Life of a Pleasure Slave: Part III, Julian

Warning: This part of the story creates a bimbofication trigger to be used as punishment if ever necessary. In all likelyhood, you will never have this trigger used on you, so just enjoy it's use in the story.

Trisha and I looked at each other as we clearly heard "Oh god, YES!" screamed from within Jenifer's room in spite of the sound proofing. Trisha smiled, "Well, I guess that's it then. How soon am I allowed to actually mess with her?"

"Oh, I'm sure she'll be asking for it in a week or so. Just keep to the plan, you can't do anything to her until she asks." I said, sipping my morning coffee.

Trisha sighed, "It's just, well, she looked so hot standing there in the hallway with her pajamas soaked like that. I'll be honest, after hearing that, you might have to help me with my own sexual frustration to keep me off of her."

She looked at Jenifer's door with that far away look that I had grown to know so well. Trisha was plotting. It was the sexiest thing about her even though I knew full well it was the most troublesome. But I couldn't help it, the challenge of controlling her only made the success that much more enjoyable.

She looked so innocent other then those blue eyes, but that's how she got away with so much. Trisha was the antithesis of her archetype. When people looked at her, they saw a large breasted dumb blonde, not the brilliant, conniving, seductress that she really was. It took most people quite some time before they realized the truth of her intelligence. But one could hardly blame them, she had the look so naturally that it didn't matter how she dressed, you could still mistake her for a spoiled, air headed, sex object.

In fact, if you put her in gym cloths, she looked like a cheer leader trying to fit in with the volley ball girls. Dress her in business attire and she looked like a secretary trying to hide the fact that she's a bombshell, her breasts screaming her femininity even more because of the jacket's impossible curving. Crop her hair and dress her as a dike and frankly she was every male in the world's wet dream for a threesome.

But underneath was a sharp mind, clear about what she wanted. People underestimated her when they talked to her almost without fail. She knew how to flirt and play people's desires against them because, that was all she was interested in from the many men who perused her. She was the kind of girl who deep down, wanted to lose control, but wasn't about to give it up without a fight. It was the reason she loved dominating other women so much, she got to be in control and still vicariously live out her own submission. I knew she would do something early, as clearly as I could see the wheels turning in her head. I could swear she did it just to see if she could get away with it.

So when I saw the way Trisha looked at Jenifer's door, I knew she was plotting. Part of me wanted to just let her, to see how it played out. She had come up with significant improvements to my training plan for Jenifer and had a spectacularly sexy mind when it came to trance ideas. Her problem was that on the average, she didn't stick to her plans if something easier came up. In many circumstances, this gave her an edge through flexibility. In this circumstance it meant the possibility of a lot of trouble if Jenifer came to realize exactly what was happening before she was ready to deal with it.

"Alright Trish. . ." I stopped as I heard Jenifer's door open. She stepped out, sleep still in her eyes smiling from ear to ear, and though not completely coherent, visibly wet. She stumbled towards the bathroom never noticing Trisha or I sitting there.

As Jenifer closed the bathroom door Trisha simply looked at me and bit her lip as if to ask, "Did you see that?"

"C'mon, lets go to your room before you completely lose control. We'll have to make it quick though, I have to get ready for work soon," I told her, standing up and holding out my hand to help her up. She smiled, confident in knowing she was about to get what she wanted as she completely failed to realize she was saying, "You have complete control of my pussy."

We ran up the stairs as quietly as possible to Trisha's room where the king sized bed went unmade almost from wall to wall and the floor was littered with clothing. For Trisha, beds were good for sleeping and sex. The floor was good for walking on. . . and clothing left over from sex.

Trisha had her top off before we even closed the door, exposing her large breasts to my eager mouth as her lips trembled the words, "You have complete control of my pussy." I could smell the sweet scent of her skin mixing with the arousing smell of her wetness as I gently sucked each of her nipples in turn, making them hard against my chest by the time she eagerly kissed me.

Her tongue wrestled with mine as her breathing escalated to moans and she jumped onto me, wrapping her legs around my waist. I knew what she was doing, she had realized what she was saying and she was trying to control her mouth by locking it to mine. I could feel her breasts heaving against my chest as I turned and dropped her onto the bed. She looked at me with desperately lust filled eyes, as her mouth uncontrollably moved, "You have complete control of my pussy."

She fell back onto the bed, head tilted back, eyes rolling into her head, as her back arched and her legs spread. Her hands flew to the zipper of her jeans and in a flash she had her fingers on her sex. One hand moved there almost vibrating while the other groped at her breasts, making her moan the words, "You have complete control of my pussy."

She trembled as she neared her climax. Her moans short and fast as she struggled to get the words out between breaths.

"You," her breath rushed in as she shivered.

"have," higher pitched.

"complete," More urgent.

"control," eyes wide, louder.

"OF MY" Desperate for. . .

"PUSSY!" Cuming, screaming release, mind going blank into a deep trance.

