No Inhabitions

So it had finally happened, John was about to have his chance to bring a person to the brink of sexual limits. This girl, Alicia, the beautiful red head had agreed to his exploration, and now laid on the satin sheets of her bed, waiting, wearing only black lace.

For many years John had been interested in sex in it's every from. He had enjoyed sharing his sexual side with others in many forms, physical sex, communications over phone and text, mutual masturbation, and many hours of exploration alone. He had tried Tantra, he had been hypnotized, tied down and he had a good understanding of the workings of both the male and female orgasm, in many of their forms, but he had always had a particular interest in the nature of desire it's self.

He was tall, strong, and very confident in the way he moved. His blue eyes gleamed in nearly any light and his dark soft hair gave him a look of elegance.

"What do you want me to do?" Alicia asked him, with a look that sent waves from his pelvic region all through his body.

"Lie down in a reclining position where you can still see my eyes, and just relax." He told her, his blue, eyes shooting back his own obvious desire.

Alicia was no more a stranger to sex in all it's splendor then John was, and it was partially for that reason that this experiment excited her so much: it was a chance to see how far her own passions could take her. She looked at John's muscular arms and chest as she reclined and looked into his eyes, relaxing her body as much as she could with the growing tension between her legs. John dimmed the lights and proceeded:

"Can you still see my eyes?" He asked softly, in the kind of gentle but confident manor that made Alicia both trust and desire him.

"Yes," She said.

"Then focus on them. Focus all of your attention on my eyes. Relax your body and just focus your attention here." He paused and she took in all the beauty of his eyes, focusing on them as her body melted into her bed slowly.

"I want you to keep your eyes focused on mine almost to the exclusion of your other senses. Hear my voice, let it penetrate into you, let it relax and soothe you, but focus your real attention on my eyes. Now, I am going to put you into a trance, you will remember the trance in it's entirety, but you will be in a dream like state and you will let my words effect and soothe you. I am going to count back from 5 to 1, when I reach one you will be completely asleep."

Alicia could feel her body relaxing as he talked, his voice became nearly background to the shining blue that was his soft gaze. She could feel herself getting tired.

"5 you are falling asleep. Your body is completely relaxing. My voice washes over you like waves. It enters your ears and sooths all the muscles in your body."

Alicia's attention began to drift off from his voice, her attention focusing entirely on his eyes. Her body seemed to sink very comfortably into the bed.

"4, you can feel your eyelids getting heavy, your body getting heavy, your breathing becoming relaxed. You can feel your breathing and my voice mixing together and filling your body with soft waves of relaxation"

Alicia's breathing slowed, and she was surprised to "feel" his voice moving into her and making her whole body relax.

"3, you begin falling asleep, your eyelids becoming almost to heavy to keep open, the harder you focus on my eyes, the heavier your eyes get and the harder you need to focus. Your body seems too relaxed to move and your subconscious begins to think about pleasure. With every breath you take in you become more relaxed. My voice begins to move over your skin, lightly soothing it to sleep"

Alicia's eyes drooped and she though of what it would be like to look into those eyes she was focusing on so hard when she came.

"2, your eyes close on their own. My voice becomes the your focus point, it moves into your body like the air you breath, which you also begin to focus on. Your mind's eye begins to play out your fantasies in a dream like state. Your breathing no longer just soothes and relaxes you, but you notice that when you breathe in you fill your lungs and body with pleasure as well as air, almost as though you were breathing in through your clit. My voice moves over your skin, in small waves, moving in through your ears and down your spine, also a sensation of pleasure."

Alicia felt as though she were floating. She pictured him in her mind, how much fun she was going to have. She thought of his body, his soft hands all over her, and she felt herself getting wet between her legs. She could hear his voice, it was such a sexy voice, she thought, she couldn't wait to hear the sounds he would make when she made love to him.

"1. Asleep."

Alicia dreamt of how his mouth would taste, and of how he would feel inside of her. She could feel her arousal building deep within her.

"Focus on your breathing. With every breath in you will feel yourself becoming more aroused. With every breath in draw the tingling from your clit up into your body. With every sound my voice makes let your body pulse inside. Focus on your desire. Let it sweep up into you. Feel your heartbeat quicken, and let it pulse pleasure all the way through you. Every time I say 'focus' you will feel a pulse in your vagina, and each time it will be stronger then the last. 'Focus' on your breathing."

Alicia could feel the familiar tightness in her lower stomach building. There was a pulsing there in time to her heartbeat, her clit pulsed in time as well. Her breathing made her tingle as she pictured his beautiful body. Oh how she wanted to run her fingers over his chest, to kiss his neck and to run her nails down his back. And then, she felt his fingers on her stomach. Her breathing quickened and as it did she felt the desire spreading deep into her, through her stomach and filling her breasts where her nipples already brushed wonderfully against the lace she wore: each breath making them tingle as they brushed across the fabric. She could feel her heartbeat all through her aroused body.

