No Inhabitions III

A day had gone by and the night had come and after a romantic dinner Alicia found herself again in her bedroom with John. John was sitting on the edge of her bed and she was laying luxuriously in the middle, looking at him as they talked about anything and everything under the sun. As they talked Alicia couldn't help but think of the way she had felt the last two times she lay in this bed, her mind kept drifting and her eyes with it. She was getting worked up just thinking about it and as the normal conversation went on she eventually decided she didn't want to wait any longer.

"John," she said biting her lip with her green eyes nearly glowing with desire as she looked in his blue eyes, "I want you to do it again." John blushed and smiled, looking into her eyes in the way he had the last two nights, she could feel her body relax and her mind surrender just from his look.

"There is one more thing I can do, but it is the most powerful thing so I have to be sure that you really want it."

Alicia's head spun as her stomach felt light and playful from his words, "What could possibly be more powerful then what you have already done?" Her heart raced.

"Look into my eyes Alicia and relax. I am going to again count from five to one and when I reach one you will again be in a deep sleep, completely under my control. Five, you are falling asleep, let your body relax, let your mind drift into unconsciousness. Let my words soothe your body and mind so that you only see my eyes and hear my words. Your eyes are getting heavy."

Already, Alicia was nearly asleep, her eyelids heavy and his words floated through her like a summer's breeze, caressing her, singing her to sleep.

"Four, you are falling asleep, your body drifts away and my words become your only focus as your eyes close softly. Let your mind relax and my words flow through it as you picture yourself lying naked on a beach with the sun on your skin, and the wind in your hair, making you feel a pleasant warm while you sleep."

Alicia was warm and asleep on the beach, smelling the ocean in the air.

"Three, feel yourself so relaxed and happy in that place, let yourself fall deeper into a sleep and let yourself dream of this beach. Feel how the sand is warm under you and the breeze makes love to your skin. Feel the sun kiss you softly. Let the ocean waves soothe you and drive you deeper into sleep."

"Two, imagine opening your eyes to see the sexiest naked man you have ever seen, laying not far from you. Feel the way your relaxed body fills with desire for him while at the same time you are pleasantly drowsy. He is so sexy that you know you are getting wet just from the sight of him, and you look across the beach at him, letting your body fill with the relaxation of the beach along with the desire he creates. Then begin to drift off to sleep to dream of what you might do with him."

"One, you are completely asleep. When I say "Awake" you will wake up and will believe you have been hypnotized, but you will not be sure what you have been hypnotized to do, or feel, or believe. You will think of the man on the beach, whom you will remember vividly along with how you felt for him. You will then think of what you would like to do to him. Then you will notice me, and feel the same way for me as you do for that man. Every fantasy that comes to mind will be what you think you have been hypnotized to do. If you wish you were hypnotized to come from my look, then that is what you will do. You will have no inhibitions about anything you do because anything you wish, you will become to occupied in doing to think about anything else. You will be completely free, controlled only, by your deepest desire, which you will immediately surrender to. This will go on just slightly past when you would like to stop, so that you press your capacity for pleasure. Awake Alicia."

Alicia opened her eyes and looked at John. She had dreamt of the most amazing looking guy and he was on her mind, there, erect and looking lustfully at her naked body on the beach. She felt her stomach fill with butterflies at the thought of his gaze, then realized John was looking at her in exactly the same way. She breathed in deeply as she looked at John, and felt her stomach tighten. Oh my god, he had hypnotized her again, and it was going to be the most powerful one yet, her heart skipped a beat.

Alicia stared into John's eyes and a chill ran down her spine. She could feel herself spiraling into a frenzy of emotions and questions. What could possibly be better then what he had already done? Her breathing quickened. The way she felt under his lustful gaze made her sure that had been part of it, the look of desire in his eyes would automatically fill her with desire.

She felt her back arch as his eyes traveled down her body. It was if his very look caressed her skin. When his eyes reached her legs she felt her thighs squeeze together in response. No it had been more, wherever he looked would be filled with desire and aching for his touch. Oh but he wouldn't want to just make her feel good he would want to make it worse by making her seduce him so his eyes would flow everywhere over her body, and before she knew what she was doing Alicia was off the bed and had turned on her CD player to the sexiest song she could think of. God how she wanted his eyes all over her.

