It was Seanne’s birthday, and when she decided to have a costume party with the theme, “Heaven and Hell” Jeremy didn’t hesitate. He flipped through her dream journal for the one he had read:

“I am in my house with my lover, and for some reason we are in costumes: me dressed as an angel and him as a devil, and we are running around the house laughing, him chasing me. It’s like we are role playing again, and I’m pretending to run away from him, but even as I run I can’t help but feel an intense desire for him to catch me.

And then, I feel his arms around me and he picks me up and throws me onto a bed of all blues and whites like the sky. We begin to make love and at that moment something strange happens, he somehow puts me in a trance, and I let him have control of my body, giving it completely to him. He tells me to move and I do, he tells me to touch him and I do, he tells me to let go and get lost in the feeling of him inside of me, and I do.

I somehow become lost in this bliss of touch, letting him dominate me, letting him take me, and somehow deeper then that, letting him have control over me. I don’t know if I can describe this right; he literally could tell me to do anything and I would. He actually has control of my body and that is ok because the only thing he would ever use that control for is to please me, to push me to the very limits of physical bliss.

And so he tells me to touch myself and I do until I am moaning and writhing in bliss. He tells me to move into different positions and I do, automatically, and then he presses deep into me and tells me to let him fill me to the point of bursting and that is what I feel. He tells me to let go and just let my body feel his thrusts, and I do and it’s like the blue and white bed isn’t just the sky, it’s like heaven it’s self.

Somehow I know that all he has to do to make me come is tell me to, and god I want him to. I want him to make me come until I pass out. And then, as he opens his mouth, it’s as if my dream can no longer contain the passion coursing through my body. I wake up with a moan, my fingers wanting to creep down my body, but without him there to tell me to I can’t do it, I don’t feel quite right.

I lay in bed, aching for him to come and release me, wanting the feeling of him inside again, wanting him to free me from whatever this is that now holds me back from bliss. I want him to dominate me so that I can’t deny my own pleasure because he won’t let me. I want him to overwhelm me, to control me into doing the things I can’t seem to let go and let myself do.”

She had bought the cutest angel outfit, and he already knew that she would be the picture of an angel at her party. She had even bought him a devil costume, as though she had decided that this dream was the next one she wanted to come true, and that she figured Jeremy could just figure out the details from there. It was so wonderfully unspoken. So not subtle, and yet something only he would know. She was to be the innocent one tonight, and him the tempter, the tease, the naughty one, to bring her to bliss until she couldn’t take any more. It was the most incredible tease and he loved it. He got on the internet and began to study hypnosis. . .

* * *

All through the party Seanne had flashes of her dream. Her in the angel costume, Jeremy in the devil. He had caught on perfectly without her having to say a word and somehow that was almost as sexy in it’s self as everything else he had done.

All about the house were vases, each one with a lotus in it, as if to remind her and only her of what was to come after the party. So many times through the night she would be talking to someone, look up, and see a lotus nearby. Immediately she would get butterflies, almost wanting to make sure she was wearing normal underwear lest she climax on the spot. She would then look across the room to see him in his devil costume and be swept back to that dream She would blush and loose track of conversation for a moment because of her overwhelming anticipation. It was like being in a dream that could at any moment, without notice become a sex dream.

More then once she half expected to suddenly find herself and everyone else naked, as sometimes happens in dreams. More then once she was lost in the idea of him sweeping her aside suddenly into her room and chasing her to the bed. . .

She almost wondered if Jeremy had something planned to make her come suddenly like he had at the club and that thought often made her need to get a glass of water to try and cool the heat inside. It was so bad that when he neared her, put his arm around her and lightly touched her side she felt a tingle shoot through her that made her weak in the knees.

Time flew by only to almost stop in a glance, a touch, or a thought of the love they were both already making in their minds. The party went on into the night, Seanne and Jeremy exchanging wanting glances, both sharing in a secret dream, knowing fully what would soon happen next. . .

Quickly the time came where they said goodbye to the last of the guests, and without missing a beat, as the door closed, Jeremy looked into Seanne’s eyes. She took off running towards the kitchen, laughing as Jeremy chased her.

Around the house they went, until he cornered her and she retreated to her bedroom, only to be caught by his strong arms and laid in her bed. He pinned her arms down as she giggled, still resisting until the moment he passionately kissed her. Seanne felt all resistance melt in that kiss, her body gently pushed into a desire not unlike what she had felt in the car: needing to be touched, wanting to be filled. Her eyes closed and her back arched. And then, he stood up, leaving her on the bed, her lips still tingling from the heat of his mouth. She opened her eyes to look longingly at him.

