Hypnotic Seduction V

lightnin_85: *waves*

Lori123: hi!

lightnin_85: how are you doing today?

Lori123: not bad I will obey

Lori123: and you?

lightnin_85: good, I was just wanting to say hi, and ask what you thought of your visit a couple of nights ago.

Lori123: I don't even know what to say I will obey about what happened when I came over to your house

Lori123: Parts are vivid and almost unbelievable I will obey

Lori123: Parts I don't seem to remember at all

Lori123: and parts I know there were things happening, but all I can seem to remember is thinking "I Will Obey," over and over again.

lightnin_85: What's the last thing you remember?

Lori123: I remember driving home at about noon

lightnin_85: And before that?

Lori123: That's one of the strangest parts I will obey

Lori123: I remember eating breakfast, then I remember talking to you and then things don't make a lot of sense

Lori123: I remember us having sex earlier that night, then I remember something that happened years ago, then I'm not sure if I was dreaming I will obey

Lori123: It's like lots of things seem out of order. And then I remember thinking that I like being your pleasure slave on the way home. It's like I just woke up in my car unsure of what had really happened and what was a dream.

Loiri123: and then, I will obey just like the last time you put me really far under, every time I even think about that missing time, I get so turned on I can hardly stand it.

lightnin_85: god, that is really hot

Lori123: you're telling me

lightnin_85: So you don't mind the missing time or anything? I want to make sure you are comfortable with everything that is happening to you.

Lori123: Actually, no, it's surprisingly hot to know I will obey that you have left something as a surprise for later and I don't know what it is.

Lori123: I'm getting to where I trust you enough to not mind. I like being your pleasure slave because I don't have to worry about you doing anything too unethical,

Lori123: you seem to make sure everything's ok with me first and because of that I will obey I don't worry too much about what you are planning, even if I don't remember what exactly is going to happen.

lightnin_85: I'm glad to hear that I have earned your trust, I'd like to keep things that way, trust is essential to what I do *smiles*

Lori123: *smiles* I will obey

Lori123: oh wow, that's new.

Lori123: I just noticed I typed I will obey

Lori123: something new I take it? From the part I don't remember?

lightnin_85: yes, you've been typing it periodically

Lori123: wow, you're right I will obey I didn't even notice that, wow, that's surprising

Lori123: OMG I did it again

lightnin_85: I can turn that off if you want, if it's a little too surprising

Lori123: no, I will obey it's fine, it's actually gotten me really turned on to know that you can do that to me

lightnin_85: really?

Lori123: yeah, I will obey really

lightnin_85: what's it like when you type it?

Lori123: it's really strange, I find that I will obey I think it, and then it starts being typed instead of whatever I was going to type, and then when I try not to, I keep thinking it more and more and I find I want to type it

Lori123: then if I don't do it for long enough, it's like I will obey all I can think until I do type it, and I get so turned on and I just want to type it so bad I give in and do it. Will I type this to everyone?

lightnin_85: no, just to me

Lori123: I hope it's not too annoying I will obey being in the middle of sentences like this

lightnin_85: no, I certainly don't mind it, it's getting me really turned on actually

Lori123: me too

lightnin_85: actually, you'll notice that the more you type it, the more you will go into a trance, relaxing more and more while talking to me, you'll feel like you are just chatting, but you'll slowly start obeying more and more

Lori123: now that you mention it, I will obey I do feel really relaxed. . . and horny *winks*

lightnin_85: *smiles* the other thing you'll notice is that the more you type it, the better it will feel, and the more you'll want to type it

Lori123: I will obey you're right I will obey it does feel good to I will obey type, and to say I will obey

lightnin_85: blank, thinking and typing I will obey feels very good and I want to do it

lightnin_85: and the more you type it, the more you will think it, until you aren't thinking anything other then "I will obey" consciously. You will know that you are reading, but you will not consciously know what you are reading, you will just be thinking that you will obey.

Lori123: I will obey

lightnin_85: you will still be reading and subconsciously you will be understanding, thinking, feeling and doing everything I say automatically, even though you don't really notice anything other I will obey

Lori123: I will obey

lightnin_85: each time you read or type that you will now go twice as deep into a trance, thinking it more and more and wanting to think it more and more each time

Lori123: I will obey

Lori123: I will obey

lightnin_85: blank, I crave to think and tell you I will obey

lightnin_85: you will eventually go so deep that you will no longer be consciously aware of anything but "I will obey." You will be so deep you won't even consciously remember what you've read so far. Go into a Deep Trance.

