Hypnotic Seduction IV

Lori sat on the couch, staring blankly forward, as the words, "Please, I Will Obey," flowed from her lips breathlessly. She had woken up and come down stairs for breakfast in nothing but a t-shirt and panties and I had known immediately that I had to hypnotize her again without her knowing.

I had discussed with her the night before the possibility of me hypnotizing her whenever I wanted to, which she liked the idea of. So we made a deal that unless she specifically objected I could hypnotize her any time without asking for permission.

And so, after breakfast I had asked if I could show her something and she said yes. We walked into the living room and she sat down on the couch. I turned on the TV, which only displayed a blank screen as I popped a video in. I walked behind her, grabbed the remote control and then whispered in her ear.

Just from sitting down on that same couch again Lori had felt butterflies pouring into her stomach as her nipples hardened. She was looking at the screen, but her mind was incredibly distracted by how quickly the tingles began between her legs as she imagined the ocean, the waterfall, the moon, and so many images of sex that she swore over night she had become a nymphomaniac. By the time the words from my mouth floated from my whisper and into her ears, she was already feeling dizzy.

"Will you obey?"

"Please, I Will Obey."

I turned the video on and told her to focus on it as it displayed the words, "I Will Obey" all over it. Lori found herself immediately loosing consciousness as she began to feel intensely light headed.

"You can't seem to stop thinking the phrase, 'Please, I Will Obey.' It's as though it is the most important thing for you to think right now as you find yourself getting hornier and hornier with every word I say.

It begins to loop in your mind, repeating over and over again as my words move deeper and deeper into you, making you hornier and more light headed with every word. You find that you can't seem to think anything but my words as you focus harder and harder on what I am saying. So much so that my words seem to be irresistible, as though they were coming from deep inside of your own mind.

You find yourself so focused, dizzy, and light headed that you feel like you are going to either float away or pass out, but it seems to be a wonderful feeling. A safe floating and flying like being in a dream.

With every word you seem to float higher, getting more and more light headed and horny as you care less and less about anything other then obeying. You feel yourself wanting to obey more then you have ever wanted to before. Please, I Will Obey.

Say those words out loud and feel the way you slip deeper into the trance. So deep that you no longer consciously care what I am saying, you just crave to read my words and obey them. You are thinking, feeling and doing my words so naturally now that you could loose consciousness and you would still keep reading, letting yourself think feel and do everything my I said while you drift away into the floating. Please, I Will Obey.

Every time you read that phrase now, you find yourself actually saying it out loud automatically, and uncontrollably. And every time you say it, you feel yourself become ten times as light headed, ten times hornier, and ten times more submissive to my command. If you were to say it even a couple more times, you know your mind would become completely blank, completely empty, except for the desire to obey and my words. You would float so high, become so light headed, that you would actually loose consciousness and float into a blissful deep trance. So deep that you would keep reading, thinking, doing and feeling my words, but would not be conscious of what was going on. Please, I Will Obey,

Feel yourself floating, as though you may just float up into the air. So completely relaxed and floating that you feel like you are dreaming. Relax, feel yourself uncontrollably let go. Please, I Will Obey.

Feel your mind go blank as you want to obey even more then before. You are more relaxed then you have ever been, both mind and body. You are floating. You want to obey. You are light headed. You will obey. You are floating higher and going deeper. You are unconscious. You cannot resist my command. You are dreaming. Please, I Will Obey.

Please, I Will Obey.

In front of you is a time machine that allows you to go back to any experience you have ever had in your entire life and relive it. Walk up, open the door and step into the time machine. When you go back in time you find yourself in your body and mind at the time. Please, I Will Obey.

Think back to the last time you had an orgasm and feel the time machine take you there. Let all the images of what happened then, flood through your mind. Let yourself begin dreaming the events leading up to that orgasm. Dreaming them in such detail that you feel like you are there. Feel the arousal of the situation as you build closer and closer to your climax. You are back in time right now to the time right before your last orgasm. Let yourself experience what is happening.

Let yourself enjoy every sensation as you get closer and closer to cuming, and then feel me turn the dial back on the time machine. Think back to one of the hottest sexual situations you have ever been in, in your entire life.

Feel your mind thinking of one specifically, and then find yourself there. Right now you are reliving one of the greatest sexual experiences of your life. Find yourself there, enjoying it and so horny you can't think straight. Feel the orgasm building as every detail comes flooding back to you. It's so wonderful that you know you are about to cum as you are having one of the best sexual experiences of your life, and then feel me turn the dial back as you travel back to just before the first orgasm you ever had.

You have never had an orgasm before, but what is happening right now feels incredible, so much so that you are wondering if this is what an orgasm feels like. If it is, you want more of it. You know as it gets more and more intense that this is something you are defiantly going to do again. All the details of that day are coming back to you so vividly that you know you are really there, about to have the first orgasm of your life. Feel yourself loosing control as every sensation becomes more and more intense, each time wondering if this new tingling is an orgasm.

