What Goes Around Comes Around, Part 4: Elle

Warning: This is the first in a series of stories that when read will cause the reader to slowly become bi-sexual. There are quite a few other effects as well but the central one is an intensification of sexual feelings towards both sexes.

Elle's pussy tingled just a little bit as her eyes wandered almost caressingly over each curve of each girl that walked by. She lowered her head and tried to walk swiftly to class before the butterflies in her stomach got out of control, but her eyes only drifted again a moment later.

White blouse, unbuttoned just far enough down to show cleavage while the bottom of the shirt split to reveal the girl's belly button. Had spring arrived so soon? Short skirt, black boots inching their way up the legs, lengthening them and making Elle imagined running her fingers slowly up the girl's inner thighs. Elle stared as she noticed the way another girl's jeans hugged her butt so tightly that with each step her butt seemed to sway in an almost hypnotic fashion.

Elle pulled her eyes forward, stared at the ground as she took each step deliberately on the way to class, her pussy now fully alive and aching. She wondered if this was how guys must feel, as her eyes again wandered. It was as though every girl that walked by was advertising exactly how exciting it would be to touch her skin: to run soft fingers across even softer breasts. To taste their skin, and their lips. . .

Elle's mind vividly recalled the kiss that had happened only yesterday. She felt her lips tingle even as her mind replayed the sensation of Trisha's lips against her own. They had been so pink, so beautiful to watch as Trisha had talked. It was as though with each word the girl formed Elle had wanted nothing more then to feel their motion on her own lips. She licked her lips now to calm the heat building in them as her face became flushed.

And then, she had somehow gotten lost in the movements of Trisha's full lips, her body leaning forward as the butterflies in her stomach grew so intense that she felt weak. She had forgotten how to think, how to talk, how to do anything but melt in the soft touch of Trisha's lips, which she explored slowly, sensually with her lips and tongue. The kiss had ended with her breathless, her eyes still closed as her mouth sat open in fevered breathing. She had felt her breasts heave with each breath, brushing her nipples softly against the fabric of her shirt and feeling the heat of Trisha's arm through it.

And then, Trisha had been talking again, her voice making Elle's ears flush red and hot, "I'll tell you what, after class tomorrow, if you still want this, come to my place with me." Trisha's mouth had spoken the words and Elle wanted nothing more then to press her lips against Trisha's once more. And then, she had gone, leaving Elle still sitting there, literally shaking from the intensity of sensations still playing across her lips.

Elle's eyes drifted as another attractive woman walked by. She bit her lower lip to try and calm the heat in her body. When had she started liking girls like this? She had always thought women were pretty, and even the more sexy of the genders, but now, as she imagined how Trisha's lips had tasted, she found them hot in a way she had never noticed before.

Elle's mind drifted back to the shower she had taken to try and calm down after Trisha had left. It had been a complete failure at calming down, in spite of the two orgasms she had. During each climax she had only found herself imagining how good Trisha's soft fingers would feel on her clit instead of her own.

When her husband came home, she had fucked him for over an hour. He had always been able to make her cum, sometimes so easily it scared her, and yet, with each orgasm she had found herself fantasizing about Trisha.

Now as she walked to class she told herself that this was crazy. She was not just considering going home with Trisha, she was anticipating it, fantasizing about it. Trisha was so sexy, so beautiful, even more so then most of the girls walking by, and Elle was quite sure that if any of the girls walking by had kissed her, she would have melted.

She opened the door to the classroom and walked quickly to her seat, eyes down. As she sat down she realized how swollen her pussy had become. She felt it wet against her panties as she knew in less then an hour she would be going home with Trisha.

Elle's lips parted in a soft sigh that bordered on a moan. It took her a moment to realize what had caused it as her pussy seemed to flood her mind with thoughts of sex and her body with a heat. Her legs press together around her pussy, grinding it into the seat as her back arched from the soft caress of Trisha's hand running up the length of her back and coming to rest on her shoulder.

Elle had only ever felt like this before with her Husband, not even with other men, much less with a woman. Trisha looked down into her eyes and Elle nearly kissed her on the spot, restrained only by the soft hold of Trisha's hand on her shoulder. Trisha bent down slowly, her hair dangling on Elle's neck as Trisha whispered in her ear.

"Pause, until you cum for me today, you will be constantly turned on so intensely that by the time class is over, you will feel like you would do anything for me to make you cum. Eventually, that feeling will become permanent, that you would do anything for me to make you cum feeling a complete helpless submission to my sexyness, and any time I want you, you won't be able to turn it down. Play."

