What Goes Around Comes Around, Part 2: Elle

Warning: This is the first in a series of stories that when read will cause the reader to slowly become bi-sexual. There are quite a few other effects as well but the central one is an intensification of sexual feelings towards both sexes.

Elle had woken up to the sound of her alarm clock, like she did every morning. She had gone to the bathroom like she did every morning. It wasn’t until she got undressed to shower though, that she realized this wasn’t like every other morning.

She stood in front of the mirror in just her bra and underwear for just a little longer then usual, and she wasn’t just casually looking either. She practically stared at her own breasts for a couple of seconds. How had she never realized that her chest was so sexy?

She slipped her bra off, still staring as she suddenly remembered the night before, when she had been having sex with her husband. She had decided to wear her see through night gown, to show off her breasts, and she had played with them for quite some time while he watched. Her pussy had gotten so wet that there was a wet spot by the time she took off the lingerie.

Her hands seemed to slide up her stomach on their own as she imagined his eyes staring at her. She cupped her breasts with her hands, squeezed the nipples gently between her fingers and let out a soft moan as her pussy seemed to swell and moisten uncontrollably. She felt incredibly sexy all of the sudden, almost as though her breasts were so beautiful that even she couldn’t resist them.

Elle slid her panties off and practically leapt into the shower, one hand still on her breasts as the other slid the curtain open and then closed. She turned the water on and watched as it poured down her chest, the warmth making her tingle as it flowed over her hard nipples.

She remembered something she had seen once in a music video with some girls washing a car in bikinis. She grabbed the soap and began to soap up her breasts, feeling their warm softness slide between her fingers as her clit began to throb. She remembered back to her husband staring at her breasts as she played with them and imagined that was the reason she was loving this so much this morning. She loved that her breasts were so sexy that just the sight of them could turn people on.

She rinsed off her hands and breasts, watching the water pour down her body, then while still playing with one hand, she let her other hand slide slowly down to her clit. She felt a warm rush go through her body as her clit, already swollen and aching, tingled intensely at the slightest touch.

Elle looked down and squeezed her nipple hard while cupping her breast, her finger suddenly going wild on her clit. She felt the muscles in her pussy seize as a gush of heat flowed from her and through her. Her head spun for a moment as her knees went week and goose bumps ran up her back and covered her breasts. Elle suddenly realized she was moaning as she tried to catch her breath.

She wasn’t sure what had gotten into her, but she smiled and bit her bottom lip as she cupped her breasts one last time with both hands. Her pussy tingled in a little aftershock.

Elle got ready for school relatively fast after that. Her mind did drift back to the shower and the night before, but her orgasm had left her a bit more in control for the moment by clearing her head just a little bit. That didn’t, however, stop her from finding the tightest sweater she owned, and putting it on without a bra.

School went the way it usually did, mostly boring with a couple of highlights when the subjects were a little interesting. She did enjoy the day more then usual however as she noticed more people then usual checking her out. She almost never went without a bra because she knew it drew a LOT of attention to her ample breasts, but today she was in the mood for that. She enjoyed the way they moved differently when they weren’t held in place, and so did almost everyone who looked at her.

By her second class though, Elle was realizing there was an unintended consequence of her outfit. As she noticed people glancing at her chest, one after another, she began to feel exactly how sexy her breasts were. Her mind kept drifting back to the night before, and to the shower this morning, and by the time she got to her math class, she was flushed, hot and bothered, and trying very hard to focus on anything other then her throbbing clit and aching nipples. And of course, as her nipples seemed to become stuck hard, the looks towards them grew more frequent, which only made the situation worse. “At least,” she told herself, “I understand the graphs today.”

At that thought, her head turned towards Trisha, who looked up and met her gaze across the class room. Elle was happy to see her study partner today, she was beginning to hope they would become friends. Then, for just a second, she could have sworn that Trisha looked at her breasts. Elle squirmed in her seat at the thought; were her breasts so sexy today that even women couldn’t help look at them?

Elle turned and stared at her book, her clit throbbing, her pussy so wet she could feel it. On one hand, she was quite happy and excited to have worn this outfit today, on the other, she was beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea. If this kept up, she might start showing a wet spot.

Class seemed to last forever as Elle moved through different levels of arousal almost constantly. It was even hard to look at her book; her breasts would inevitably be in her peripheral vision, practically begging for attention. So when class finally ended, she was in a hurry to get home and get off. But before she could reach the door, Trisha’s voice stopped her.

“Hey, I almost forgot to give you your CD back.” Trisha said with a knowing smile that made Elle wonder for just a moment what on earth Trisha could know that made her smile like that. Elle quickly lost the thought though as she tried to focus on Trisha the way she liked to focus on people when they talked to her.

“Oh yeah, how did you like it?”

“Well, I didn’t get to hear all of it, I fell asleep with it on. But what I heard I liked and I copied it so I can listen to it again later.” Trisha opened her back pack as she talked and rummaged around in it.

“Yeah, that one is really relaxing to listen to, I have fallen asleep a couple times myself listening to it,” Elle said, keeping her focus on Trisha even more then usual to try and ignore the feelings still buzzing through her body.

“Wow, you know what, I think I left it in my car. God, I can be so forgetful sometimes. Come with me to the parking lot and I’ll get it for you.” Trisha turned and headed out of the classroom and Elle followed, watching the girl’s long blond hair get tossed about in the wind just a little bit.

