Formatting complete. Congratulations, you are now recording!

You will notice two important things right now. One, is that the text seems somehow different, more vibrant, incredibly important and very easy to focus on, almost like it's the most exciting font in history. We assure you that the font has not changed, but rather, that your perception of the text is different, and because of that, it will be incredibly memorable.

Secondly, you will notice that your head is tingling slightly and your mind feels somehow incredibly open, possibly even light as a feather. You may feel almost like your mind is stretching or like something is being opened wide. This is because during the "RECORD" function your mind opens up completely, focusing all of it's power on memorization. Whenever you are recording your entire mind absorbs the information like a sponge.

Because of this fact, this text is now being loaded permanently into your mind in a way that will always be accessible. Consider this to be a kind of readme file for the new programs you now have access to. At any time, you can refer back to it as needed.

The "RECORD" button will appear to your right any time your mind is recording. As you become familiar with your new programming you will learn how to activate this function by simply picturing the button and clicking it on or off in your mind. During your interfaces with this system, however, we will be activating and deactivating it for you. This is only possible from this system so there is no danger of anyone else using it. As long as the button is displayed on the page your are viewing here, you will experience that slight tingle in your mind, your thoughts will go blank except for what you are focusing on, and you will begin recording automatically. Once you navigate away we will deactivate it for you, and you will see a blank button, the projected text no longer present, to indicate that you are no longer recording.

As described above, when you are not using our system you can activate and deactivate the "RECORD" function in order to memorize anything. To activate it, simply picture the button in your mind, imagine clicking it, and watch the holographic text appear, you will immediately begin recording and the image of the button will remain just outside your vision to the right. To deactivate it, simply imagine clicking the button again, it will dim and then go blank to indicate the program's deactivation.

There is no danger of accidentally activating or deactivating the program because it will require focus and intentional clicking to do so. Remember, this part of your mind has been formatted and programmed exactly the way a computer would operate and is not subject to the normal operations of haphazard thought. However, if not used frequently the program may become difficult to access, as it is not part of your normal psyche. To reconnect, simply run this tutorial again.

The "RECORD" function is not the only program we have loaded into your mind, however, because of it's limitations. It is useful for certain kinds of learning, for instance, the memorization of information. There are different kinds of learning that we are interested in here at FOCUS so you have been provided with another useful tool for memorization of actions.

The second tool that has been loaded is the "TRAIN" program. This program directly interfaces with your subconscious mind and your body, completely bypassing your consciousness. Because of this, it is likely that you will not remember anything from the time periods when you are training, but will instead simply wake up knowing how to do something. This system is extremely effective because it deactivates your conscious mind in a rush of blankness that opens your mind even further, allowing every part of you to focus on learning how to do something.

During the activation of the "TRAIN" function you will very briefly see a "TRAIN" button, you will then experience an intense sensation of falling or weightlessness mixed with an incredibly enjoyable tingling as your mind shuts down and your dreaming mind awakens to imagine an activity as though it were actually happening. The text during training may appear to be different as well though we assure you it is not.

The "TRAIN" function may be activated by you in the same way that the "RECORD" function is. Although because of the intense subconscious activity we recommend using this function only when reading about how to do something or watching a video on it. Do not activate this while driving or operating heavy machinery.

To begin a training function on your own, simply gather the required information, imagine the button and click. You will complete the designated activity almost robotically. The button will deactivate on it's own at the end of the instruction, waking you up automatically. You may not consciously recall what you have read, but you will discover you have learned how to do it.

Finally, because these programs have been loaded into your mind, for a couple of days you may find the buttons appearing in your dreams. This is nothing to be concerned about and is simply your mind learning how to interface with them properly.