Becoming. . .

Warning: This is the first in a series of stories that when read will result in partial or complete bimbofication of the reader. Like most of my writing this is designed to not interfere with your normal life in any negative way, however, it will cause some noticeable changes to begin to happen. This first story is really an introduction and won't have extreme consequences. The more into this series you read, the more dramatic the effect.

Megan sighed as she took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes for a moment, then, squinting just a little, she looked at the clock. It was another day working overtime into the evening, the third this week, and she was still going to be somewhat behind tomorrow. She rubbed her neck with her left hand, then began to pack up her things.

When she had taken the management position in the office, she knew it would come with more stress just like it had come with more pay. It was the trade off for such a job, but on nights like this, she sometimes wished she had some kind of a personal life to balance out the stress of her job.

Briefcase in hand she stood and headed towards the door, where, to her surprise, her receptionist was still sitting at her computer, looking rather dazed.

"Lori, what are you still doing here?" Megan said almost with a laugh, "You know you don't have to wait for me to leave right?"

Lori seemed to jump just a little, as though she wasnít aware her boss was even present, "Oh, I'm sorry, what time is it? I got into reading something near closing and lost track of the time." Lori seemed flustered, blushing a little, Megan figured she must have been embarrassed for staying so late.

Megan rubbed her neck, it was really beginning to ache from looking at her computer screen all day, "Neck hurting," Lori asked sweetly.

"Yeah, it has been for a couple days." Megan said as Lori shut down her computer.

"I actually know this great place to get a massage," Lori said, quickly searching through her purse for the business card, "Itís on the way home if you live in Auburn."

"Thanks," Megan said taking the card, and seriously considering it, "How late are they open."

"Pretty late, they are actually still open now," Lori said with a smile.

"Alright, thanks Lori, I'll see you tomorrow morning."

* * *

Megan stood in the doorway of the sitting room, feeling that she was in a strange place, but not being quite able to put her finger on what it was. She had opened the door, the bell on it clanging quite loudly, then had stood there, for a moment taking in her surroundings.

The waiting room looked almost like a waiting room for any spa in the world. It was simple; light green walls, a coffee table, some couches, plants, a water cooler, a pot of coffee, and a window through which a secretary was visible. There were some pictures on the walls: the type that one would look at, find interest in for a minute, then never remember again. You know the kind, scenery of some sort; pretty, but generic. It was in fact, so ordinary, that she completely overlooked two things that would have given away the nature of the place.

The first, was the magazines. Instead of some women's magazines, some doctors journals, and a random assortment of home decorating and gossip magazines, compilations of various erotica sat casually on the coffee tables. It was fairly easy not to notice though, because the covers were not that different from the barely clothed women that normally grace magazine covers. In fact, one could easily pick one up and not realize what they held in their hand until they began reading.

The second thing that should have given this place away, was the secretary. At first glance, she too seemed perfectly normal, although quite good looking. She wore a white blouse, a dark gray suit jacket, a skirt and glasses. Her hair was up in a bun although a wisp of her blond hair hung casually over her left eye. She was reading something, and, if Megan had realized what there was to read in the room, she would have realized what seemed different about this woman as well; her breathing was that of an excited person, she defiantly wasn't wearing a bra because every once in a while, as she moved, her hard nipples were visible through her white shirt as her suit jacket parted just enough to see through her slightly transparent blouse, and she wasn't actually wearing makeup. . . she was just bushing enough to appear to be. And the hand that her head at first appeared to be resting on, also had one finger in her mouth, which she seemed to be absent mindedly biting.

"Hello," Megan said to the secretary, half expecting the woman behind the window to jump, as if being pulled from something intensely interesting. This, however, turned out to be the first thing that seemed strange to Megan: the secretary did not even look up from her reading, and instead, gave an absent minded, "hello," in return.

When Megan had first entered she had stood in the doorway because she wanted to get a feel for this place. Now, as she waited at the secretary's window, she stood there because no previous experience in her life taught her how to deal with the fact that the secretary's right hand had disappeared from view shortly after, "hello," and it seemed far too obvious where it had gone.

"I. . .I'm here because. . ." Why was she here again? "I wanted to get a massage . . and. . ."

"Here" The secretary looked up from her reading for the first time and stared directly into Megan's eyes. Megan felt her hand move forward on it's own as the secretary held out a clipboard with some forms on it. This was much more standard human interaction, so much so that Megan instinctively took the clip board from her hand. It took a couple of moments before she realized which hand the secretary had used to hand her the clipboard.

