Hypnotic Seduction II

Lori sat on the couch with a blank stare, her pussy throbbing so intensely that she couldn't think about anything else. Deep in her mind she was repeating over and over again, "Please, I Will Obey," in response to the question I had asked her when we got to my house: Will You Obey?

And now, deep in her mind, that question, and the answer to it, were chasing each other around so intensely that there was no room for other thoughts. So Lori sat, staring straight forward, every word I said making her go deeper into a trance she couldn't resist, every word making her hornier. Will You Obey? Please, I Will Obey.

Lori had known that there was no way to break the power my words had over her when she had an orgasm simply from my command to do so. After her orgasm she had found that she wanted another even more then the first, so much so that she couldn't think straight at all. She knew would follow my words even when I told her to get up and come home with me. Any answer I gave to her "Please, I Will Obey," seemed to be the right one to her, and caused her great pleasure as well as great desire.

"Imagine me taking a sip of my drink. Will you obey?" I asked her, and without any effort, without any trying, the response came on it's own, uncontrollably, saying out loud and meaning it completely, "Please, I Will Obey."

"I am going to tell you a story now, and you will feel as though everything I tell you is really happening to you. You will dream while you let my words guide you through your dream, every word making you go deeper into the trance. Your eyes will remain open, but with a blank stare while you take in my words effortlessly. You will sit there very relaxed, so relaxed that you will not move much more then your fingers unless I tell you otherwise. You are now completely relaxed except for the intense sexual desire to do what I tell you to. You begin to go into a dream while still paying attention to my words. The words echo around in your mind more and more, going so deep that they are your only thoughts as you become dizzy and begin dreaming.

Will you obey?

Please, I Will Obey.

Please, I Will Obey.

Please, I Will Obey.

Please, I Will Obey.

Please, I Will Obey.

You are on the beach at sunset, in a little cliff enclosed cove. You can feel the sand between your toes and the ocean breeze through your hair and between the cliff walls, the beach, and the ocean you almost feel as though you are being safely held in beauty. There is a faint smell of salt water as you walk towards a specific destination, a hot springs you were told about, where the water is a very strong aphrodisiac.

Your body is feeling very sensual already as you walk, taking in the sights and smells around you. Nearby the waves crash with all the beauty of the sunset playing over them, as though god were a child with finger paints, the colors splashed on liberally and playfully. The sound of the ocean is like a loverís voice, both violently passionate and soothing at the same time, and it is from this ocean my words seem to come and wash over you like the waves do the sand.

Up ahead there is a path that leads into a cove. There is water flowing into the ocean here, water flowing and mixing and playing in the light of the sunset. Not to far upstream there is a series of waterfalls, this is where you are going, to the top of the lower waterfall, the bottom of the upper, to the pool of warm spring water that is said to be the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You walk up a path that rises above your head towards the pool of water, the ocean and sunset behind you but still very visible if you turn around and look. On the path as you walk, there is a box, you stop and pick the box up.

Inside of the box you place all of your worries, your thoughts, and your inhibitions. You then hand that box to me and whisper, ďPlease, I will obey,Ē giving me control of everything you are thinking. You are now only able to think my words until I say otherwise. You stand and look at the beauty of the ocean for a moment, enjoying what you are thinking right now.

You continue walking towards the upper waterfall and you come across another box. You pick it up and place in it control of what you feel. Then you hand the box to me and whisper, ďPlease, I Will Obey,Ē giving me complete control of what you are feeling right now. You immediately feel completely at peace, and very passionate, much like the waves of the ocean or a loverís voice.

You are now completly under my control and can not resist. Please, I will obey.

You walk a little further and reach the pool. The water falls into it with steam drifting into the air, itís obviously warm. The sun is almost completely set, but that is ok, because the full moon has rising and itís silvery light is now playing across the water of the pool.

You take in a deep breath, smelling the sweetness of flowers mixed with the ocean breeze and you feel completely at ease taking off your cloths and setting them next to the water. You stick just your toes in to test the water. The water is warm and soothing and causes your foot to tingle and relax with pleasure, as though the water is able to make anything it touches into an erogenous zone. You smile, wondering what will happen when your whole body is under this incredible water.

