No Inhibitions IV

Alicia woke up with a smile on her face. Last night had been one of the most intense nights of her life and John still lay there next to her, his body a warm comfort next to hers.

She let her mind wander just a little bit as she looked at him, thinking back to how her body had moved on it's own the night before, how he had set her free to feel anything she wanted. She smiled at the realization that somewhere in the last few days her inhibitions had just evaporated, and even now, she knew that if she wanted to have sex with him, she would be so into it that there would be nothing else on her mind at all.

John woke up to the taste of Alicia's lips and a throbbing between his legs. He smiled as she pulled her head back away, letting her hair drape down around his face.

"Good morning," He said looking at her bright smile, "You seem awfully energetic today."

"I know," Alicia replied, "There is something different today, it's as if I have nothing at all holding me back. I woke up and saw you, and I wanted a kiss. I didn't even think about it, I just kissed you, and already I can feel butterflies in my stomach, and it's wonderful. I'm not held back by a belief that there is only so much pleasure I can take: I can come forever I think."

Alicia looked into his blue eyes and felt her whole being respond to his look, "My mind seems to just get quiet when I look into your eyes, so my worries and thoughts don't interfere with what I am wanting, you know, like there is just nothing wrong with longing for you. I just want you, and that's all there is, and it's so free, and I like that."

Alicia kissed John again, this time with enough passion that her legs squeezed together in response to the butterflies that rushed up into her stomach. She let them rush and almost wished that she would feel her insides go even more wild then they already were, to feel herself so turned on that she couldn't control herself if she wanted to.

Her body seemed to know what it was doing all on it's own as her back arched and she moved like a seductress over John's body, kissing and biting his bottom lip as she looked lustfully into his eyes. John felt his body moving in response to hers, his stomach muscles tightening as he thrust forward involuntarily.

Alicia sat up and looked into John's eyes, feeling her body relax and fill with desire from the blue eyes that had made her go under hypnosis the night before. Nothing stood between her and her desire for him as she let her whole body melt in his gaze, fully trusting, fully letting go, and feeling her hips rock forward towards him on their own. Looking into his eyes, she already felt like she would do anything he told her to without a second thought, and she liked trusting him that much and being free to just experience what her mind and body were doing now: wanting.

Her body was full of desire, as though it was desire alone that moved her and nothing else. She let herself be the embodiment of lust and pleasure and every nerve in her body lit up in response. She decided, at that moment, that she did want to be so turned on that she couldn't control herself, that was what she wanted more then anything in the world.

"I want you to hypnotize me again," Alicia said breathlessly without even trying, "but this time, I want one thing and one thing only. I want to be hungrier for pleasure then I have ever been, and then I want you to fuck me until that hunger is filled."

She bit her lip as she realized that she had just asked to be fucked. Although she had thought it before, she had almost never said anything like that in her entire life, but it was what she wanted deep down at that moment, and somehow, admitting that made her both blush and want it more.

John smiled, surprisingly turned on by how incredibly sensual all of her movements were and how her speech seemed to be filled with unrestrained longing.

"Ok, but I want something too," He said, his blue eyes almost glowing, "I want you to want me all day, and be able to feel pleasure any time, any place, from me, so that long after we part for the day, I continue to fill that hunger for you. I want you to be my pleasure slave. I want you to feel pleasure whenever I tell you to for the rest of the day so that you never feel very far away from me."

Alicia smiled and bit her lip, "Now why would anyone say 'no' to that?"

John sat up and looked into her eyes as she turn and lay down locked in his gaze. For a couple of seconds she just lay there and he just sat, both staring into each other's eyes. Within a few seconds of their shared glance, Alicia felt her mind go blank as she surrendered to him without even trying. Already she knew if he told her to have an orgasm, she would.

"Take in a deep breath and focus on my eyes, and on my words. Let your mind go completely blank except for those two things. Let yourself get lost in my eyes, unable to look away even if you wanted to, as though you want to look into my eyes more then anything in the world. Focus so entirely that you feel like my eyes are the only thing in there is to look at."