Megan decided to leave, but before she could turn the woman behind the window was speaking to her, "Our masseuse will see you right now, go ahead through the door there on the left."

Megan said, "Thank you" rubbed her neck for a moment, and hurried from the waiting room. She only half realized she was entering the door on the left instead of exiting the building.

Megan let the door close quickly behind her, but she wasn't aware of what was going on enough to survey her new surroundings. In her mind she was playing and replaying what had just happened, wondering if she had imagined it all, and then she realized someone was speaking to her.

"Hello," The man in front of her held out a hand in greeting, "I'm Julian, can I get you anything to drink? Tea? Coffee? Water?"

She shook his hand, feeling her wandering thoughts snapping to attention, "no, I'm good, thank you."

"Alright then, I'll leave the room for a moment so you can get comfortable. I'll knock before I come back in to make sure you are under the towels. Feel free to put the headphones on and listen to the relaxing music until I get back."

"Ok," Megan said, signing the clipboard quickly, and then handing it to him. He closed the door quietly and left.

Megan stood in the dimly lit room looking at the candles for a moment, then decided she had surely been imagining things in the lobby. She slipped slowly out of her cloths, a simple black top and black pants to match. It was typical of what she wore to work, conservative, to not draw attention to her long legs and gentle curves.

She let her hair brown hair down and placed it in a pony tail to keep it out of the masseuse's way, then, took off her glasses and made her way to the massage table. She unhooked her bra and tossed it on top of her cloths then slid between the warm towels rubbing her neck. She slipped on the headphones and waited for Julian to return.

The music was nice, soothing. She took in a deep breath and let herself relax for the first time in what seemed like weeks. She tried to think about her week so far, but the music was surprisingly distracting. She realized how tired she was from working so much and felt her thoughts relaxing towards sleep.

She listened to the strange music, which seemed to echo in her head somehow, almost like it was making an open space inside her mind. She felt herself relax almost unconsciously as she closed her eyes and let herself become dazed.

Some time passed, she heard a knock and almost didn't respond. She managed a faint, :Come in," and felt suddenly like she had been asleep, and wanted to go back to sleep. She noticed the smell of incense being lit, then drifted off, carried by the sweet sounds and smells blowing through her mind like a warm summer breeze.

She felt the towels pulled slowly down from her shoulders till they only covered her butt. Then a gentle, lotion covered hand began on her back, working it's way up towards her neck. She felt a gentle tingle run up her spine and across her scalp. Inside her head the tingles mixed with the open space and relaxation until she felt light headed.

Julian spoke quietly behind the music, "I want you to take in a deep breath and let it out. Pay very close attention to how it feels to breathe.

Let yourself focus on your breathing, letting all the normal stress of life go, letting your thoughts go. Almost as though each breath in, you breathe in relaxation and breathe out all of your stress.

Focus also on my touch, almost as though my fingers pull all of the negative energy, all of your thoughts and feelings, and actions, out of your body. Then feel my touch replacing all of your thoughts with my words, and replacing all of your feelings with the gentle pleasure of touch.

Take in another deep breath and pay attention to they way your body simply moves on it's own, naturally, even though you participate by deepening the breaths. Take another breath in and let it out. What is happening now, is something you have probably experienced before after paying attention to your breathing. You will notice more and more, that it is hard to not notice that you are breathing. Much like a song in the background sometimes distract you from your own normal thoughts.

You are focused on your breathing, on that natural action to the point that you seem to be stuck participating in it consciously right now, constantly noticing it. And because you are constantly noticing it, you can effect it in very subtle ways.

Imagine how you breathe when you are relaxed. The slow, deep breaths. Now imagine how you must breathe when you are asleep. There is a certain kind of breathing that happens when you are asleep, something you are deeply aware of even if you donít ever consciously remember how you breathe when you are sleeping. Focus on what you must breathe like when sleeping.

Imagine now for a moment, that you are, in fact sleeping, and yet, are somehow still aware of your breathing. As though, in some strange way, you have managed to fall asleep without ever stopping paying attention to your breaths. Focus on how you breathe when you are sleeping, paying close attention to the calm, natural, automatic breaths. You don't have to cause yourself to breathe, it just happens, and you watch it.

