Chance Happenings

You have been watching him for a good 20 min swimming laps in the pool. Every stroke he takes, his muscular arms reaching out of the water, a sight in and of it's self. It's as if he is just another item of good scenery on this full moon Hawaiian night.

You had come here to treat yourself, to get away from it all; a well deserved vacation. You wonder why he is here: is he from here? He is really tan, and he swims so powerfully and gracefully, maybe he lives here. But no, if he was from here why would he be staying at the Oceanside resort? In the moonlight he looks like something from a very enticing dream and you ponder over him from the Jacuzzi in the middle of the pool.

He keeps doing laps, he is obviously not only good looking and strong, but he also seems to have quite good endurance. You shake off the thought that follows that one; a thought of what good use all of that could be put to, but the thought lingers for a little bit in your head as the small amount of alcohol you have consumed has left you a little dreamy.

What fun it would be on a vacation like this one to meet someone. To have a whole 2 weeks with some fantastic stranger. You brush off the thought of the possibility of danger in such an encounter with the realization that you are just daydreaming, and there is nothing wrong with that. Wouldn't he be fun to take up to the hotel room? To have those arms lift you onto the bed, or pin you to a wall in a moments passion. You realize that your stomach has begun to get tight with that familiar feeling of desire to be filled by a man. What fun you would have with him.

He does a couple more laps and then gets out, you can see his swim trunks hug his body as he gets out and even in the cold pool water he seems to have a rather large package. He is strong, fit, lean, and for a second in the light of the pool you can see the blue gleam of his eyes. Yes, he would indeed be fun to have for a week or two.

You watch his muscular form retreat towards the bar area and watch in your minds eye how that all would have looked if he had gotten from the pool naked. And hard. And looking right into your eyes. You realize that you are getting a little warm in the Jacuzzi. All this thinking about him has made you a little to aroused. Your nipples are hard through your bikini top, and you can feel your heartbeat in your clit. That familiar feeling inside is strong enough to make you wish you either had him, or hadn't seen him.

As you start to try and push him out of your head you stand up to cool off a bit, but as you do, one of the Jacuzzi jets blows softly against the front of your bikini bottoms, and a tingle shoots quickly through your body. Oooh, you think, that may be a solution.

You pull your bottoms down just enough in the back to expose your vagina from behind, then sitting with your legs angled sideways you sit in the corner, a jet blowing solidly between your legs. It's discreet, but it's defiantly enough to please. Tingles shoot up through your body, you imagine him again, swimming, and then exiting the pool onto the island that holds the Jacuzzi. Naked, hard, and with those blue eyes locked onto yours. As your body starts to feel open inside, like you would just accept him into you, no matter what his size, you close your eyes, your thighs rubbing together. Little waves of pleasure are building.

That electric tingle of pleasure makes you dream of him even more. Him getting in the Jacuzzi naked, and coming over to you and pleasing you in every way possible. You can feel your hips moving back and forth a little, rubbing your hot thighs together ever so slightly. You are beginning to tingle all over, your heartbeat is racking and your breathing has quickened quite a bit. Inside of you that tightness has developed into a feeling of imaginary penetration. He would feel so good inside. You are starting to want to touch yourself and your insides are warm with pleasure, you will come soon this way. Your hands are slowly caressing your stomach and thigh. You decide to speed things up a little and slide your hand under you bikini bottoms. As you move your hand to massage your clit, you hear a splash.

You are so close, but then you hear someone coming out of the water onto the island. You open your eyes to see who it is, sliding your hand away from your clit but keeping your self pressed against the jet. You look up and you see his bare chest, his strong arms lifting him out of the pool. His blue eyes are looking into yours. You can't yet see if he is wearing anything, but for the moment he looks naked, as you cannot see below his strong chest. It's him! And he is coming over to you. Immediately you come, that tightness inside expanding and sending you into bliss, you bite your tongue and struggle futilely to keep your body still as the ripples of pleasure cover you. He must be seeing this, he is looking right at you, seeing you gasp for breath even though you are trying not to. Holding back and the sight of him right there seems to intensify the orgasm, you notice you have been holding your breath, and suddenly it escapes with a little moan. Did he hear that?

"Hello," he says, "I noticed you watching me swimming so I thought I would some say hello."

The little ripples haven't stopped, but then again, you haven't pulled away from the jet. You can hardly respond as your still tingling and your head is spinning from the heat, the alcohol, the climax, and his very presence. You are shivering with the aftershocks. "Yeah, you are good at it, how long you been swimming?" you manage quite masterfully.

"A while, most of my life really, I love the water and I live in California, so I have plenty of time to swim. I'm Justin by the way." He reaches out and shakes your hand. The feeling as though you just reached out and touched a fantasy makes your insides tremble. "Oh," you say as you realize you should pull away from the jet because it is starting to make you tingle inside again. But how? He is looking right at you, obviously checking out your chest, and then your hips, which are what you need to move. Maybe if you do it casually he won't notice, but you had better do it quick because the excitement and his checking you out are making you move faster toward another climax then normal.

