What Goes Around Comes Around, Part 1: Trisha

Warning: This is the first in a series of stories that when read will cause the reader to slowly become bi-sexual. There are quite a few other effects as well but the central one is an intensification of sexual feelings towards both sexes.

For weeks in class Trisha had been watching Elle. Even been distracted in by her every day, when normally, she would have been focused on math. Trisha had wanted so badly to introduce herself to Elle, and to find some way to seduce her, but she had always been intimidated by how attractive, and how obviously straight the girl was; wearing her wedding ring like a trophy, always talking about her new husband, and even sometimes staring at the ring in class when she was obviously bored.

Trisha rang the bell to Elle’s house as her mind drifted over the events that had brought her to this doorstep. She had been waiting for a chance like this one since the moment she first set foot in that college algebra class. For some reason she couldn’t get Elle out of her head.

Elle was the sweetest, and most obviously submissive girl Trisha had ever met. She always seemed transfixed when someone talked to her. She giggled politely at everyone’s jokes, and sometimes played with her hair in that way that girls often do, as she stared wide eyed at whomever she interacted with.

And it didn’t hurt that her brown hair and deep brown eyes accented a beautiful face and body, a body that she always showed off in a certain kind of way. She dressed right at the edge of provocative; tight, pink, turtleneck sweaters in the winter that accented her breasts without having to show cleavage. She wore tight jeans that showed off every curve without ever having to show skin. Elle was an artist when it came to looking sexy without having to actually show anything. It always left the onlooker imagining what she would look like naked.

Trisha had noticed Elle on the first day, but by about the third week of class she had given up on finding a good way to introduce herself. She didn’t even know how she would go about approaching such a girl. Her instincts told her that if she could get her alone for just a minute, her own dominant tendencies just might draw Elle in. She had learned how to hypnotize people from a girl friend in high school, so she had considered, even wondered, if it would be possible to change the girl’s orientation that way. But the girl was so out of reach in so many ways; Married, straight, incredibly hot. . .

That wasn’t to say that Trisha wasn’t attractive herself. On the contrary, her long, straight blond hair framed her face quite nicely and fell on her own breasts in a suggestive sort of way. Her bright blue eyes could stop any man or woman in their tracks if she looked at them right. She had been a cheer leader in high school, and until it had gotten out that she liked women, she had been considered one of the best looking of the bunch. It was just that ever since that incident in high school, she had sworn off straight girls. . . and mixing hypnosis with alcohol. . . and cheer leading. . . and parties.

But then, midterms had arrived, and the teacher began partnering the strong math students with the ones having trouble. They were then given an assignment to complete together. For the first time in her life, Trisha was very happy that she was a wiz at math, because, as it turned out, Elle was one of the ones that needed help. Then, by a little luck of the draw, the teacher had pared the two of them for the project.

This of course quickly led to introductions and exchanging of addresses and phone numbers. Elle smiled brightly as they met, with a kind of giggling, “I am so glad he put me with you, you always seem to get “A”s on your quizzes.”

Trisha had only smiled, knowing she couldn’t say out loud why she was glad that she had been paired with Elle.

Two days had passed, and now, Trisha stood on the doorstep of Elle’s house, hoping that it wouldn’t be the husband who opened the door. But as it turned out, no one seemed to be opening the door. Trisha frowned slightly; a difficult thing to do with her full lips. She rang the bell again. This time it was followed by the sound of hurried footsteps from inside. The door opened swiftly.

“I am so sorry about that, I was up stairs listening to a CD and it took me a moment to realize that the door bell had rang,” Elle said with a short of breath smile, “Come on in.”

“Nice place,” Trisha said, trying to make small talk to distract herself from the fact that Elle was wearing the tightest fuzzy pink jogging outfit she had ever seen, with “tease” printed plainly across the ass, “Your husband must have a pretty nice job.”

“Thanks, he does music for commercials. Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Water would be great.”

“Coming right up. Make yourself at home,” Elle headed quickly off to the kitchen as Trisha took in her surroundings. The place was simple, but nice, and relatively spacious. There was a keyboard connected to a computer, and a very nice sound system attached to the TV. Otherwise, it was quite ordinary.

Elle returned handing off the glass of water, “This way,” she said and headed up the stairs. Trisha followed, silently agreeing with Elle’s pants as she walked behind her.

“That’s my husband’s office on the left, our bedroom after that, and the bathroom at the end of the hall. This,” Elle indicated the door on the right, “Is my study room.”

Trisha followed her in, a little disheartened as she figured her chances of anything interesting happening were dropping by the second. Elle was everything Trisha could ever want in a woman, but it appeared Elle had already found everything she could want in a man.

Trisha took in her surroundings surprised by the completely pink room. It was practically a pink box, decorated in the same color that Elle now wore. Elle sat on a futon that was in the couch position, her books already open next to her. She bent down to pick up a pair of headphones on the ground and unplugged them. Music drifted from the now obvious speakers in the room, “I hope you don’t mind some studying music. It helps me concentrate on this boring math homework.”

