No Inhabitions II

Alicia lay on her satin sheets looking once again into John's eyes, last night had been one of the most pleasurable nights Alicia had ever had, and now, this morning, she wanted to try something more. She had nearly passed out last night and after sleeping next to him she had awakened and asked John to do it again, if possible, more then he had last time. John sat at her feet looking into her eyes, "I am going to hypnotize you again Alicia, but I need to know how much you trust me, how far you want me to take this. There are a lot of different things I can do. . ."

Alicia interrupted him, leaning forward and putting her finger on his lips, "I want you to do whatever you can, I have never been so in touch with my body, without worries, so utterly without anything but the enjoyment of what I was doing as I was last night. I truly had no inhibitions, and I want that again. I trust you completely. Just take me there." Her green eyes gleamed with desire as she sank back to the bed looking into his eyes, her body moving sensually to a relaxed position.

John smiled, "Ok, look into my eyes, as before, remember how relaxed you were last night and let that same relaxation fall over you. Let your body completely relax as you focus all your attention on my eyes, and on my voice. Let my voice completely relax you, move through you softly making your whole body sleep. I am going to count backwards from five to one. When I reach one you will be in a full hypnotic trance, asleep and not conscious until I choose to wake you."

Alicia felt her eyelids already getting low, her body completely relaxed just as it had the night before. She could see his blue eyes looking at her softly, gently and she let her mind relax, just listening to his words.

"Five, you are falling asleep, your eyelids are getting heavy, very heavy. The only thing you can see is my eyes, the only thing you can hear is my voice. Concentrate and let every part of you completely relax, feel my voice caressing you into a deep sleep."

Alicia already was barely aware of what was going on, this became easier the second time, and she wanted so badly for him to give her the desire she had the night before.

"Four, you are falling into a deep sleep. Let all of the tension in your body go. Your eyes are getting heavier and as they do your head gets sleepy, so sleepy that things seem to just be floating by. You are tired, tired like it is 3 in the morning and you haven't slept in 3 days and you are happy to just drift off."

Alicia's eyes were getting blurry. She could still see John's eyes, but that's about it. His voice seemed to soothe her completely and already she was beginning to loose consciousness.

"Three, let your eyes slide close and let your thoughts drift. Let yourself drift off to sleep. Let my voice bring you deeper and deeper. Go do deep asleep that you don't even dream, let your mind go blank except for the words I say. Let my words move deep within you."

Alicia was already asleep, she was not aware of John's erection or the pleasure she was about to have.

"Two, go completely into deep sleep, but keep your mind focused on my words. Let my words move in your mind. Fall into such a deep sleep that nothing could wake you, but let my words still move in your thoughts so that only my words could wake you. One, you are completely asleep.

"From now on, whenever I say Asleep you will fall directly back into this deep trance immediately and when I say Awake you will become aware again. You will remember completely every moment that you are aware during, but the moments when you are asleep you will remain too deep asleep to remember.

"Now, when you wake up it will seem like nothing has happened yet, you will feel like you just laid down and closed your eyes for a second. However, every time you see me look at your chest you will become more turned on then you were the second before. This will be in rather large noticeable jumps though so that it becomes really intense rather quickly. You will not fight these feelings but rather you will go into them deeply with no inhibitions what-so-ever and act on them, enjoy them.

"Also, your imagination will be completely free, released. So much so that things you think and imagine will seem almost real. Things I suggest you should picture will be vivid and stimulating almost as though they were real. This effect will be so strong that when you first see my dick and picture it inside you, you will feel it and come just from the thought. From then on, whenever I say 'come', you will.

"Last off, until I say 'relax' your desire for sex will be insatiable. No amount of coming will make you want to come again less, for that matter, each orgasm will only make you want the next one more."


Alicia woke up. She blinked for a second. "Well, are you going to start?" She said to John. John only smiled. "What?" She said as she noticed John look at her chest.