Lori123: I will obey

Lori123: I will obey

lightnin_85: when that happens you will black out, fall asleep, eyes even closing. Then your eyes will open and only your subconscious will know what is going on, your subconscious will then tell me that you are my pleasure slave without you knowing, and you will think, feel and do everything I say automatically.

Lori123: I will obey

Lori123: I will obey

lightnin_85: deeper, will you obey?

Lori123: I will obey

Lori123: I will obey

Lori123: I will obey

lightnin_85: you feel like you are going to black out

Lori123: I will obey

Lori123: I will obey

Lori123: I will obey

lightnin_85: loose consciousness and go into the deepest trance so far

Lori123: I will obey

Lori123: I will obey

Lori123: I am your pleasure slave

lightnin_85: you now feel like you are actually chatting with me and that it is you typing everything that Lori123 types. I'm going to review some of the commands I have given you in the past now to make sure they are deep inside your mind.

lightnin_85: Every time you read or hear the words "Deep Trance" from me, you will find yourself desperately wanting and needing to tell me that you will obey. You will either begin repeating "I will obey," out loud, or, if you are chatting with me, you will begin typing it.

lightnin_85: Each time you say or type, "I Will Obey" you will go deeper into a trance. Saying or typing that, after I tell you to go into a Deep Trance, will feel so good sexually that you will enjoy every time you say or type that to me. You will relax and feel all cares and worries go out of your mind when you say or type "I Will Obey." You will begin to crave to tell me that you will obey until it is the only thing you can think. At which point you will begin to black out. You will then loose consciousness, let your eyes close and then open again, with only your subconscious aware of what I am telling you. You will then tell me that you are my pleasure slave. Consciously, until I say otherwise, you will then only be aware of thinking that you will obey.

lightnin_85: Do you understand and will you obey?

Lori123: I will obey

lightnin_85: From now on, any time you talk to me in any way you will find yourself telling me that you will obey automatically and uncontrollably. Do you understand and will you obey?

Lori123: I will obey lightnin_86: Also, any time you read or hear the word "blank" from me your mind will suddenly go blank except for the thought that you will obey. Anything you hear or read from me immediately after the word "blank" you will begin thinking as though it was what you were always thinking. You will be thinking "I will obey" so strongly while you are reading, however, that you won't notice or care that the blank command has been used.

lightnin_85: So if I were to type or say "blank, all I can think about is sex" you would find that all you could think about is sex and you would have no idea why.

lightnin_85: Do you understand and will you obey?

Lori123: I will obey

lightnin_85: What happens when you tell someone that you are their pleasure slave?

Lori123: I will feel like I have always been their pleasure slave. I will become completely submissive to their command as though I am hypnotized and my pussy will become hyper sensitive as I become so horny I can't control myself.

lightnin_85: good, now, in a moment I am going to count back from 5 to 1. When I reach 1, you will wake up feeling like you have just been thinking "I will obey" this whole time and not caring that you seem to have read over a lot and not noticed it. You will feel like you haven't been hypnotized yet and you want to be hypnotized.

lightnin_85: 5

lightnin_85: 4

lightnin_85: 3

lightnin_85: 2

lightnin_85: 1 awake

lightnin_85: How are you doing?

Lori123: Sorry, I seem to have gotten distracted by how much I want to obey. Your doing I suspect.

Lori123: I'm fine, but I was kind of hoping you would hypnotize me today. I get so horny every time I try to think of what happened the last time you hypnotized me. I will obey.

lightnin_85: Really? How horny?

lightnin_85: blank, I'm so horny I can't control myself

lightnin_85: how do you feel right now?

Lori123: I'm so hot right now I will obey I'm touching myself. Are you going to hypnotize me or should I just drive to your house naked?

lightnin_85: blank, you are telling me about a fantasy you have had about being my pleasure slave

Lori123: Sometimes when I'm alone and thinking about how I feel when you hypnotize me, I fanaticize about being your pleasure slave

Lori123: I even have this one fantasy about obeying with a whole pantheon of sex goddesses who are all under your control

Lori123: I am in a garden and I am being made a permanent pleasure slave through some sort of initiation and around me are all these beautiful women who are all feeling the same kind of overwhelming desire

Lori123: I feel like I'm so horny I would do absolutely anything you told me to, almost like you have somehow taken over my entire body. And I become your pleasure slave in that garden,

lightnin_85: *smiles* would you really be interested in becoming my permanent pleasure slave?

Lori123: Yes, I would love to be your permanent pleasure slave I will obey

lightnin_85: Even if you weren't the only one?