“Not at all,” Trisha said and moved to sit next to her. At least the music was nice, some kind of new age that drifted to the background until it was almost unnoticeable. It managed to create an ambiance without being distracting.

“Alright, lets start with the graphs,” Trisha opened her own book as she sat down next to Elle, immediately noticing her perfume. At this distance, it was more then a little distracting. Trisha glanced only quickly at Elle, between the perfume and Elle’s perfect breasts, she realized she had better get the home work started before she got completely distracted. She breathed in and let out a soft sigh, trying to force herself to concentrate, but then, it was Elle’s eyes that suddenly caught her off guard.

For the first time, she felt that wide eyed stare that she had seen so many times focused on other people, move to her. It was striking, almost as though while someone talked, all Elle could do was focus on their words. As she began explaining the homework, Trisha watched Elle’s eyes drift effortlessly back and forth between her and the places she indicated on the page, and then it dawned on her. Somehow, being lead was a somewhat natural state for this girl, almost as though those big brown eyes couldn’t help but follow.

Trisha tried to concentrate on the math, but she couldn’t seem to change her focus. Elle’s gaze almost wanted her to take control. She began to explain y=mx+b, indicating the top of a sloping graph and realized that somehow, through all of this she had managed to keep talking. Elle’s eyes followed her finger to the page, but Trisha never took her eyes off the girl’s stare.

“Do you see how it starts high on the left and slopes downward to the right?” Elle nodded as Trisha talked, but the girl’s eyes never left the page.

Trisha’s finger traced the line downward and Elle followed it’s movement as if transfixed. In her head Trisha told herself she didn’t want to get into this again. She should concentrate on the math, just do the assignment and go home. But it was as if her mind had become one tracked somehow. She could see Elle’s beautiful body out of the corner of her eye, framed in pink. She could smell the perfume mix with the girl’s own natural intoxicating scent. But it was the eyes that that put her over the edge. The girl was practically in a trance just from her talking.

Trisha felt her pussy tingle at the thought. It would be so easy to do. And it wasn’t the same circumstance as it had been in high school. Elle would probably never even know. And if she did it slowly, she could probably make her want it to happen. She wouldn’t make the same mistakes this time. She tried to push the idea out of her mind, but even as she did, she knew what she was already doing.

“Graphs that slope this way are going down from left to right. That’s a downward slope. Like something you could slide down if you weren’t careful. Think of it as a graph of your thoughts when you are falling asleep. It starts up here where you are completely awake, at like 1 minute after you get in bed, right before you fall asleep. You feel mostly normal, but kind of like you can’t think about much because you are falling asleep. But then, as time moves forward, to where you have been focusing on sleeping for 2 minutes, you can see you are thinking even less. The graph goes down.”

Elle’s eyes were locked on the page. She obviously didn’t even think to look away. It was as though her transfixed stare had become so focused that it no longer moved at all. Trisha had forgotten about math completely. Her pussy was throbbing at the realization of what was happening.

“You see, as the numbers go up, your thoughts go down, don’t they?”

Elle barely managed a nod. Trisha couldn’t believe how easy this was, it had taken so much more to trance the girl at that party, Elle really was just so naturally focused that it didn’t take much to bring those big brown eyes to transfix on anything. Trisha traced down the graph with her finger as she talked, and Elle’s eyes followed, increasingly blank. She might as well have been tracing the words on a page and watching Elle’s eyes absorb every last one of them.

“And with every number up, your thoughts go down more and more. So as we move to 3 you are only a little bit above that line. Now that line means you are asleep and not thinking anything but what I tell you. So if we were to get to a high enough number you would be completely asleep wouldn’t you?”

Again Elle nodded, but as her head moved, her eyes stayed locked in place. Trisha let her finger trance down the line, “And now, as we reach 4 you can’t take your eyes off the page, you want to keep watching because your thoughts have stopped except for what I am telling you. It’s an amazing feeling, like someone else is thinking for you while you are asleep, but your eyes stay open, tracing my words, taking them deep inside your mind. You can’t help but follow that line down now, with every number up, your mind goes down, deeper and deeper into sleep. Already, you are below that line, already asleep, but now you are going to go deeper, because, as you can see, the line keeps going down even long after the point of sleep.

“At 5 you are so deep that you aren’t even aware of anything any more, fully asleep just as though you were in your bed, and yet your eyes keep following this. Deeper and deeper into a deep trance, so focused on my words that you begin to dream them, so deep asleep that my words are your dreams right now, as you go deeper and deeper with each number. 6 you are now more asleep then you were awake when we began, and because of this, when you do wake up, you won‘t really remember falling asleep. You are now farther below the line then you ever were above it and 7 falling fast, you will only remember that I explained the graphs to you, completely unaware that you actually fell asleep while reading this. By the time we reach the end of this paragraph you won’t even be aware that time is passing any more, simply completely asleep as my words sink deep into your head. 8 almost the end of the graph. 9 your thoughts have stopped, leaving only my words in your head. 10 into the deepest trance you have ever been in, and yet your eyes still focused on my words.