Everyone breathes while they sleep, yet not everyone has ever seen how they breathe when they are asleep. You are asleep and watching your breaths. It is a very strange sensation, one that actually makes you feel very tired, relaxed, and dazed. Strangely, the sensations make you want to dream, to slip off into unconsciousness.

It's as though your breathing is giving your body and mind the signal that it is time to loose consciousness. You are, after all, asleep and watching the way you breathe while sleeping. Somehow, with every breath you take now, you feel your breathing pulling you deeper asleep. Your breathing is telling your mind to sleep, just like your body is sleeping, and because of that, you feel your mind becoming dazed.

Yet, you continue to focus on your breathing as your breathing falls into a deep trance. You follow every movement of your breath, following it deeper. Your mind is heavy, no longer fully awake or conscious, but paying attention as you slip deeper into unconsciousness, following your natural progression into sleep, lead by your breathing.

As you slip under though, you do something else that is out of the ordinary. Much in the same way that you watched your breathing, and continue to watch it, as you sleep, you are continuing to pay attention to my words. This is a strange sensation, to have words to pay attention to while you sleep, much like it was a strange sensation to see your breathing while you sleep.

Your eyes, like your mind, feel heavy with sleep. And yet, they remain open, like your mind because you are watching your breathing as you sleep. Your breathing continues to go deeper asleep as you watch it, and you find that taking in my words is as natural and easy as breathing. You may have never noticed it before, but taking words into your mind is just as natural and automatic as breathing. You could do it in your sleep just like you could breathe in your sleep.

If you were to loose consciousness, you would keep breathing, even though you were no longer watching it consciously. If you were to stop paying attention you would still take my words deep into your mind. Your mind, like your lungs, does not need your attention to take my words deep inside of you. Your eyes remain open, dazed, yet watching as my words go into your mind, but you, stop consciously watching them, letting your eyes read on their own, just like your lungs now breathe on their own.

You find yourself feeling strangely like you are dreaming, floating in a mist or a fog. Everything inside your mind is shadows of black inside a white mist so bright it is impossible to see through. You know that the dark shapes guide your path so you watch them closely as they materialize into trees. At first, it is just one lone tree, a fully leafy one with silvery bark. And then the fog recedes into the background and more trees come through one at a time.

You find yourself, no longer facing a tree in a white fog, but a forest of trees emerging through the mist. You arenít sure precisely how you arrived here so you take a couple of steps forward to look around. More trees emerge, one after another, slowly slipping into view from the white fog, until something larger appears in front of you. It seems to be a pool of clear blue water.

You look down into the pool and see a very strange rock. You reach down through the cool water to pick it up and see in it a memory, although you aren't sure where the memory is from. You look closely at it's contents and see the entrance to this massage parlor and what the secretary looked like when you came in.

You toss the memory back into the pool and immediately recall coming to this place for a massage. Then, you notice a very strange rock on the side of the pool, it is also a memory, but, being outside of the pool, you do not know what it is. So you throw it in.

Immediately, you know that the words "Deep Trance" will bring you immediately back to this pool, or even deeper into a trance. Every time you read or hear those words you slip deep into a trance. The rock sinks deep into the bottom of the pool to where you can no longer see it, mixing with your other memories so deep that you know it more instinctively then consciously. Likewise you now know that the words "wide awake" will bring you back out of the trance just as quickly as "deep trance" puts you under.

There is another rock next to the pool, so you throw it in as well, watching the water ripple behind it. You know in a very deep way, that any time you are in a trance, and you read or hear the words "Blank this trance" you will reach into the pool and find the memory of everything that happened after you fell asleep, then you will take it back out of the pool. You will set it beside the pool, where you will forget it entirely.

It's not that it's gone, it's something stranger. Much like when you forget one item at the store. There was just nothing that connected your thoughts to that far away thing you could have otherwise remembered. Likewise, when something is removed from the pool, it simply isn't connected to anything, there is nothing to remind you of it because it isn't in the pool.

Also, any time you try to remember something that has been removed from the pool, any time you try to recall a trance that has been blanked, your subconscious will actively block you from remembering. It will do this by causing your mind and body to fill with thoughts and feelings of sexual desire. The harder you try to remember, the more aroused you will become, until you become so distracted that you can't even concentrate enough to try and remember, becoming so dazed and horny that you cant even recall what you were trying to remember..