"You look familiar," he says, and for a second you forget about the jet, "I swear I have seen you before." He is looking you right in the eyes. The tingling in your stomach begins to build, you aren't sure if it's from the jet or his presence, or his look. He is looking at you so intently, so confidently. And his muscles ripple when he moves into the Jacuzzi. "God," you think, "I need to move, if I come again there is no way he won't notice. Maybe if I distract him with conversation I can move discreetly." The tightness in your insides is getting to be a bit much and you feel flush.

"Maybe you saw me on the net or something, wouldn't that be weird." The way he stops and stares makes you stop moving too. His jaw is dropped. You can see a moment's lust flash through his eyes.

"Kimberly?" He says, "As in the girl I traded erotic stories with for 6 months?" Your breathing stops, your heart pounds in your ears. The jet seems to be vibrating you clear to heaven. "I'm Justin, as in Lightnin_85." You explode with all the force your body has ever managed. Your, moaning, out loud while stating at him, trying to cover your mouth, your insides pulsing wave after wave of pure pleasure up into your body. Your eyes roll back into your head and you feel as though you are opening up inside, aching to be filled by him while you come. You aren't even sure which daydream or fantasy is coming to life any more. Your hips are moving wildly. You open your eyes, and look at him.

He smiles. He always used to type that: *smiles* "I should have known it was you, you were the one that explained to me how a girl could get off from Jacuzzi jets. And I could have sworn when I first approached that's what you were doing." You are still recovering from the shock of it being him, let alone the power of the climax that is still tingling it's way away. "Let me help you," he says as he slides effortlessly over to you.

He stops ever so slightly away from you and looks deep into your eyes. Smiling. You can feel the jet still rushing between your thighs. Only now you aren't bothering to stop your fingers from sliding under you to rub your clit. His eyes are so full of desire. He reaches out and caresses your cheek, sliding his fingers softly back, caressing the top of your flushed ear and then through your wet hair to the back of your neck. He holds your neck and head gently as he slides his other hand up your stomach and onto your chest. He kisses your lips with a soft passion, and ends by gently biting your bottom lip. Your fingers on your clit, the jet between your thighs, and the taste of wine on his lips are making your head spin

He kisses your cheek, and then your ear and you can hear his breathing, deep and full of his own desire. He kisses down your neck, down to where it meets your shoulder and he effortlessly undoes the clip that holds this particular bikini top on. As your top falls into the water you realize that other people will be able to see your breasts, but as that thought breaks into your mind your climax breaks over your body like a wave.

Your hips are moving wildly as your back arches in his arms, he is still kissing your neck, but now he grips your hips and legs and pulls you to him. Your whole body is shaking and you are moaning out loud your lower stomach pulsing wonderfully. You almost miss the pleasure of the jet, but you can immediately feel his hardness pressed against your clit through his swim trunks. He lifts you out of the water and sets you on the side of the Jacuzzi. He kisses down your chest, stopping to pay attention to both erect nipples. He caresses your hips and then runs his hands up your sensitive sides as he kisses down your stomach and then around your bathing suit bottoms, around the place you want him to kiss and down your thighs. He is teasing you, just barely not going where you want him to most.

You realize that because of all the writing back and forth he knows so many of your fantasies, he knows so much of what you do and don't like. You notice a girl on the side of the pool looking at you from one of the poolside chairs and you know that he has read your fantasies about being watched. She has been relaxing there and drinking something the whole time you have been out there. Oh my god, that girl is rubbing her clit while she watches. Oh my god, she is looking at the two of you so lustfully, her hips are moving back and forth slowly and her nipples are visible through her swim suit. She keeps looking around to make sure no one else is there, but then she keeps looking right at you.

You are caught off guard by a tingle that makes your back arch so much you fall backwards onto your elbows for support, he has slid your bikini bottoms to the side and licked all the way from the bottom of your vagina to your pulsing clit. Your eyes roll back into your head as you feel him moving his tongue doing circles, then sucking and kissing, then taking your clit so gently between his teeth and doing figure eights with his tongue. Your hips are moving and the tightness inside is becoming unbearable. You turn your head and look at the girl as your breathing quickens again drawing the pleasure of his tongue up into your body. Your stomach is pulsing and so tight. You see her, her mouth opens, her eyes close and her head tilts back, pressing her chest forward and arching her back. Her hips move wildly and you can see her bathing suit bottoms get wet. She is coming, oh god, she is. . .you are coming, coming with her.

You grab his hair as your whole body convulses, each climax seems to be stronger then the last and seems to happen more all over. Even your nipples are pulsing with this one and you can feel your body sweating. Each breath you take seems to be filled with the pleasure he is licking into you and you can feel your head tingle and your body fill with warmth. Your insides feel so open, but still ache for penetration, but before you can even finish that thought he has two fingers inside of you.