There was something intensely sexy about the way he looked in the devil’s outfit standing over her, bare chested with a red bow tie, almost a male stripper’s devil costume. The way she wanted to surrender to his passion, and then, he knelt by her and looked into her eyes.

“Look into my eyes and focus on my gaze. I’m going to put you in a trance.”

Seanne smiled, almost giggled. It was almost silly and she wasn’t sure if it was possible, but something inside certainly wanted to try. She locked her eyes on his and said, “Ok.”

“Take in a deep breath and focus your attention on my words. Let that breath relax your body. I am going to count back from five to one. When I say, one you will fall deep into a deep sleep and not even know it.

“Five, you are slowly falling asleep. With every breath you take feel your body relax, getting heavier and heavier, sleepier and sleepier. Focus your attention entirely on my words, and let those words begin to echo around in your mind, slowly going deeper and deeper so that you hear and feel every part of them. Relax your neck, letting all the tension go out of it. Relax your legs, arms, hands, toes, stomach. . . . . letting my words soothe you.”

Seanne yawned and smiled, looking into Jeremy’s eyes, letting herself focus more and more on his words. She knew she would soon drift off to sleep and when she awakened. . . .

“Four, you are falling into a deep trance, focusing so much on every word that they begin to blend together for your conscious mind, while somewhere deep inside you can sense their meaning, feel their meaning, so that when I say relax you feel relaxed, while barely noticing the word, almost as though the word and what the word means slowly become the same thing. The word breath making you take a deep breath, relax making you feel relaxed, dream making you drift off to another world. Your eyes are getting heavy, your arms and legs also, getting heavy. With each breath feel your body become more relaxed so that by the time I move to the next number you will feel so heavy that it would take a lot of effort to move. And yet you continue to focus harder and harder on my words.”

Seanne was drifting away on the sound of Jeremy’s voice, it was so smooth and calm and soothing. She focused on his words until they were nearly a song, a wonderful sound to go along with the beauty of his eyes. She felt her body heavy on the bed as her eyelids began to droop.

Three, your body seems to drift away as you focus on my words so much that you practically don’t notice the relaxed heaviness of it anymore. You are in a daze , dancing among the sounds and meanings of my words. Letting my words drift deeper and deeper into your mind so that now you feel each word as what it means.

“You feel the relaxing heat of the sun on a sleepy afternoon.

“You feel as though you are floating on water, waves gently rocking you to sleep.

“You feel yourself relaxed and safe and content and happy as you slip into a dream state, dream my words as I say them.

Two, you are almost completely asleep and yet you are still totally focused on my words. There is a gentile breeze that moves over you in the heat of the sun. It moves over you, caressing you gently to sleep as you loose yourself in the waves, drifting off into a trance. You let my words move so deep into you that you aren’t sure weather I am saying them, or if you are just dreaming the words and the images in your mind, as though they are the same thing. You let yourself drift off into a deep, content, relaxed, sleep while remaining focused on my words.

“One. Asleep.”

Seanne was motionless, breathing regularly, Jeremy didn’t hesitate to begin.

“When you wake up, for the rest of the night, you will do and feel everything I say. My words will continue to penetrate deep into you so that you feel them, do them, almost automatically. My command will go so deep into your mind and body that if I told you to feel my hand on you, even though I wasn’t touching you, you would feel it, and that if I told you to do something, like take off your shirt, you would do it naturally, as though you would have done it anyway if I hadn’t said anything, feeling no inhibitions in doing so.

“When you wake up every sensation in your body will seem to move directly to your deep, butterfly filled lower, stomach. A chill that runs through you, for instance, will end in a flood of tingles in your most sensitive regions, eventually resulting in even just chills, setting off orgasms.

“Every orgasm will only seem to make you want more. You will not be sated until I come.

“For the rest of the week, every time you read anything sexual you will feel as though it were really happening to you. So much so that it will startle you, when you actually feel penetrated just from reading about it. So much so that just reading the word ‘sex’ will give you butterflies that don’t seem to go away.

“Now, I want you to begin to dream. Let your mind wonder, dream about sex, letting your body go wild in reality as well, so that the thing that wakes you from your trance is an orgasm. Now dream. . . dream as though it were real. . . . dream.”

* * *

Seanne opened her eyes to see the sun setting over the water that now gently rocked the sailboat she was on. She smiled and sat up to get a good look at the view, only to notice that not only was she naked. . . so were all the men operating the boat.