Alicia watched his eyes looking at her, so full of desire, she felt her nipples harden to meet his gaze through her satin night gown. God his look was so sexy, she could feel herself tighten up inside just from his look. She licked her lips. God she wanted him, just from that look.

He was looking into her eyes now. She wanted to seduce him, to make him look at her again like that. She forgot about asking him to release her from her inhibitions and slid her hand up her side, bringing her nightgown up with it. His gaze followed, gently, lustfully, as she uncovered the supple lower part of her breast and slid her fingers around that sensitive lower half of it. His eyes watched intently.

Hie eyes were looking at her chest again wantonly. And as she watched his eyes she felt herself get noticeably wet. "Oh god he is so sexy when he looks at me like that." She was opening up inside just from him watching her and she could feel her heart beat in her clit. Her thighs squeezed together almost on their own to quiet the raging desire flowing between them. He was looking in her eyes again with such a passion. But she wanted his eyes floating over her entire body, she wanted to seduce him more then anything in the world.

Alicia rose to her knees, staring him right in the eyes. She ran her fingers all over her body, and then, taking the straps off of her nightgown, she let it fall, exposing her breasts. She arched her back and stuck them out for John to see and she watched his eyes caress them in all of their glory.

As he looked at her breasts she felt her wetness become so intense it slid down her inner thighs. She was pulsing inside, her breathing and her heart racing. Every nerve in her body was screaming to be touched. She desired his look, and him more then she had ever wanted anything before in her life. She found herself moving, almost dancing, as she stripped. She was so hot, so full of passion that every movement her body made was utterly filled with sensual pleasure. She slid her nightgown down her hips and butt, tracing the outline of her body as she did, then sliding them off of her shapely legs she drew his eyes back up her body with her hands, caressing back to her breasts.

He looked intently at their beautiful full shape, her nipples hard, aching for his look and his touch, and as he did she couldn't stand it any more, her breathing was going wild, she was so wet that when she moved her legs her thighs were lubricated, she was so tight inside that she already felt like he was inside of her, pushing her open making her tighten around him. She had the craziest desire for him to pay attention to her breasts, and as she looked at him she decided she wanted his cock between them..

She slid sensually across the satin sheets and nearly tore the boxers he was wearing in off of him. The second she slid them down over his erect, swollen purple head she gasped. She could imagine how that would feel on her breasts, and inside of her, she wished he had two somehow. And as she stared at his throbbing head, she imagined how that would feel, one man fucking her tits, and the other inside her. She would come so quickly that way. . .

Then, suddenly, as she thought about his dick inside of her, as she stared at it and pressed it between her breasts, as he looked at his dick between them and she followed his gaze. . . she began to twitch inside, pulsing where a moment before there was only that wonderful intense tightness. The pulses seemed to draw stronger with each one and she realized they were. . . building. . .she couldn't think.

She pressed her tits together around his cock and screamed. "Oh, god, I'm coming." And she exploded, her wetness now pouring down her legs. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she seemed to be pulsing everywhere inside, her back arched and she felt him moving his dick between her breasts as she thrust them forward. She looked into his eyes as if to say, "how?" but he was watching his dick move between her breasts. Oh god, she loved him looking at her chest. She almost didn't care how anymore, she just wanted it to happen again. God how she wanted to come again, and god she wanted him so bad she couldn't think, she was just moving on her own, letting him slide in between her breasts. And then he backed away, his dick sliding down her breasts and leaving a trail of precum. She watched it, almost wanting it back, but then she thought about how it would feel inside of her, she watched it moving down her body, caressing it. She could almost feel him inside her already she wanted it so bad. She couldn't take her eyes off of his dick and how much she wanted that throbbing hardness inside.

Then his hands caressed her face and pulled her glance to his eyes. "Come," he whispered. Once again the tightness began to pulse lightly as she pictured him inside of her, her mouth opened as it began to build, become more intense, deep inside of her stomach. She felt herself break into a sweat and moan loudly as her back arched it's self, her thighs coming together. And then the explosion came, her eyes blurred and she was riding wave after wave of pure ecstasy. She was staring him in the eyes, but instead of asking how she was just feeling it. Her head was tingling, every part of her was tingling.

