Becoming. . .

Warning: This is the third in a series of stories that when read will result in partial or complete bimbofication of the reader. Like most of my writing this is designed to not interfere with your normal life in any negative way, however, it will cause some noticeable changes to begin to happen. This first story is really an introduction and won't have extreme consequences. The more into this series you read, the more dramatic the effect. By the end of this story you will have a trigger that will result in you becoming a bimbo for about an hour.

Blog Entry


Megan Silverman

Subject: Something Weird is Going On With Me.

Before I get too deep into this, let me first say that I'm usually not a very sexual person. I mean, not more so then most girls. I've had my share of boyfriends and I had plenty of sex in college, but I've never been the type to really get horny or anything. It usually takes some kind of stimulation to really get me going. I require a lot of foreplay at the very least. Never in my life have I really just woke up and found myself all turned on and before about a week ago, I have never. . . You know, taken care of myself.

Recently however, something has changed and I am not sure why or how. I've been waking up every morning hot and bothered and so wet and tingly I can hardly stand it. I remember reading something that said women hit their sexual prime in their thirties, but I technically have like three years left before that.

I guess what I am saying is for some reason lately I've just been so horny in the morning that if I don't take care of myself I can't think straight for the rest of the day. This morning I managed to stop myself from touching for the first time in nearly a week, and I've been wet almost constantly all day long.

I just got home and I can hardly sit still. Has this ever happened to any one else? Could it be something I ate? Or is this normal and I've just never really been like this? Is there something wrong with me?

God I'm so sexually frustrated right now. Maybe I'll go get a massage or something to take my mind off it.


Megan hit post and quickly shut off her computer trying to ignore the fact that her panties were now soaked. She was glad she had worn black pants today because she was quite sure that otherwise her arousal might have become visible at some point during her work day.

Like the moment her coworker John had walked by wearing some new cologne. Megan had always considered him mildly attractive, but today, upon smelling whatever he had been wearing she had actually had to go to the bathroom to clean up.

Megan slipped out of her pants and took her underwear off as she let out a kind of frustrated sigh. She went to the bathroom and wiped herself off, then got a new pair from her dresser before throwing her pants back on and grabbing her keys. She almost forgot to put on shoes on her way out to the car.

She ran back inside and grabbed a pair of black heals. She usually didn't wear them, but something in her current state of arousal made here want to accent her legs when she went out in public.


Megan arrived at the massage parlor later then usual because of her stop off at home, but she knew they would be open for about an hour more after she arrived. She got out of her car and found she enjoyed the sway of her hips as she walked in the front door. Just the thought of a massage had her both relaxed and more aroused.

Today the secretary was a young dark skinned woman with a very friendly smile who giggled softly as Megan walked in.

Megan walked up to the counter in her heals and the woman greeted her after biting her full lips.

Megan was showed back to the room almost immediately.

Once the door was closed she slipped out of her cloths, realizing rather suddenly that her fresh underwear were almost as wet as the last pair. She hid them under her pants and climbed between the warm towels.

She put the headphones on but was actually a little disappointed to find that there was no music on them yet. It was only a few minutes before the masseuse came in but even in that short time Megan found it hard to keep her fingers from wandering.

"How are you today?"He said as he opened the door only a crack.

"Good, I'm ready you can come in," Megan replied with a smile in her voice.

"Glad to hear it," He said as he entered and immediately spread lotion on his hands.

His fingers quickly rolled the towels down from her back to the top of her butt then began rubbing the muscles on either side of her spine, working up in little circles. Megan felt a flood of goose bumps cover her entire body and rush up into her head.

"Anything in particular you want me to focus on today?" He said as his fingers made their way up her back, each touch making it harder and harder for her to think clearly.

"Um. . . I. . . Whatever you. . . God that feels good. . . " Megan trailed off, not sure if she had answered the question or not. She heard herself moan softly as his fingers reached her neck. He pussy grew hot. She smiled forgetting that it was usually her neck that hurt and getting lost in the touch.