Seanne’s heart skipped a beat. They were all strong, tan, beautiful men, who seemed totally involved in their work, not yet noticing her somehow. She watched as one steered the boat, his arms and chest muscles gleaming in the sunlight as he effortlessly turned the wheel. She was surprised that instead of feeling uncomfortable or somehow unsure of herself being naked like this in public, she instead almost annoyed that so far the men were busy doing other things instead of paying attention to her like she was to them.

Seanne found herself standing up, her hair blowing in the wind, biting her lip as she watched the men, almost hoping to distract them, to catch their attention. She noticed an intense desire building in her that she wanted to inspire in them as well. She bent over a nearby railing, letting her body move sensually as she looked down at a man below her. She caught his attention and their eyes locked, passing a spark between them that seemed to run through both their bodies as one.

Seanne felt herself get butterflies as he grew erect just from their exchanged glance. She smiled and blushed knowing that he must feel something similar to the tight wetness now intensifying between her legs. She loved the fact that just her look had inspired that energy in him.

Without warning an arm went around her waist from behind. Someone must have seen her butt up in the air as she leaned over the railing, accidentally seducing more then one of the men on the boat. She lost all bearing for a moment as he picked her up and lay her gently where she had been tanning only moments before. She caressed his strong arms loving the way that she melted in them, somehow loosing control to an intense desire that grew deeper every second.

The other man from below appeared above her body, a lusty look in his eyes. She let her hands move over her breasts, inviting, seducing, wanting their hands to trace where hers had been and they responded almost as though they were under a spell of her control, caressing, groping, massaging her breasts as her nipples hardened.

Seanne became lost in the sensation as more men approached. She felt as though she were drowning in an ocean of touch as their hands somehow poured heat and tingles and desire into her body. She soon felt almost as though she were filled with sexual energy to the point of bursting as one of the men pressed his dick deep into her.

Seanne lost all bearing. She was surrounded by more to desire then she could stand, and now, suddenly filled by it as well. Her body shook from his penetration, her back arching and her legs tightening as she somehow lost control of her movements. She felt as though she were being lifted into the air by all of their hands, and his dick inside of her seemed to press so deep that she felt heat flush all the way to her face.

She was whimpering, moaning, shaking in their hands as she grew hotter and hotter. She soon felt as though her whole body was filled with his penetration, so much so that the fingers that ran up and down her body felt like they were caressing his penetration on the outside of her body, as though no matter where they touched it felt as sensitive as her deep insides. Soon she responded to every touch with movement, shivering, arching, almost writhing in pleasure as she began to gasp and moan, moving closer and closer to an orgasm.

Seanne gave up on trying to control her movements and let her body move to the energy flowing through her. She found herself out of control, spiralling, grabbing their hard dicks, rubbing them against her body, kissing their lips, their hardness, anything to feel the passion more. . . .

* * *

Jeremy watched in awe as the beautiful angel on the bed arched her back and whimpered as a shiver visibly ran through her beautiful body. Her hands had thrust under her shirt and bra almost desperately seeking her chest and when they had found her hard nipples she had gasped in a way that made his jaw drop.

He watched, getting harder and hotter every second as her dream moved her body with a passion so intense it seemed to radiate off of her. Her hips rocked as though she were already having sex as her back arched, her waist rotated towards phantom touches, and goose bumps appeared around her belly button rushing downward, followed quickly by her fingers, which traced an urgent line down her stomach and quickly under her skirt and thong.

Seanne’s mouth opened as her fingers found the spot that continued to thrust towards her ethereal lover and a moan of pure bliss rushed hot from her parted lips. Her fingers began to move with her rocking hips as her other hand reached up and grabbed onto her hair while she bit her lip and squirmed.

Jeremy lost control of his own fingers as his throbbing manhood pulsed with each breathless moan that escaped her lips. He unbuttoned his pants and shed them, with his boxers, allowing his fingers to gently rub his swollen head. Shivers ran up his stomach, which tightened in an involuntary thrust, aching to be inside of her passionately writhing body. Jeremy couldn’t wait to see her thrust awake by her inevitable orgasm and into what would be a very long, sensual tease.

Seanne’s moans quickened and grew louder.

* * *

Seanne had lost all bearing, it was as if the world were somehow unstable in her passion. She couldn’t see straight, and yet she couldn’t seem to get enough of what she was feeling. She looked down at where he thrust into her now soaking heat, and she swore he was so deep in her that she could actually see him pressing her stomach outward, a bulge that started low in her stomach and then moved up to her belly button as he thrust into her. The sight of it made her moan in ecstasy as the sensation of it made her feel light headed. It was as though all the muscles in her stomach were tightening in order, the lowest ones, all the way up, thrusting wave after wave of absolute bliss up into her, only, those muscles weren’t under her control, the were responding to his massive hardness moving every part of her insides with each thrust.

