Hypnotic Seduction

Who I am isn't really that important, and so I won't get into that too deeply. The much more important thing, and the first thing you need to know, is what I do. I am an amateur writer of erotic fiction, and an amateur practitioner of erotic hypnosis. If you aren't familiar with erotic hypnosis, the basics are very simple:, I know how to put a woman into a trance and cause her to do things, such as have orgasms on command. There is much more to it than that, but we will get to that later.

The second thing you need to know, but won't get too much detail on, is the society I am a member of. Their name is unimportant, much like my name is unimportant, and just like me, it is far more important what they do.

There are thousands of us around the world meeting in chat rooms to discuss the nature of consciousness, sex, and communication. We are erotic hypnotists, among other things, and every year we meet in a location to discuss ideas and possibilities. In essence, we are able to seduce with words, to capture imaginations, and control sexual energy.

This last year there was a course taught on how to hypnotize a woman without her knowing it. It's just as simple, and as difficult to do as you would imagine, and no doubt raises some ethical questions. This is why we have a society, we discuss the ethics as well, and the general rule is that there is always a point where we let the woman know what has happened to her and ask her if she wants to go any further. As a rule we are not allowed (although it is nearly impossible to do anyway) to alter someone's will without their permission.

And so, this tale begins in a bar not far from where we chose to meet last year, where I decided to hypnotize a woman without her knowing about it, and if things went well, to give her an orgasm before we ever left the bar.

It's funny that this happened at all because I wasn't planning it. I was just sitting and working on a story on my laptop while thinking about what I had just heard was possible. I was contemplating the nature of words, and how they affect us all. Words are a funny thing, you know;, they can make us feel, think, and believe things that we otherwise might not have. Reading or hearing someone's words allows us to communicate, but also necessitates that we let another person have brief control of our thoughts and imaginations. It was while I was going over this in my head that a rather attractive woman approached me.

"Excuse me. God, I hope I'm not totally wrong here and approaching a total stranger, but, don't you write erotica on the Internet?"

I smiled and nodded, then reached out to shake her hand, "I do, and sense you already know my name I feel I'm at a bit of a disadvantage."

"I'm Lori, do you mind if I sit down and have a drink with you?"

"No, be my guest, I was just getting tired of my computer's company anyway," and that was how I met the beautiful Lori. She sat down and I ordered us both drinks, which came rather quickly, and we began to chat.

"I can't believe I recognized you. I've only seen your picture on your web site a couple of times, although I've buried myself in more then one of your stories. Speaking of which, is that what you were working on? Another story?"

She was energetic, inquisitive, pretty, and amazingly at ease. I smiled and answered, "No. Well, sort of. More like thinking about what kind of a story I should write next. I often just sit and think about ideas I find hot until a story forms around it. So I guess I'm sorta brainstorming."

Lori smiled. "I hope this isn't too forward, but, can I make a suggestion for a story? Don't get me wrong, I love your writing, but there is a specific kind of story I really like."

I laughed out loud, surprised at how much I love it when people are that blunt with me, "Go for it, I'm always open to new ideas."

"Well, I read a lot of mind control stories, like, a lot. I spend most of my reading time at MCStories.com. It's how I found your writing in the first place. I really have liked some of what you posted on there, but, I really like stories where the woman doesn't know she is being hypnotized until it's too late. I don't even know if that sort of thing is possible, but I love the way the psychological drama plays out. I even find myself feeling like I am being hypnotized sometimes and it makes me so hot. Does that make any sense to you?"

It was at that exact moment I decided I was going to hypnotize Lori without her knowing it. My reasons and desires are complicated, but I knew immediately that I was going to, and that since she felt as though she were being hypnotized from stories, that she was naturally a good subject. All I needed to do was to get her focused on my words, to get her to the point where she was repeating them in her head and letting them become her own thoughts.