Alicia's mind was blank, she saw his eyes and heard his words, and there was nothing else. She loved his eyes and she loved getting lost in them, she felt as though she never wanted to blink again, to loose sight of his eyes for even that much time. Alicia let out a sigh.

"My eyes relax you. Relax your entire body. Just looking into my eyes you can feel yourself almost unable to move you are so relaxed. Take in a deep breath and let all the tension in your body and mind go, knowing that I am watching over you, and knowing that the only thing you want in the entire world is to see my eyes, and hear my words."

Alicia felt completely safe and so relaxed that her breathing and heartbeat were the only movements of her body. In his gaze her mind had completely let go, and now, there was nothing but the want to see his eyes and hear his voice.

"Take in another deep breath, and let my words begin to sink deeper and deeper into your mind as the only thing you can consciously see or think about is my eyes. Feel yourself so completely focused on my eyes that my words slip passed your consciousness and so deep inside that you mistake them for your own deepest thoughts, no longer knowing fully what I am saying, simply thinking it deep inside.

"Let my words move even deeper inside of you as you focus even harder on my eyes, your desire to see my eyes the strongest desire you have ever had. Begin to think, feel and do everything my words say, but feeling as though my words are your own thoughts, feelings and wants.

"Take in a deep breath while focusing on my eyes, but don't even notice that you are taking the breath, focus on my eyes as your body relaxes on it's own, my words moving deep inside of you as you begin falling asleep into a deep trance.

"I am going to count from five to one, when I reach one, you will be completely unconscious but will continue to think, feel and do my words as though they are your own thoughts, feelings and desires. Focus on my eyes so much that for the entire time I am talking, they are all you consciously know about.

"Five, you are falling asleep. Already you are thinking and feeling my words so much that you don't even know you are being hypnotized. Your body and mind relax on their own as though it were your choice to do so and you believe that you are just wanting to relax your mind and body as you focus on my blue eyes.

"Four, falling asleep as you think, feel and do my words. You feel extremely relaxed, so relaxed that you can barely move. Take in a deep breath automatically as all of the tension goes out of your neck, your shoulders, your back. Relaxing your arms, your legs, your stomach, your jaw. All of the tension gone from your body, but still you focus entirely on my eyes, your eyes locked open and wanting more then anything to look. My words move deeper inside of you, relaxing you. You like my words, you want more of them, you want to think, feel and do them.

"Three, falling asleep. You begin to almost hallucinate, as though the only thing in the world to see is my eyes and my words moving in you. Your mind is blank except for my words and the vision of my eyes. Your body seems to be asleep, your conscious mind seems to be asleep except for the dream of my eyes, and your subconscious is thinking only my words, which you ache for more of.

"Two, falling asleep, a fog settling in your mind and body so that you couldn't think anything but my words if you wanted to. My words are now your thoughts and feelings and desires, there is no separation between them. What I say is what you think, feel and do. You want more of my words and consciously want to see nothing but my eyes. You are totally relaxed in mind and body, yet focused to the point that there is nothing but my words and eyes. You are falling into a deep trance.

"One, you are now in a deep trance, my words are now the only thoughts and feelings inside of you but you are not even aware of being hypnotized, just aware of my eyes.

"You now feel very light headed in addition to being relaxed, as if the lightness of your thinking, the blank, is making your head weightless. You can feel yourself so light headed that you almost feel as if you are going to float away. And then the feeling spreads, your entire body getting lighter and lighter, your hands, feet, breasts, breathing, everything, light as a feather.

"You feel as if you are floating, and it is a comfortable, happy floating, like flying in a dream. You like the way you are feeling and so let my words move deeper into you as you get lighter, still consciously focusing on my eyes and feeling as if my eyes are making you fly.

"You want to float higher, it's fun, tingly, relaxing, and happy. Any time you want to float higher, say 'I will obey,' and the second you say it, you will float higher. You will also go more under my control, deeper into the trance, truly meaning, 'I will obey' when you say it. As you float higher you will go deeper into the trance, the higher you are, the deeper my words effect you. You want to float higher. Say, 'I will obey.'"