Elle had no idea what Trisha had said, the sound of her voice and the touch of her hand had left Elle's pussy so swollen that it was now throbbing. Elle took in a deep breath and sighed as she put her head down on her desk. She wished for a moment that she knew how to make herself cum without touching, the way her husband sometimes did, but realized that being this turned on, an orgasm would be far too loud to hide in class.

Trisha had walked away to her own desk and Elle turned her head just enough to see her. Trisha smiled and just looked forward at the teacher as Elle's eyes traced lustfully across Trisha's breasts, then up to her lips, then back down her golden hair to her shoulders. Elle's pussy began to throb rhythmically with her heartbeat. Her mind went blank as she stared. Her arousal grew. She would do anything to be able to have Trisha.

Her pussy grew even more swollen, then seemed to get stuck that way, relaxed into submission and constant arousal. Elle stared as her pussy seemed to throb with each heartbeat and her body became more flushed with each breath. She began to feel like she couldn't move without permission, her pussy so swollen and wet that all she could think about was Trisha making her cum, which only made her pussy wetter, which only made her stare more, which only made her think more about Trisha making her cum.

Elle felt helpless as her pussy dripped and her mind simply stopped working as she lay with her head on the desk staring at Trisha. An eternity passed, during which the closest she got to a thought was her short dreams of Trisha's naked body in her arms.

The longing grew so intense that she found herself forgetting who or where she was, focused only on having the aching between her legs fulfilled. She forgot she had a husband, forgot she liked men, forgot anything but the beautiful image of Trisha and the helpless swelling between her legs that now spread deep into her stomach and across her ass.

Elle realized that if she let herself think or have any will at all right now, she would be touching herself, so she let it go, and in that moment that seemed to last forever, she fell in love with Trisha, because for her, no time passed as she became locked in a perpetual state of want. By the time class ended, Elle was a blank slate of arousal, unable to even pick her head up off the desk as Trisha walked up to her, her eyes now staring at the zipper on the girl's jeans.

"Come to my car Elle." Trisha said, and without hesitation Elle was moving. She didn't notice the few people who saw the wetness soaked through her pants. She wasn't even aware of it herself, only aware of the constant throbbing there and the spinning in her head.

The walk to the car was a blur. Driving was only a cocktail of vibrations and Trisha's voice.

"Pause, you are so attracted to me right now that simply touching my skin is intensely pleasurable. My words arouse and touch deep within your body and mind. You feel so submissive and aroused that you can't help yourself at all from doing everything I tell you, half in a trance the entire time you are here. You will find that obeying my commands gives you pleasure. Play."

And then, they were at Trisha's home, Elle was walking in the door, making her way to the bedroom. Trisha instructed Elle to sit down on the bed and slowly took off her own shirt, revealing her breasts as Elle stared helplessly. Then inch by inch, Trisha slid off her Jeans. Elle's breathing quickened to the point that she felt light headed. Trisha bent down and kissed her, sending a shiver through her body so strong that it left her quivering.

Elle felt her senses sharpen as her pussy abandoned all restraint, pulsing, throbbing and tingling. Her eyes roamed Trisha's body helplessly, almost as though witnessing the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

"Pause, you will now fully come to understand what it means to love a woman's body; to find her beautiful, sexy, irresistible. You will now loose control of yourself, abandoning all thought and other desires to explore the sensations of our bodies. Taste my nipples between your lips and experience the pleasure of it. Play."

Trisha stood slowly and Elle felt herself leaning forward, taking Trisha's nipple between her lips. She felt the soft skin against her own, the warmth of a woman's breast and smelt Trisha's sweet scent. Elle's head spun as she took the nipple between her lips and flicked it lightly with her tongue. Somewhere deep inside her submissive nature seemed to flow as fully as the wetness between her legs.

Goosebumps covered Trisha's chest as a light moan escaped her lips and Elle couldn't help but smile at the thought that she had caused such pleasure.

"Pause, you want to lick a woman's cunt so badly, to know that you are causing a beautiful woman pleasure. You will find that the taste is wonderful and that it makes you so turned on you are afraid you could cum at any moment. You will also find that the taste seems to arouse you so much that you can't think on your own any more, willing to do anything just to taste me, you will become so submissive to my commands that any time you taste me, you cannot resist my commands, Play."

Elle slid her hands slowly down Trisha's body, following every curve. She felt the goose bumps again as her touch moved along the elegant curve of Trisha's side. She kissed slowly down her stomach, feeling Trisha's excited breathing as she shivered beneath Elle's touch. She passed her belly button, her hands caressing Trisha's waist and then down to her ass.