You know that once you jump in it will be like giving your body to desire, you will no longer be in control of your body, you will be under the control of my words and your desire, unable to resist what the water will make you feel and do.

Already you are feeling intensely turned on just from the slight touch on your toes. Ever sense sticking your toes in you have been feeling light chills up and down your spine, the goose bumps running up your legs, teasing your clit and making your nipples harden. You feel so sensual that every movement of your body is wonderful. Itís as though your body is designed to be sexy, seductive, and in tune with pleasure. You know that you will become completely sensual when you get in the water, surrounded, enclosed and held by tingling bliss.

If you get into this water you will become so completely sensual, and so completely turned on that you will not be able to resist anything I tell your body to do. I could tell you to come for hours, and you would. By getting in, by continuing past this point, you will be giving your body completely to the pleasure I command it. You are aware that right now you are hypnotized and unable to resist anything you are reading, but I will give you this choice, if you stop now you will be able to break free. If you continue past this paragraph you will not be able resist any ďHypnotic SeductionĒ story I write ever again. Any time you start to read a ďHypnotic SeductionĒ story you will, immediately and irresistibly, fall into a deep trance and begin thinking, feeling and doing whatever I tell you to. I promise I will not make you love anyone, or buy anything, I will however push the limits of pleasure over time. Will you obey?

Please, I Will Obey. You feel yourself dive into the water and immediately there is a change in the way your entire body feels. Every nerve is alive and you get chills and goose bumps that cover your skin like water. You can feel the water on your skin right now, warm and soothing, and tingly, moving over you in waves of tingles. Your body is suddenly more sensual then you imagined it could be, there is not a place on your body that doesnít feel like an erogenous zone.

You feel your mind filling with images of sex and pleasure. What do you want right now? Feel all of the answers that come to you so fast itís staggering. You feel the water caressing your body like a thousand loverís hands, the perfect touch making all the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and across your scalp. Your body surrenders completely to the aphrodisiac effect of the water, as though your body is becoming the body of the most sexual woman on earth. You are seductive, you are sensual, you are full of bliss.

And then you come to the surface of the water just below the waterfall that is falling into the pool. You find that you can stand here and so you stand under the waterfall as though you are showering in itís warm water. It caresses your skin and in the caress of the water you are transformed, you are filled with such sexual desire from the waterís caress that you are like a goddess of pleasure. Feel like a goddess of pleasure feels, the way your entire body is a receptor for erotic bliss.

Let yourself smile, and then, as you stand there, bathing in the water let your left hand begin to explore your breasts as your right hand continues to scroll so you can read. You cannot resist my command. You are a goddess of pleasure now, taken over by the sensual tendencies of your body, you do not find any guilt or worry in your exploration of your erotic form, you are simply enjoying the way you feel right now. How do you feel right now? I am so horny I canít control myself.

The touch of your hand on your breast makes you imagine the perfect lover here with you, as though the water that is caressing your skin, and the hand on your breasts were that perfect loverís touch. Your nipples are so hard they ache and you are so aware of your breasts that they even feel swollen and heavy with sexual energy. You feel like you are melting in that loverís embrace as you become so horny you canít control yourself.

Your pussy is throbbing right now. Become aware of it as though this is the first time you have ever become aware of the feeling down there. How does it feel? I am so horny I canít control myself. It is wet, and throbbing, and tingling. You are aware of every part of it, your swollen lips, your throbbing clit, the soft skin around it being rubbed between your legs as they instinctively press together. You are aware of an aching, a pressure, and butterflies inside of you and you suddenly become aware of that whole area aching to be touched.

Feel that intense longing as though this is the first time, as though your body is so horny right now that it almost seems like this is your first time in it. Feel how intense the throbbing of your clit is, how incredible it feels to be breathing like you are right now, fast and passionate breathing. Feel the way your insides throb, and tighten, almost as though they are trying to draw something into them. How do you feel right now? I am so horny I canít control myself.