Her eyes were blankly fixed on John's eyes as she said, "I will obey."

"Feel yourself float higher just from saying that one sentence and enjoy the floating, feel how free and light you are. It's fun and you want to float higher."

"I will obey," Her hands floated up into the air and she giggled, she could move them down if she wanted to, but it would be hard to do, and she liked how they were floating.

"Go even deeper into the trance, so deep that you aren't even sure what is going on, just seeing my eyes and my words and floating wonderfully, wanting to go deeper and float higher."

"I will obey."

"Feel yourself disoriented in a wonderful kind of way, floating, lost in my eyes and your mind blank except for my words."

"I will obey."

"Your conscious mind is floating so high that you aren't even aware of your body or anything going on around you, yet your body and coconscious do whatever they need to keep focused on my words as you begin to crave my words. You are floating so high that you will soon loose consciousness entirely, my words becoming the only thing happening anywhere in your mind. You want to float higher."

"I Will. . .Obey."

"Let yourself become incredibly dazed, your only thoughts my words. Believing my words are coming from inside of you, as thought they were your own thoughts, as you feel your conscious mind go to sleep, dreaming, floating completely away into the sky and flying."

"I . . . Will. . . .Obey."

"Are you asleep now?"

". . . .Yes."

"For the rest of the day, whenever I look into your eyes and say, 'Alicia,' your gaze will become fixed on mine and you will feel helplessly under my control. Your mind will go blank and you will want to look into my eyes more then anything in the world as you feel like you are floating. You will then say "I will obey" and you will not be able to look away until I let you, and you will uncontrollably think, feel, and do whatever I say when I am looking into your eyes. Will you obey?

"I. . . . . will. . . . . . . obey."

"Now, say out loud, 'I am so horny, I can't control myself.'"

"I am so horny, I can't control myself."

"Other then what I am saying that is now your only thought, and every time you think it, it becomes more true as you get more and more turned on every time you say or think it. Say it again, and believe it."

"I am so horny, I can't control myself."

"Begin to whisper it over and over again, uncontrollably chanting it, getting hornier every time you say it. It is true, you are so horny you can't control yourself. It is your only thought and feeling other then my words. No matter how horny you get though, you can't have an orgasm till I let you, and you can't touch."

"I am so horny, I can't control myself. . . . . . I am so horny, I can't control myself. . . "

She began chanting softly, her arms floating a bit as her eyes remained fixed on Johns. Immediately the effect was visible, her cheeks becoming flushed and her breathing quickening as her whispers became breathless.

"I am so horny, I can't control myself."

Her nipples hardened visibly through her shirt and her back slowly arched, her body beginning to rock in a kind of slow relaxed desperation. Her eyes began to show signs of an intense longing as her thighs pressed together.

"I am so horny, I can't control myself."

Her whispers began to get a little louder, half whisper, half moan. She bit and licked her lips, her body began to shake lightly and goose bumps ran over her skin, all the while her eyes stared into Johns, filling with a desire unspeakable.

"I am so horny. . . I can't control myself."

She took in a deep breath, her breasts pressing forward, back arching, legs pressing together around a wetness that John now loved the smell of. She moaned the words:

"mmmmmmm. . .I am so horny. . . I can't control myself."

Alicia let out a little moan as she breathed out and then gasped for air, her body shaking as chills ran clear through her from head to toe.

"Please. . .I am so horny. . . ."

She stopped to gasp for air beginning to squirm on the bed, "I can't control myself."

John smiled and he throbbed from the sight of her there, so turned on that her body moved on it's own, uncontrollably. He loved the power of her arousal and knew that soon he would wake her up into the most aroused state she had ever been in.

"I am so horny. . . . Mmmmmm. . . .I. . can't control. . .myself."

Her words were broken up by moans and gasping for air as her body shivered and writhed on the bed, he began:

"When you wake up. . ."

"I. . .am so horny. . I. . I . . .ooohhhh"

"You will become a hundred times hornier then you were even when you were asleep, but you will stop chanting that phrase. You will, however, still think it periodically."