As the song started she had her back to him and she could feel his eyes on her butt. She wasn't wearing much; shorts, t-shirt, bra and thong, but she was determined to make sure that every inch of her skin got his attention. She felt a warm tingling where he looked and felt her hips begin to move ever so slightly to the music. Alicia quickly realized that her every move, her every seductive movement filled her with goose bumps and pleasure. Obviously her dancing was supposed to get her even hotter.

Alicia could feel her nipples harden as she bent over while running her hands all over her body. She could feel the fabric of her clothing caress her skin. As she bent her shorts hugged her butt and hips, it felt heavenly, sending goose bumps all across her butt and up her spine. She felt the shorts hug her vagina ever so slightly as she moved her head between her legs. With every movement of her butt, which was moving up and down to the beat of the song, grinding against some imaginary man, the clothing caressed her skin like a thousand men's fingers. Alicia looked at John

John was sitting with his mouth open, astounded. The way she was moving was so incredible that he had to shift in his seat to make his throbbing manhood not hurt from the pressure it was exerting on his pants. He had never have imagined that she hid such an instinct for seduction, it was like every movement of her body made him want her. He looked into her eyes which stared at him with a desire like nothing he had ever seen before. Alicia, free of all her restraints, was the sexiest creature to have ever lived. John's eyes floated over her body, hungrily, as a man who hadn't had sex in years would stare at a goddess.

Alicia realized quickly that he had linked their desires, the more turned on he was the more she would become. Already she could feel that her shorts and underwear were wet as her stomach was filled with a tightness and light airy feeling that made her back arch. As it did she stood up and pulled her shirt off in one quick sexy movement. Her shirt caressed her skin as she did and goose bumps and chills followed it.

She could feel his eyes on her back and her hips and her legs as she began to gyrate while caressing herself. That was another thing he had done, he had let her feel her own caresses as though they were someone else's. She ran her fingers all over her body and everywhere she touched tingled in response. The gyration of her hips had begun to produce a slight waving in her stomach, like the muscles inside were trying to move as well, and she could feel a little contraction begin to pulse periodically with her movements.

She unclipped her bra and she could feel his eyes watching as she removed it. She wasn't going to let him see her chest yet because she was afraid of what seeing his eyes look there might do, make her helpless, perhaps, even make her come as she would imagine his dick between her breasts as they were before when she came. She felt his eyes on her neck and shoulders and her hair as she covered her bare chest with one hand and caressed her hair with the other.

The hand through her hair made her skin tingle all over and she realized suddenly that she could barely stand how good her own touch felt on her breasts. She began to caress them, to squeeze them with her back to John and she could feel his eyes looking at her sides, trying to see what she was doing. She caressed little circles around the nipples and her shorts became an incredible feeling on her clit as her hips continued to move to the music. She felt tingling sweeping up into her from her middle and it was joined by the sensation of pure pleasure she felt from softly pinching her nipples. She turned in one quick dancer's move and faced John.

John's hand caressed his dick through his pants, where his obvious erection had left a pre cum spot on the surface. His jaw was still dropped and his eyes played wildly on Alicia's body. He was breathing quickly and shallowly and could feel his heartbeat all through his body. His insides felt like they were going to explode and he could hardly believe his eyes.

When Alicia's gaze locked with his the feeling in her stomach changed from a tightness to an open whoosh. His eyes moved slowly to where her hands now squeezed her breasts as she dropped to her knees, helpless before his gaze.

Alicia felt her hips rock wildly as she kneeled. What had begun as a whoosh had been quickly followed by a wave of pleasure. She felt her shorts become soaked she held onto her breasts for dear life. She wasn't sure if the orgasm was coming from her sensitive tits where she now felt warmth and tingling or from her clit as it continued to rub on her shorts with every little movement she made. Alicia immediately surrendered to the desire that suddenly poured through her.

John watched in amazement as Alicia, who's eyes had been closed in the clutches of an obvious orgasm, looked up at him. Her hair draped over her body lightly and her green eyes shone in a look that stoped his ability to think. He felt his dick pulse and his eyes lock with hers. Her hips still moved to the music as she got up and walked toward him, shedding her shorts as she walked.