Now feel that tingling in your pussy spreading to your entire body as you find that you are so horny you canít control yourself. Your breathing is getting faster and the pressure in your pussy is so intense that you feel like you are going to explode just from breathing. You are now playing with your breasts almost wildly, and it feels so wonderful that you feel like you might come just from how sensitive your nipples are. And then, feel yourself gasp as through the waterfall you see a man.

You are both a little startled and more then a little overwhelmed by how bad you want him. He is naked, muscular, and his hard dick, stands erect and ready for whatever you would want from it. Your eyes focus on his dick and the throbbing in your pussy gets so intense you can no longer contain it. You feel a rush of heat as your insides tighten into a rush of intense tingles, and with that water transforming you into a goddess of pleasure all it takes is for you to just look at his dick to have an orgasm.


Let yourself moan with the intensity of what has just happened. I am so horny I canít control myself. And to your astonishment, coming once has just made you even hornier. While you are in this water you canít seem to get enough pleasure and your body seems to be able to give it to you. Feel the water tracing hot tingles down your body directly to the throbbing of your pussy. You feel yourself no longer in control as you begin masturbating uncontrollably, you can no longer resist touching.

The second your fingers hit your pussy, feel yourself burst into another orgasm.


Please, I am so horny I canít control myself, I will obey.

Feel your whole body get hot as you become light headed and extremely submissive as you realize you are so horny that you will do anything he tells you to.

He swims out to where you are and then looks you in the eyes, he is so sexy with water cascading down from his hair across his chest. In your eye contact everything that needs to be said is said, your desire for each other is so intense that you find yourself saying out loud to him: ďPlease, I am so horny I canít control myself, I will obey.Ē

ďSpread your legs,Ē he commands, and you find that even in real life your legs spread apart on their own. You are so hypnotized right now that when he slides into you, you will feel it really happening, you will be sure he is really sliding his dick inside of you and the sensation will be so intense you will come immediately.

He looks into your eyes and then presses his dick up against your wet pussy, which your fingers are still playing with, and then in an unbelievable rush he presses all the way deep inside of you. You feel his swollen head part your wet pussy lips, pressing you completely open and making you explode.


Please, I am so horny I canít control myself, I will obey.

You feel him begin to fuck you and no matter how you move you canít seem to stop feeling him going in and out and hitting your spot perfectly every time. You find that you are building towards another orgasm immediately, only this one isnít going to be just one, it will be three very quickly, a multiple orgasm, but it will not happen till I tell you to. Please, I am so horny I canít control myself, I will obey. You are now so horny and so full of bliss that you are shaking while you are being fucked.

After this multiple orgasm you will wake up from your trance feeling like you just had fantastic sex, finally sated and no longer having sex, however, the next shower you take will feel like you are standing in this waterfall again. You will have intense flashbacks to what you are feeling right now and begin fantasizing obsessively as you become incredibly horny. You will begin chanting, ďPlease, I am so horny I canít control myself, I will obey,Ē over and over again. You will then feel yourself bent over and fucked in your shower as though it were really happening. This will continue and you will keep having orgasms until you say out loud ďstop,Ē which will wake you up from your trance. Please, I am so horny I canít control myself, I will obey.

The other thing you will discover after reading this story is that any time you describe anything sexual on my message boards it will feel like it is really happening to you. It will be so intense that simply typing the word ďorgasmĒ there will cause you to have one. You will also find that once you have had an orgasm like that you want to send the message to the group. Feel free to write or not write to my message board as you please, but once you do, you must send it. Please, I am so horny I canít control myself, I will obey.

And of course, any time you read another ďHypnotic SeductionĒ story, you will find you are immediately, uncontrollably, and irresistibly, entranced by it.

By having your multiple orgasm now you are agreeing to everything I have just told you, once again, you have a chance to walk away, but by reading my next command you agree to all of them. Are you enjoying having sex right now? Do you want to come? Please, I am so horny I canít control myself, I will obey.


Hypnotic Seduction III

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