"Can't. . . control myself."

"And you will know that my eyes, words, and body, can release you into pleasure whenever you or I want. After I let you have your first orgasm you will be able to have them whenever you want, for the rest of the day just by hearing, saying, reading, writing, or typing the word orgasm."

"I. . . mmmm. . . am. . . so horny."

"Any time you hear, say, read, write, or type the word orgasm, you will have one. That word is now the same as the action, the same as the feeling, for you. When you have an orgasm from it, you will see my eyes in your mind and uncontrollably come."

"Please. . . . I can't. . . ohhhh . . . I can't control myself."

"When you wake up, you still will not be able to come or move until I give you your first orgasm."

She moaned wildly.

"I. . .am. . ."

"I am going to count from one to five, on five you will wake up."

". . . .ahhhhhmmmmmm. . . soooo. . . horny. . ."

"One, waking up, two, more awake, three, even more . ."

"God. . . . I can't control myself."

"Four, closer, Five, awake."

Alicia felt herself floating for a moment and then she was suddenly aware of a throbbing. She wasn't sure at first where it was coming from, but it was so strong that the air it's self seemed to pulse. Then she became aware of John's eyes, as he said her name, and a desire that made it impossible to think flooded through her consciousness as she barely noticed herself whispering "I will obey." She couldn't tell where the throbbing was coming from, but she didn't care, it felt wonderful and torturous at the same time.

She heard a moaning as though it were someone else's voice at first, she barely managed to wander who could ever be so turned on as to make that sound, that breathless, desperate, moaning. . . then she realized it was her own voice as she became aware of the hot breath escaping her lips as she bit them.

From there, her awareness spread down through the throbbing. Her head was hot, her cheeks flushed and chills ran down her spine with every movement of her body. Goosebumps spread down her neck and across here breasts, which felt so swollen and heavy she wasn't sure she could sit up. She felt their soft flesh rise and fall in hot tingles with her hurried breathing, the breathing that was interrupted by moans and gasps that rushed to her head. She became suddenly aware of an aching in her breasts that pulled so tightly on them that she felt she may sit up in spite of their weight, drawn entirely by a hot pulling.

Alicia managed a breathless, "oh my. . ." as the realization of how hard her nipples were seemed to overwhelm her. She felt her breasts drawn forward by her nipples, towards John's eyes, which still occupied her entire vision. She managed a few short, "ah"s as the pulling in her breasts succeeded in pulling her breasts forward and arching her back, which she had not yet been aware of.

The throbbing got stronger as she felt her shirt brush teasingly against the sensitive sides of her body as her back arched. It felt as though there were a constant stream of tingles pouring up through her spine, an energy that somehow caused it to bend in bliss. She felt her ribs move upward under the hot, heaving, weight of her breasts, and then the she felt her stomach stretching from the arching of her back.

It was as if her breasts were attached to a sheet of energy as the muscles in her stomach stretched, sending wave after wave of goose bumps up, across her swelling mounds, through her aching nipples and up into her neck into her spinning head.

Every muscle in her stomach, from her ribcage all the way to her belly button slowly stretched in an ecstasy of flowing pleasure. She squealed as she became aware of the butterflies in her stomach, which seemed as though they were flying up from her stomach and into her breasts because there wasn't room for all of them in her now stretched stomach.

The throbbing slowly became more intense as she grew aware of her grinding hips, which every movement of made shivers run up her sides and back. Then she was aware of her legs as the throbbing grew stronger. Her legs were shaking along with her breaths and her inner thighs were so hot as they rubbed together that they managed to make the bon fire in her head seem like the arctic. Then, as her awareness spread down from the butterflies and up from her thighs the throbbing got stronger and stronger until she was letting out little rhythmic moans with it.

She became aware of a flowing wetness, every inch of her swollen lips, and then, she found the source of the throbbing. From her clit, all the way to deep inside, a throbbing, wet, tingle filled heat was pulsing uncontrollably with such intensity, she heard it in her ears.