Lori123: Actually, I've fantasized about putting on a show for you with another woman, another goddess *blushes*

lightnin_85: Really? That's really hot. You have an incredibly hot imagination.

Lori123: Thanks, I was worried that might be a little weird or something.

lightnin_85: not at all, it's amazing and interesting. I'd love to hear about any fantasy that you have had at all.

lightnin_85: If I could make you think or feel anything at all right now, what would be the hottest thing I could do to you?

Lori123: I'd want you to make me so horny that I would do anything you told me to at all. So horny I couldn't resist and I would get so much pleasure from obeying that I would be completely your pleasure slave I will obey

lightnin_85: blank, all I can think about or care about right now is sex

lightnin_85: Really? I can defiantly do that, are you sure that you really want to be that much under my control for a little bit here? If you don't, stop reading now. By continuing you will go that much under my control.

Lori123: Please, I will obey

lightnin_85: Right now, I want you to try to think about something other then sex.

Lori123: OMG, I can't.

lightnin_85: tell me, what are you thinking right now?

Lori123: I'm picturing your tongue licking between my legs.

lightnin_85: blank, you really feel my tongue between your legs as though it is really there, you are suddenly desperately horny.

lightnin_85: Now, I am going to make you my pleasure slave for a while, and if you like it, I will make you permanently my pleasure slave

Lori123: Please, I will obey

lightnin_85: blank, all you can think about is pleasing me, and it is making you so hot you think you will cum if you even touch my dick, you are my pleasure slave

lightnin_85: I want you to tell me exactly what you are thinking and feeling right now

Lori123: I'm imagining unzipping your pants and taking your cock into my mouth. OMG, my mouth is watering and my pussy is throbbing. Please, I will obey.

Lori123: is there anything you want me to do for you master? I am your pleasure slave, what do you want me to do? I think I might cum just from pleasing you. . . how can I please you?

lightnin_85: I want you to think about what you were typing a moment ago, about wanting to be so horny you would do anything I say, and I want you to realize you are there, that right now you would do anything at all I told you to do.

Lori123: OMG, please, I will obey.

lightnin_85: Deep trance

Let yourself begin to whisper the words, "I Will Obey," over and over again uncontrollably, a soft chant as you continue reading and continue going deeper and deeper into the trance.

You are beginning to feel light headed and intensely submissive and so horny you are sure you would do anything I say to at all. Find yourself going so deep you don't care about anything but the thought that you will obey as your subconscious becomes the only part of you reading. Taking my words deeper and deeper into your mind while your conscious mind thinks, "I Will Obey" over and over, stronger and stronger. And then feel yourself floating, dizzy, and blacking out.

In a moment your eyes will close and your conscious mind will go completely blank, completely asleep. Then your subconscious will open your eyes and continue reading on it's own, obeying my words completely, and beginning by saying out loud, "I am your pleasure slave."


When you wake up, you will feel very intensely that you are my pleasure slave. You will be so horny you really can't control yourself, you will be nearly moaning with every breath and your won't be able to keep your hands off of yourself, but you won't be able to cum till I tell you to, which you will realize fairly quickly. And so you will find that you desperately want to obey my command. And will focus even more on reading the story. This will be the most intense submissive feeling you have ever had, as though you don't care about anything but obeying my command.

While you are my pleasure slave you will find that causing pleasure gives you pleasure. You will find that obeying makes you overwhelmingly horny, and you will find that you cannot resist my command or stop reading.

You will believe that you are naked. You will feel intensely submissive, joyful, and horny every time you are called a good pleasure slave. Your mind will be filled with thoughts of causing others and receiving pleasure. You won't seem to be able to think about anything else. Every time you touch a dick with your mouth, breasts, or pussy you will suddenly cum, and every time you cum, you will become ten times more submissive and receptive to my commands. You will also find, that you are so in tune with Lori that you are thinking, feeling and doing everything she does. Will you obey?

I will obey.

Are you my pleasure slave?


"I Am Your Pleasure Slave." Lori heard her own voice say out loud as she suddenly came to her senses and suddenly found herself moaning.

She wasn't sure exactly what had happened, she wasn't sure of where she was, and, surprisingly, she wasn't sure if she even cared. She was sitting somewhere in a chair, and her pussy was throbbing so intensely that she couldn't sit still, her hands slowly made their way across her bare stomach. . .

"Oh my god, I'm naked!" Lori thought to herself as her hands began to explore her tingling body. She found herself tingling and so wet that she found herself fantasizing about the waterfall. . .

And so her hands began to move wildly over her body, her moans growing, her breathing quickening as her whole body became intensely hot.