“From now on, any time I say or type the words ‘Deep Trance’ you will feel your mind slip downward uncontrollably, following the lines of this graph deep into sleep. I won’t even have to count, somewhere deep inside the numbers will just begin going up as your mind slips down. Within ten seconds you won’t even realize you are still reading, your eyes completely focused on my words to the point that there is nothing else in your mind.

“Now, I want you to focus your attention for just a moment on your breasts. You like your breasts a lot, you find it is one of the things about you that makes you feel very sexy. You like to have them played with, to have them sucked on, to have them looked at. You love your breasts so much because they give you pleasure don’t they? You love to have them paid attention to. For that matter, it’s a very big turn on when your breasts are touched the right way, or looked at by the right person, it makes you feel sexy and turned on.

“You find your own breasts to be so sexy in fact that just looking at, or playing with them yourself makes your pussy tingle. From now on, you will find that you LOVE your breasts, and that they aren’t just distracting and sexually attractive for other people, they are so sexy, they are actually slightly distracting and attractive to you. Just noticing your own breasts, or having someone else notice them, will make your pussy ache won’t it?

“Good, now, you see this graph, it is an upward slope, moving from left to right, the line goes up. Just like the downward graph, only in reverse. When we get to about 7 you will be back above the sleep line, not before then. This is like a graph of you waking up. As the numbers go up and time goes forward you wake up more and more. Just like there are words that now make you fall asleep, there are also words that make you wake up. Those words are “wide awake” and when I want you to wake up, I will say those words to you, and you will count your way up, very happy to now understand which graphs go up and which ones go down. After that, graphs will no longer trance you, just my words that cause you to count yourself down and count yourself up.

“Begin counting.”

Elle’s mouth barely managed the first number, her eyes tracing the graph upward. 1 waking up. 2 More awake. 3 Elle’s eyes slid up the graph as realization sparked slowly in her eyes. 4 she was really starting to understand which graph was going up and which one was going down. 5 it was so simple, left to right, like reading. 6 All she had to do was remember going left to right and she would get it. 7 she blinked her eyes, not sure for just a moment how long she had been staring at the graph. Trisha smiled 8 as Elle’s eyes began to move quicker, seeming to wake more and more. 9 she smiled and giggled, 10, Wide awake.

“This is actually really easy, I can’t believe I didn’t get this before!” Elle said with a smile.

“No worries, sometimes certain things just stick, and others take a little more time. That’s a very nice shirt on you by the way.” Trisha glanced only briefly at Elle’s chest, then let her eyes focus quickly on the girl’s face. Elle looked down at her breasts for just a second, her cheeks went flush, she only barely managed a “thank you,” as she seemed to stare at her own breasts for a moment.

Elle visibly snapped her attention away from her chest and tried to focus it on the book, but the fact that she proceeded to adjust her bra in several locations said more then enough to Trisha’s watchful gaze.

They proceeded to study for a little over an hour and Trisha watched Elle closely every second. She was obviously distracted by her own breasts, finding them to be somewhat of a turn on and having trouble staying focused on much of anything else. The whole time Trisha’s own clit throbbed as it became obvious that what she had done had caused a major change in Elle. By the time they were done studying she was sure both of them had soaked their panties.

Several times as they poured over the homework Trisha had wanted to just drop Elle back under, but she managed to restrain herself, content to watch the girl’s frequent movements centered around her breasts. Adjusting here, arching her back and sticking them out there, and crossing and re-crossing her legs over and over. It was like a kind of subtle erotic dance set to the strange music that played in the background.

Trisha knew now that it was only a matter of time before Elle was a lesbian. She would change her, slowly but surely. All she needed was an excuse to visit again, and enough time to drop her under over and over, slowly shaping her thoughts and identity.

Trisha’s mind suddenly caught on the thing that she would use as an excuse, as she was putting her books back in her bag, “You know, I kind of like some of this music, could I borrow a CD and maybe return it to you tomorrow in class?

“Sure,” Elle said, almost absent mindedly as her eyes drifted down to her own breasts for another long moment.

“Any recommendations?”

“Oh, yes, sorry, I seem to be a little distracted at the moment. I think you would probably like the one on the desk there actually. It’s great relaxing music.”

“Cool, I’ll rip it to my computer at home and get it back to you tomorrow.”

And with that Trisha made her way down the stairs and out of the house. The whole drive home she couldn’t help but imagine what she was going to do to Elle, this time she would get it right, she would do it so slow that Elle would never suspect a thing. And by the time she was Trisha’s own little lesbian pet, Elle wouldn’t even care what had made her that way.

At home Trisha copied the CD and put it on. She came three times before she passed out, dreaming about Elle’s tongue on her clit to the slow sensual beat of the music.

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