Her eyes, still fixed on John's, went wide as her mouth opened and she tried to contain the feeling inside by gasping for air. She couldn't think, her desire was so intense that she couldn't even remember what she wanted. She felt her head spin as her eyes begged John for something, something she could no longer put into words. She half managed to think, "oh my god, I'm so horny I can't control myself."

She became aware of John's smile as she only uttered one word through a shaking moan: "please. . ."

She couldn't finish the sentence, she couldn't even remember what it was she was asking for, let alone form the words with her trembling lips. She squealed as she found images of sex running through her head at such a rate and intensity that she couldn't even finish the thoughts.

There was an image of her bent over, hands holding onto the back of the couch in her living room, John, pounding into her from behind. Then there was an image of John's eyes as he whispered something to her. Then the thought of her hands moving everywhere on her body, actually pounding herself with a vibrator. Then the thought of letting three men take her at once. Then just the image of a throbbing dick.

She got dizzy as she kicked her feat and let loose a squeal that sent shivers down both her spine and John's. She became aware of her locked gaze with John.

"What do you want right now, more then anything in the world?" John said, his voice actually shaky from his desire for her.

Alicia's head spun as the answer came; image after image of the hardest wildest sex she could imagine poured through her head. She managed, "I. . .aahhhhhh. . . . so horny. . . ."

"Well, you have to concentrate, tell me what you want so I can give it to you."

Alicia squirmed for a while, moaning uncontrollably as every nerve in her body screamed for a release into pleasure, then, "Please. . . . can't. . ."

"Concentrate. . ."

"FUCK!. . . .can't control. . .mmmmmmmmmm"

Alicia's back arched as she humped the air wildly, her eyes a desperate plea as her lips remained parted for the air and moans to get through. She was so wet that her underwear were soaked and throbbing so much that she couldn't think, let alone talk.

"PLEASE!" She screamed, "I want to. . . . . COME!"

John bent down near her, still holding her eyes with his. Alicia felt herself immediately start to hyperventilate as her moans quickened and she started thrashing about trying to get release. She didn't care if anyone heard her as she began to scream.

John bent down till Alicia could feel his hot breath on her parted lips. She shivered as chills ran all over her body from the sparks that leapt the distance between them and flowed through her. She was so loud she could barely hear him, her moans now all screams as her head spun and became light. He looked her in the eyes and his blue eyes became so intense that she felt as though her entire body were at the mercy of her desire to look into his eyes, "I want you to have the biggest orgasm of your life, right now."

There was an earthquake, the bed, the room, and Alicia's body was shaking as the throbbing became a tremor in her lower belly that seemed to rock the entire world. At first she wasn't even sure what was happening, orgasms were never quite like this tumbling, this avalanche towards climax that was so strong that the earth was moving underneath her.

The earthquake below her belly button grew stronger, filling with hot tingles and a rushing upward, inward, through her, and a hot wetness rushing downward out of her. She felt as though an electric current of pure bliss were pouring up through her, the echoes of the trembling rushing through her entire existence. Alicia tried to scream as she had been before, but found that she was unable to, as she gasped in, the air pouring through her as the orgasm continued to speed towards climax.

Alicia tried to grab onto anything she could to ride through the explosion inside of her, she gripped the sheets of the bed and stared into John's eyes as her vision blurred in tears of overwhelming bliss.

The tremor below her bellybutton spread till her clit, her wet lips, her thighs and her butt seemed to all be shaking in an ongoing explosion of ecstasy. Her butt pressed downward into the bed as she kicked her legs in the air and her back arched suddenly. Her body nearly froze in that position, only her feet kicking in the air, as the trembling grew so strong that she was sure that if she looked at her stomach there would literally be waves moving through it.

And And then the first climax hit her trembling body as she realized everything up to that point had just been the rushing towards orgasm. Alicia's body froze. She couldn't gasp, couldn't scream, couldn't do anything but feel the blissful tightening of the muscles in her pussy, an intense clenching followed by the clenching of every muscle in her body.

