've ever seen. Bend over a little bit more. Orange will be fine."

Jenifer smiled her usual flirtatious smile, familiar with the way Trisha frequently commented on her ass, "Oh, you like that do you?" She wiggled her ass for a second as she bent over just a little more before realizing it felt a little too good. She stood up with the orange juice in one hand, trying to focus on the task. It was everything she could do to ignore the fact that she was so wet that while wiggling her ass she had actually felt herself drip on her inner thigh.

She closed the fridge and headed to the counter but didn't make it there before Trisha's voice interrupted her movement, "Stop and face us. I never see panty lines when you wear those skirts. Tell me, do you EVER wear underwear?"

"With this ass? Are you kidding me? They are too uncomfortable, so I only wear them when I absolutely have to. . . " Her heart stopped in her chest as out of the corner of her eye she noticed Elle.

Elle was staring, mouth wide open and eyes wide. She wasn't even trying to hide the fact that her hand had slipped down into her panties as she continued to stare at Jenifer's skirt. Elle was masturbating at the kitchen table right in front of everyone!

"2. I think what Trisha is trying to get at," Julian said as though all of this were completely normal, "is that when you bend over that far in a skirt that short, it's not hard for all of us to see how turned on you are. 3." Jenifer felt her face flush hot and her hands begin to tremble. The carton of juice fell to the floor as she practically forgot to breath. Her head spun. They had all seen. She tried to move her mouth to say something, but the only thing that came out didn't help, "I. . . I'm so horny when I wake up. . .I"

Jenifer's hands went to cover her mouth but she'd already said it. Elle moaned and spread her legs wider, her fingers doing what Jenifer's own wanted to so badly. It took all her concentration to keep her hands on her mouth as her legs seemed to turn to jello beneath her.

"Seriously Jen, if you needed to cum, all you had to do was ask." Trisha smiled then followed Jenifer's stunned gaze to where Elle was nearing climax, "Or you could always just do what Elle does, we don't mind."

Jen was sure she was going to either pass out or explode. She felt too weak to move. Her clit seemed to throb through her entire body. "This must be a dream," She told herself out loud, her whole body quivering.

"Actually, I think Elle really liked seeing you that turned on," Trisha said almost giggling, "You know, I bet she'd love it if you showed her again Jen. Lift up your skirt so she can see your dripping pussy while she cums."

Jenifer's hands flew south. She only barely managed to derail them from plunging into her cunt by grabbing her skirt tightly. The butterflies in her stomach flew through her in a shiver of goose bumps as her hands lifted and exposed the truth to everyone. Jenifer's head tingled and blackness crowded the edges of her eyes as she began to hyperventilate, knowing that everyone could see exactly how turned on she really was.

Elle came.

"You know, 4" Julian was saying, "None of this would have happened if you'd just take care of your pussy when you wake up. Touch yourself now so we can all see just how horny you really are. 5 Wide awake"

Jenifer's fingers plunged into her pussy. She wasn't sure how long she had been wanting to rub her clit, but now it wasn't enough, she needed something inside. And as her two fingers slid effortlessly in, she felt the penetration make her insides clench. The orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning.

Her back arched, her thighs clenched around her hand as her butt flexed and thrust her forward, sending her soaking fingers even deeper. She screamed, "Oh god, YES!" As inside the rhythmic contractions caused her whole body to convulse in explosions of hot wet bliss. She shook as the sex thoughts gushed from her all at once making her even happier that she had obeyed.

It took almost five minutes before she caught her breath and realized that she was in her bed. She didn't remember the sex dream completely this time, a lot of it seemed to have spilled out onto her sheets, but she remembered a LOT more then she had earlier that night.

And with as turned on as she had been from something so naughty that she couldn't believe she had dreamed it, she swore she'd never talk about her sensual submissive sex dreams ever again.

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