What Goes Around Comes Around, Part 3: Trisha

Warning: This is the first in a series of stories that when read will cause the reader to slowly become bi-sexual. There are quite a few other effects as well but the central one is an intensification of sexual feelings towards both sexes.

Trisha woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed. She walked over to her cd player, which had stopped playing at some point during the night and turned it off. She was glad she had borrowed these CDs from Elle, it really did make it easy to relax and fall asleep.

At the thought of Elle, Trisha smiled. The girl had been so much fun to watch for the last week. Her flirtatiousness had suddenly, and quite obviously, began to interact with women as well as men. There were moments in class when Elle noticeably checked a girl out, and Trisha had caught Elle glancing at her breasts while they talked more then once. Trisha knew that by now, Elle was coming to grips with the fact that she apparently liked women.

She had only borrowed one additional CD because she wanted to save that excuse for later if she needed it, but she suspected she wouldn’t. Elle was approaching her now sometimes at school just to talk and her attraction to Trisha was palpable. She flirted, played with her hair, glanced at Trisha’s breasts, which she had been sure to display in a low cut shirt every day for a week, but at the same time, Trisha hadn’t had the chance to reinforce anything. Stopping Elle’s mind in public was just a bad idea.

So this morning, she decided, would be the day to really make Elle officially a lesbian. She had things quite well planed out by now. She knew Elle would be home alone studying because it was a Tuesday and she only had school Monday and Wednesday. She knew that Elle’s husband would be at work because they had talked for quite some time at lunch one day.

Trisha got up and got dressed, putting on the tightest most low cut shirt she owned. She didn’t even bother with a bra, leaving her nipples quite noticeable through the fabric. She put on a pair of form fitting jeans, checking out her own curves in the mirror and then quickly throwing on a jacket so that she wouldn’t freeze in the cold.

She made herself breakfast and then, waiting till ten o’ clock to make sure Elle’s husband was at work, she dialed the phone number to Elle‘s house.

The phone rang only three times before Elle’s voice responded, “Hello?”

“Hey, it’s Trish, just wanted to see what you were up to today.”

“Oh, hey. Uh, not much, just homework sometime this afternoon and doing laundry at the moment.”

“Well that’s good, pause, you are so excited to hear from me that you wish I could come over right now, play.”

“Yeah, would be better though if I had some company. You busy?”

“Not at all, I would love to come by.”

“I hope you don’t mind if I’m just doing laundry and homework and stuff.”

“Not at all,” Trisha responded with an audible smile.

“Cool, see you in a bit then.”

Trisha hung up the phone and smiled. That had been way to easy. If Elle was that susceptible to suggestion over the phone this was going to be the easiest thing in the world to do. All she had to do was get Elle to make the first move, make her believe it was her own idea, make her just so attracted to her. . . Trisha smiled a big smile as she glanced one last time in the mirror at her very sexy body, and knew there was no way Elle was going to be able to resist.


Elle opened the door in tight short white shorts and a sweater, her eyes glancing at Trisha’s open jacked almost before ever looking at her face, “Sorry about the outfit, I really didn’t have anything else to wear and I didn’t want to stay in my nightie when you came over. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all,” Trisha said slowly with a smile, “We all have to do laundry sometimes.”

Elle looked at Trisha’s breasts one last time then managed, “Well, you look good at least, come on in. Can I get you anything? Or take your jacket?”

“Sure,” Trisha said handing the jacked over and then dropping quickly onto the nearby couch as Elle walked over to the closet. Trisha watched her butt move as she walked, and then waited until she was in the middle of hanging up the jacket, “Pause.”

Elle froze in place, no longer moving at all, standing simply, staring blankly with the jacket in her hands. Trisha smiled as her pussy tingled at the thought of how helpless Elle was in this position, her mind wide open and waiting for commands, “It’s not just breasts that you are attracted to. Women are simply beautiful and sexy. You love their curves, their soft lips, their skin, their sweet smell. You are attracted to hips, and butts and stomachs, and long hair and lusty gazes. Being a woman, you have always known women are sexy, only now, you can really see it, feel it. You are attracted to women, very strongly, you are realizing, that you always have been, play.”

