Becoming. . .(Part II)

Warning: This is the second in a series of stories that when read will result in partial or complete bimbofication of the reader. Like most of my writing this is designed to not interfere with your normal life in any negative way, however, it will cause some noticeable changes to begin to happen. This first story is really an introduction and won't have extreme consequences. The more into this series you read, the more dramatic the effect.

Megan was only vaguely aware of her alarm clock going off as her fingers slid slowly down her body. With her other hand she reached blindly for snooze as her fingers made their way almost unconsciously under the waistband of her pajamas.

She rolled over to go back to sleep for ten minutes as her hand dropped between her legs. She was tired, she hadn't been able to sleep for hours the night before. She had gotten home, torn her cloths off, and immediately taken a cold shower. She had hoped that doing so would get her mind off of sex for just long enough to calm down, but it hadn't.

She had tossed and turned in bed for at least an hour trying to ignore the fact that she was wet. Off and on she would catch herself fantasizing about waking up from a massage and having sex. For the first time in her life she had actually considered masturbating, but had managed to control herself just long enough to pass out from exhaustion. She hadn't been that horny sense. . . well. . . ever.

She sighed as her middle finger slid down her wetness and she slipped back into a state of half dreaming. Her imagination drifted back to the massage table and the wonderful feeling of having her back rubbed just above her butt. She felt his expert hands doing gentle circles on either side of her spine, slowly moving downward over her naked body.

Her legs pressed together as her back arched into his touch. Goosebumps flowed down her spine and across the gentile curve of her ass as she got lost in the touch. For a moment she thought she heard him talking to her, but she couldn't make out the words, they seemed somehow distant compared to the sensual nature of his caress.

The hands kept moving downward, she almost didn't realize the transition they were making from her back to her ass. The muscles in her butt seemed to flex and stretch involuntarily as her legs pressed together around her hand. Something between her legs felt wonderful. A soft moan escaped her lips. The hands began to rub her butt.

She felt the soft vibration of his massage across the entirety of her lower regions. Her middle finger found her clit. Her stomach muscles tightened. He grabbed her butt cheek with each of his hands and massaged in large sweeping circles as he softly groped. Rubbing in circles moving everything below her belly button as he did. Rubbing in circles faster and faster her pussy flooded. Rubbing in circles her insides tightened. Rubbing in circles she began to moan. Rubbing in circles. . .rubbing in circles. . .

Suddenly Megan's eyes opened, for only a moment did she realize what she was doing, and by the time the realization sunk in, it felt too good; it was too late to stop it. Her insides first twitched, then fully tightened, then flexed all the way to somewhere deep within her pussy. Heat exploded within her, wetness poured out beneath her fingers. Her eyes rolled back in her head, the lids closing as her mouth opened in a long growl of a moan. Her climax tore through her body like it had been building up, waiting to explode for years.

It was several minutes before Megan did anything. She was smiling, blushing, euphoric, and somewhat conflicted. She had never really touched herself before. She always considered it to be somehow improper for women to do. But on the other hand, it had felt so good.

She wasn't sure what had gotten into her, this was not like her, ever sense she had gotten that first massage she had felt like her sex drive was on some kind of overdrive. Maybe it had just been too long sense she had really been touched by someone else in a way that felt pleasurable. Megan looked at the clock almost absent mindedly, then suddenly realized she really needed to get ready for work. She forced herself to stop thinking about how good the massages had been, and got out of bed trying to ignore how wet her pajamas were.

Then, it suddenly dawned on her. . . Had she forgotten to pay?


Work seemed to drag on as Megan kept replaying the events of the previous night over and over in her mind. She was certain that in her flustered rush to get home into a cold shower she had actually forgotten to pay for her massage.

She watched the hours tick by as she did paperwork. She tried to think through how she was going to explain herself, as she attended meetings. At times her thoughts drifted from her embarrassment to how good the massage had been to make her act like that; and then she would have to force herself to focus as she noticed her pussy getting warm.

About half way through the day she made up her mind to go back and just pay, then leave, even though she wanted a massage again she didn'''t want to be there for long after admitting she hadn't paid.

And then, the hours seemed to fly by as she wished she could stall for just a little longer, not knowing exactly what excuse she was going to use. She worked past close just to avoid going. Then reluctantly went to her car.


Megan actually hesitated before she opened the door to the massage parlor. She considered just leaving and never coming back. But something inside wouldn't let her. She opened the door trying hard to not blush as her pussy moistened at the memory of how she had felt when she had last been here. She approached the receptionist, whom was yet again a different woman.

"Can I help you?" The young red head said visibly blushing, "Would you like a massage today?"

"No, I," Megan's cheeks felt hot, "I forgot to pay when I left yesterday, I wanted to drop by and take care of it."

"Oh," the receptionist said, blushing even more for some reason, then smiling, "I know how it can be after a massage."

Megan wasn't sure how to respond, she wondered if the receptionist did know how she had felt yesterday, but then caught herself before saying anything. The young red head could have been talking about being relaxed or spacey or any number of things that were not the cause of her forgetting to pay. Megan decided to just let the comment hang in the air as the woman began ringing her up.

"Are you sure you don't want a massage today as well?" The woman adjusted her bra and Megan realized for the first time that this particular receptionist was extremely busty. The white shirt she wore was buttoned all the way to the top, but the buttons looked like they were about to burst, "I can ring it up at the same time and show you into the room."

Megan tried to think for a moment but the more she thought about getting a massage the more turned on she became, she found herself answering almost before she had decided. She found herself heading back to the room almost before she had finished handing over the money. The busty red head followed closely behind her with a kind of energy that made Megan wonder if the woman really did know why she hadn't paid last time.