Then heat and tingles and an energy that took control of her body was thrust in with his hardness. It pressed open her lips, then contracted them, then flowed with his cock, up into her stomach, tightening it unbearably, sending a river of energy up and through her stomach in such a way that she sat up with a rush and a scream as her orgasm exploded all the way up and through her.

Suddenly Seanne felt empty and disoriented as she was lost in an orgasm, but somehow lacking his wondrous penetration. She felt hot liquid pour onto her hand as her eyes focused on Jeremy’s hardness not far from her. He was naked and his hand gently stroked what she desperately wanted inside. Her pussy literally throbbed as she took both hands and grabbed him, putting her mouth sensually over his dick, needing him inside of her somehow, even if it was in her mouth. She didn’t know why his manhood felt so good in her mouth, but it did. The throbbing of it making a shiver run down her spine that flooded her wet lips with a tingling that made her hips rock and grind against what she imagined was him inside of her.

Jeremy moaned, totally surprised by her lusty, very apt sucking on his cock. He felt a little pulse inside as he nearly couldn’t tell her to do what he wanted because of the amazing feeling that now made his legs week. She was sucking with a passion that made him want to collapse and cum until his body couldn’t move any more.

He gasped the words, “Take your cloths . . . off and lay . . . on your back. . .ahhh. . . hands over your head.”

Seanne looked up at the muscular man, half clothed in his devil costume, and decided to do exactly that. . . as seductively as possible.

She tore off her shirt abruptly, passionately, throwing it off to the side as Jeremy’s eyes grew wide. Seanne loved the way he was looking at her, like a man slowly loosing all self control, his eyes fixated on her breasts. She grabbed them, seducing him with her touch as she had the men in the dream. Then slowly, sensually, feeling the wetness on her thighs, lifted her skirt up just barely to her crotch, caressing her legs as she did. Jeremy’s mouth dropped open and a sound of surprise, awe, and pleasure escaped. Seanne knew she had him.

She rolled over, onto her knees, and bent her butt up towards him, slipping the skirt off as slowly as possible. Something had been unleashed inside of Seanne that had only been in her dreams for years and it made her feel like she had never felt before: the sexual energy flowing from her so powerfully that it made her every movement fill with tingles, and poured through the air into her helpless boyfriend, who was somehow enchanted, no longer completely in control of himself.

Jeremy’s head spun as his heart pounded in his dick. Her skirt and underwear slit off her round ass with a seductive grace he had only ever seen in his own sexual dreams, slowly exposing her wet, pink, lips, nestled between her soft cheeks, for him to see. Then she turned around, laying on her back, her cloths shed, a look in her eyes that made him speechless. She took her hands and raised them above her head, presenting him her entire body, and as a last gesture, as though proving she was holding nothing back, she disguarded her halo, tossing it among her crumpled cloths on the floor, ready to be naughty as she dreamed.

For a couple of seconds Jeremy was unable to do anything but stare, lost in the intense power flowing from her. It took him a couple of seconds before he managed to move, crawling onto the bed next to her, where he kissed her thigh, saying, “don’t move your hands from that spot until I tell you to.”

Seanne shivered from his kiss and her pussy throbbed from the combination of the chill that ran to it and the power his command had over her. Her legs pressed together around the tight heartbeat that grew between them, her vagina tightening involuntarily in waves, as though it were trying to somehow regain the hardness that was inside not long ago.

Her fingers ached to rush downward, to touch her aching clit and then to thrust into her insides, but her hands remained above her head where he had put them, making her moan in sexual frustration. She needed something inside, badly.

Jeremy bent his head down and kissed Seanne gently on her side, just above her hip, where her ribcage began. A rush of goose bumps and tingles flowed across her stomach and downward, making her hips rock to the side and her legs press together futilely to try and contain the feeling of goose bumps flowing from her belly button, to the top of her lips, across her clit, down the outsides, between her legs, to the bottom of her wetness and then inside. Was it possible to get goose bumps inside? She swore for a moment that it was as she squirmed.

Another kiss landed slightly higher, on her side, between the bottom of her shoulder blade and her breast. Seanne giggled and squirmed then gasped as what began as a tickle somehow hardened her nipples even more, arched her back, and made her grab onto the pillow above her head. The laughter in her belly turned quickly to a tightening inside that made her grind against an imaginary lover.