You feel that pressure deep inside you, pressing on the pleasure and tightness inside. You open to accommodate him, that wonderful feeling of openness being filled, and even better, being filled with movement. He moves his thumb to your clit so that he has two fingers inside moving, his thumb doing circles on your clit and his whole hand moving back and forth, in and out. He kisses your inner thighs and sends tingles down your arched back. Your hips push downward to bring your g-spot against his moving fingers as your back arches and your bare chest sticks out. You place your hands on your chest and begin touching yourself all over, every touch of your hands feels wonderful.

You again look towards the girl, who is now rubbing her chest and clit, she isn't bothering to try to keep her bikini bottoms covering her pussy any more and has slit them off to the side. You turn your head the other direction, remembering that there is a Jacuzzi on the other side of the pool that there were people in. Siting in it is a guy, blond hair, young and full of the sexual passion that teenage guys are, he is also watching. You realize that either way you turn your head you can see someone pleasuring themselves while watching you be pleasured.

You suddenly feel utterly surrounded by desire, it's coming from every angle, it's coming from inside of you. It's everywhere, wrapping you in a blanket of bliss. You feel the fingers moving inside of you and you watch the people watching you, each new site a pleasure being added onto the last. You feel him press against something that at first makes you feel like you have to pee, and then you suddenly feel your insides fill with liquid. Your eyes go black around the edges as your insides become so tight around his moving fingers that you think he has just become part of the pulsing desire inside of you. The tension inside releases and you can feel yourself open up inside, and then pulse back and forth from the openness to the tightness. Your breathing is now filled with moaning and when the climax peaks you see yourself squirt liquid onto his muscular arm. You are so wet, and pulsing, and, oh god, you can't think straight.

You think maybe the desire will subside now that you feel exhausted from that last climax but you can see the guy's eyes close and you can see him enjoying his own climax, you turn to find the girl in her own throws of passion, filling with the passion of her own climax.

You can't believe your breathing, you are still moaning with every breath. Every breath drawing this sexual pleasure from around you up into you. You are having small contractions inside, aftershocks from the one big one and you can feel yourself tightening up for another one.

His fingers slide out of you and you look at him quickly as if to say, "don't stop now." But you realize he is removing his swim trunks. And as he does you watch his purple head, his erect penis slide into your vision. It's visibly throbbing, throbbing just like you are inside, and you can see the veins on it. Before you can say anything he climbs on top of you and slides in quickly. He lays so close to you, pressing up against your breasts. You can feel him deep inside of you, filling you, pressing you open inside.

He whispers into your ear: "Focus on your breathing, let your breathing bring this feeling all the way through your body. Let yourself fill with it, let yourself become light headed." He is sliding ever so slowly out, rubbing across the top of your insides as he does. Your heart is pounding in your ears, in your chest, in your clit, but most powerfully in your lower stomach around him. Each breath you take you moan, each breath sending shivers into you. He shoves himself in deep and quick and you can feel your insides pulse a little and open up quickly, you can feel liquid coming from you. He begins to slide out slowly again.

"Focus on that tightness, focus on it and tighten it even more. Let it have little contractions, but tighten yourself inside, focus on that. With every breath let your breathing make that twitch, let your breathing press up against me inside of you. Feel that pulsing and hold the contractions."

He thrusts deep inside of you again and you scream. You can see the girl look at you and she comes just from hearing you. You pulse inside, you feel like you are going to come, but you hold that tightness tight. You get a head rush and your whole body shivers. He is pulling out slowly again.

"Sit on the verge of orgasm. Tight and in pleasure. Tingling, pulsing and breathing. Feel yourself fill with liquid as you hold that tightness, that pleasure. Feel yourself crash slowly over the edge of climax and the hold yourself there. Hold yourself in a state of total orgasm."

You can feel yourself pulsing inside, you can feel yourself coming, but it's dam near constant, your arms and legs are twitching, your hips moving wildly, grinding him against you. And then he begins to pound in and out. You hold that tightness and every thrust he makes feels like another climax. You are floating, pulsing, coming. Your whole body is on fire with the feeling, and you can hear his moans begin to mix with yours. You are both screaming, pulsing with a power that overcomes all of your senses. You notice that every breath puts you on the verge of another orgasm. You tumble over and over into that bliss, your head spinning, your eyes getting black around the edges. You are in absolute bliss. And you seem to collapse onto the side of the Jacuzzi twitching and pulsing.

Afterwards he climbs off of you and helps you get dressed, the onlookers seem to drift away, they don't want their identities known. And he says to you almost comically, "Can I interest you a drink?"

Your head is spinning, you can hardly think, you are still tingling and floating. He helps you up and carries you across the pool to the side, where he sets you gently. "Yes, I'd like a drink, can I interest you in a bed?"

"Most certainly," He says, and you decide this is going to be one of the better vacations you have had.

This story was co-authored by request with To view some of her writing click here.

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