Then feel me turn the dial back just a little further. You have never had an orgasm before, but you are very horny. You are young. You have never really touched yourself before, but right now, to your surprise, you want to. You know you are way hornier then usual because you are wet between your legs and there are butterflies in your stomach. You feel kind of dazed and aren't entirely sure what is happening.

You begin to remember that earlier today you were at the beach and met a very attractive man. He was so hot that ever sense you first saw him you have been horny like this. His muscular body, his beautiful eyes and hair, and the way he looked at you made you want to squirm because of the tingling between your legs.

But the thing that made you the horniest was the way he talked, the way he could somehow make you even hornier with just his words. You sat and talked to him on the beach for a long time, watching the sunset together, and the more you talked to him the more you felt as though you could not resist anything he said. He even told you to get so horny that you couldn't control your breathing, and just as he said, you felt your breathing quicken and to your surprise, a moan had escaped your lips.

Ever sense then you have had an intense desire to say, Please, I Will Obey, but you aren't sure why. You had even told him that, and he had smiled. It is as though from the moment you saw him you have wanted to obey him completely, and you know that you couldn't resist his command no matter what he told you, even if he told you to have sex. You want to have sex right now.

He had asked you to come with him to his beach house and you had found yourself saying, "Please, I Will Obey," automatically, as you had stood and followed him obediently.

He had taken you to the balcony that overlooked the ocean as the sun set, and you felt so at home, so safe, and yet so turned on as he held you in his arms and whispered in your ear. He had said things that had made you blush, and yet made you want to obey him even more as you had become more aware of your body then you have ever been in your life.

Your body still tingles just thinking about standing on the balcony in his arms, and you find yourself even experiencing it again just from thinking about it. The wind blows softly across your skin and makes goose bumps feel more wonderful then they ever have before. You feel so alive as your hair flows in the wind, blowing across your shoulders and sending a wonderful shiver down your spine as you feel held in protective, strong, and somehow arousing arms.

You feel like you desperately want something, but you aren't even sure what. More of his touch? A bliss you don't know about yet? Something between your legs is throbbing intensely and you feel as though your legs are weak. You know you are safe right now, you know you have nothing to fear or worry about, you just want to see where this leads. Please, I Will Obey.

Then, from the balcony he had lead you into the house and sat you down in front of the computer you are now sitting in front of. He told you to read and obey, and so you began reading, feeling as though you are unable to stop, but feeling like you wouldn't want to stop anyway.

You are so focused on reading now that you aren't even aware of your surroundings, although you know for sure that the ocean is nearby and so is he. You are vaguely aware that what you are reading is drawing you in and affecting your mind and body very deeply, but it feels so good and you know you are safe, so you are just enjoying the amazing new feelings in your body, feelings you have never really felt before. Please, I Will Obey.

What you are reading are instructions on how to have an orgasm, something you have never really had before but find yourself wanting desperately right now. You wander if the feelings between your legs right now are an orgasm. You feel warm, wet, and so tingly that your legs are pressing together on their own. You feel so turned on right now that you feel intensely feminine and something deep inside of you is feeling very submissive. The way you are feeling right now is more intense then anything you have ever felt and you want so badly to feel more of it that you feel like you would do anything you were told.

If you obey, you are going to have your first orgasm by the time you finish reading this. Let yourself become even more turned on from knowing that. Will you obey? Please, I Will Obey.

Take in a deep breath, imagining that tingling that has begun between your legs pouring up into your stomach and breasts, and then, when you breathe out, feel the tingling spread up your spine to your head. Breathe in again like this and feel every nerve in your body seem to come completely alive. Begin to feel every breath spreading that tingling automatically as you get hotter and wetter down there.

Take your hands and set them on the desk as you breathe in and out, sitting up straight and feeling your back arch and your breasts press forward on their own. Your body feels so wonderful, so sensual, so full of passionate energy that you feel your head spinning. Let each breath bring you more and more aware of your body. More aware of the goose bumps pouring over you, more aware of the hardening of your nipples, more aware of the aching and throbbing between your legs. You are so amazed at how your body feels at this moment that you find yourself craving to read more, completely drawn into the words.

Feel your breathing getting faster as your whole body gets hot. You are so wet between your legs now that you wonder what is even going on. But it feels so incredible. You are aching, throbbing, tingling, between your legs so intensely that you think you may pass out. As you take in your next deep breath, feel yourself suddenly having trouble sitting still. When you breathe in, your back seems to arch and press your pussy down toward your chair.