"Yes, that makes total sense. Often people associate with the main character in any given story. That's part of the fun of stories. You get to be someone else for a bit, and experience what they are experiencing. When you read a mystery, you get to be the detective. When you read an erotic story, you get to have sex. So it's perfectly natural for you to associate with the main character to the point of feeling a light trance. Chances are, you have been in a light trance from reading before."

"God, yes. I love that feeling, lightheaded, and all hot and being completely focused on the story. That's why I like those stories so much. I can get into them pretty easily. And like I said before, although I don't know if it's possible to be controlled like that without knowing it, I love the moment when the main character realizes she isn't in control any more, that moment when they realize they are completely at the mercy of the hypnotist. That's so hot if it's done believably. You write about hypnosis, do you think that's really possible, to hypnotize someone without them knowing?"

I smiled, "Yes, but, it's difficult to do a process that hypnotizes someone without them knowing about it. If I put it in a story I'd probably have to write about a anchoring a little bit. . . for instance. . . I'd have to anchor a specific response to something the main character is doing. . . like this glass here."

I picked up my drink and swished it around for a moment thinking of a question to ask., "Lets say, in the story the man takes a drink from his glass every time the woman answers a question with a 'yes.' Her subconscious begins to anchor the answer 'yes' to the action so that later, when he asks her if she wants to take her clothes off, and then takes a drink, she wants to answer 'yes' without knowing why. So he would ask. . . something silly like. . . do you like chocolate? And she would answer. . ."

I let her finish my sentence.

"Yes, I love chocolate," or something of the sort right?

"Exactly, then he would take a drink," which I immediately did for her answer, "and after a while it would anchor to that action. See how that works?"

"Yes, that makes sense."

I took another drink absent- mindedly.

"If that's done long enough, it can have a pretty strong effect. So you can see that it's at least a little possible from that, and although stronger effects take a little more work, you can see the beginnings of the process there. You have given me a great idea, Lori. Can I use your name in the story, if I end up writing one like that?"

"Yes, absolutely." I took another drink and smiled at Lori, knowing that everything was set in motion. "I'd love to have you write a story about me."

"So you like the idea of the woman suddenly surprised that she is hypnotized?"

"Yes, very much." I took another drink.

"If I were to write this story, is there a place you would really like it to be set in? A place you think would be really hot?"

"Yes." I took a sip of my drink. "I really like the beach. The sound of the waves, the sand between my toes, the heat of the sun when I tan, and there is always at least one really good looking half- naked guy," Lori laughed and smiled at herself for the last bit of that answer and I smiled with her.

"The ocean really is a great place, isn't it? It's one of those places that makes you just feel at ease. Like, if you picture yourself there right now, the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, you just feel completely relaxed and at ease with nothing to worry about, and that's just from thinking about it." I smiled at Lori who I could see visibly relax as she imagined the beach.

"Yes, it's just so soothing. It would be a great place for a story." I took a drink as she spoke and knew that already she was focusing on my words, letting them move into her imagination. I noticed her drink was about half gone and decided to strengthen my control over her.

"You are starting to feel the alcohol a little bit, I can tell." I took a drink and watched her answering "Yes," almost before she was done thinking about it.

"It normally doesn't affect you this fast, does it?"

"No, it's a little surprising, actually. They probably just made it stronger then usual."

"That's ok. It's like the beach, it makes you warm and relaxed and more comfortable with me, and there is nothing wrong with that." We both smiled and she took a sip of her drink. I asked "Is the drink good at least?"

"Yes, very." I took a sip of my drink as she answered and said, "So is mine, but I think you are right, they must mix it strong because I am feeling it too. A couple more drinks, and you will be completely tipsy."

I took another taste of my drink and she began immediately, "Yes, I think you're right."

I smiled, "That's ok though, nothing wrong with feeling happy, warm, and fuzzy. You know, I read somewhere that alcohol makes you more open to suggestion the more you drink of it. Maybe when I write that story about the beach I should include a little alcohol, but I don't know if it's true or not. Do you feel more open to suggestion now that you feel tipsy?"