It took a little while to get to Trisha’s car because she had apparently parked in the far lot, the one with the least cars. Trisha explained this as they walked, that she usually parked here because it was easy to get in and out, fewer crowds, less fighting for a spot as someone left. Elle was happy for the conversation and the distraction from her wonderfully bouncing breasts.

When they got to the car Elle decided that Trisha was right, this was a much easier place to park, there was almost no one out here and very few cars. Elle smiled at the realization of how no one wanted to walk even a small distance to their car. For all their hard work, college students were lazy about some very strange things.

“Go ahead and have a seat in the passenger side, I’m not sure where I left it so this could take a moment.” Trisha said unlocking all the doors and turning the car on, music began to play on the CD player. Elle was happy to get inside as it was still winter and her already hard nipples were aching under the combined effect of the arousal and the cold. She closed the door and sat in front of the vents for a moment while Trisha rummaged through the trunk, the glove compartment, and the center consol.

For a moment while Trisha wasn’t looking Elle took the chance to rub her nipples to try and dissipate some of the cold. She quickly abandoned the idea as she nearly began playing with them instead.

Trisha got in the driver’s seat and reached into a little compartment under the CD player, finally producing the CD. She handed it to Elle quickly and turned down the music just a bit.

“I am sorry about that, I can be a little scatter brained at times. I‘ll give the car a couple of minutes to warm up then I‘ll drive you to your car/”

“No worries.” Elle said staring at the CD player just to focus on something other then what she was feeling.

“It’s a nice CD player isn’t it? It’s got a kind of screen saver and everything. It’s the kind of thing that if you watch for long enough it can put you into a kind of deep trance.” Elle’s mind went blank at Trisha’s words, she felt strange, spacy, and then, there was nothing but numbers counting down in her head.

She lost consciousness somewhere around five.

“That’s right, focus, deeper, my words are your only thoughts right now. Your mind going blank as you stare uncontrollably at my words. Dreaming my words as your eyes go into a kind of blank stare, never ceasing to take my words so deep into your mind that there is nothing else that matters right now.

“Now, I want you to imagine for a moment that just like that CD player, deep inside your mind, there are buttons. There is a great big red button in your mind that says “pause” on it. You can’t push this button, and only special people like me can push this button. When it is pressed though, your mind literally pauses, just like the music on the CD player pauses when I hit it’s button, and your body freezes in place to match your paused mind.

“While your mind is paused though, anything I say to you will still go deep into your mind. You will think, feel and do, anything I tell you to while you are paused. Then, when I hit the big green button labeled “play,” your mind picks up right where it left off, just like the CD player. Just like the song doesn’t know anything about what happened when it was paused, you don’t ever remember anything that happens between pause and play. During that time, your conscious mind simply isn’t on. However, anything I have told you while you were paused, you still think feel and do, without ever realizing you were paused.

“Do you understand and will you obey?” Trisha wasn’t sure where those words came from, but they sounded good. Elle barely managed, “I will obey.”

“And with each time your are paused, it becomes more natural, easier to do, easier to simply turn off and back on again at the simple command. With each time you are paused it’s more complete, more impossible to consciously remember any of it, and the effects of what you are told during the pause become stronger. It’s like practicing a skill that you want to become very good at.

“Now, today you have noticed exactly how sexy your breasts are and how much they turn you on. It’s more then that though. Breasts, in general, not just yours, are sexy. All breasts are sexy. It’s one of the things that men like, for a reason. Now, you fully understand that reason. You don’t just love your breasts, you love breasts in general. They can be so sexy when they are shown off correctly. You now fully understand why breasts are sexy, because when you look at them, yours, or anyone else’s, you find them attractive and a bit of a turn on.

“Also, because it gets easier to trance every time you go under, I will only have to count from one to five to wake you up this time. 1 Waking up. 2 Waking up. 3 More awake. 4 More awake. 5 Wide awake.

“Alright, I think the car is warm enough now, I’ll drive you to your car. Where are you parked?”

Elle blinked for a second then pulled her thoughts back together, she decided she was way too turned on to be out in public, to have just spaced out thinking about her breasts like that, “It’s in the lower parking lot,” She managed.

The car started moving and Elle kept her focus forward. She knew what she was going to go home and do, and she needed to do it quickly. The car ride lasted far longer then it should have.

Once they got to her car Elle got out quickly, almost not looking back at all, but Trisha’s voice called out to her from behind, “Hey, bring me another CD on Wednesday, I’d love to hear it, I don’t even care which one.”

Elle turned back and looked through the open passenger door where Trisha was leaning over the gear shift. Elle had never noticed what Trisha was wearing before, a low cut striped shirt that from this angle allowed Elle to see straight between her tits. Elle’s pussy flooded as she realized she was just so turned on today that even Trisha’s breasts looked good to her. She tried rather unsuccessfully to bring her gaze to Trisha’s face.

“No problem, I’ll bring one.” and with that Elle closed the door and nearly jogged to her car. The only thing that stopped her from actually jogging was the fact that without a bra, it hurt a little to jog. . . And right now, that actually felt good.

Elle drove home far over the speed limit and quickly took her second shower of the day, which lasted admittedly longer then the first.

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