He kissed her open breathless lips. He kissed her cheek and then her ear and she could feel his dick on her stomach. He kissed his way down her stomach and then blew softly on her belly button. She was still tingling all over and her eyes watched his look up at her chest and then into her eyes.

Her breathing went wild from his look, drawing wave after wave of sexual desire up into her body. She felt like she was on fire and his blowing on her stomach only seemed to fan the flames. He looked up at her and again, whispered, "come."

She felt as though he simply breathed her climax into existence. The little pulsing coming from her tightness grew again inside of her, his blowing on her stomach pushing the orgasm onto her skin. Her mouth opened and this time, she moaned with every breath out as it built from just his blowing on her stomach, she couldn't take this teasing. . . any. . .longer.

She screamed out John's name and grabbed her chest with one hand and her throbbing, pulsing , coming clit with the other. She began to rub furiously, and before her last climax had ended she was hurdling into another. Her body erupted, her hips going wild, and god, she wanted another so badly. She couldn't see straight. Her back arched and she could feel herself pour liquid between her fingers from her back to back climaxes.

She could see John looking at where her hand grabbed her chest and she wanted something inside of her, anything, her fingers slid in almost involuntarily to fill the aching inside. Her palm rubbed against her clit and she could feel part of herself swollen just inside of her on the top where her fingers brushed something that felt wonderful.

John had walked away from the bed, where was he? The spot inside felt good but it also felt a little like she had to pee. John was walking toward her with a blindfold, a blindfold? He slid it softly over her eyes. And then kissed her lips as she continued rubbing that wonderful spot inside.

Then she couldn't feel him, and then suddenly his lips were on one of her erect nipples, she shuddered, her whole body reacting to the touch. When she couldn't see where he was going to touch next every touch felt orgasmic.

He kissed up her chest and up her neck as she rubbed that spot inside, and then suddenly she felt herself get wetter then she had ever remembered being in her life, and that release of liquid seemed to make her even tighter inside then she had been. Her fingers moved wildly inside of her as John's hands moved all over her body, making her tingle with pleasure.

She felt herself pulsing again inside, and as she began to come she felt a strange sensation from where she was touching, suddenly there was a lot of liquid, she could feel herself filling with liquid as she rubbed that spot. And then in an explosion she felt herself spraying, the pulsing inside climaxed and she could feel herself pushing liquid out of somewhere. The sensation was overwhelming and again she screamed. She yelled John's name and even as she collapsed in ecstasy she could feel herself wanting more. She was soaking with come and she loved the sensation of even that: how full of sex, how full of desire it meant she really was.

She reached out for John, she wanted him inside of her. She felt his muscular chest with her hands and the feel of it made her fingers tingle. She could feel his breathing suddenly in her ear and it sent shivers down her spine. She was reaching for his body with both hands and as she pulled him close to her she could feel his dick press softly against her clit. Her hips reacted trying to grind against him. "I want you inside of me," She said far louder then she expected.

"Not yet," he whispered in her ear. "I want you to imagine that there is another man in the room, he is watching you lustfully. I want you to sixty nine me so he can see you move better. I want you to seduce him by what you do with me. Come just from the idea of him watching you."

John picked her up and helped her get on top of him.

Alicia could feel John's body against her, she had his dick in her hand, and she pictured the beautiful stranger watching her. She thought about how it would feel to have John's dick in her mouth and this stranger in her from. . .she was coming again. Her back arched in the air and her ass went up high, she imagined the stranger looking at her butt moving up like that as John watched her pussy pulse with pleasure. She was screaming again, and her hips moved wildly in the air.