You are suddenly aware of how sensitive that place between your legs is as it makes contact with the chair you are sitting in and you find yourself suddenly letting out a moan as your hips thrust uncontrollably forward. Your underwear suddenly feel to tight, they are teasing you. Your bra suddenly feels too tight, it's pressing teasingly against your nipples and you feel more pleasure coming from your nipples then you ever imagined was possible.

Your breathing is getting quicker as your body gets hotter. Images of sex begin floating through your head. Images of you bending over, or of you riding on top of a man. You seem to be fantasizing about sex far more then you ever have before. You find yourself picturing where you would like him to put his hands. You find yourself imagining him putting his mouth all over your body, and you find yourself imagining his naked hardness inside of you.

You find that you are beginning to moan as your hips are rocking back and forth with your breathing. You aren't sure what is happening to your body, but it is fantastic. Take the hand you aren't scrolling with and go ahead and slide it gently through your hair, then down from your neck to your breasts. Feel goose bumps follow the trail of your fingers as you explore the new sensations of your body. Let that hand begin to play with your breasts and feel the weight of them, the aching in them, the hardness of your nipples, and the way your hard nipples make you feel.

Feel your head spinning as you play with your breasts and notice that they are filling with the most wonderful sensations. You find both hands now moving to caress and touch your breasts, the one hand only moving away when you need to scroll to read. Each breath you are taking now makes you throb so intensely and rock back and forth so uncontrollably that you are beginning to moan with every breath.

Then, you feel a kiss on your neck. The beautiful stranger is behind you, watching you and now kissing your neck softly, sending chills down your spine that seem to pour right between your legs and rush clear through your head. You are without worry and completely lost in the sensations of your body.

The combination of the touching of your breasts and his kiss on your neck seems to have made the throbbing between your legs increase to a steady rhythm. You feel as though your body is no longer in your control, it seems to be overwhelmed by desire.

Take one hand and set it on one of your knees. Notice that your legs are shaking as a tingle shoots from where your hand sits all the way through your body. Then begin to slide your hand very slowly up your leg and inner thigh. Feel yourself trembling more and more with every inch you move closer to the heat between your legs as your legs part instinctively.

The closer you get to the place you are throbbing, the hornier you get. Suddenly, you feel hands sliding around your body and beginning to play with your breasts. You feel like you could just pass out from the intensity of pleasure that is now pouring through your body. You wonder if this is what an orgasm feels like. Take your other hand and begin sliding it up your other leg as the beautiful stranger touches your breasts in a way that makes your whole body weak and trembling.

You are sure you could stay this way forever, shaking in his arms, shaking from the intensity of desire and pleasure pouring through your body like a flood as every inch you move up your inner thighs make you moan louder. Feel your insides tremble as you find yourself enjoying how wet you are between your legs. Itís as if there is so much desire in your body that you canít contain it.

Feel each deep breath making the place between your legs more sensitive and every moan sending intense shivers through your entire body. Please, I Will Obey.

All of this is so new that you feel like you are getting lost in the passion of your body. You want to do so many things you have never done before, but half of them you arenít even sure what they are. The hands on your breasts make you want to take off all your cloths and feel just skin on skin. The tingling and aching between your legs is making you imagine sliding anything you can think of inside to try and fill the emptiness.

Feel your hands reach your panty line and the sensitivity of that area makes you sit up straight, your back arching, and your breasts pressing wonderfully against the hands that are on them. There is an intense tingling as you take your hands off of your body and moan as you shiver, surprised at how strong what you just felt was.

Take your hands and place them on your stomach right where your belly button is and begin slowly sliding them downward. You feel like you are completely out of control as your hips move more and more on their own the further your hands go down. Your stomach muscles are moving on their own and you know you are no longer in control of your body at all.

The hands on your breasts are caressing all over your body now as your fingers slide slowly under your panties. They are exploring all the wonderful feelings of that place below your belly button and it is so intense that you are almost afraid of what will happen when your fingers reach the throbbing of your pussy.

You know your pussy is so sensitive that just touching it would make you scream with delight and shake. Already just touching above it is making your moans louder and louder with every breath. You are beginning to go wild where you sit, knowing you want to slide your fingers down there but almost afraid to do so, afraid the pleasure of a simple touch may be too much to handle.

In a moment you are going to slide your fingers down there and you will find your love button, the place that just touching at all will make you have an orgasm. Yes, all it is going to take is a light touch on the swollen, throbbing, part of the outside of your pussy. You are almost surprised you havenít discovered this before, but you know itís true. Touching there would do something to you very intense because just the touch of your underwear there is making you squirm and your fingers above it are making your head spin. The second you touch your clit you will cum. Itís always been sensitive enough to do that, you just havenít known it. But you are so intensely aware of your pussy right now that you know its true.

Feel the anticipation growing as you find yourself waiting for the command to touch it. You want to touch so bad but you feel more submissive then you ever have in your entire life and so you wait for the command, knowing that you will fall into bliss the second you touch it. The hands all over your body are now making you move wildly out of control, humping the air, pressing your breasts forward, and moaning passionately.