Alicia felt the aftershocks of her orgasm as she walked and the shorts caressed her skin with such pleasure as she shed them, immediately followed by her thong in an amazing show of seduction. There were goose bumps all over her body as her desire became the thing moving her dance. She walked up to John watching his dick and realized quickly what the one thing that could be even more amazing then what she was already feeling: that every touch of his would make her come.

She whispered, "Undress and sit with your hands behind you," as she stepped backward and continued to dance. She could feel herself already on the verge of an orgasm. What would it feel like to have every touch set her off? To be wrapped in bliss? She watched him undress as she rubbed her thighs together in anticipation. As his cloths came off she quickly realized that the sight of his dick would. . . Alicia couldn't think as his manhood emerged from beneath his shed boxers.

She felt herself begin to pulse inside, first slowly, then quicker and stronger. With every breath she could feel a little spasm push into another little spasm. She felt her legs get week and fell forward to put her hands on his knees and her butt in the air, while arching her back. His hands remained behind his back as she fell clear over the edge, the last pulse exploding into the beginning of her second orgasm.

She looked at his dick, now not 2 inches from her lips as she felt her vaginal lips pulse open and pour liquid out. She felt as though she were being penetrated deeply from behind as her butt moved high into the air and her legs squeezed together to try and cope with the pleasure pouring through her body. It was moving in tingling waves, electric shocks of light moving down into her legs and up into her stomach. It filled her chest as goose bumps flew over her skin and made her nipples so erect that she felt like she was coming from them as well.

John nearly prayed she didn't suck his dick as he was so turned on he wasn't sure if he could last long enough to make her come from sex. He looked into her eyes as she stood and straddled him, hovering above his dick, she danced, slowly, gyrating, her juices dripping onto his lap, and he nearly exploded just from her movements.

Alicia was ready, that last orgasm had driven her into a state where she could barely see straight, "Touch me, touch me everywhere," She said breathlessly as she slid onto his rock hard member in one fluid motion.

Alicia nearly blacked out. She couldn't see, she wasn't sure what was happening. From the moment he was inside of her she was coming. His penetration had started a chain reaction that seemed to happen in slow motion.

She looked into his eyes, and felt his swollen head press against her soaking lips. Her eyes closed as they parted and she could feel every inch of him slide into her, first opening the lips, then pressing open only an inch in, then another, then pressing open her body where her G-spot was clenched to her insides, then passed that as her g-spot let of a spark that lit the fire, then opening her up all the way in, pressing against her insides in a way that made her scream

The next moment it seemed that all that existed in the world was the fabulous pressure that his dick made on her g-spot. The spark that had come from it became a heartbeat inside, a feeling of liquid building up, pulse, pulse, a feeling like she was going to pee, pulse pulse, then an explosion of exquisite electric tingling.

Starting at her clit, where she suddenly felt the pressure of his body, there was a contraction. She felt her lips tighten around his dick, then slightly more inside, it was a wave, a wave of tingling and of pressure, it moved further in tightening her g-spot around his dick, which lit another sudden spark which began a contraction at her clit as the first one moved further up his dick to where his head pressed deep inside her.

From there the wave traveled to her stomach, leaving swirls that traveled across her hips and butt in goose bumps. As the second wave closed her lips around his dick again the first pressed her stomach forward, pulling her back taught and then into an arch. The tingling wave made the muscles in her stomach tighten in their own explosion of pleasure and suddenly Alicia remembered to breathe.

As the second wave pressed her g-spot fabulously against his dick, making an explosion even stronger then the first the first moved in the form of a deep breath in, filling the space between her pulsing stomach and her arched back. The breath moved the tingling wave into goose bumps all over her back and chest as the heaving of her breath brought her chest forward to rub against his face.

A third wave began at her clit as the second moved into the depths of his penetration. The first caught new fire as she realized his mouth now covered one of her nipples. A powerful tingling poured from that nipple where his touch created a spark in the midst of what was already a tidal wave. That spark began to feel like a new orgasm, passing over her breast in a tingling frenzy. Her nipple seemed to harden even more then it had as the warmth of his mouth and the movement of his tongue made a wave of goose bumps caress her tit. The breath reached a climax in her upper back and then exited her in a scream as it seemed her nipples contracted.