I took a sip of my drink as though contemplating that as a possibility, "Yes. It's really strange though, I never get tipsy off half a drink."

"Oh, really? They did mix them really strong then. You'll be drunk by the time you finish that one drink!" I laughed and she laughed with me, smiling at me with an obvious slight intoxication., "You know, the alcohol is making me sleepy and extremely relaxed, and this may sound silly, but I always want to cuddle when I get like that. Are you feeling that at all?" I took a sip of my drink.

"Yes I am. I feel like I could fall asleep on your shoulder right now. Jeez, what's wrong with me? I haven't had that much to drink."

"I'll tell you what's wrong with you right now: You are hypnotized and completely under my control. To prove it, the next sip you take of your drink will make you drunk and horny. The heat in your stomach from the alcohol will spread to between your legs."

Lori looked at me astonished, then she looked at her drink. She picked it up and took a sip while keeping her eyes locked on mine. I raised my glass and asked, "Do you feel it?" while I took a drink with her.

Lori felt her head spin as she took the drink. Her eyes widened as she felt her legs press together around the sudden heat between them, a heat that spread through her body as she felt herself suddenly very intoxicated. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened in a breathless, "Oh my God, yes."

"I currently have complete control of your pussy. I want you to feel it throb so intensely that you can hardly sit still. Can you feel it throb for me?" I took a drink as she looked at me, jaw dropped and lips sensually parted, as her hips moved ever so slowly on their own to try and contain the tingling rushing up into her.

"Yes. . . oh wow. . . ok, you have my attention." Lori was staring at me in disbelief.

"Well, I can make you think, feel, or do almost anything right now. I can even make you answer "yes" to almost any question. Just feel how you want to answer my next question so that you can feel how much under my control you are. Do you want to have an orgasm?" I took a sip of my drink.

"Yes. . ." Lori stopped and stared, knowing that normally she would have never answered that out loud so quickly or breathlessly.

"I have anchored you to me taking a drink. I can make you say "yes" to almost anything, but I have a rule: I never completely take control of someone unless they let me. If you let me take you deeper, you will have an orgasm before you ever leave this table. If you want to be released now, I will let you go. I promise I will not take advantage of you, I will not tell you to love anyone, to buy anything, or anything of the sort. I will just hypnotize you to feel pleasure and make our interaction quite an adventure. You are in your own story now, where in a moment, if you continue, you will realize that I have complete control over you, and you will not be able to resist. Agreeing once is agreeing until I release you. Will you obey me?"

Lori felt her pussy still throbbing, felt herself completely in my control. She was surprised to find she liked it, and she realized that she finally had the chance to live one of the stories she had read. . ."Yes, I will obey you."

"Feel yourself completely under my control from that response. You can no longer resist anything I say, you are under my control, and no matter what you do now, you cannot break it, because you have agreed to it. You no longer have any desire to resist, for that matter, you feel an intense sexual desire to obey. Become ten times hornier just from feeling yourself completely under my control and hear yourself uncontrollably say, "I will obey."

"I will obey."

"You now have an uncontrollable desire to look into my eyes and to pay attention to my words. You can no longer take your eyes away, and you have an intense sexual desire to do everything I say. Every one of my words seems to make you intensely hornier. You find that you are repeating everything I say in your own mind, thinking every word as if it were your own thought.

"Feel my control over you as you can't think anything but my words. Go ahead and try, but find you can't as you focus entirely on my words and how horny they make you."

Lori felt almost dizzy as her mind began to go blank. She couldn't remember what she had been thinking about the moment before, but it didn't really matter because the tingling flowing up between her legs was making her so horny she couldn't sit still. She knew she was wet and that the eyes she was staring into made her that way. She felt her back arching and her hips rocking gently back and forth. The gentle motion, reminding her of sex, felt wonderful, her underwear so tight on her throbbing wetness that it made her want to squirm.