Jeremy kissed only an inch lower and closer to her back, right on her most ticklish spot. Seanne began laughing and then moaning almost immediately. When her stomach tightened into a laugh it pressed something deep inside of her up to the edge of an orgasm, the tingles once again filling her insides only to be met with a throbbing heartbeat and a much more intense tightening of laughter.

Seanne’s eyes rolled back into her head, each set of tingles seemed to be worse then the last, each one making her breathing quicken and her body shake. She was squirming, her legs rubbing together as her hips rocked. She was loosing control of her body.

Jeremy moved on the bed next to her, closer to her legs now, and then, lightly kissed her toes, taking her big toe into his mouth for just a second. There was a tickling sensation followed by an intense relaxation and very strong tingles, which each flowed up her leg then thigh, then directly into her insides.

Seanne couldn’t’ figure out weather to laugh or scream in between gasps as something inside very slowly overflowed. Her laugh tightened her insides, but they didn’t relax after the laugh, they tightened, which almost made her laugh, which made them tighten more, which tingled, and tickled, and. . . .

Slowly, ever so slowly, as Jeremy tickled her feat with his lips she came. It happened in giggly, breathless, bursts, making her squirm as hot liquid poured between her legs. A pulling deep inside, pulling upward into her body with intense tingles, upward, then more, then more. Her butt tightened, her knees bent, her hips thrust with each pull deep into her stomach, but her hands stayed above her head as each second she wanted Jeremy in her more and more.

Seanne was sure that she could take no more of this tingly teasing as her pussy didn’t seem to stop throbbing. For that matter it seemed to now pulse faster with the quickened pounding of her heartbeat. The pulsing became unbearable as her body twitched and shivered with each wet, throbbing, tingling heartbeat, and what was worse, Jeremy hadn’t stopped.

He switched to her other foot, then kissed up her ankle, then leg, then inner thigh. Then, just missing where wetness now poured from her, he kissed around her, up her inner hip, up her stomach, to her heaving breasts, sucking on each nipple sensually as his dick hung hard between her legs, inches from where she wanted it.

Every kiss made a tingle, and every tingle ran to her clit, and then inside. Some tickled, which made her half gasp, half giggle as inside impossible currents of heat, tingles, tightness and energy flowed about like a million butterflies. Seanne’s body was out of control, moving to every current that flowed through her, leaving her hot, sweating, and wanting more and more each second. Her hands had taken to grabbing onto anything she could above her head to try and somehow ground her to something other then the stormy ocean that was her body.

Jeremy set his dick between her breasts, “Imagine my dick inside of you Seanne, but imagine it with the same intensity that you did in your dream, and imagine no matter where or how you move, it stays inside of you, until I really do fill you.”

Jeremy grabbed Seanne’s breasts and began to press himself between them, lubricated by the precum his intense desire for her had generated. Seanne couldn’t believe the tingles that flowed from her chest into her insides, as though his dick was inside her as well as on her all to sensitive breasts. She felt him thrust forward and deep inside she swore she could feel him pressing against her stomach like the man from the dream.

Seanne watched his dick slide between her breasts in amazement. Her chest seemed to swell with each thrust, growing heavier and heavier, her nipples tighter and tighter. Her back arched, pressing her chest forward as her legs tightened and her but pressed back, only to make her all too aware of the sensation below, where her stomach moved in waves with each of his thrusts. She felt he insides filling with liquid, as though his thrusts into her wetness were pressing up against a yet unleashed explosion. In her chest she somehow felt the same sensation.

His dick would press against them, making them swell and tingle. It felt as though her breasts were getting heavier with each thrust, filling with some sort of liquid tingles. Soon the sensations seemed to be one, the tingling of her breasts as he thrust forward made her nipples tickle and ache and throb with the same intensity as her clit. Somewhere deep inside the growing heaviness there was an intense pulling, like there was deep inside. Then, everything between her breasts and her clit tightened and flowed upward with his thrust.

Her nipples tingled with an intensity matched only by the spark in her clit as she screamed uncontrollably, somehow still needing desperately to be filled even though she felt as though something were inside. Seanne couldn’t see straight, but she wanted more, desperately wanted more, as her heartbeat now pounded in her entire body like it had in her clit. She couldn’t escape the feeling as though his dick were inside of her, thrusting in and pressing each breath out of her in a moan, and so she moved closer and closer to another climax as Jeremy moved off of her chest, bending down to kiss her lips.