Before she could even finish that orgasm she felt John's tongue go wild on her clit. She wanted him inside of her, if it was her mouth that would do. She couldn't believe she was thinking like this. She sucked him sensually, so that the stranger could watch. She sucked him with a passion she did not know a person could give head with. She could feel John's hands moving all over her ass and back and legs as he licked her clit and before the waves of the previous climax had subsided she was over the edge again.

She took her mouth off of John's cock long enough to scream and she let her body move sensually with the waves, seducing the watching stranger. She felt herself get light headed, and then felt her whole body get light. She felt as though she were floating above John in an intoxication of pleasure. She plunged into a state of total bliss. She had been like this only a few times in her life and only after quite a few orgasms. Oh god, how many times had she came? She wasn't even sure and that somehow made her even more turned on. She was in utter bliss, and yet somehow she wanted more. She sucked John's dick as if to beg the stranger to get up and plunge hard into her soaking pussy.

John's licking stopped for a second, and then suddenly she felt a dick inside of her. She came immediately from the penetration, she screamed and exploded, her ass moving up into the air to accept the massive manhood that now penetrated her. Her head spun and she floated higher into bliss. It was huge, it filled her completely, and then some, and as she came she could literally feel herself pulse around it.

She could feel herself sink against John's body. Her head pulsed, and throbbed and she couldn't think, she couldn't do anything but scream. Wave after wave rocking her exhausted body. Her insides contracted hard with this thing in her. And then, oh god, it started to vibrate.

She couldn't even suck John any more, she was completely caught up in the new vibrating sensation that seemed to fill her entire pussy, stomach, and butt. She felt herself tighten around it again. As John's lips kissed her thighs, his every touch so amplified by the blindfold, as was the sensation of vibration inside, she began to come again. She could feel herself try to tighten around what she now imagined as the stranger's dick, but it seemed as though she couldn't completely grip the vibration. And so she felt herself pulse once, a baby orgasm. Then again, only seconds later. Then again, each time tightening up inside and the vibration driving her wild. It was getting more intense with each pulse, they were building. She screamed, then breathed in, then screamed again as the pulse pushed the air out of her. John began moving the giant vibrating dildo in and out of her rapidly, moving with her screams.

She was being fucked hard from behind while she was vibrating to heaven and the man beneath her touched her everywhere. With every thrust she pulsed inside. She was grabbing onto John's legs for dear life. She contracted again and again tightening on the vibrating dick that filled her entire insides then opening up to let it fill her, only to find that she couldn't open up enough. The little orgasms kept building, each one stronger then the last, the vibrating on her g spot making her unable to even tell what was going on any more. She was so full inside, every twitch seemed to ripple around that massive vibration.

And then she found herself holding her breath as one of the pulses seemed to latch onto the vibration inside. She felt her entire pussy tighten up, every part of her insides pressing hard against the vibration. She wasn't sure when she started coming and she wasn't sure what was even going on. She was so tight around it that the vibration felt like one long orgasm. John watched as liquid poured from her into his open mouth, her whole body sank onto his as she found she could no longer support herself. She was vibrating in a state of pure bliss, so much so that she could barely move. Wave after wave of pleasure was pouring up from inside of her. She wasn't even sure when it stopped, because after it was taken out she felt like she was still vibrating inside. As John flipped her onto her back she realized she was exhausted.

But the second she felt him inside of her she became hungry for yet another, she let him thrust into her, screaming with every thrust. She felt him move in and out of her rapidly and she found herself coming with him, both of them screaming. She did not know where the energy to grab onto him came from but she gripped onto his back hard, scratching with her nails. She was coming again, from deep inside, her whole body pulsing. They pulsed together, both screaming in delight. And then as John Sank on top of her exhausted body he whispered, "Relax," and she felt sated.

They both lay there for five miniutes just savoring the heat their bodies were sharing, Alica feeling the floating afterglow of havig come more times then she could count, when Alicia looked at John, "That was amazing, but when are you going to hypnotize me?" John Smiled.

No Inhabitions III

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