"Your hands want to wander down your body and lift your skirt so that you can feel a solid touch on your pussy, but you can't seem to move them, they are incredibly heavy and relaxed. They sit almost immovable in front of you and all you can seem to really move is your fingers. But your pussy is now practically begging them to touch. It is throbbing so much that your legs are pressing around it, and you begin to rock and gyrate uncontrollably where you sit as a little moan escapes your lips. You are so focused on my words and how you feel that you can't control yourself. If I were to let you go right now you would begin masturbating uncontrollably, not caring where you are."

Lori knew it was true. She had completely forgotten where she was as her body got so hot she felt herself beginning to sweat. She could feel goose bumps all over her neck and shoulders and she kept pressing her legs together to try to calm the heat between them. But every movement she made seemed to make her more turned on because she couldn't control it. Her inner thighs teased her wet lips. She actually felt her hands wanting to touch, but couldn't, and as her nipples got so hard that her bra teased them with every breath, she felt like she almost wanted to beg to be able to touch. Lori's head was spinning, intoxicated with desire.

"Now imagine that my tongue is gently tracing little circles around your nipples and as you imagine it, find that it's almost like it's really happening, your imagination so intense right now, like being in a dream, that you feel like it is really happening. Feel your breasts press forward towards my mouth as your back arches and you present your swollen breasts to me automatically."

Lori let out a little gasp as goose bumps suddenly poured over her chest. She could feel a tongue on her nipples and it made her whole body seem to melt as her back arched and her breasts pressed forward, her cleavage showing just a little. She felt as if her whole body was suddenly filled with sexual energy, filled to the point that she was no longer in control of it's movements. She felt her breasts being looked at and somehow it just made her want to tear off her clothes so that they could be more easily seen.

"Now feel me take your nipples into my mouth entirely and feel your eyes close for a second before opening again from the intensity of what you are feeling. Your breasts are now so sensitive that you feel like you could have an orgasm just from the way my mouth feels on them. Then feel my hands sliding slowly from your knee up towards your pussy as you become so horny that you don't care where you are, you just want to come, you want my fingers to slide up your dress and between your wet lips. Feel your legs spread uncontrollably to let my hands between. You want to come so bad you don't care where you are or how it happens."

Lori almost jumped as she felt the sensation of fingers sliding slowly up her inner thighs. They sent tingles directly to the center of her wetness and made the throbbing unbearable. Her legs began to part on their own, the gentile fingers making her squirm and breathe fast. She felt hot and restless. She was breathing so fast and deep that it was everything she could to do not moan with every breath. Lori felt herself wanting to come so bad that she no longer cared where she was. She began to hump the air slowly while biting her lip as she found herself surprised to actually say, "Please, I want to come so bad I don't care where I am right now, or what you do to me, just let me come."

"Feel yourself hornier from having said that as you suddenly realize that you can't come till I let you. Feel my hands reach the outline of your underwear and begin to trace around it. It's too much of a tease and you try to move to get my fingers to touch where you want them to."

Lori's hips began to move, trying to get her wetness to reach my fingers, but she couldn't quite do it. She let out a little moan of frustration as the look in her eyes became a mix of pleasure and desire so intense that I knew she couldn't stand it any more. "Please," she gasped.

"Feel my fingers finally touch your wet lips, stroking them lightly from bottom to top where they begin to do circles on your clit while my tongue continues on your nipples. Begin to hump my fingers uncontrollably. You are so close to coming that you are sure you will any second, but you can't seem to till I tell you to."

Lori let out a long low moan as she felt her lips parted lightly, with the caress slowly up between them sending tingles into her lips that made her hips shake. Then a little gasp escaped her mouth as she felt the touch of fingers on her clit rubbing slow sensual circles exactly the way her fingers usually did. Her eyes went wide as she nearly came, her insides tight and quivering as she felt her panties get suddenly soaked. Her hips made long sensual circles on her chair as my fingers held her at the brink of an orgasm but didn't let her go over.