"If it starts to feel too good and you want me to stop or anything let me know. I have been known to do too good a job sometimes and make people get turned on or have orgasms."

Megan's head spun as she let out another little moan then smiled, "Really? I didn't know that was possible," she barely managed to stop herself from saying that it wouldn't surprise her as her clit began to throb in time with her heartbeat. Part of her wanted it to be true as she tried to think of ways she might hide such an event so that if it began to happen she could let it.

"Oh yes, it's possible. A really good massage will make you cum. Usually only if the masseuse is very good though. I hear I give a really good massage every time though."

"Oh. . . That's. . ." Megan"s thought trailed off as her pussy throbbed and his words seemed to echo in her head. "A really good massage will make you cum," his words hung in her mind and nothing came to replace them in the blank space of her thoughts. She giggled for just a moment as he touched her sides lightly. Then she moaned as his hands returned to the center of her back, pressing down and making her stomach press just a little into the massage table. Her pussy flooded.

Somewhere in Megan's head as tingles covered her body she had a brief thought that perhaps she shouldn't let herself cum from this, that it wasn't something she would normally do. But the thought evaporated as he spoke again, "You don't want me to stop do you?"

Megan realized she was moaning. How long had she been moaning? His question was spoken more like a command then a question. Her back arched, her legs pressed together, his fingers massaged their way down to where her butt began, rubbing little circles, "No," she moaned.

Somewhere a voice said she should control herself, but she really couldn't think straight. She felt slightly out of control as her pussy sent tingles all the way to her head. She felt spacey but it felt incredible. She felt a little air headed, as her pussy tingled so much it tickled, and she giggled. But for some reason it was ok, it felt so good that she just let herself stop thinking.

Her butt pressed up into his fingers as the towel slipped down. He didn't stop massaging, his hands just kept moving down until he was massaging her butt. She felt the movement of his hands all the way in her pussy. And then, as she got lost in the sensations, her pussy tightened and then erupted. She felt a flood of tingles shoot all the way from her pussy to the top of her head as she let out a long series of moans that ended in a high pitched scream of pleasure. Her pussy finally found release, leaving her breathing hard as she calmed down beneath his touch .

She felt dizzy and happy and amazingly relaxed, as though the day's sexual frustration had finally found fulfillment. She lay on the table feeling her entire body go limp as she heard him say "Deep Trance."

Take in a deep breath and feel your mind and body relax immediately. Each time you go under because of the words "Deep Trance" you go deeper, faster, easier. You are already at a point where sometimes you don't realize you have gone all the way under until you are waking up on the other side.

It's as though simply reading those words makes your mind go completely blank, and you begin thinking, feeling and doing everything you read. Somewhere deep in your mind you actually hear your own voice repeating everything you read here as you go deeper with every second that goes by.

You quickly find yourself sitting by a pool of water in a foggy forest as you smile and let me freely move the rocks in the pool.

Then, something strange happens, you feel my fingers massaging your body all over, every place. But then, it becomes apparent that I am not just massaging your body, I am also massaging your mind and your emotions. You can somehow strangely feel my fingers on your thoughts and emotions, touching them with as much expert skill as I touch your body.

You feel as though my touch finds every part of your mind, massaging your thoughts into complete submission as though I could mold your every thought and feeling with ease. You feel my massage on your mind so strongly that you can't think anything but the most basic thoughts on your own, the rest, you leave to my fingers as you suddenly feel amazing.

From now on any time you are in this massage parlor, or even just reading about being in it, you will feel something happen in your mind. This place makes it hard to think straight. You get so horny and so distracted by thoughts of sex that there just isn't room in your mind for anything else. You feel almost ditzy while you are here and you can't help yourself getting intensely turned on and distracted by your throbbing pussy.