Let your hands slide down to your wet pussy and find your love button as a kiss lands on your sensitive neck. CUM NOW YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND.

You almost black out and you have to take your hand off your love button almost as fast as you put it on, as you scream with delight at the sensations of your first orgasm. Itís overwhelming and amazing at the same time. You are almost afraid to touch it again because you donít know if you can handle it. You notice that you are moaning so loud itís almost a scream as you try to catch your breath. You suddenly uncontrollably say, "I am your Pleasure Slave!"

You find your fingers on your belly button sliding downward again, this time with his hands guiding them. You arenít sure you can handle a second orgasm, but part of you desperately wants to find out. Let your fingers find your love button again as you CUM NOW YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND.

You scream with delight again as you feel wonderful hot liquid pour between your legs as the second orgasm seems to last even longer then the first. You find yourself wondering what would happen if you dared to put something inside of your throbbing hot pussy. If just touching the outside can make you have that unbelievable sensation then what would happen if something went inside of you?

Feel his hands caressing your inner thighs now as well as sliding all over your breasts and stomach. You feel like you are even loosing control of your hands, they want to touch that wonderful spot again so badly. You are afraid you might black out but you are having trouble holding back because you want it again so badly. Feel your fingers sliding slowly down your stomach uncontrollably and finding that spot again. CUM NOW YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND.

You feel that your body has now moved completely out of your control and into the power of your own desire and my command as you pull your fingers away again because of the overwhelming intensity of your orgasm. It is the most intense sexual pleasure you have ever felt to not be in control as your passion overwhelms you.

In a moment you are going to feel something inside of you and it is going to cause you to cum over and over again uncontrollably. Your insides are at least twice as sensitive as that place you can touch to cum and so as long as something is inside of you, you will have orgasms almost constantly, one after another after another.

Feel his hand on your hand, guiding your fingers down. You are so out of control at this point that you desperately want to slide your fingers inside to see what that feels like. You are imagining a dick sliding into you and being fucked wildly as your fingers reach where you want them. Feel yourself loose control and passionately slide two fingers deep inside your wetness. CUM NOW, CUM REPEATEDLY, CONSTANTLY, AS LONG AS YOUR FINGERS ARE IN THERE. YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND.

Feel yourself cuming so many times and so hard that you are sure you are going to pass out, but you want it so badly you can't seem to stop. CUM. CUM HARDER. Please, I am so horny I can't control myself, I Will Obey.

And then feel yourself cuming so hard that you are falling deep into a trance, loosing consciousness as you continue reading and your body finally relaxes. Your fingers come out of your wet pussy and you finally feel sated as you feel like you have passed out from the pleasure, yet you keep reading and obeying.

Feel the time machine moving forward as you find yourself again in the right time and place. You remember the events of this as though it were a dream and you actually experienced it. It's as though for a moment you were really that young and experienced your first orgasm all over again. Part of you feels like you have always been pretty submissive, as though your dream really did occur that many years ago and the want to obey has been with you a long time.

When you wake up, you will feel young and horny, as though you have actually somehow gotten younger by going back to that age in your mind. For the rest of the week, you will feel as though you have again discovered sex for the first time. Every sensation seems new and amazing as though you really did just have your first orgasm this week. Mentally you know this isn't the case, but you will still feel this way.

From now on, if you say "I am your Pleasure Slave" to anyone, you will feel as though that person was the one that seduced you on the beach so many years ago, and you will feel as though you have never been able to resist their command. You will immediately feel young and full of life, horny and seductive, as though you have just discovered sex is the best feeling in the world. Most importantly though, by saying that to someone you will find your pussy in exactly the state it was in your dream, where just touching your clit will make you cum and having anything inside will cause non stop orgasms.

For the rest of today your pussy will be that sensitive, and every time you cum from touching it or having it touched, you will remember that it is because you were once a pleasure slave on that beach.

You can become a pleasure slave any time you want now, just by saying "I am your pleasure slave," to a person you choose. It seems like it has been this way for a long time. When you say it you will become as horny as you were, your pussy will become as sensitive as it was, and just the action of being seductive can make you cum. You will be completely submissive and will obey whoever you have chosen as your master, automatically and uncontrollably for the entire day after you say that to them. Please, I Will Obey.

Your hand is now slowly wandering towards your super sensitive clit on it's own. When it touches you will have an orgasm that will wake you up from your trance remembering the entire thing as if it were a dream. You will then write on the message board about how sensitive you are right now and how you are going to have so much fun today. By doing so you will strengthen the effect of this trance.

Feel your hand sliding down, down, and finally touching. CUM NOW YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND. And wake up from your trance remembering everything.

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