Lori felt herself moaning quietly with every breath as she ground against the pressure of fingers on her clit, each circle making her head spin and her pussy thrust forward and back. The sensations below her belly button mixed with the sensations on her nipples and she tried to move her hands to touch herself, to put herself over into an orgasm, but she couldn't. She gasped, "Please," as she realized she had no control.

"Let that word 'Please' echo in your mind over and over again. Begin repeating it over and over in your mind. Please what? But you can't think clearly enough to answer. Your desire is so intense you aren't even sure what you want any more. You say "please" because you cannot resist my words and because you want more of them. My words are a pleasure device that makes you feel pleasure, become uncontrollably horny, and become completely submissive. You say "please" and feel as if anything I tell you in response is exactly what you were asking for."

Lori's mind was racing. She wanted something so intensely that she was moaning, but she didn't know what. She wasn't sure if she wanted more touch, an orgasm, to have sex, to hear my voice, to be allowed to do a strip tease right there, to come until she passed out. . . she wasn't sure. Her mind was giving too many answers all at once, so she just said, "please" again desperately in a half moan.

"Focus on your desire. It's the only thing that matters right now. Focus on it so intensely that nothing else matters. You can't get over the way my fingers are making you feel and you can't seem to stop imagining them, or my dick being inside of you. You are so wet, so hot, so horny, and so helpless that all you can do is beg for more."

Lori felt as though she were being fingered, touched till she got closer and closer to bliss, but she knew that no one was really touching her. She was feeling all the sensations of sex without actually having sex. As though she could have pleasure, have sex, anywhere, any time, and no one but she would know.

"Feel yourself having sex right now, knowing that you could very easily come right now and no one around would know. You are having secret pleasure and soon will have secret sex. You are completely free to enjoy yourself without any worries, any effort, any repercussions. You could literally have sex right here and no one would know."

"Please. . ." Lori said, her body visibly shaking. She kept thinking about the fingers that were making her squirm, she imagined them sliding between her wet lips, pressing her open and finally releasing her into an orgasm. She was tingling so much that she felt like her entire body was going to have an orgasm. She stared intensely, thinking that if she could move she would strip naked right now and pounce, wanting to grind on a dick till she passed out from pleasure.

"Feel a little chill run down your spine and directly into your pussy and know that you would do anything right now to come."

Lori began to moan with every breath. She no longer knew or cared where she was, she wanted to touch, she wanted to come, she wanted to have sex, she wanted anything at all. She moaned, "Please," again and shivered, trying with all of her might to touch herself but unable to.

Words are a funny thing, aren't they? They make us think, feel, and do things that we might not have otherwise. All this time you have been reading about Lori, reading about her being hypnotized, and yet, it is you who is having trouble controlling your hands, it is you who is throbbing, it is you who wants to come so badly that you can't think straight. You are only able to think my words. All this time my words have been moving deeper and deeper into you as you read, and it is you who have become hypnotized.

Don't believe me? Try to calm the heat and tingles between your legs and you will find that the harder you try to calm the feeling, the more you will focus on it and the stronger it will get. The more you try to resist, the more you need to touch. Feel the psychological tension, knowing fully that I am affecting you, and unsure at what point you became hypnotized. You are struggling with a strong impulse to let go and obey and a strong impulse to fight my control.

It's as though you are standing next to the ocean and want to jump in, but you see the waves and you are afraid. You know that once you jump in and are swimming and feeling the exhilaration of the waves you will enjoy yourself, but right now you are standing on the beach, trying to decide whether or not to let go and enjoy yourself.