His kiss sent a tingle down her spine as she bit her lip in his afterglow, savouring his taste as her body shook uncontrollably in tingles.

“Get on your hands and knees Seanne.” Jeremy said seductively as he got off the bed for a moment, his dick hard as he walked. Seanne rolled over and shakily got up on her hands and knees, she was so tight and throbbing inside that she was sure he was still inside of her as she moved. The sensation was so intense that each movement of her hips, butt, legs, and stomach made her moan as she felt him pressing into her no matter how she turned.

Seanne put her head in the pillow and moaned loudly, in disbelief as she began to rock back and forth, feeling Jeremy slide into her from behind. She could hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears in time with the pulsing inside as she took a deep breath in. As she breathed, she felt her lips tighten, as though his dick were pressing between them slowly, filling up her stomach. Her back arched, butt tightened, legs pressed together, pressing her hot wetness back to receive him, and then she let her breath out in a moan as she felt full to nearly exploding. Her stomach tightened and her hips thrust downward as she felt him slide out, leaving her empty, craving more. Then another breath in, as she began to rock back and forth, faster and faster, unable to escape the feeling of the man from her dream pressing so deep her stomach moved.

Soon, she began to feel the pulling in her stomach as though trying to somehow pull her lover deeper into her as she felt wetness begin to pour between her tightly clenched thighs. She was so lost in the sensation that she hardly noticed Jeremy’s lusty stare as he returned to the bed with a small container in hand.

Jeremy took some of the lotion onto his fingers as Seanne began to breathlessly whisper, “please, please, harder,” quivering as she rocked.

Jeremy spread the lotion on her butt cheeks and thighs, and finally on her vagina, from behind her, halting her rocking for just a moment, which made her feel as though he had left his throbbing hardness deep inside of her. Then, as he massaged her butt in time to her renewed rocking Seanne began to feel a sensation that made her unable to think straight at all.

The lotion tingled, felt cold and hot at the same time, like mint does in your mouth. . . Only the sensation was now covering her butt, her back where Jeremy’s hands had now rubbed, and strongest of all on her clit, and slowly moving inward as the lotion mixed with her juices.

She felt goose bumps serge everywhere the lotion touched and she was finally sure that you could indeed get not just goose bumps deep inside, but orgasmic chills. The heat of Seanne’s body mixed with the cool tingles that Jeremy’s hands now spread to her chest. She felt the hair on her head stand on end, followed by the hair on her neck, then a chill that flowed in a noticeable wave across her chest, back, and sides, then across her butt, stomach, thighs, and finally into where she still imagined the sailor’s hardness.

Seanne nearly collapsed down onto the bed as another orgasm rocked her body, this time accompanied by chills without end, tingles that covered her skin from head to toe. Seanne found herself unable to even scream as she gasped in the inescapable tingles, and yet, she still felt the need to be penetrated.

Jeremy watched as Seanne’s body contracted and shook, he didn’t know how much longer he could hold out, but he was determined to keep this going as long as he possibly could, if for no other reason then to see how much pleasure Seanne could take. He could actually see her wet pinkness contract from her orgasm as her butt pressed high into the air, a little squeal the only sound she seemed to be able to make.

Then, her body shook again, and another squeal escaped where her face pressed against a pillow as her butt tightened and pressed again high into the air. Her wet lips seemed to be squeezing, tightening and releasing visibly, pulsating and pressing wetness out with each contraction. Her breathing quickened as another squeal began another shiver through her body.

Jeremy realized his own heartbeat had run away with it’s self and that his own breathing was not far from hers, but that was not surprising as he realized what was happening to her, he shivered in tingles at the thought of it as he began to caress her shaking body.

Jeremy’s hands travelled alll over her butt, sides, stomach, breasts, and even caressed through her hair, somehow making her orgasms come faster and faster. The cool tingling all over her skin and deep within her would send a shiver clear through her body, a shiver that somehow ended with an exceleration deep into her, a thrust of pressure, tingles, goose bumps as she gasped for breath. Then her clit would almost feel like it was tightening inside of the tickling, cold heat, a tightening that would spread, pulling into her like a dick thrusting into her. Her insides would contract in an orgasm that made her back arch and her insides tremble as her legs and butt tightened and thrust high into the air, trying to find something solid. Her breasts, heavy and swollen with tingles would shake under her body from the swaying of her hips. Then a shiver would run up her spine to her head, travelling from her raised butt all the way to her hot ears. Her insides would relax for a second as she almost felt like he was pulling out, she would gasp as her nipples hardened and began another shiver. A shiver that would spread and travel downward until it met her insides, flowing into her with a thrust, making her come again.

