While this is all so new we are going to run you through each of your programs, so that you become familiar with them. As stated, the "TRAIN" function can be a little bit intense the first couple of times, so you may want to prepare yourself for it. In a moment, we are going to perform a basic training operation designed to teach you how to speed read. This will help in your studies as well as with your work here at FOCUS and beyond.

Once you click the button below, your training exercise will begin. You may experience an intense sensation of falling or weightlessness as well as what appears to be a black out or other loss of consciousness in the midst of an intense tingling sensation and an incredible opening in your mind. Do not attempt to fight these effects as once activated, they cannot be prevented. Because of this, we will not activate the "TRAIN" function without warning you first.

To begin, take a deep breath, relax your mind and body, focus your attention on the screen and your intention on learning. Then, simply click continue.