There was silence for a moment other then the beating in her ears in time with the explosions in her body, then her hips thrust forward in a sudden uncontrollable motion as she heard her distant voice squeal. And then, the next explosion hit her as she realized the earthquake was far from over.

Her vision grew black around the edges as she felt her entire body fill with a fire like energy. She found herself on a roller coaster of orgasms, each one making the whole world shake as she let out one, long, deep, moan, punctuated by gasps when each orgasm hit.

Then the bliss tapered off a bit and she became aware of her desire still unfilled. She was aching for another orgasm, more then she had even been aching for the first.

Her vision came back into focus slowly, and she found herself still looking into John's eyes. She felt as though their locked gaze had transmitted what she had felt to him, as though they had just shared her bliss, and she loved the desire she felt in his eyes.

She sat up and pounced on him, kissing him passionately, stopping only for breath and to look into his eyes. She was vaguely aware that they were tearing off their cloths in a frenzy as they stood beside his bed, but to her, it just felt like wanting him more.

John looked Alicia in the eyes as their naked bodies pressed up against one and other, each other's warmth making their skin tingle. John whispered softly, "What do you want right now more then anything in the world?"

"I want to have an orgasm," She said wantonly, playfully. And then her jaw dropped, her legs went weak, her head spun, and she moaned as John held her body up. Deep between her legs another earthquake had made it impossible to stand as bliss poured up into her entire body in a rush of electric tingles.

"Every time you say, hear, read, write or type, the word orgasm today, you will have one." Alicia's head spun again as her thighs pressed together around a rush of liquid heat that poured from her throbbing pussy. She held onto John's strong arms as she stared into his eyes with wonder, "For the rest of the day, whenever you want, you can feel ecstasy from me."

Alicia managed to support herself on her shaky legs as she felt her juices pour down her inner thighs. She looked John in the eyes and then backed up and lay on the bed with her legs spread, still keeping her eyes locked on his, "Fuck me," she said in a half moan as the thought of saying the word sent chills down her spine.

John walked up to her and put Alicia's legs over his shoulders while looking into her eyes. She moaned as he pressed his hardness lightly between her wet lips. Her body trembled, "I'm going to have a lot of orgasms today," she said. And with that, he slid his hardness deep inside of her in one swift motion, her body so wet and ready that it was almost as though she pulled him in as the climax hit her.

She felt every inch of his hardness press through her. Her lips were tight around him, her insides tightened in a rush as she felt the coolness of his skin inside of her intense wet heat. She could feel where he was inside of her, every nerve aware of his throbbing, his thrusting. Every nerve aware of her sensitive insides being pressed open in a rush and then clenching around his hard dick.

Alicia's climax was so strong that she was worried she would push him out of her, but he was so hard that every blissful tightening was met with a thrust and an immovable hardness that made her orgasm seem to bounce off his dick and explode through her more then once.

"I want to have the biggest orgasm of my life until you stop John," She said, and the earthquake began.


Alicia filed the papers she had been working on and looked at her watch. She had been at work at her office on 5th st in New Orleans for three hours now and every non-busy moment she had, the only thing she could think about was what had happened that morning.

She remembered back to the last thing she had managed to say before speech had become impossible; "I want to have the biggest orgasm of my life until you stop John," and what had followed she knew she could never describe to anyone.

For an hour she had been thrust into a roller coaster of climaxes to the point that sometimes she couldn't tell where one ended and the next began. She was aware of John's thrusting, his pounding into her constantly, and the screams, moans, and gasps of bliss that resulted, but her eyes never left his, and an intimacy of ecstasy had formed in their locked gaze. She was sure now that she could not look into his eyes ever again without melting.

Her thoughts drifted to the way her insides quaked from each tightening of his stomach that brought his hardness deep inside of her. She loved the way his eyes looked when she felt that, the way he enjoyed her body and the way he lost control. She loved watching the desire in his eyes and the explosion of climax that followed as he pressed her open and the lines of energy that flowed through her body lit up like trails of fire from her toes to her head.