Now with his hands all over her body, tingles began everywhere, all flowing to the same place. She felt herself tremble as half way through an orgasm, as the tightness and tingles rushed up inside, a tingle ran from where Jeremy’s hand touched her butt directly to her pulsating clit. Seanne wasn’t sure if he was thrusting in or pulling out as her clit seemed to tighten forward and out, tensing up her stomach, as inside something pulled upward and thrust her butt up into the air.

Seanne’s squeals began to become more and more frequent, some on top of others, she seemed to be almost hyperventilating as her body shook. Jeremy watched as she had a harder and harder time supporting herself on her arms, her butt raising higher and higher into the air.

Seanne began to move wildly, grabbing at the bed with her hands as she bent lower and lower, her stomach nearly against her legs, her chest pressed into the mattress. She felt her back stretching as a cat’s, the sensation adding to the bliss of tingles. She felt dizzy, but ravenous, her hunger growing stronger and stronger.

She began to almost grunt with her moans, unable to contain the waves pouring through her, feeling a stream of liquid pouring down her legs. She felt energized and exhausted at the same time needing more and more as she was able to control herself less and less.

”Let your body move however it wants to while you touch yourself.” Jeremy said, a sound of awe in his voice.

Seanne’s hand slid immediately down her body and in between her legs making contact with her lips and clit all at once. A rush went up into her body as the sensation of real contact down below made her scream with delight. There was a tickling where her fingers met her wetness and with it tingles that made black appear around the edges of her vision. It was as if all her orgasms had been missing this touch and all the stored up pleasure from it’s lacking now poured into her all at once.

Seanne collapsed onto her stomach, unable to get enough of the new sensation added to the mix. She rolled onto her side feeling almost as though her fingers had taken control of her whole body with their touch as they did circles in the, hot cold, tingly warmpth. She began to feel multiple orgasms with each circle she made: Touch. . . . pulse, pulse, pulse. . . touch. . . . pulse, pulse, pulse. . . .

The sensation of the tingly lotion on her body seemed to make echoes of her fingers, one touch becoming one touch, one cold ghostly echo, and then a hot circle of warmth. She barely managed to look at Jeremy, but was all too aware of how her loss of control made him feel. He was blushing like she had never seen and he was hard as a rock as his eyes locked on her ever moving body.

She shook, loving the way the hot wetness poured from her as she still felt him moving inside of her. It was addictive, almost effortless orgasm, flowing one after another from her fingers as she felt him deeper and deeper inside with each contraction.

She rolled from her side, shakily onto her knees, her fingers never leaving her pleasure. She bit her lip and let her head fall back as she moaned, her hips thrusting against the imaginary cock as though the man were under her. Jeremy watched as she dripped on the bed, her juices flowing, uninhibited between her fingers.

She reached out to him, pulling him towards her and kissing him as she shook. His lips were like wine, sending a shiver down her and into her with the dick she now rocked quickly on top of. She was moaning, breathing, unable to see straight, but she knew she wanted to make him come too. Her fingers continued as she brought his hands to her chest with her other hand, feeling her whole body shake from the tingles his hands produced on her hard nipples.

Jeremy sat on the side of the bed, his knees bent, his dick hard in his lap, throbbing with desire for her. Seanne saw it and wanted to mount it so bad that regardless of her shaky step, she stood, an orgasm flowing from her fingers just from the motion, and managed to mount his lap, as a stripper might do for a lap dance.

She pressed her chest into his face and Jeremy let out a muffled moan as he felt her wetness dripping on his dick and lap from her. She shivered and then, shakily lifted one leg at a time, placing them on the bed and wrapping them around his waist.

Jeremy guided his dick with his hand, and slid into her from underneath.

Seanne dug her fingernails into Jeremy’s back as her body suddenly shook all over. She had the sensation for a moment of there being more then one dick inside of her, her insides pulsing and throbbing to the rhythm of the man from the dream, then suddenly blown away in intensity by the feeling of Jeremy’s real hardness moving into her. Somehow her multiplicity of orgasms had tightened her insides to the point that they were nearly clenched shut in shaky contractions so that Jeremy seemed bigger then anything she had ever felt before.

She nearly felt as if he wouldn’t fit with the pressure he suddenly generated within her stomach. She felt her lips parted, then enormous pressure as he sank all the way into her. It was as if he were stretching her deep into herself, a tight pulling running immediately from her clit all the way inside so deep that she nearly felt it in her breasts. Seanne’s legs tightened around him, pressing him somehow deeper as her hips began shaking with the intensity of her orgasm. Her fingers had not been what she was missing in touch. This was.

