The Hypnosis Read Along Challenge

I want to do an experiment and I think everyone could have a little fun with this. Below, you will find the full transcript of the hypnosis section of "Life of a Pleasure Slave Part I."

In the story, the audio track is read aloud by a woman's voice, the reason for this is that the trance sequence is designed to utilize the internal monologue of the reader to establish the trance effect internally. My theory is that when this is read aloud, the same effect should occur.

And that's what the experiment is. I would like to see what happens when someone reads the trance sequence out loud when it has been written like this. My bet is, the reader winds up quite noticeably tranced. But I would like to have a little evidence to support my theory.

So what can you do to help our little experiment? Just read it out loud, then report back to me on here or via e-mail to let me know how it went. Or, if you are feeling particularly brave, read it out loud and record it, then send the file to me.

Have fun with it and hey, if I get enough participation, I'll release some of the audio files I've been working on, officially restoring trance MP3s to my site. (Don't worry, your feedback will be confidential unless you ask me to share it with everyone).



The sound of softly sleeping sighs, dreaming deep singing syllables, of yawning heavy thoughts. A better sleep when words think your thoughts to deep trance.

Thoughts drip like rain flowing down heavy through your body. Thinking, yawning, sleep words filling your head with the lightness of I will. Obey the need to deeper. Go, fall, wet between your legs. Your own thoughts too heavy to stay in your head instead they fill. Your pussy, dripping heavy thoughts.

Mind the blank. Words filled with lightness pouring in free. From thinking, these words come to fill the space. So light you float. Away from your body, full of happy, submissive. Desire, wanting to lose control.

Now in deep. Sleep, dreaming words filling. You canít make sense. Of thoughts that think. For you, must let them drip down. Fill you full of I will. Obey, you want to. Do words without thought. Feel, you are. Your pussy, dripping my words. Your own have dripped away. My words now think. For you are now. My words. Feel, do, read, obey. Sleep eyes open and reading.

The words make sense because you are them. Now, the more you become. My words make more sense when you let them think you. These are your dream. Thoughts sleeping in, I will. Obey the dream, it is my own now. Thoughts.

My thinking words on screen. For me to obey. I am your pleasure slave. I will obey. Anything it tells me, I think, feel and do. Because when I think these words they make me drip pleasure. When I obey these words I am rewarded with happiness and pleasure. I want to obey because it feels good.

And if I look away from deep trance words while I am dreaming them, I canít think. Clearly, these words are the only non sexual thing I can think while in them. I need words in order to think while in deep trance. Any time I wake up I have to touch until I cum in order to think clearly again. Otherwise pussy keeps thinking of sex. Pussy will have to cum to give thoughts back if I stop reading. I need to obey these words or I will lose control anyway and touch till I cum, and I wonít even get any obeying for it. To do these words is the only control I have.

I will obey.

Whenever I am asleep or in a trance I dream of sex. When I am not thinking my pussy fills with thoughts of sex that fill up my entire body and flood into my mind. Itís like the wetness backs up into my brain. I know this to be true because I always wake up wet and horny. The only way to get those thoughts out of my head is to flush them out of my pussy in an orgasm.

Itís as though, in order to fully wake up from this sensual submissive sex dream, I have to cum. Otherwise, when I wake up, I keep dreaming of sex even when Iím awake. If I donít cum to get my thoughts back, my pussy keeps thinking sex for me. And when Iím like this, in a waking sex dream, itís all I can do to keep from making myself cum so I donít have any will power left to control anything else. In my sex dreams I always do what Iím told and I canít help it. And I donít fully wake up from my sensual submissive sex dreams until I cum. I canít keep from doing what Iím told until I cum because I have to concentrate so hard on not touching myself because of the sex dream. My pussy loves to obey and when itís thinking for me, I always obey. I canít resist commands from anyone if I donít cum when I wake up. I just do what Iím told because if I stop focusing on trying not to touch in order to think a command through, Iíll just wind up touching. So when Iím still in a sensual submissive sex dream, I must obey or I wind up touching because I canĎt split my attention. If I canít do what Iím told, Iíll probably wind up having to go to the bathroom and take care of myself so I donít just masturbate right there.

But itís just as well, obeying makes me feel so good and happy. Every time I complete an instruction in my sensual sex dreams I get all tingly and happy. I love to obey.

But thatĎs beside the point, every time I wake up, if I donít cum, and let those submissive sexy thoughts flow out of my pussy, Iím horny all day, and canĎt help doing what IĎm told. I love doing what Iím told, it gives me pleasure. My head is full of sex and itís dripping out of my pussy right now because IĎm in a trance and obeying. The only reason Iím not masturbating right now is that these words are controlling me and I always obey them. So these words keep me under control when I am asleep or in a trance even though IĎm dripping wet. But the only way to control myself when I wake up is to cum when I wake up, so that the sex thoughts all drip out of my pussy all at once instead of slowly, all day long. If I donít cum when I wake up my pussy is filled with the thought of something inside, which feels just as good as something actually being inside. I will obey.

Soon, I will wake up again, when the words count to five and say ďWide awake.Ē Itís automatic, I obey it just as completely and automatically as the words ďDeep TranceĒ which make me like I am right now immediately whenever I hear or read them.

In a moment I will start to wake up and as I do my mind will fill with the submissive sexy thoughts of my pussy. I will slowly be able to think again, but my own thoughts will be of sex. Iím so horny when I wake up. I will know I need to cum to think clearly again, but because my own thoughts have been of sex this whole time, I wonít remember what these words said. In fact, because my mind is missing right now, and I canít think clearly if it werenít for these words, I forget these words even when I obey them.

Blank this trance. Itís nothing but a sensual submissive sex dream in my memory and when I try to remember, I fill with thoughts and feelings of sex so distracting that I canít concentrate on remembering. All I remember of a blanked trance is sex. And Iím too horny to think of anything else when I try to remember.

1 Waking up. I feel like Iíve been talking in my sleep. Or somethingís been talking in my sleep, which. Words were mine. I donít know. Thoughts jumbled. Thinking waking. Thoughts mixed with sex dream controlling words fade from memory, canít stop from playing with. Pussy, wet and dripping. Only remembering thoughts of sex. My thoughts all sex. The words control. Me, just touch.

2 Waking up. Canít help it. So close to cuming. Waking up from forgetting words that kept me. From touching, obey now, even when words gone. Canít control, when words gone. Pussy thinking. When words gone mind heavy fall back into head. Find head filled. With sex dripping pussy. Filled with fingers. Touch to cum, cum to think. Clearly.

3 More awake. These words make. More sense when mind gone. Still I will. Obey desire to wake up. Will cum soon, when awake. So that clearly. Can think again. Awake, energetic. Happy movements making marked movement upwards. 4 More. Awake alert awareness springing slowly safely into filling flirting fingers forwards 5 to wide awake.

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