Elle finished hanging up the jacket and closed the closet door. She turned back towards where Trisha was now sprawled out on the couch and stopped for just a moment, her cheeks turning red, “I’ll be back, I have to rotate my laundry real quick.”

Elle turned and walked out of the room quickly. Trisha only smiled as she knew everything was now set in motion for this to be a very enjoyable morning. She adjusted her shirt, making sure her cleavage was quite notable and pinched her nipples each just enough to get them hard. She sat up and bent over to look at a book on the coffee table, making sure she would put on a show when Elle returned, which she did shortly.

Out of the corner of her eye Trisha watched Elle walk into the room, stop, almost stare, then force herself to walk to the couch and sit down. The book was one of scenery but Trisha knew neither of them were really looking at it as she smelled Elle’s perfume and the scent of her wetness. Trisha felt her heartbeat quicken as she felt Elle’s body pressed gently against her arm. The poor girl had probably never felt like this before, aching for a woman’s touch, the way Trisha was beginning to feel herself.

“It’s a nice book, lots of pretty pictures, but if you want we can go to your room and I can help you with that homework for a bit since I am here. Maybe we can get it done quickly together and then find something fun to do. Pause, I am the hottest girl you have ever seen, play.”

Elle seemed to hesitate and then surprisingly quietly said, “ok.”

Trisha got up rather quickly and headed towards the staircase, letting her hips sway as she walked. She glanced behind her to catch Elle staring at her ass, smiled flirtatiously, then headed up the stairs, her pussy throbbing.

Elle didn’t move for a moment, then followed slowly, obviously lost in thought, probably wondering why on earth she was so attracted to Trisha right now. Trisha only smiled excitedly knowing full well that non one could hold back that kind of arousal forever. She let the excited butterflies in her stomach reach her tingling pussy in a slow swelling wetness, loving how Elle’s eyes had helplessly traced her curves.

Trisha walked into the pink room pulling her jeans down just a little so her thong showed, she bent down in front of the CD rack to act like she was looking. Elle entered the room only moments later. Trisha held up a random cd and turned her head back towards Elle, who’s eyes seemed locked on Trisha’s ass. Trisha smiled, happy to see her own curves having such an effect on someone. Then, for the first time, Trisha let her eyes glance up and down Elle’s body, knowing for the moment that Elle wouldn’t notice, or mind if she did.

Elle’s sweater hugged her tits so nicely they looked like they wanted to burst through the fabric. Her beautiful stomach was accented by the fact that the sweater didn’t reach all the way to the shorts. Trisha spoke almost subliminally, “Pause, I’m so hot your pussy floods just looking at me, play.”

Trisha’s eyes traced down to the way the white shorts hugged Elle’s hips and watched in awe as a small wet spot appeared between her legs. Trisha felt her own pussy react in almost the same way, her butt feeling suddenly very warm as goose bumps covered it.

Elle only barely managed to speak as her eyes seemed to helplessly trace up and down Trisha’s back, “Hey, you can’t borrow just any of those, my husband says some of them are copyrighted and haven’t been used yet and I‘m not supposed to let anyone see them. . .”

Trisha smiled, eager to see how complete her control of Elle was becoming, “Pause, you like me so much that you find you want to share everything with me, there is nothing I could ask you for that you wouldn’t be happy to give me, play. It’s just a CD you sure I can’t borrow it?”

Elle smiled and blushed and brought her eyes to meet Trisha’s, “Well, I guess. If I’m going to share it with anyone, I guess it would be you. You know, you are quickly becoming my best friend.”

Trisha smiled and stood up setting the CD on top of the nearby desk, “Well, lets get started on that homework,” She said almost enjoying Elle’s visible disappointment at having to study. She sat on the futon her own breasts bouncing as she did, feeling her pussy so swollen that it felt good to cross her legs.