To some degree, while you are here, you are a different person, a complete bimbo lost in the amazing feelings of your own sexuality and without any concern about what society might think. You are like this immediately under two conditions and only two conditions.

The first is any time you are in this massage parlor. The second is any time I say or type the words "Mental Massage." In either case the effect is the same; you feel as though your mind is being massaged instead of your body. And it's being massaged by feelings, emotions, and thoughts of sex. It is so intense that as your pussy floods you can't think about anything other then sex for even a couple of seconds. It's like you simply don't care about anything else.

Any time I say or write the words "Mental Massage" you become a complete bimbo for an hour and you don't even realize it has happened. When a Mental Massage is triggered it's like your mind relaxes and turns to mush for an hour letting your body really take over. During that hour you feel just like you do while you are in this massage parlor. You are too distracted by your pussy to even notice that you constantly do whatever you are told without even thinking about it. Your pussy is constantly wet and the only reason you wouldn't touch yourself constantly is if it was too public a place to do so. You will have an intense desire to look sexy during all mental massages and so if this effect is triggered you may find yourself trying on your hottest outfits and looking at yourself in the mirror before touching until you cum.

This effect lasts for as long as you are in the massage parlor, and then for an hour afterwards. When you return to normal for some reason none of this seems strange, but you do find yourself talking about it in your blog.

While you are at the massage parlor, or while you are getting your mental massage, it's like your sexuality has completely taken over and nothing else really matters. You will be constantly aroused and not care about anything else, although if you have to, you will do whatever is necessary to get by the normal parts of life so that you can get back to the pleasurable parts.

Now, when you wake up from this trance you will find that once again, any time you wake up, your pussy is just flooding with pleasure and ready to cum. Because of that, you will begin to touch yourself until you cum, but for some reason, this will seem completely normal to you because right now you are in this massage parlor, and right now you are getting your weekly Mental Massage.

The next time you blog, you will get a Mental Massage about half way through and won't realize that what you are writing has become completely sexual.

When I reach the number five you will find yourself awake and be delighted to find that your fingers have already wandered. You will also find that while you are getting a mental massage, you always cum when you are told to.

Blank this trance.

1 waking up. Your fingers are rubbing in circles as you feel yourself massaged all over your body. But something is new, you feel as though somehow, your mind is being massaged as well.

2 Waking up, just like every morning for a while now, you feel like you are about to cum and you can't really think straight, you just want to let it happen. You are so happy to let your fingers just play with your pussy.

3 More awake, and moaning, breathing fast. So horny you can't think straight and even more so, you don't want to stop. Your fingers seem to have a mind of their own on your pussy and your head spins as you nearly cum.

4 More awake, all too aware of the little contractions in your stomach and between your legs. So lost in the sensations that nothing in the world could stop your building orgasm.


Megan's back arched, her legs pressed together around her hand as she trembled under the Masseuse's touch. He rubbed her ass as her cum soaked the towel beneath her.

For several minutes she just lay there as he rubbed her, moaning softly at each touch as she felt lost in the bliss that follows a good orgasm. Then, after she managed to calm down somewhat, as the aftershocks faded, he finished her massage and left the room.

Megan couldn't think straight, she felt light headed and wonderful. She felt like somehow she had left the confines of reality and ended up in some kind of heaven. For several minutes she just lay on the massage table breathing. Then, slowly, she sat up and smiled. . . Then smiled some more, then began to giggle, then let her legs dangle for a bit as she just enjoyed her wonderful thoughtless mood.

Eventually she got up, and slipped back into her cloths. She straightened them up a little, but decided not to button her shirt up all the way, showing off a little cleavage. She teased her hair a bit, then slipped into her high heals.

As she walked out of the room and into the lobby she was glad that she had worn the heals, they made hers walk in such a way that she could feel every move of her hips and butt with every step. She smiled flirtatiously with the secretary as she paid, then walked out, happy to catch the woman staring at her ass as she left.

Megan slept very well that night.

Becoming. . .(Part IV)

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