"Now, 'Focus' on my voice, let it light up all of the nerves in your skin. Let your desire overtake you. Let your body go, let it move as it wants to, let your hands wander. 'Focus' on your desire and on my touch."

She felt his fingers trace up her stomach and onto her heaving breasts. She was still picturing him very vividly. She imagined him inside of her, and her insides seemed to try to open up to accommodate her imagination. She felt herself pulse around his imagined penis in a reaction as he said "'Focus' on how your whole body is alive with desire, with pleasure." And then his tongue traced a circle around her erect nipple and she felt her back arch , almost trying on it's own to place her breasts in his mouth.

"'Focus'" he said, and she felt like she couldn't stand this anymore as her whole body pulsed and a tingle moved over her skin, "On your desire and let it move you, let it control how your body moves. Let your sex have control. Loose all inhibitions, let yourself just be totally consumed by the desire for sex."

And then, she felt his hands all over her body. They were on her chest, then down her stomach, tracing the curves of her sides caressing her thighs. Her breathing and heartbeat took hold of her, she felt her back arch and his hands began to do things she never thought possible. He seemed to simultaneously trace back to her chest and down to her clit with his wonderful hands. She felt the first real touch of her wet privates at the same time that he gently groped her breasts, and as that first wave of tingling below hit, he said "Focus, on the way your pleasure spreads." And she could feel the tingle of her clit move in waves all through her body and across her skin as her insides began to pulse more forcefully.

He began to rub her clit, and she wanted to say "faster" but before she even tried it seemed he had began to touch her exactly the way she wanted to be touched. At the same time she felt his hands moving across her back, grabbing her ass, caressing her chest, her stomach. He was whispering in her ear and kissing her neck and she found that her breathing was now out of control. Her body was moving on it's own, arching, pulsing. Her breathing moving wave after wave through her.

And then as he began "Focus. . ." the little pulse that she had expected in response became a full blown tidal wave moving through her breathing, through her arching back and causing her such a head rush that she felt faint. She barely heard him, finish, "on the way your orgasm fills your whole body." And it did, indeed fill every part of her. Where his lips now circled her nipples she felt a pleasure similar to her orgasm in her lower regions. It was everywhere.

"When you see me, you will be filled with the desire again, and you will find yourself without inhabitions" he said softly, "Now open your eyes."

Her vision was blurred for a second as her eyes opened to his command. As her vision came into focus she immediately became aware of the still present desire where her own hand still rubbed her clit. She didn't even have time to realize that she had become so involved and taken by her own desire that her own hands had brought her to that last climax: she had pounced on him with an unbridled passion she could not contain the second she had seen him.

And then, as she climbed on top, and slid him inside of her, he said, "'Focus' on your desire and come untill you are exhausted." And with those words she felt him hard as a rock pressed against her G spot. She began to pulse again. Her vision nearly blacking out from the pleasure that made her whole body vibrate. She collapsed forward onto him, her breasts pressing against his hard chest and her insides pressing against his hard dick,

"Where is all of this desire coming from" she thought as she found herself unable to stop her hips from grinding against his hard cock. She felt as though each orgasm only made her desire yet another one and already she was tightening up inside. She couldn't contain herself, she had nothing to hold her back and she could feel herself tensing up inside yet again. Her breathing quickened again and she found herself moaning, nearly screaming, as with each gyration her hips brought her involuntarily closer and closer to another climax. "Oh my god," she both thought and yelled as her whole body arched and she came hard. She found herself unable to think as she noticed herself get so wet that she soaked his stomach. Her climax continuing longer then she could remember it ever doing. She felt a release like she had never had before: liquid pouring from her as if to say her body could no longer contain the tidal wave of pleasure she felt, and it didn't end, because as she collapsed into a heap on his chest, the waves began again, this time from his moving in and out below her.

He flipped her onto her back and began without giving her body a chance to react. Her last orgasm hadn't even completely ended and she could feel the next coming from his pulsing manhood inside her. She could see the liquid on his stomach. "Is that all really from me?" She thought, as her body once more took control, her hips bucking and her chest heaving. And the answer came in the form of another wet explosion. His body against hers, she could hear him coming his wonderful moans in tune with hers and rippling through her. She could feel her whole body convulse and the release was too much for her to handle. Her body went out of control, her hips with a life of their own, her vision blurred and became black around the edges. She knew she was gushing liquid and it felt amazing. And then as if to say it could take no more her body seemed to collapse. She felt as though she had fainted, or was going to faint. She was dizzy with pleasure and she sank into her bed with him on top of her. She couldn't think. She couldn't move.

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