Elle gripped tightly the softness of Trisha's ass as her lips reached the soft bare skin of Trisha's slit. It was wet and swollen just like Elle's own unquenched desire. Trisha moaned and smiled and grabbed gently onto Elle's hair as Elle's tongue slid slowly across the wetness.

The taste made her shiver, goose bumps now covering her entire body. Elle felt dizzy, she moaned, her body seemed to melt beneath Trisha's touch. She craved to lick more, needed it, couldn't seem to understand how she had ever missed out on this. She nearly attacked Trisha's clit with her tongue. Trisha moaned, then giggled, then gently pulled Elle's hair, moving her face away from between her standing legs.

"Take off your cloths Elle." Trisha said, looking down into Elle's eyes with a hint of proud ownership.

Elle's thoughts raced, but couldn't seem to make any sense. Before she even realized she was doing it, Elle was standing and practically tearing off her cloths. Her pussy ached so badly that her stomach felt like it was contracting in little near orgasms. Within only seconds Elle's cloths were strewn across the floor and she turned to face the bed where Trisha now lay with her legs spread. Elle's eyes asked the question, Trisha's eyes answered it.

Elle dropped to her knees and crawled onto the low bed. She dangled her hair on Trisha's stomach for only a moment, looking up into the girls eyes communicating the only thing she could think at the moment in a simple glance: "I want you," spoken with the desperation of wide eyes and trembling body. And then Elle was licking.

Trisha's moans began almost immediately as Elle explored Trisha's pussy with the same care and attention to detail that she would her own, mixed with a desperate fervor that made her tongue move at almost a vibration.

Elle lost herself in the moment, encouraged by the sound of Trisha's moans she began to not just lick the girl's clit, but to alternately plunge her tongue as deep inside as it would go.

Elle felt Trisha again grab her hair as goose bumps covered their bodies simultaneously. Elle knew Trisha was about to cum, she didn't realize she was about to as well.

In a high pitched voice Trisha barely managed, "I'm cumming. . .. cum with me. . . CUM NOW."

Elle felt the flood of wetness beneath her tongue, and then her own back arched. She found the goose bumps flowing from her pussy, across her butt, which now seemed to pull back and press up into the air even as her head thrust down to lick faster. Something below her belly button tightened, then filled her with a rush of pleasure that ran the entire length of her spine, ending in a tingling rush to her head. Only now did she realize that she too was moaning.

Trisha's moaning turned to a kind of laughter as her clit became sensitive in the after wash of orgasm. She pulled Elle's head from between her legs and sat up slightly, kissing her full on the lips. Elle felt so dizzy that she nearly didn't comprehend enough to stop licking.

Trisha smiled and gently whispered, "Lay down." Elle turned on her back, realizing her breathing was so fast it made her light headed. Trisha moved between Elle's legs, taking her hands and running them slowly up Elle's inner thighs. Elle began to feel like she might pass out. Trisha looked her in the eyes and Elle felt herself respond almost before the words were spoken: "CUM NOW."

Shivers ran from Trisha's fingers up Elle's inner thighs ending in her throbbing clit. She had only ever cum on command from her husband, but now, uncontrollably, she was doing it for Trisha. Her pussy throbbed, the rush of pleasure exploded inside her, making her back arch and her legs press together. She dug her nails into the bed as little black spots appeared in the corners of her vision.

And then, Trisha began to lick. She licked like nothing Elle had ever felt. Soft warm lips and expert tongue. Fast yet gentle; practically a vibration on her clit. Elle's head spun as her pussy began into another orgasm.

This one hit her like a series of pulses, one orgasm on top of another, her body quivering as she lost all control of her movements. She tried to grab onto Trisha's hair, but only found herself shaking uncontrollably. The black spots crept farther into her eyes.

Then deep inside she felt a pressure, it took a moment to realize that Trisha's fingers had slid almost effortlessly into her pussy. Elle gasped, her pussy clenched, and what was already a multiple orgasm began to overwhelm all of her senses. Trisha had somehow slid her fingers deep inside to her spot at the exact moment of climax. Elle felt her pussy release a flood of wetness that left her weak, almost numb with pleasure everywhere beneath her waist. She couldn't move as she let out a long, low moan that seemed to go on forever, almost making it impossible to breathe. The black spots at the edge of her vision crowded in, turning to sparkles in the dark. Then all Elle knew was orgasm for an amount of time she couldn't seem to place.

She awoke still shaking, her mouth repeating the words, "I can't believe I never knew I loved women this much," over and over.

Trisha put on some music, something Elle would have recognized if she was conscious enough to recognize anything. Trisha crawled back into bed, both naked and soaked. They cuddled up close and listened to the music. . .