She patted the futon with her hand next to her to indicate for Elle to sit down, which she did unusually slowly. Trisha opened the book and then spoke quietly, “Pause, just sitting next to me makes you want to kiss me so bad you can hardly stand it, play.”

Elle seemed to cuddle closer, Trisha could feel Elle’s eyes on her body. She could see her staring at her lips as she talked, briefly getting lost in the thought of a kiss. Trisha’s heart pounded, the poor thing had no idea what was happening to her, she just wanted it so badly. . .

And then it happened, almost out of nowhere as Trisha turned her head to look at Elle, their lips met, soft feminine kiss to soft feminine kiss. She could taste Elle’s lip gloss and feel her excited breathing. Elle’s breasts brushed softly against Trisha’s arm and her hair dangled teasingly in her face. For a long moment they just kissed. The sensations of their tongues and lips connecting communicating a deeper lust then words could have.

Trisha knew now that she had succeeded, her pussy ached as her hands began to move to caress Elle’s face. Elle was helplessly attracted to her, and would be from now on, she would make sure of that. In her mind she imagined just tearing her cloths off right there and having Elle’s tongue between her legs in seconds, but she knew the consequences of moving too fast. If Elle ever began to suspect something was up. . .

Trisha pulled herself away against her own desires. Forcing herself to wait as her heartbeat continued to throb in her clit. Her gaze met Elle’s and for the first time, she got to see the incredible lust reflected in her big brown eyes. Her mouth was open, still caught in the tingling excitement of their kiss, breathing quickly through parted lips. Her eyes seemed to beg for more with an animal lust that Trisha had only imagined before. A lust that her words had now made real.

Trisha stood slowly, her legs surprisingly week from the butterflies in her own stomach, never breaking contact with Elle’s lusty eyes. She said quietly, “I don’t want you to do anything you aren’t sure you want. I know you must want me pretty bad to kiss me like that, but I don‘t want you to make decisions in the heat of passion. I don’t even know how you knew I was a lesbian.”

Trisha smiled as Elle continued to stare with such lust that Trisha almost gave in, “I’ll tell you what, after class tomorrow, if you still want this, come to my place with me. Pause, every time you cum all you can seem to think about is me until you are finally able to have me, play.”

Elle nodded and Trisha quickly grabbed the CD off the desk and practically ran out of the room. Elle was everything Trisha had wanted for months now and she could have had her right then in that moment. She kicked herself for leaving, but she wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. Elle had to believe this was all her idea. Trisha tried to ignore the heat between her legs as she made her way to the car and then drove home, but by the time she got to her apartment she barely made it in the door before she unzipped her pants.

She imagined what it would be like to feel Elle’s soft caress up her thighs as she walked quickly to her bedroom, leaving her pants in the entry. She decided to put on some mood music as she replayed the kiss in her mind, the intense sexual energy that passed between their lips making her lips tingle even now. She put the CD she borrowed into the player and jumped into her bed, imagining that she was in Elle’s pink room while relishing in the fact that this CD was proof of her complete control of the girl.

The music on this CD was much faster and it’s rhythm seemed to guide her hands down her body. Trisha imagined Elle’s fingers sliding slowly to her pussy, passing her very nice stomach and sliding gently on her thighs, the soft touch of a woman’s hand giving her goose bumps. She slid her fingers beneath her blue thong and down until they reached her pussy and began to trace little circles around her swollen clit.

Trisha was almost surprised by how wet she was as her back arched seemingly on it’s own, sending chills up her spine. She imagined Elle’s fingers reaching around her from behind and sliding down to expertly touch her the way she knew Elle would soon be touching herself thinking about Trisha. She felt her breathing quicken as she began to move to the beat of the music as soft spoken lyrics began to intermingle with the strange sounds.