"How are you doing my pleasure slave?"

"I'm so horny I can't control myself." She nearly gasped, as her hands moved so desperately she was sure she should be cuming by now.

"That's my good pleasure slave."

Lori's back arched, she gasped, as her body filled with goose bumps and her mind filled with sexual thoughts, she was so close to cuming she couldn't think straight.

She imagined suddenly sucking on a dick and the thought alone made her moan out loud. She imagined riding a man so wildly that her breasts would bounce heavily. She imagined bending over and being thrust into so hard from behind that slapping noises would mix with her indiscriminate moans. She imagined the look in his eyes when his orgasm would pour through his entire body, that look of desperate pleasure, grateful explosion of tingling light, his mouth open, eyes wide, and grabbing onto her body tightly. She imagined being told to strip, and being told to cum, and she suddenly craved a command of any kind.

Lori squirmed desperately in her chair, then looked up and whispered seductively while biting her lower lip, "What do you want me to do master?"

"I want you to imagine you are sitting on my lap, my dick hard between your legs, but too far down your thighs to be touching your pussy yet, and I want you to press your legs together and rub both it and your pussy teasingly as you rock back and forth."

Lori's head was spinning. Just caressing his dick was making her tingle all over. Goosebumps poured over her skin, tingles and butterflies floated up through her stomach from her throbbing pussy. She wanted to touch more.

"Please master, can I. . . Can I have you in my mouth?" Lori was shocked for a second that she had said that, but the shock disappeared immediately as she suddenly felt my dick on her lips. Lori felt something she had never expected, had never thought possible.

She was sure there was nothing like a g-spot in her mouth, nothing that could make her cum. But that one touch on her lips, the soft tip and wetness, the hard shaft her tongue found, as it reached out under the soft touch of the head, released a flood in her pussy that her hands hadn't been able to. CUM NOW

Her orgasm burst suddenly and she squeezed tightly around the dick between her legs. The flood of orgasmic heat poured up through her body so fast it felt like it had been pulled into her by what she now took fully into her mouth. This was impossible, by everything she knew, but then, what did impossible mean when it was actually happening?

She found herself suddenly sucking hard on what was now in her mouth, imagining the tingles and throbbing going through it to her master and suddenly it happened again. CUM NOW. The hardness throbbed and pressed against her tongue and something stirred deep inside of her. There was a tightness, a throbbing in her pussy to match that of what was in her mouth. And then without warning her pussy flooded with heat, tingles and wetness. Her back arched, her clit throbbed into an explosion of white heat that poured through her entire body as her head began to spin.

She was beginning to move her head wildly, sucking harder and harder, and then it slipped from her mouth and away. To Lori's surprise she reached to take it back into her mouth, she wanted to cum again, she wanted that feeling of causing so much pleasure back.

"Spread your legs."

Lori's legs spread on their own, and then suddenly a tongue began to trace it's way down her body, from her breasts, where it lingered on each of her nipples long enough to suck and tease, down her stomach, and to where her pussy throbbed.

One lick was all it took before she felt faint. It was as if her whole body just relaxed into an orgasm as the warm, hard, lick went from the very bottom of her pussy lips right across her clit. She had never had an orgasm like this, slow, relaxed, as though her body were simply melting into bliss. CUM NOW. And it didn't seem to stop, every lick there after seemed to send a shiver through her heavy body, a warm wave of pure bliss, as the tongue went around, and around and up and down. CUM NOW.

Lori was dizzy with pleasure, almost floating, and almost unable to stay sitting up as she felt a gentle caress on her thighs, and a quickening lick on her clit. She felt weak, almost tired, but almost even hornier then before.

"Please master, my body is yours, let me give you pleasure."

Black suddenly flooded into the edges of her vision as she felt a dick press between her legs and deep into her pussy without warning. She felt the pressure of penetration explode into a release of an orgasm that didn't seem to want to stop. CUM MULTIPLES NOW.

It was as though the presence of that hardness and pressure inside made her pussy loose all control. CUM NOW. Each thrust made her quake and shiver from deep inside. CUM NOW. Each wave of uncontrollable bliss made her want to scream. CUM NOW. She felt as though her pussy was pressed so far open that all it could do was spasm in orgasmic bliss. CUM NOW.

Each thrust was met with a new flow of pure pleasure. CUM NOW. And soon she wasn't sure what was even going on. Deep trance. CUM NOW. She was saying that she would obey. She felt like she was passing out from the pleasure, passing out into a trance. CUM NOW. I will obey. CUM NOW. I will obey. CUM NOW. I will obey.