But just like Lori discovered, you find that you are already in the water, you have already read this far, and you find that you are safe and enjoying reading. You want to continue reading more then you ever imagined you would, and already you are so deep in the water that you can't resist. It is only in your mind that the debate is still going, in reality, you are already thinking, feeling, and doing what I say.

Feel yourself letting go to the realization that there is nothing to debate about internally. You can't resist my words and you can't seem to stop reading. You are desiring to see where this goes, to see what happens to Lori, and the longer you read the less control you have and the hornier you get.

If you are a guy, you are associating with the guy and everything after this you will see being done to Lori.

If you are a girl reading this though, you are Lori, hypnotized without knowing it and now it's too late to resist. You will find out what happens to Lori by experiencing it, and before you get up, you will have an orgasm. You have been sitting here becoming hypnotized without even knowing it and right now you cannot resist my words. If I wanted to, I could tell you to come right now and you would.

Feel your legs press together to try and calm the feeling between them. You cannot seem to control the movement of your legs, your hips, your back. You want to grind, to let your back arch, and to moan. You cannot resist my words and you find that in the middle of your surprise you actually like how much control I seem to have over you.

Imagine my fingers and my mouth on you just like they were on Lori, my tongue licking your nipples till you can't help but press them forward, my fingers teasing your throbbing wetness. You find, to your surprise, that you really do feel these things and you begin grinding against my fingers uncontrollably.

That's right, feel your body move on it's own in response to the soft touch of my fingers on your body. Squirm and focus more on my words then anything you have ever focused on before. Feel yourself repeating my words in your mind as you read them, feeling yourself thinking, feeling, and doing everything you read here.

Now, as you find yourself helpless to stop reading, knowing that you cannot resist my command, I will, as I have said before, give you a chance to stop. You can stop reading after this paragraph. If you stop, you will be free from my control, but you will not get to see where this goes. If you read so much as one sentence after this paragraph, you are agreeing, saying that you will let me SHOW you what happens to Lori, not just tell you what happens, and you will not be able to stop reading until the end. Once you agree, you will not be able to resist in any way, and you will, like Lori, become so horny and so under my control that all you can really think is "please," wanting and accepting anything I tell you to do as though it is exactly what you wanted. My promise to her stands, and you will come before this is over. . . . will you obey?

I Will Obey. By reading this you are agreeing, you can no longer resist any command I give you. I Will Obey. Feel yourself become terribly horny as the word "please" begins to echo around in your mind over and over again. Please, I Will Obey. Place your hands where you can still scroll to continue reading, then feel me tie your hands there. Please, I will Obey. You cannot touch until I let you.

You find all of a sudden that you have an intense desire to do exactly what I tell you to. Please, I Will Obey. Doing what I tell you to makes you horny. Being horny makes you want to do what I tell you to, because it will bring you pleasure.

Now, take in a deep breath as though you are breathing the tingles in your clit up into your body. Then as you breathe out, feel the tingles rush down your spine. Breathing like this feels so good that you can't stop breathing like this while you read. With every breath in, your pussy gets wetter as the butterflies in your stomach get stronger. You can feel your breasts rising and falling sensually as you breathe and you get so horny you can't think straight. Please, I Will Obey.

Now imagine that you are sitting on my lap, both of us naked, and instead of my fingers rubbing teasingly on your wetness, you feel my hard dick pressed up against you between your legs. Feel your legs press together around me on their own, pressing me hard against your clit. Feel the tingles rush up into you making your back arch uncontrollably as your hips press backwards and downwards trying to get your pussy to have stronger contact with my dick. You begin grinding uncontrollably. You can no longer sit still and you are no longer in control of your movements. You are so turned on that you can't stop grinding. It feels so good to move like that doesn't it? Please, I Will Obey.

Now feel yourself getting hot and light-headed. Your nipples are so hard from my licking and caressing that they are actually aching with pleasure. You are tingling and throbbing as you grind against my hard dick, each breath making the butterflies spread even more. You are so turned on and so focused on how you feel that you cannot resist. Whisper breathlessly, and mean it, "Please, I Will Obey."