Blank This Trance.

You reach down and pick up a shiny rock, then set it beside the pool.

Then, you find another rock beside the pool and look into it. Inside you can see your pussy being licked as you become intensely aroused, your pussy moistening as you feel each movement between your sensitive lips. You place this pebble in the water where the other one had been.

Then you begin walking out of the fog. When I reach the number 5, you will be wide awake.

1. You are slowly waking up, becoming more and more aware that you are taking my words into your mind.

2. You stretch and feel like you have just taken a very pleasant nap that you are now waking up from. It's ok to rub your eyes, wiggle your toes, or yawn as you become more and more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

You are beginning to wake up more and more with each moment that goes by. 3. You are part of an erotic story and you want to see what happens next."

Megan became aware of the massage table she was laying on, and the wonderfully relaxing touch on her back.. Headphones. Had she been listening to something when she fell asleep? She didn't really remember, she must have fallen asleep really fast. "4." She looked around the room as she became more awake with every moment that passed. That's right she was getting a massage.

5. . . "wide awake," the voice said calmly and Megan blinked her eyes a couple of times as she opened them.

To her surprise she felt quite refreshed and relaxed even though she was quite sure she had just slept through the entire massage. She smiled and stretched.

"Alright, I'll let you get dressed, you can pay the receptionist on your way out. Have a good evening," the masseuse calmly and quietly left the room.

Megan stood slowly, a little dizziness lingering, and then as she stepped to the floor she suddenly became intensely aware of the fact that her pussy was wet. She was a little surprised by this and tried to think back to what could have turned her on so much. She really couldn't remember, she must have been asleep, but as she thought back her pussy only seemed to begin to tingle and moisten all over again.

She smiled, "it must have been a very good massage," she thought to herself. Then, after only a momentís hesitation she quickly slipped back into her cloths and headed to the lobby thinking about how long it had been sense she had last had an orgasm.

Almost in a daze, she paid the receptionist then headed home, this time completely failing to realize that the receptionist looked almost ravished; her clothing no longer quite as straight, the top two buttons of her blouse unbuttoned, revealing marks where someone had defiantly been touching her breasts, and her cheeks even more flushed then before.


Megan lay awake in bed far past when she should have fallen asleep. Thanks to the massage her neck no longer seemed to hurt, but for some reason now her pussy ached for attention. She kept thinking back to how wet she had been after her massage and then trying to remember what had made her so wet. She couldn't stop thinking that it must have been the best massage in her life and for some reason she had slept through most of it.

Megan almost wished she had a boy friend to call to come over, but ever sense college she had been so focused on her work that she never really had time for a love interest. And although her pussy was throbbing she was not the kind of girl who touched herself. She rolled over and tried to go to sleep.


The next day at work Megan was tired but surprised as she grabbed her morning coffee. She had actually had sex dreams when she had finally fallen asleep, and they had been vivid enough to wake her up more then once. She was still aroused somewhat as she showered and got ready for work, but by the time she was in her car on the way to work she managed to be relatively focused again and almost forgot about her trip to the massage parlor.

It wasn't till late in the day, as she finished up her paperwork and her neck began to ache a little that she found her memory drifting back to how she had felt after her massage. She realized that she hadn't slept too extremely well the night before because of how aroused she had been, and somehow, even though she was tired now, she couldn't help but feel a gentle heat building between her legs.

She tried not to think about it even as she crossed and uncrossed her legs but somehow as she thought back to the previous night she became more and more distracted. Finally, taking off her glasses and rubbing her eyes she sighed, then stretched, and rubbed her neck again. She looked around the office, she was the last one here, even Lori had gone home. She closed up her computer and gathered her things.

On the drive home she couldn't seem to stop thinking about how relaxed she had felt, and how much better her neck had felt, and how turned on she had been after her massage, until finally, as she saw the exit she decided to stop again.

She parked her car, tried to pretend that her pussy wasn't at least part of the reason she was here again, and walked casually in the door. Inside she saw a different secretary whom also seemed somehow very distracted. This woman was dark harried, oriental, and incredibly busty, her button up shirt a little too small. She looked up at Megan almost startled and managed to say, "Can I help you?" with only a slight trace of breathlessness.

"Yes," Megan said, trying so hard to not betray the fact that being her was making her horny that she didn't even notice that the secretary was having similar problems, "I'd like an hour massage."