"Your mind so focused that you don't even realize what the words are saying. And yet these words still sink deep into your subconscious which is always listening. My words are your deepest thoughts, so deep you don''t even know you are thinking them, as though they are background noise and something you know you don't need to listen to, because you are already thinking all the important parts deep within."

"You suddenly find yourself surprisingly turned on, as though each breath you take in is a breath of pleasure moving up from your pussy into your stomach. It feels as though each breath you take makes you more and more aroused and you don't know why. You find your fingers beginning to explore your body, touching where it feels good.

"Your pussy seems to move on it's own, responding to my words without you realizing it. Already you can't control yourself at all, thinking, feeling and doing my words but too focused on the pleasure to realize it as your breathing quickens.

"My voice, my words cause you pleasure. It's as though I am somehow touching your thoughts and emotions just as completely as I now touch your clit with your own fingers. Because of this, I can make you feel the emotion of pleasure; excitement and happiness deep within that goes beyond the physical sensation. Me speaking to you always causes at least a little bit of this emotion, but right now, it's very intense. "Because of this, when you cum, it''s going to be much more intense then usual, because you are going to cum not just with your pussy, but with your thoughts and emotions as well. You will feel the orgasm in your mind and in your heart and when it happens it will be so intense that it will wipe away everything else, leaving your mind blank and your emotions finally calm and relaxed. You will cum so hard that you will seem to pass out, leaving your blank and listening to my words in a kind of sleep. You will loose consciousness and yet, you will continue to read."

"With each breath you take in, and with each moan you breath in more of my words, loosing control more and more to them. With each little tingle in your pussy caused by my words you give up more control. You think, feel and do everything I say, and because of this, your pussy is now more in my control then your own, and when I command you to cum, you will, uncontrollably and without ever realizing that I caused it. When I reach the number one you will loose control and cum, but not before then no matter what you do, and with each number I count down, your pleasure and desire will double. 5.

"4. You begin to chant the following phrase: You have complete control of my pussy.

"You have complete control of my pussy."

"3. By now, you would do anything to cum but you can‘t until I let you.

"You have complete control of my pussy."

"You have complete control of my pussy."

"You have complete control of my pussy."

"You have complete control of my pussy."

"2. Even go into the deepest trance imaginable for me, which you will, uncontrollably if you cum.

"You have complete control of my pussy."

"You have complete control of my pussy."

"You have complete control of my pussy."

"You have complete control of my pussy."


"As the orgasm floods through your pussy you feel it go beyond the normal limits of your body, flooding up through your stomach, through your breasts, and then somehow through your mind. You feel your thoughts being washed away in a torrent of pleasure as even your emotions and thoughts begin to cum. You feel yourself blacking out as the pleasure becomes so overwhelming that your mind opens completely and is gone, leaving an amazing feeling of complete openness, contentment, and submission. With your mind completely washed away you eagerly soak up my words to fill the void. My words are your thoughts and my words are pleasure. "This is very important to you, my words seem to somehow resonate deep within you, and deep within the pleasure center of your mind. Simply hearing or reading my words gives you a slight erotic feeling even if the content wasn't sexual. When what I say to you is sexual though, you feel as though I have complete control of your pussy, making it incredibly wet and tingly, ready to give in to my control at any moment. Because of this, you feel surprisingly attracted to me, even if you don''t know why.

"From now on, any time I, and only I, command you to "loose control" your pussy will suddenly and uncontrollably become incredibly wet. You will begin quickly working your way towards an orgasm so intensely that you will not be able to stop yourself. You will actually literally lose control of your pussy as it begins to head towards a very intense orgasm on it's own. When this happens you will be so overwhelmed by the arousal in your pussy that you won't even realize that you are saying out loud "you have complete control of my pussy."

"When you have said "you have complete control of my pussy," five times, you will uncontrollably cum so hard that you will unknowingly pass out into a deep trance. You will feel the orgasm flood through you so strongly that it will wipe away all your thoughts, leaving nothing but the want to obey. This will actually be so intense that when you wake up from the trance, you will think you only passed out, not aware that you were ever in a deep trance for me. Do you understand and will you obey?"

"I will obey."

"That's my good pleasure slave. When I reach the number five you will find yourself awake again still throbbing and tingling from an orgasm so strong it made you black out.

1 Waking up.

"2 Waking up.

"3 More awake."

"4 More awake.""

"5 Wide awake,"

Trisha and Elle both turned to each other and laughed, amazed that they had been so turned on by the experience that they had both just cum again from thinking about it. They kissed passionately, then fell asleep in each other's arms, exhausted from the experience.

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