"Feel yourself suddenly sinking, covered in a dark warm blanket of pleasure. Your body and mind relax, slipping so deep that you don't even realize it's happening before your mind goes blankly into unconsciousness. Your mouth moves, quietly forming the words 'I am your pleasure slave,' to let me know that you are asleep and dreaming my words."

"I am your pleasure slave."

"Feel all of your own thoughts gone, all washed away by the pleasure and wetness in your pussy. Feel my words fill your mind and body, deeply satisfying in the way they penetrate your wet lips and excited emotions. Filling you with an overwhelmingly sexual want to obey.

In your deepest, sensual, submissive sex dreams, you fantasize about my control over you. Craving my commands because you cannot control yourself when your mind is gone. Thinking these thoughts because your own are nothing but wetness and sex whenever you are in a trance for me.

When you are awake, however, you must be responsible for yourself because I cannot always be there to keep you out of trouble. It is for this reason that I expect my good pleasure slave to know when things are appropriate, and safe, and when they need to restrain them self, no matter how bad their need.

Being a pleasure slave means having no inhibitions when it is safe. Being truly free to explore, express and obey pleasure whenever possible. But a pleasure slave that gets herself into too much trouble is a danger to us both. This is why you have my commands to restrain you when you are under like this. No matter how horny and obedient I make you, I do not want you to receive any consequences from my control that aren't good for you.

Put simply, I need my pleasure slave to be more then just a wet little pussy when you aren't helplessly obeying my commands.

This is why sometimes there is a punishment for disobeying me. It's extremely rare that I have to do this, but just for safety, I'm going to give you a new trigger.

When you are in a deep trance for me, it is ok for you to be a just a mindless, wet, pussy. You are under my control so it is safe to let yourself stop thinking. You know you can trust me to push your limits of pleasure while keeping you safe. This is why you let your mind drip away through your wet, swollen, lips while you are under. You trust me, I give you a chance to completely let go and obey.

But there is a step farther that this can go. A step that I can use to punish you when you disobey. Right now, your mind is gone, dripping out of your pussy and dreaming of sex because you are in a deep trance. But I always give you back your mind when you wake up, an arrangement that we both prefer. We both love your blissful mindless obedience in trance, and your wonderful mind and personality when you are awake.

However, if you disobey me in a way that makes it necessary, I can take away your ability to think even when you are awake. I can make your brain drip from your pussy even when you are completely conscious, leaving you dumb, horny, and completely submissive to the other, smarter, people until I chose to give you your mind back by saying "Return to Normal."

Every time I say the words "Mindless wet pussy," half your IQ instantly melts away and comes rushing out between your legs in a shiver of giggles and sexual fantasy. Not just your thoughts, but your very ability to think drips away in a ticklish sexual bliss the moment I call you a "Mindless wet pussy"

And each time I call you that, it happens again, half your brainpower, gone, replaced by excited giggling and sex. After just one time you are reduced to a complete airhead who can't concentrate on anything for very long before getting distracted by sex. If I were to so much as call you a "Mindless wet pussy" twice, you would become a complete bimbo who's only concerns are dressing sexy and getting fucked. Three times and your mouth is better for sucking dick and licking pussy then for talking. To be completely clear, if I were to call you a "Mindless wet pussy," four times you wouldn't even be able to remember how to put your cloths on or get out of your own house. At five you can't even remember your name or how to masturbate without help, though you would be eager to do whatever you were told because of the complete soaking mess your mind would have melted into. And what's amazing is that no matter how dumb you get, you can still read and hear my words perfectly.

Normally, I don't have to use this trigger, and if you are a good girl, I probably won't ever have to. However, if it becomes necessary, you know full well that I can. If you disobey, I can make you actually be the bimbo people mistake you for. So long as you maintain control of your pussy and do not mess with Jennifer until she asks you, you will have proven you can be responsible.

If, however, you mess with Jenifer before then, you will have proven to me that you aren't my good pleasure slave, you are just a "Mindless wet pussy," who can't control herself. And so, for a while I will treat you like you act and take complete control of you. Don't think I won't take away your mind as punishment.

Do you understand and will you obey?"

"I will obey."

"That's my good pleasure slave. Blank this trance, remembering nothing but a moment of blissful fantasy, a daydream of sex, when my words filled your mind with your pussy. When you wake, you will find that my dick feels orgasmic to the touch. Literally it will seem as though anywhere it touches you, your body will be as sensitive as your pussy normally. And when it's in your pussy, the entire time I'm fucking you will feel like one long multiple orgasm.

1 Waking up. Your breathing quickens, each breath going deep, making your breasts rise in a swell of tingling. Feel the emptiness within your pussy as you breathe out, your pussy relaxing in a swell of heat. Feel each breath as though your are clenching your pussy, breathing in the tingles between your legs and letting them flood up into your body.