Trisha didn’t really pay attention to the words, her mind so incredibly focused on Elle and how she imagined her lips would feel on her pussy, that nothing could have distracted her, “Your mind so focused that you don’t even realize what the words are saying.” She pictured Elle’s soft kiss on her wetness, letting the words pass by her conscious mind entirely like any song that people hear for the first time passively, “And yet these words still sink deep into your subconscious which is always listening.” The way her fingers would trace up her hips and stomach as her hair would tickle her thighs and her tongue would go wild on her clit, “My words are your deepest thoughts, so deep you don’t even know you are thinking them, as though they are background noise and something you know you don’t need to listen to, because you are already thinking all the important parts deep within.”

Trisha gently slid her clit between her fingers knowing how Elle would be fantasizing about her and probably doing the same thing soon enough. “You suddenly find yourself surprisingly turned on, as though each breath you take in is a breath of pleasure moving up from your pussy into your stomach. It feels as though each breath you take makes you more and more aroused and you don’t know why. You find your fingers beginning to explore your body, touching where it feels good.” Trisha’s fingers roamed her body, one hand playfully toying with her clit as she imagined Elle’s hand helplessly drawn to her breasts, where her own fingers now groped.

“Your pussy seems to move on it’s own, responding to my words without you realizing it.“ Trisha smiled as a chill ran down her spine and her pussy tightened for just a moment as though drawn by her imagination. She imagined how Elle wouldn’t be able to control herself at all soon. “Already you can’t control yourself at all, thinking, feeling and doing my words but too focused on the pleasure to realize it as your breathing quickens.” Trisha’s heartbeat quickened as it had when Elle’s lips had met her own, the excitement growing so intense now that she began to hear her own moans.

“My voice, my words cause you pleasure. It’s as though I am somehow touching your thoughts and emotions just as completely as I now touch your clit with your own fingers. Because of this, I can make you feel the emotion of pleasure; excitement and happiness deep within that goes beyond the physical sensation. Me speaking to you always causes at least a little bit of this emotion, but right now, it’s very intense.” Trisha smiled as she felt goose bumps so intense that she felt a chill run all the way through the top of her head. She suddenly felt so excited and turned on that her body seemed to tremble. Her fingers went wild as she felt her emotions reacting to the pleasure with an almost overwhelming desire deep within. She felt her pussy throb and moisten.

“Because of this, when you cum, it’s going to be much more intense then usual, because you are going to cum not just with your pussy, but with your thoughts and emotions as well. You will feel the orgasm in your mind and in your heart and when it happens it will be so intense that it will wipe away everything else, leaving your mind blank and your emotions finally calm and relaxed. You will cum so hard that you will seem to pass out, leaving your blank and listening to my words in a kind of sleep. You will loose consciousness and yet, you will continue to read.” Trisha felt herself nearly gasping for breath, her moans growing louder as she began to feel pleasure much more intensely then she was used to. She imagined that it was because of finally getting close to Elle, she imagined it was her careful seduction of the girl and the obvious power she had over her, never realizing that the voice and the energetic music were now moving her more then she could have ever dreamed.

“With each breath you take in, and with each moan you breath in more of my words, loosing control more and more to them. With each little tingle in your pussy caused by my words you give up more control. You think, feel and do everything I say, and because of this, your pussy is now more in my control then your own, and when I command you to cum, you will, uncontrollably and without ever realizing that I caused it. When I reach the number one you will loose control and cum, but not before then no matter what you do, and with each number I count down, your pleasure and desire will double. 5.” Trisha’s back arched, she felt strangely like her body was no longer under her control, somehow lost in passions so intense that she couldn’t think strait any longer. She felt her legs press together around her hand as her fingers played feverishly.

“4. You begin to chant the following phrase: You have complete control of my pussy.” Suddenly a bolt of pleasure seemed to come over her, almost not from any specific location in her body. It was almost like it was everywhere and nowhere, the way emotions can sometimes feel like they touch every part of you. She suddenly felt like she needed to cum so bad that she would do anything to reach climax. Her fingers went wild, but her pussy didn’t seem to be in her control any more, no matter what she did, it only felt better, only made her want it more, but while she had always been able to cum at will while touching, now, she seemed to be unable to do it. Her lips moved, saying something that she couldn’t quite understand through her own moans; “You have complete control of my pussy.”