The first wave became a tingling in her neck which rushed to her head in a blinding light as the second wave pressed her stomach forward and the third hit her g-spot, creating a fourth wave in her clit.

From his hands she found an incredible warmth spread. There was a tingling where he touched, followed by a contraction of the muscles. Her whole butt tightened in a wave of bliss that met with the fourth wave now at her G-spot. The tingles spread from her butt to her ass hole, which seemed to contract as well, sending a wave through her insides that made her g-spot seem to contract in more then one direction.

The tingles seemed to flow down her legs as the fifth spark began at her clit. The forth wave met his hand on her back which made her back arch with a bliss she had never felt before, thrusting her nipples forward into his waiting lips, where they contracted again letting loose a flood of goose bumps. The second wave was making her scream now as the goose bumps from his hand on her back flooded up her back.

Thus the pulses of her first orgasm seemed to split into many orgasms and waves that covered her skin and flowed through her body. By the time the 3rd wave hit her head she felt like passing out and could no longer distinguish between the waves, where they started or anything about them, except for where they were happening now. Time began to speed back to the way it was supposed to be.

Pulse 7. 8. 9. 10. . .11. . . . . .12 . .. . . .Second orgasm, 1,2,3,4 . .

She began to feel that she was screaming with every breath. His hands began to move, and as they did, each set off such a flood that she began to loose track of them like she began to loose track of orgasms.

The pulses were coming faster and faster until she was coming like she had been pulsing. One after another, filling her up. She became aware of the way she was moving on John's lap, rocking back and forth with such force and speed that the chair slid on the floor. John began to scream in bliss with her, and Alicia suddenly realized she had no idea how long she had been coming.

She felt his dick harden even more inside of her and then begin to pulse. Her pulsing seemed to alternate with his and suddenly she found she could no longer distinguish between when one orgasm ended and one began.

She felt wrapped in bliss and she could feel herself beginning to become faint from the overwhelming nature of it all, she had been rocking hard on him long enough that it even hurt a little, but she was determined to push it just a little bit further.

She began to savor each exquisite feeling now competing for her attention. Her clit throbbed and sent sparks into her body, everywhere his dick was inside of her seemed to be electrified in a continuous sea of bliss, so much so that the pain barely mattered. His hands touched her butt, her legs, ran up her back, caressed her hair, sending waves of goose bumps everywhere. His mouth on her nipples made her chest feel as though it was going to explode from pleasure. And then it came.

She had no idea where it started, but it didn't take long to travel. She felt like her whole body came at once. There was a flash, and then a tingling everywhere, she felt her body completely relax everywhere it touched, she held her breath, and had no idea why. It was a complete flood, she began to loose consciousness. Her body just released all at once and she could feel herself collapse onto John's body. There was a whoosh between her legs and then a whoosh everywhere, complete goose bumps, complete pleasure, and then light headiness and then black crowded around her eyes.

She could feel John pick her up and set her on the bed. She felt as though she were in a land of mists, like a fog of complete relaxation, bliss, surrounded her. John caressed her lightly as she lay there floating. As her body came back to her she could feel herself still catching her breath and her heart pounding. She could feel little aftershocks inside. John put his hand on her stomach and she came lightly, just a single pulse of tingling. He caressed her as she relaxed and she realized that the last thing was this: That for a while afterwards, every time he would touch her stomach she would have a little aftershock of an orgasm, a little light of bliss.

“What did you do to me John?” She asked, “That was incredible.”

“I didn’t do anything this time Alicia, I just told you to let happen what you really wanted to.”

His hand ran over her stomach again and she had another, lightly, making her get goose bumps all over. He began to massage her and she began to fall asleep, the orgasms became less and less intense until she was just on the verge of sleep and just being massaged. She realized that even that wouldn't be it though, this had been entirely her doing, her wants, and that when she woke up those little pulses would still occur when he touched her stomach because she wanted them to, and that she she would certainly begin making love to him in the morning by having him do so. She realized that all she needed to do to get to pure bliss was let go and she could do that now. She thought about that as she began to dream of laying softly on a sandy beach and John put his arms around her and they fell asleep together destined to have many a similar night.

No Inhabitions IV

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