Hear how desperately turned on you are from listening to the sound of your own voice and know by the way you sound, and the way you feel, and the way you are moving right now, that you can not resist anything I say. If I told you to come right now, you would. If I told you to feel my dick inside of you right now, you would. Feel yourself so horny from the realization of this being true, that if you could move your hands, you would begin masturbating uncontrollably. But you can't move your hands. Try. Feel the same power that is making you uncontrollably horny also making it impossible to move your hands to touch. Please, I Will Obey.

Now, take in another deep breath and feel the pressure in your pussy. It is so strong that you feel like you are going to explode. Then breathe out and feel how empty your pussy feels, aching for something to be inside. Breathe in and feel that pressure. You are so close to coming you can't stand it, and now when you breathe in your pussy presses down trying to get my dick inside. When you breathe out, your stomach uncontrollably tightens and you hump the air. Please, I Will Obey.

Then, to your surprise, as you take in a deep breath, feel your pussy finally succeed as my dick slides in with your breath. Become aware of every nerve in your pussy. Your lips being parted, your insides being pressed open, the pressure being multiplied a thousand times, and that spot inside being pressed up against so intensely that when you let your breath out it is a moan. As you breathe out, feel yourself hump the air and my dick slide out of you most of the way, making you feel empty.

Feel your body react automatically, taking in another deep breath and pressing down and back desperately to get my dick back inside of you. Feel yourself nearly come from the penetration. Begin having sex with me uncontrollably. Every breath in I slide into you, and you almost burst into bliss, every breath out you ache for me inside. You are really having sex right now.

Feel yourself rocking back and forth, breathing faster and faster as my dick goes in and out of you faster and faster, harder and harder. You feel like every time you move you are about to come.

You are secretly having sex right now. Anyone could come in and see you and they would not know, if they weren't paying close attention to the movements of your body. You are terribly turned on by this freedom to enjoy bliss in any circumstance. You are terribly horny by the feeling of complete freedom to enjoy having this guilt- free secret sex.

Feel every thrust bring you closer to coming. You are dizzy with pleasure and enjoying it. You can't even think straight enough to worry as you become completely entranced by what you are feeling right now. Please, I Will Obey.

It keeps getting more intense and you know that you won't have your next orgasm till I tell you to. Feel yourself unable to escape the sensation of my dick inside of you and imagine this sensation if you were sitting in a public place like a a bar and no one would know but me and you.

Are you ready to come?

Say out loud, "Please, I Will Obey," and as you do, feel yourself helplessly under my control, unable to stop the orgasm I command. COME NOW!

Feel your pussy tighten around my dick and the electric tingles rushing deep inside as you begin to throb uncontrollably. Then feel that rushing up deep inside as you take a deep breath in, my dick pressing into that pressure and making it explode into an orgasm. Moan! Scream! I have control of you so all you have to do is enjoy the ride! Feel how you are no longer in control at all and that I can even make you come on command. Your orgasm makes you completely loose control and you moan out loud:

"Please, I Will Obey."

You are now dizzy with pleasure and still full of desire, unable to escape the feeling that my dick is inside of you. Any time I ask you if you will obey, you will get this intense desire and you will respond, "Please, I Will Obey," going completely under my control.

Now, I only promised one orgasm. Do you want more? If you do, then write to me and tell me you want more of this story, so that I know you enjoyed it and it's worth writing another of. A little warning though: Anything you describe to me you will feel happening, so that if you describe how horny you were while reading this, or your orgasm, you will become horny again, and come again. Feel me releasing your hands but retaining control of your mind and body. Go ahead and touch if you want and enjoy your orgasms, but know, that if you want more of what just happened, you are going to have to write me.

Who I am is unimportant, the group I am a part of, Hypnotic Seduction, is unimportant, what is important is how you feel right now.

Will you obey?

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