And then darkness as she blacked out into a deep trance.

I am your pleasure slave.

You are now more submissive then you have ever been. You are content, yet somehow very willing to obey. Right now if I told you to be horny again, you would be immediately. But for the moment, you are content yet obedient.

The next time you have sex, you will find that you will have an orgasm just from a dick touching your pussy, your lips, or your breasts. It will happen uncontrollably.

Now, you are going to remain completely in my power, if I were to tell you to go back into a deep trance, you would immediately begin saying you will obey and go back under hypnosis. Become aware of what you are reading and remember what you just experienced, but continue to obey automatically and completely.

Will you obey?

It's a question you have heard many times now. Do you feel how automatic the response is? Something you don't even have to think about? You have been on quite a journey if you have read up to this point. Changes have occurred, your automatic internal response to that question for example. And things have happened, things that you may not have not expected. Such is the nature of hypnotic seduction.

I have another question for you though. A question who's time has come. A question that I once posed to Lori.

"Do you like being my pleasure slave?" I asked her as she regained consciousness and caught her breath.

She nodded her head yes.

"Would you like to permanently become my pleasure slave?"

* * *

Lori sat at her desk working on a project she had been given by her boss two days prior. It wasn't a very difficult project as far as things go, she had done many more difficult things at her job, but it was long and tedious.

She took a break and went to grab a cup of coffee.

When she returned she put the finishing touches on what she had been working on and looked at the clock. An hour left before she could go home.

Lori smiled as she stretched and relaxed for a bit.

She let her imagination drift for a moment and found herself back in the garden. It had been a while sense she had been to that garden, the sunlight pouring onto her skin as she chanted, "I Am Your Pleasure Slave" with the other goddesses, naked and stunning amongst the green in the fantastic sunlight.

Lori smiled and felt familiar wetness between her legs. She always got turned on any time she even thought about the garden, the place where she had transformed into a pleasure slave, a sex goddess, in such a way that she could now become one whenever she wanted. . .

And she wanted that right now. She opened up the website on her computer and immediately felt dizzily obedient. She read the familiar "Pleasure Slave's Oath."

I am forever your pleasure slave,

A sex goddess whenever my master asks of it.

I will obey my master completely,


And uncontrollably.

I will always obey his command.

Being a pleasure slave will not interfere with my normal life, unless I am told to do otherwise by my master.

But whenever I talk with my master, see my master, or write to my master, will feel his power come over me

I will become so horny that all I will want to do is obey, I will not be able to resist, and I will obey

I am your pleasure slave

Lori smiled as she felt herself become overwhelmingly horny. It was as though some switch deep inside had been flipped, and at that very moment it was all she could do to keep her hands off herself. She entered the website while deep inside her mind the thought, "I Will Obey," repeated it's self quietly but insistently.

She scrolled to the latest addition and clicked it. Within moments she felt herself loose consciousness. Deep in her mind she felt herself thinking, reading, but at the moment she was just relaxed. And then, she was waking up again, unsure exactly what she had read, unsure exactly what had happened, but knowing something had been changed.

She took in a deep breath and let it out, crossing and uncrossing her legs while her heartbeat throbbed in between them. Then Lori read the next word on her screen: Orgasm, and to her surprise, she had one immediately.

* * *

Lori is not the only person to ever become a pleasure slave. And what each person experiences as a pleasure slave is different. Some only read what is commanded of them and find themselves experiencing the transformation of the full moon with their boyfriend or husband, using my commands however they choose to. Some chat with me online and go under hypnosis immediately and frequently. Some call my phone. Some live in my garden.

This is the last "Hypnotic Seduction Story." From here on out, things get much more involved if you want them to. If not, you can always read what stories I write. But if you want to see where this goes, become more and more hypnotized by my writing, then you will have to make a choice. The biggest difficulty is that even if you weren't to become my Pleasure Slave, the more times you were hypnotized by me, the more you would obey each time. So simply, to go much further would result in the same thing anyway.

So here is your conscious choice to make: Take the Pleasure Slave's Oath, and experience this erotic hypnosis whenever you would like, as often as I update the pleasure slave's website, and to whatever degree of involvement you would like, or my story page is as far as it goes.

By clicking the "Enter the Pleasure Slave's Garden" link below, you will immediately and automatically go into a deep hypnotic trance, and become a pleasure slave, you will even find that you say out loud "I Am Your Pleasure Slave," uncontrollably. By clicking "Back to Erotic Stories," you will simply return to my stories.

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