Take a deep breath and immagine the best sexual feeling you have ever had. Feel yourself suddenly tighten inside in responce to your immagination, as you become extremely aware of your body:

Aware of how your nipples harden, tightening, as your breasts suddenly feel extremely heavy, almost swolen with desire, as they become covered in goose bumps.

Aware of how your back wants to arch, as though your body wants desperatly to press your chest forward into a lovers gaze, a lover's touch, a lover's mouth.

Aware of how your legs press together around the throbing heat building between them as your insides get blissfully tighter making you want to squirm, making your hips want to rock back and forth.

Aware of how your hands suddenly want to wander, to touch every tingling inch of your body.

Aware of how you want something inside more then anything in the world to feel yourself tighten around and to release you into bliss.

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