Megan began undressing almost before the receptionist had left the room, and even caught her for a brief moment looking at her before she left. Megan slipped out of her cloths, noticing how flushed her skin was. She took off her glasses last, grabbed the headphones and then slipped under the towel. She heart music only for a moment, then the words "Deep Trance," and Megan fell deep asleep.

"Immediately you feel phantom hands rubbing all over your body. You can feel the touch of fingers on your neck, then your back, then your butt. Your breathing seems to slow on it's own as you become incredibly focused on feelings of complete contentment and relaxation. As you slip deeper and deeper into the trance you find yourself becoming massaged better and better. The deeper you go, the better it feels, and the better it feels, the deeper you go.

You take in a deep breath and then feel your mind go entirely blank. Whenever you are getting a massage you feel so good, so happy, and so aroused that you become incredibly suggestible. Even if you are not triggered to go into a trance, getting a massage makes you feel like it's hard to think. You become spacey and feel incredible and because of this you become a little air headed, but that's ok, it feels so good that you just let yourself stop thinking for yourself as you get very aroused.

When you are in a trance and you are getting a massage the effect is thousands of times stronger. You find yourself unable to think anything besides an emotional want to obey. You find yourself thinking, almost repeating, I will obey' in your mind almost like you can't think anything else without being told to.

Feel yourself in a trance and being massaged right now, the fingers rubbing your lower back as your body relaxes intensely it feels so good that you can't think straight at all. You don't even realized it but every time you read the words I will obey' you end up mouthing them.

By now you have already noticed some changes in your behavior although you may not know why you are cuming almost every morning, and the days you haven't, you have been incredibly horny all day long. You don't know why or how you are changing, but you are somewhat aware that something has changed. Your sex drive is stronger, needing to cum every day. Every time you wake up, weather it is from a trance or sleeping you have an intense desire to cum and no inhibitions about touching yourself.

And the effect gets stronger every day. Each time you cum in the morning it becomes more of a habit, and each time you don't, you are reminded all day long that for some reason your body craves an orgasm at least once a day.

You aren't sure what is causing this, but you want to express it because it is so strange. Because of this you find yourself wanting to keep a blog about what is happening to you. For as long as you continue to change because of what this hypnosis is doing to you, you will have an intense desire to write about it, even if it's an anonymous blog, and even if it's very short entries, you want to express what is happening to you and how you are changing.

Do you understand and will you obey?

"I will obey,"

Now, in your mind begin repeating the words, "I'm so horny when I wake up," letting them sink deep into your subconscious. Whenever you wake up, weather it's from a trance or just from sleeping your pussy seems to tingle and flood.

I'm so horny when I wake up.

You aren't sure what is causing this, it just sort of started happening. You don't seem to mind it, in fact you like it. Whenever you wake up you find you have to cum or you are horny all day long.

I'm so horny when I wake up.

What's strange is that this seems more and more true the longer it goes on. You are getting used to being horny when you wake up, it's just part of waking up for you. You always wake up aroused.

I'm so horny when I wake up.

And you find it so interesting that it just started happening that you want to write about it, almost wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else.

I'm so horny when I wake up.

Good, from now on, roughly once a week you will want to return here, although you don't know why. Once a week you will come here to reinforce the changes that are happening to you, although as far as you know you just like coming here because you enjoy the massages. Once a week, until you are completely transformed you will continue to come here and feel yourself change more and more each time, until it becomes permanent.

I'm so horny when I wake up.

Blank this trance.

You find the memory removed while all the commands sink deep into your subconscious.

When I reach the number five you will find yourself awake and refreshed feeling like you have just had the best massage of your life and feeling as though you were asleep for part of it. Because of this you will feel like you just woke up.

I'm so horny when I wake up.

1 Waking up. You feel yourself very warm and tingly. Your fingers want to roam. You feel dazed and slightly suggestible. A little like you can't think straight as your pussy seems to come to life. 2 More awake. As you wake up you find yourself more and more turned on. Your fingers slip down to touch. 3 more awake.

I'm so horny when I wake up.

Megan rolled over slowly onto her side as she felt the fingers rubbing her neck finally stop. She only vaguely remembered hearing the masseuse leave.

4 Almost fully awake, warm, tingly, not thinking really anything in particular, just feeling how good your body feels.

Megan's fingers slipped down between her legs where her pussy was already wet and tingly.

5 Wide awake.

Megan began to touch without ever really thinking about where she was. It just never seemed to cross her mind. She was naked, warm, happy, and intensely turned on. She imagined the hands that had just been rubbing her slipping down between her legs and rubbing the way her fingers now did.

She wondered what his fingers would feel like there, after all, she was so horny no matter where he rubbed her. She imagined that his touch on her wetness would make her cum almost immediately. Megan moaned lightly and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs as she imagined his fingers inside her.

Almost without warning, just from the thought of his fingers buried in her pussy, Megan came. Goosebumps flooded over her entire body as heat exploded through her.

For a moment she just lay there basking in the afterglow and feeling a couple soft aftershocks. Then as she realized where she was she began to smile and blush. She stood slowly as she felt dizzy an euphoric. She couldn't stop smiling and that made her blush even more. For some reason she liked the idea of having cum in a public place although she never would admit it to anyone.

Megan put her cloths back on slowly, enjoying the persisting moistness against her panties. She decided that she would wait a week before she came back, just to give herself a rest, then headed out smiling and flushed.

She passed the red haired secretary and waved, happy that she had already paid. As she closed the door she thought she heard someone moan behind the sound of the bell on the door, but her mind quickly wandered from the thought to how great her body felt after a massage and an orgasm.

Becoming. . .(Part III)

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