Her insides contracted hard against his dick which seemed to press back against her in such a way that her orgasm didn’t stop. She was holding on for dear life as his dick pressed the tingly lotion all the way into her body. She knew she wasn’t moving much on him, but it didn’t take practically any movement at all to set her off as it seemed the other dick still moved with her heartbeat inside of her.

Multiple motions set off multiple orgasms and quickly Seanne realized she wasn’t going to stop coming any time soon. Her vision grew black around the edges with each second as she felt his dick amongst a wealth of tingles and tightness.

Seanne began to get lost in the feeling, almost unable to tell where it was even coming from any more as her body seemed to grow week. She felt as though his dick were made of pure pleasure somehow, making her unable to even sustain her grip on his back.

Jeremy could feel her contracting around him, but she wasn’t moving her body much any more other then shaking and her moaning had become a hyperventilating series of screams almost as though each breath were forced from her by another orgasm. Jeremy felt himself getting closer and closer to his own orgasm just from the sound of her and the massage her vagina seemed to now be giving his hardness. Jeremy grabbed her butt, unwilling to wait any longer as he finally lost all control.

He picked her up, and swung around as she clung to his body with her legs and arms, trembling wildly. He stood and pinned her against the nearby wall, grabbing her hips to hold her in place and then began to thrust wildly suddenly aware that he was no longer in control of his body at all, carried away in some deep instinctual lust.

He thrust into her wildly, pressing her whole body against the wall as he did, feeling her alternate between clenching on for dear life and nearly limp in his arms.

Seanne wasn’t even sure what was happening any more, her vision was almost completely blacked out as she felt tears roll down her cheeks. She had been coming every couple of seconds just from him being inside of her, now, as the lotion made ghostly trails of his thrusts, she couldn’t even tell when he was moving in or out. It almost felt as though she were being fucked by more then one person at a time, although she had no idea how that would even happen.

She felt her insides tighten into an orgasm, the rush flowing all the way through her so that she tried to grab onto anything she could, but then, instead of a relaxing, she tightened more, thrust open by his pounding, a pulling that never seemed to stop. Black crowded around her eyes as she became lost in a sea of bliss. Her body drifting away as she only felt orgasm.

Seanne went limp in Jeremy’s arms. He wasn’t sure what had happened, but he noticed that she still moaned and shook with each thrust. Was she actually coming while passed out? He wasn’t sure, but he didn’t seem to be able to stop himself, lost in the feeling of being inside of her as she continued to contract around him. His hips moved involuntarily, thrusting his throbbing head into her hot wetness. She was squealing with each shuddering again, almost as though she were lost in a dream, and then suddenly her nails dug into him as she gasped for air and screamed.

Seanne only barely realized she had passed out. It had been too much for her to handle and yet she had wanted more, and somehow she had become overwhelmed, the blackness fading in until she seemed to disappear in it. And then, abruptly, as she came to, she found herself awash in another orgasm, this time, completely taken by surprise by it. She screamed as she found her body in Jeremy’s arms, shaking in pleasure so strong it hurt, her insides tightening to a point she thought she might actually explode.

She tried to grab onto anything she could, her legs tightening around him as she screamed uncontrollably.

Jeremy felt his dick pulse. Then again, and again. A rush of tingles shot from his hardness into his butt, legs and stomach, he thrust hard into Seanne as she screamed and shook and flailed wildly about, hitting, scratching, and finally actually biting his shoulder. Jeremy screamed in pleasure, his own moans Joining hers as they came together, shaking and pounding hard against the wall.

Jeremy felt himself come hard, then tightening more, came harder, and harder, as though all the built up tension from watching Seanne couldn’t be contained in even a single orgasm. He felt a pull upward and an explosion of release then another pull and release as he felt his body pump his own juices into hers over and over again. Jeremy gasped at the length of his orgasm, his legs getting week as Seanne seemed to come with his every impassioned thrust somehow causing him to come as well. It seemed to last an eternity, their bodies locked in orgasm together until finally they fell back onto the bed breathing heavily, both finally sated.

They found very quickly that they didn’t have the energy to talk, or even move much, as they cuddled together and both nearly passed out from their exertion. They both soon fell to dreaming and somewhere within each of their dreams they knew that this was not yet over, for in the next week Jeremy was sure to find as much sexual text as possible and have Seanne read it, knowing full well what that would do to her because of the command in hypnosis. . .

Happy belated birthday Seanne.


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