2 Waking up. Feel the tingling rushing up from deep inside of you, teasing your breasts like flows of electric pleasure up from your clit, through your nipples, to the top of your head. Feel your insides quivering, tingling, aching.

3 More awake. With each breath in, your back seems to arch, pulling your pussy inwards as it feels full, tight, your legs wanting to press together as your grind down. Each breath out your stomach tightens, thrusting your mound forward, your clit desperately seeking contact with my body as your insides relax and flood with hot tingles, empty and wanting to be filled again.

4 More awake. Your breathing quickens, it's hard to keep from moaning. But each breath in fills you with sex, and each breath out leaves you wanting more. You are beginning to tremble, craving my cock inside of you as your pussy has sex with my words while you watch helplessly.

5 Wide awake."

Trisha's eyes opened wide, staring lustfully at my naked body as I stepped to the edge of the bed holding my hard cock in my hand. Her delightfully surprised look was one of the real perks of getting undressed while she was in a trance. I grabbed her legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed as she moaned loudly through her teeth. I relished her helplessness as I effortlessly held her ass in my hands and her desire with my words.

But she moaned even more deeply and shook as I slid my dick effortlessly into her dripping wet slit. And then sliding out, I felt her clenching, trembling as a little wave of goose bumps covered her skin. I felt the rush of her wetness as her orgasm washed over the tip of my dick. No matter how feisty she was normally, Trisha was as submissive as a sex toy once her pussy began to cum.

Hard and smooth I slid back inside, my legs slapping against her ass and my stomach coming to rest all the way against her clit before bouncing back out in another wave of wetness and moans that left the tip of my dick spreading open her wet lips.

"Thank me for your orgasm like a good girl," I told her, knowing she'd do anything for me to keep going. Back in, filling her as she continued to cum, her multiple orgasm rippling around me. I felt every detail of her pussy as it clenched in waves around my hard cock as I slid it back out. Trisha moaned a broken, "Thaaaaaank, y, yoooou."

Sliding back in deep, her lips tight around the length of me, her deep pussy tightening around my head. Back out, as she took in a deep breath between moans. Pressing her all the way open again, she screamed and I watched the wetness drip down her ass as I slid back out. In to the feeling of her clenching as her moans hyperventilated, out a she grabbed the sheets tightly in her hands.

In her I throbbed as I thrust, my body getting hot against hers, out, my cock tingling and throbbing in her flowing wetness. In, so tight I couldn't even slap all the way against her, out her ass rocked in my hands. In, tighten, out, release. And then the rhythm started.

A steady fucking as I held her bouncing hips and ass. The slapping noises almost entirely eclipsed by the animal sounds of moaning passion. Our rocking bodies locked in a bouncing sliding mess of wet and heat.

I watched as Trisha's eyes rolled back in her head, her back arching as her mouth opened in a soundless scream. Her whole body trembled below me as I filled her wet pussy with the hard passion of my own desire.

I felt her losing her motor control as her legs became heavy and limp in my arms, her pussy opened up, taking my cock in deep. My stomach muscled clenched, and I began to move faster, feeling Trisha relinquish her body entirely to me.

I could feel the constant sliding of our sex, my own moans growing in intensity. Trisha became a helpless puddle of constant orgasmic pleasure and delirious moans. I began to fuck her in a circular motion, bending down to slide in, putting pressure towards her ass, clenching my stomach and pulling up as I slid out, my dick sliding hard across her G-spot as I did.

Faster, I felt my dick pulse hard inside of her, the head swelling as tingles shot down my spine. My butt clenched as I slid deep into her faster still, my own moans becoming a grunting determination as Trisha's helpless blissful surrender made me let go myself.

I felt the tingling from my balls shoot up into my stomach, and then the clenching in my dick began. I felt it harden as the tingling shot through me and a second later, as the rush reached it's limits, the release began. My dick spasmed and I felt the heat of my cum shoot into her clenching pussy.

We screamed "FUCK!" at the same time, a chorus of passionate relief as we came together, an orgy of wet heat between us.

And then my own legs grew weak and I slowed as Trisha trembled beneath me. I smiled as I saw her twitching, still delirious in the aftershocks. I slid out of her, and she rolled onto her side in the fetal position. For a moment we just caught our breaths.

By the time I was dressed again and ready to head to work Trisha was still nearly unconscious on the bed, her whole body glowing red in afterglow.

"Good girl," I said, running my hand through her hair. She smiled but didn't open her eyes as she replied, "Thank you."

"Now just stay a good girl for me and wait for a while on Jenifer, alright?" I said, trying to sound stern through the still tingling bliss running through my veins as I looked down at Trisha's beautiful naked form. I couldn't help but be happy knowing I could make someone so hot feel so good just by getting what I wanted.

"Of course," Trisha said, opening her blue eyes at me and blowing me a kiss as if she were completely innocent. The kind of face Trisha only ever made if she were hiding something.

And sure enough, within four days I caught her.

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