"Alright, I'll show you to the room," the secretary stood and came out from behind her window walking with a grace and sensuality that Megan imagined only a Geisha would possess. The secretary was wearing a short black skirt and a white button up shirt, a very similar outfit to the one the other secretary had been wearing. Megan assumed it was some kind of uniform for the employees.

The oriental woman showed her to her room and then quietly showed herself out. Megan got undressed and crawled under the towels trying to convince herself that she was here because of her neck and not because of the wetness that she felt on her thighs. She tried to calm herself down but couldn't, all the while telling herself that it was just her imagination it had just been too long sense she had sex.

As she adjusted her position a little she turned her head and noticed a pair of headphones sitting nearby on the counter. She reached over and picked them up. She heard some pleasant music so she slipped them on.

Suddenly Megan felt incredibly relaxed, so much so that it was hard to move, and then, as a voice said something in her ear, "Deep trance," her mind went completely blank as she fell asleep.

"Whenever you go into a deep trance you will feel an intense mental and physical relaxation. Your breathing will seem to carry you deeper with every breath as you feel like you are getting the best massage of your life.

You can feel someone rubbing your shoulders as your mind goes completely blank and your breathing becomes so calm you couldn't wake up if you wanted to. Somehow it actually feels as though both your body and mind are being massaged. Your mind feeling a pleasure and relaxation as much as your body does. You feel hands rubbing you everywhere.

Any time you wake up from a deep trance you will feel like you have just had the best massage of your life because the muscles in your body and mind will all be so relaxed from constantly feeling the massage while you were asleep.

Now, as you feel the hands gently rubbing down your spine while simultaneously playing with your hair and rubbing your feet, you are going to go deeper. Starting with your feet you are going to feel an intense relaxation pour up through your body.

Your feet are relaxed and rubbed. Then your legs. Then your butt, hips and pussy as you let yourself feel the guilt free pleasure of how wet you are right now. Then your entire back relaxes as your breathing deepens. Then your shoulders relax along with your arms, only leaving enough muscle control to keep reading. Then your neck relaxes feeling a hundred fingers touching it perfectly. And finally your head relaxes, getting all tingly and spaced out, leaving only enough thought to continue reading.

Any time you are in a deep trance like this, and you are commanded to do something you will find that there is a proper response that comes to mind. Whenever I have completed an instruction I will ask if you understand and if you will obey. If you understand the command you will respond with "I will obey," and when you do, you will let the command sink deep into the pool of water where only your subconscious can remember it.

Do you understand and will you obey?

Megan's mouth moved on it's own in her sleep, "I will obey."

Good. From now on whenever you wake up, weather it is from a trance or from sleeping, you will find that your pussy is wet. For some reason whenever you are unconscious and ready to wake up, you become very aroused. If you wake up and do not cum, you will find yourself incredibly horny all day.

If, however you bring yourself to an orgasm you will find that you really enjoy touching yourself and for some reason you don't have any negative feelings about doing it. You aren't sure if it is because you are only half awake when you start touching, but for some reason you love to cum first thing in the morning. Every time you cum this way you will find yourself imagining back to your massage and somewhere deep in your mind you won't even realize that you are thinking, "I will obey" as you carry out my command. Do you understand and will you obey?

"I will Obey,"

Good. When you wake up from this massage you will find you want to touch as well, but you won't immediately, instead you will feel how horny you get if you don't bring yourself to orgasm after waking up.

Blank this trance, watch the memory fade, replaced by a memory of a massage and fantasizing about sex.

When I reach the number 5 you will find yourself awake.

1 Waking up, your pussy is throbbing, you feel so good, so relaxed and perfect. 2 More awake, becoming more and more aware of your surroundings. 3." Megan barely caught her hand trying to slip down under the towels as she felt the masseuse bringing the massage to a close. "4" More awake her pussy was so wet she realized that it was probably soaking the towel below her. "5 wide awake."

The masseuse slipped quietly out of the room. Megan practically leapt from the massage table, throwing her cloths on in a rush as she tried her hardest not to touch her pussy. She slipped out the door not even looking at the receptionist as she headed to her car.

She drove home trying not to think about how wet she was, trying to focus on the road.

She ran to her apartment carrying her shoes, she had somehow never even put them on. She flew into the apartment and headed straight for the shower.

Becoming. . .(Part II)

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