She blushed as her whole body flashed hot for a moment from the thought of looking into his eyes again. She felt butterflies in her stomach and wished he were there to bend her over the desk, so that she could feel what she had felt this morning again for just a little bit, before getting back to work.

Then, as she ached for a taste of the endless bliss that she had felt that morning, she remembered the word he had given her to play with today.

She looked at the door to her office, it was closed, no one was scheduled to come in for another ten minutes. . . Alicia smiled and stood up, letting her chair slide back away from her now tingling body.

She put her hands on the desk and let herself bend over, imagining him behind her. She pictured him teasing her, his hardness flicking briefly across her clit as she bent far enough to feel her underwear press against her wetness lightly.

A tingle shot through her body as she imagined him grabbing her hips and thrusting in. She imagined the way he would press her open, and the final impact his swollen head would have in her stomach, just below her belly button, pressing so hard against her that she would see it move there, and then the slap of his balls against her clit would set it off. . .

"Orgasm," she whispered.

Alicia moaned so loud that she was sure someone must have heard it as she saw his eyes and actually felt his dick deep inside of her. Her butt raised high in the air as her nails dug into the desk. A hot rush of tingles flew through her body as she felt her panties covered in wet heat.

She rocked back and forth for a moment, letting herself feel the tremor inside, then smiled, knowing she would have to try that again later.

She sat back down in her chair, enjoying how relaxed and energized she was, feeling light and tingly. She let the feelings clear her mind of all the stress of work and felt incredibly refreshed.

She went back to sorting papers and got ready for her 2:00 appointment, she noticed the date on her calendar, February 23, as she looked over the day's appointments. She remembered the colorful decorations that lined the streets and smiled: she got to go home early because today was Mardi Gras.

Robert Smith came in and they went over the paperwork like she did with all of her clients, and then he went back out of her office through the door he had come in. She smiled at a job well done and at how nice of a day this was.

Her next client came in, Eric Rogers, an attractive man who looked good in the suit he was wearing, and she began working with him with a smile on her face. About five minutes in though, her secretary arrived with letter that had just been delivered. She opened it and read while her client looked over paperwork:

"Tonight is Mardi Gras, and unless you have some other huge plans, I want you to meet me in Jacks, the bar at the corner of Fifth and A st at 7:00. Be ready to have a good time. Oh yes, and one more thing, be ready to have a lot of orgasms. --John."

Alicia bit her lip as her thighs pressed together and her back arched. She became incredibly aware of the smell of Eric's cologne, it made her head spin. John's eyes flashed and she got the feeling as if he would enjoy how attracted she suddenly was to the man in the suit in front of her as her climax shook her body.

She felt as though she were sitting on John's lap, his dick deep inside of her, and forcing a rush of intense tingles up into her stomach and up her spine. She tried desperately to hold her hips still to keep from rocking on his hardness but more then once failed. A little moan escaped her as she imagined Eric naked so that she could watch him while feeling John inside of her.

"These figures look good," he said, unaware of the hot rush that was flowing between Alicia's legs and all through her body.

"I'll have them sent to your office," she managed, sounding more then a little to sexy for what she was saying, while half hoping he had noticed and half hoping he hadn't.

"Alright," He got up and they shook hands. His touch sent a chill up her arm and through her hot body. She noticed him glance at her breasts, where her nipples were hard enough to be visible, and then at her face.

"You look a little flushed," he said, "Can I get you a drink of water or anything before I go?"

"Thank you, but no, I think I just need to turn the heat down."

Alicia smiled as she watched him walk out of the office, then she collapsed in her chair, letting her restrained breathing go and feeling the heat in her breath. Somehow, she had loved the excitement of what had just happened and it had left her aching for more. She caught her hand wandering as the thought of having more then one guy at the same time went through her head over and over again.

She imagined John inside of her as she sat on his lap, taking Eric into her mouth as he sat naked on her desk. She couldn't believe how free flowing her fantasy was and she loved the butterflies she felt from it's free flowing lust. She thought about the things that can happen at Mardi Gras.

She absentmindedly picked up her pen and wrote "orgasm."

To Be Continued. . . .

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