“3. By now, you would do anything to cum but you can‘t until I let you.” Trisha’s eyes rolled back in her head. “You have complete control of my pussy.” Her desire became so intense that she began to scream rather then moan. “You have complete control of my pussy.” She slid two fingers deep into her slit and began to finger fuck herself. Again her back arched. Her butt tightened and thrust her pussy forward as she felt intense heat pour from within. “You have complete control of my pussy.” She felt insatiable, and out of control as she felt her wetness begin to trickle down her fingers pour between her thighs. She needed to cum, nothing would stop her from cuming. “You have complete control of my pussy.” She moved quickly, in rhythm with the music, sending waves of tingling pleasure up her stomach as her pussy seemed to tighten uncontrollably in response with waves of pleasure, but would not cum. “You have complete control of my pussy.”

“2. Even go into the deepest trance imaginable for me, which you will, uncontrollably if you cum.” Trisha felt like she had gone beyond the limit her mind could handle. “You have complete control of my pussy.” She felt somehow not sane any longer, she knew she should have came by now, but she felt possessed, utterly powerless and at her pussy’s mercy. “You have complete control of my pussy.” Images flashed through her mind, but were almost incoherent, some of Elle, some of other women, she wiggled her fingers as she pounded in and out wildly, and yet, to no avail. “You have complete control of my pussy.” She needed to cum, she would do anything to cum, just to have her pussy finally release into pleasure. Her body shook as her emotions grew so intense her eyes began to water. “You have complete control of my pussy.”


“As the orgasm floods through your pussy you feel it go beyond the normal limits of your body, flooding up through your stomach, through your breasts, and then somehow through your mind. You feel your thoughts being washed away in a torrent of pleasure as even your emotions and thoughts begin to cum. You feel yourself blacking out as the pleasure becomes so overwhelming that your mind opens completely and is gone, leaving an amazing feeling of complete openness, contentment, and submission. With your mind completely washed away you eagerly soak up my words to fill the void. My words are your thoughts and my words are pleasure.

“This is very important to you, my words seem to somehow resonate deep within you, and deep within the pleasure center of your mind. Simply hearing or reading my words gives you a slight erotic feeling even if the content wasn’t sexual. When what I say to you is sexual though, you feel as though I have complete control of your pussy, making it incredibly wet and tingly, ready to give in to my control at any moment. Because of this, you feel surprisingly attracted to me, even if you don’t know why.

“From now on, any time I, and only I, command you to “loose control” your pussy will suddenly and uncontrollably become incredibly wet. You will begin quickly working your way towards an orgasm so intensely that you will not be able to stop yourself. You will actually literally lose control of your pussy as it begins to head towards a very intense orgasm on it’s own. When this happens you will be so overwhelmed by the arousal in your pussy that you won’t even realize that you are saying out loud “you have complete control of my pussy.”

“When you have said “you have complete control of my pussy,” five times, you will uncontrollably cum so hard that you will unknowingly pass out into a deep trance. You will feel the orgasm flood through you so strongly that it will wipe away all your thoughts, leaving nothing but the want to obey. This will actually be so intense that when you wake up from the trance, you will think you only passed out, not aware that you were ever in a deep trance for me. Do you understand and will you obey?”

“I will obey.”

“That’s my good pleasure slave. When I reach the number five you will find yourself awake again still throbbing and tingling from an orgasm so strong it made you black out. 1 Waking up.

“2 Waking up.

“3 More awake.” Trisha felt herself slowly coming too. She could hear the music in the background, the steady persistent beat she had just came so hard to now replaced by a calmer tune. She smiled as her body tingled intensely and she realized how wet she had suddenly become from cuming so hard.

“4 More awake.” Trisha smiled and laughed out loud. She had never cum so hard she passed out before, and this was only from fantasizing about Elle. She could only imagine what it would be like when she finally had the girl in her arms.

“5 Wide awake,” Trisha stretched and rolled onto her side, her wetness noticeable on her thighs as she decided tomorrow would be the day, the day Elle would come to her house and become completely lost in the pleasure.

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